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  1. It's a good movie but got universally panned because a lot of the setting was way too distant from the classic Super Mario universe. Most people came out thinking that's not Super Mario.
  2. Series tied. Now I need to see a replay of tonight's game's opening video package.
  3. Shea Weber entered this mega hockey market with a task the size of a ton of bricks. His job was to fill in for PK Subban and try to ease the pain of this fanbase still sick and furious about PK's abrupt departure. He answers the challenge with 9 points (3G, 7A) in 7 games (multi-tied in 2nd place for most points in the league), and leads the league in +/- at +12 (with the 2nd place player being at +9, a 3 point gap between 1st and 2nd). So what's the current status of Marc Bergevin and Geoff Molson's reputation?
  4. And I just don't get it. Who likes it enough to spend money on it?
  5. I don't know what's more painful to watch. The brutality in the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead or seeing the Cubs lose the World Series...
  6. Cubs got a little life. Edit: and it's gone.
  7. I guess the end of that inning answers that.
  8. Because the puck in his mouth is really a shrunken version of the logo. The infinite logo inside a logo inside a logo gag. The real logo is just a puck in the mouth.
  9. Right. For now, I don't mind. But at some point, they should make them a part of the show, not a sideshow act. Several weeks ago, a Nese/Swann match was cut to 4 minutes to give the main event all the time they wanted. Even as a CWC hardcore fan, I found that 4 minute last minute filler boring. What we got on the CWC is not what we see on Raw. I agree with you.
  10. Most Cruiserweight matches are used for filling gaps, often in the death spot (10:30 filler before the main event) usually 4 or 5 minute matches recycled at the last minute. It's silly to think they're just not allowed to steal the show like the can. Edit: the story is a little bit weird but that was a damn good acting performance by The Brian Kendrick.
  11. That would be consistent with the 80s arm stripe jerseys. But a version of that logo would need a different coloring.
  12. There's our first look at the wacky name and number font. OMG lol.
  13. Maybe it wasn't his call.
  14. So any chance the Jets Heritage jerseys get consideration to become new primaries??
  15. I wonder how strange it must feel, during the Indians locker room meeting they're going to have. Everyone knows about the Cubs drought, but I suppose the meeting will be basically someone stepping in to say "No mercy! kill em' with fire!!"