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  1. habsfan1

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    It's because Bergevin is the only francophone available. They'll continue going with Bergevin, if the other candidates don't speak French. If it wasn't for that, Bergevin would have been fired a long time ago. I can't imagine his stay in that position is for any other reason. I would accept anyone who can do a good job, even if he doesn't speak a word of french. I've heard this more often than I thought I would on my social media, this year. People know what's going on. I've heard them say they're willing to accept change, as more and more fans have are getting more fed up of Bergevin by the day. As far as I'm concerned, I still support the team and I want to support the organization. But these moves are sucking away all the anticipation I have for next season, and we're not even in July yet. Whenever I attempt to see positivity, I think about Netflix for positivity.
  2. habsfan1

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    I know exactly why. But I don't even want to get into that over here.
  3. habsfan1

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    He is a better player. Galchenyuk has been miscast here because management. Bergevin has been making bad deals after bad deals, ever since the Subban backlash eventually got to him. This is the same GM who signed a injury proned, declined Carey Price to an 8 year, 10,5 million per year contract, making him virtually untradeable for the next decade. Marc-André Fleury makes half of what Price makes.
  4. habsfan1

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    The Habs need a 1C. Alex Galchenyuk, the Habs best (real) center, traded to Arizona for Max Domi, a mediocre winger...
  5. habsfan1

    NHL 2017-18

    @Cosmic If it was intended to ressemble first nations haida art, then yeah it's a good point I can't deny. The whale is still breaking through a giant block of ice shaped as the letter C. Possibly a little too cartoony or maybe it's something whales can do in arctic waters, in some way. Maybe there's a hidden meaning behind the design.
  6. habsfan1

    Capitals Tweak

    The DC flag has 3 red stars, like their current logo. This new version kind of sets that off a bit, especially on the red jersey. The sleeve stars could be either way. It's a decent looking concept. Capital letters are the biggest fix, given it's their name after all. Not the minority.
  7. habsfan1

    NHL 2017-18

    They want to use their traditional blue & green color scheme. But someone in charge does not like and does not want their main logo to be the Stick n' Rink, the Vachon V logo, nor the full body Johnny Canuck. Someone's got issues with all of their logos that would be more fitting with the classic blue/green scheme, so they opted for the 90s Orca in an odd scheme of semi-classic colors. The growling whale is a product of the late 90s/early 2000s.
  8. habsfan1

    NHL 2017-18

    I believe someone put together a fake leak with some NHL Confidential symbol somewhere on the concept. I can't remember which one it was, though.
  9. habsfan1

    Denver Nuggets new primary logo, quick concept

    I wanted to see something more consistent with their logo history, as well as more appropriate primary colors. The Nuggets have always had a larger color palette. The new double blue scheme with red and yellow is perfect without going overboard with a full on rainbow. I think it's better than the generic roundel that every single other team currently has.
  10. habsfan1

    Denver Nuggets new primary logo, quick concept

    Looks like Imgur works. Thank you @Section30.
  11. habsfan1

    Denver Nuggets new primary logo, quick concept

    WTF is wrong with Photobucket? Anyone wanna help me with this so that my image could appear automatically?
  12. Would something like this be better than a roundel in Cavs colors? http://s419.photobucket.com/user/CanadiensFan85/media/Denver Nuggets_zpsttkpsjvx.png.html
  13. habsfan1

    NHL Alternates - Predictions and Wishlist (PHI/CAR added)

    Can't wait to see Carolina.
  14. habsfan1

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    These logos are beautiful. The potential for a great city skyline alternate jersey is there. Add a Nuggets script below the first one and it might be a decent primary logo. And it would kind of fit the mold of what all their previous primary logos were...