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  1. habsfan1

    2018 MLB Season

    This is really cool, though...
  2. habsfan1

    2018 MLB Season

    Barry Bonds had his #25 retired by the Giants today. He put up numbers throughout his career, but still has 0 World Series rings.
  3. The yellow uniform: A The purple uniform: F The white uniform: C
  4. habsfan1

    2018 MLB Season

    I'm a Habs fan. I can relate.
  5. habsfan1

    2018 MLB Season

  6. habsfan1

    2018 MLB Season

    19-1 Nationals. 2 innings to go.
  7. habsfan1

    Biggest Downgrades in History

  8. Is there a "Worst uniform in team history" thread? If so, these jerseys have to be added there.
  9. $$$ from casual buyers.
  10. habsfan1

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    The Habs have been seeking for that elusive top-tier center for quite a while. This week, I found out this issue has been a thing even before my time (I was born in 85). This is from October 1971...
  11. With all due respect, yes.
  12. True... Someone forgot to tell the designers that the whole adding BFBS to quote/unquote enhance color schemes is a fad that's been dead since the late 2000s.
  13. That black stripe panel. Way to remain distinct from the Sacremento Kings. My final grade for those purple jerseys: F
  14. habsfan1

    New version of LA Chargers shield logo

    Either some beaked animal or medieval creature. It's a horse. But it doesn't look like one.
  15. habsfan1

    the admiral

    I misinterpreted this post...
  16. habsfan1

    the admiral

    What I understood was Admiral, CRichardson were banned and reinstated and Tank was reinstated. My track record could be a bit off. But that's what I got from reading the last page or two.
  17. habsfan1

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    Via Reddit...
  18. habsfan1

    2018 CFL Season: The March for 106

    I want to see at least his first game.
  19. habsfan1

    Ducks Go Mighty Retro for New Third Jersey

    The eggplant stripes between the white & silver should be black, if you're going for a color swap, as well as part of the collar. Although it's a stunningly beautiful take on their original jersey, I agree they shoulda made it purple not black.
  20. habsfan1

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    I'm shocked. RIP.
  21. habsfan1

    2018 NBA "Off"Season-Because It's Always On

    The mural is gone...
  22. habsfan1

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    We're only in July. But the Lose for Hughes sweepstakes have already officially began here in Habsland.
  23. I think that confirms it's legit. Otherwise, they woulda said it's fake.
  24. habsfan1

    UFC Thread

    Lesnar has challenged Cormier.