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  1. Superman is coming to the small screen as well...
  2. Oh, it's still the city logo. I've been to laval a few times this year and it's still visible in some places.
  3. It's outstanding, imo. It's for those who enjoy great in-ring work and they do a good job telling the background stories of each competitor.
  4. He's going to paint himself into the Demon for sure, considering it's Summerslam. I don't see them deciding to slay the Demon on his first live appearence. They most likely have a lot of investment in him, so I can't see him going down this quick. However, If they decide that Rollins absolutely must go over, I could see them doing a screwy finish. But not a clean loss.
  5. I have doubt this is legit. But this was posted on social media today...
  6. http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/106857-nba-changes-2016-17-season/?page=38#comment-2631764
  7. And just to completely mess with us, their new billboard contains at least one graphic of the old logo included in there somewhere. They are mega-trolling us.
  8. I feel the same way. They look perfect now.
  9. Yeah. And how many of those titles will be valued enough or be used meaningfully? It's already an issue with what we have. Adding more doesn't help.
  10. This will be an incredible call, if that turns out to be true.
  11. Possible spoiler for tonight. It's on social media, but tagged anyways...
  12. Not one but two have occured today. Ridiculous for sure the rate at which these are all occuring... https://twitter.com/i/moments/757491484421742592 https://twitter.com/i/moments/757692345227894784
  13. It is really the creative department lacking good ideas all around or is it VKM turning all their ideas down, forcing them to come up with something that he and the upper brass can settle for? Either it's that or maybe they hire creative writers who don't quite grasp the principle.
  14. I still support the current main roster product because there are still a couple of talents I enjoy watching. But you're right. It's a twisted reality that their demographic is casual fans, a.k.a. people that don't care about storylines, character usage, and wrestling skills as much as the hardcore fans do. Seems like the majority prefer a show with more glitz and glamour and don't care as much about talented guys not being used a certain way. For me, when it comes to the main roster, there's so much misusage of roster members, it just waters so much down. I've seen how good a show can be, when they book it like Lucha Underground or let the 2 opponents show off their skills like New Japan. There's plenty of things many of us feel they're not doing right. But I guess we're in the minority, after all.
  15. People who grow up in low income houses may have access to financial aid to pay for their education, to avoid living their lives poor or force fed into dead end jobs they don't like or cannot handle. Some people work and study. There are ways out. It's a risk though living with people who have difficulty getting on their two feet. Depending on their reasons, I've heard about abuse cases where these children put up with the behaviors that come with living with alcoholics or drug addicts, which can effect a child throughout life, making it more difficult to achieve goals or keep it together. Again, I'm not saying it's always like that. I'm saying its possible. If someone went down the wrong path for a long enough time, they might be able to still change their ways. I honestly don't have statistic results though, so I won't assume anything.