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  1. It's now 3-0 Penguins after 1P.
  2. I'm following the game on Twitter on my phone. The no goal is still being disputed.
  3. We're ready for the Finals here!! (That's not me)
  4. Not the fans decision. He was handpicked, in spite of not always being the most popular fan choice. I would have given it to someone else, but it has to do with his game, not his nationality.
  5. Good lord, Scott Dixon is lucky to be alive. Edit: Just realized this is the Nascar thread. Does Formula 1 have a seperate thread of it's own?
  6. The Sabres logo looks incredibly better without that cluster of silver and navy outlines everywhere. How it should have been all along.
  7. Having the big, muscular, American superhero overcome the evil foreigner is soooo passé in 2017. But yeah, that's what I'm thinking too. And I'm not even sure if Jinder would even be in the position he's in, if he didn't bulk himself up. So much has changed over time...[/sarcasm]
  8. There's been some ideas thrown around to give Jinder Mahal a significant run with the title and to wait for the right moment, when time comes for him to drop the strap. Someone who is currently not involved in the title picture is in the rumor circle to be one of Jinder's next opponents...
  9. Where did you hear about the Sabres?
  10. Abyss' alter ego.
  11. The Predators have a few dynamite players on offence, defence, and between the pipes. The Penguins, however, have so much depth on their roster, it's not even funny. Is M-A Fleury gonna be benched for the whole finals? The Preds can win this, but it's going to be a hell of a battle.
  12. The Oilers are probably gonna have a pseudo-throwback, a nod to the WHA look with modern twists. With the color change officially announced, they gotta have a matching road. I can't see them using 2 different blues.
  13. This loss was an absolute heartbreaker, just like they did to the Capitals. That's a tough one to swallow. I really hope the Preds take the Cup.
  14. According to the motherboard, Edmonton will be using navy blue again.