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  1. Made a few minor adjustments to my original post.
  2. Of everybody, Batista is indeed the guy who's had the most success thus far in the comic book film universe. Him aside, the only other examples that come to mind are Edge and Cody Rhodes who play characters on The Flash and Arrow respectively, if that counts. The Rock is going to play Black Adam in Shazam and in a solo movie. We'll see how that goes.
  3. Kevin Owens makes the internet again
  4. It will most likely be a hot crowd, considering it's the WM go home show in a big wrestling city. Good live events are definitely worth the time, every once in a while. Have fun.
  5. I played some Nintendo Land on the Wii U tonight. The constant swapping between my TV screen and game pad screen can be either annoying or inconvinient. For some levels in the game, I feel like I'm playing on a Nintendo 3DS, when the game instructs me to turn to the pad. Having the pad at low battery was also was annoying cause it closed by itself a few times and I had to wait 30 minutes just to charge it enough to get through the game. So when Nintendo runs out of good ideas, they release a new console anyways with bad ideas. Instead of doing that, they should focus on upgrading their graphics instead of releasing a similar console under a different name with features that can be a downgrade to the previous console.
  6. Stunning! It looks classy and it has an old school feel, which is perfect for a United Kingdom World Championship.
  7. Logan is the upcoming Marvel movie I'm the most hyped for, at the moment.
  8. Thing I noticed when I saw one at a sporting store was that it's a navy blue jersey with some sort of thick netting fabric over it. The color of the fabric is standard Preds yellow, but the jersey appears to be a mustard color because the 2 coats of material over one another create that effect. I know it's not your traditional hockey jersey, but I think it looks really cool. A Subban 76 would have looked great, if that jersey was still being used.
  9. I'm really starting to become a believer in Baron Corbin. It seems like they're slowing adding more depth to his character, emphasizing more on his "End of Days" motto. His new tron is great. The style reminds me of one of those gritty zombie epidemic comics, the ones that play off The Walking Dead. The whole fade to black part is also great. I'm glad though that they kept the entrance floor spotlights that turn red. Those needed to stay. They are taking steps to help evolve his "Lone Wolf" persona into something more than just a lone wolf. Once that gets arranged, he'll be ready to move up further. It might have been a good decision to make him wear that cutoff t-shirt because I do think it looks better. Only thing they need to adjust now is differentiate each person's look because right now Baron Corbin dresses almost the same way as does Bray Wyatt. Mic work is always good to great, when he's not reading crappy lines directly from a crappy script. If he has something good to work with and he just goes out, continues to be a straight up cold individual, I think they're going to love his evilness and will want to see him be that way even more.
  10. Simple, yet genius lol. Who made this?
  11. I really love the Raiders logo/color scheme. But Las Vegas Raiders or Vegas Raiders, it just sounds so wrong. They need to repackage, even though I would miss the Oakland Raiders brand.
  12. We got our first look at the Puddy Patrol, Goldar, and Megazord!! Still waiting for Bulk and Skull and hopefully a JDF cameo. What else is there to say except Shut Up and Take My Money.