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  1. At least he lived a full life.
  2. So that's how they end Cesaro vs Sheamus? I wonder if they re-do yet another match on Raw or if they just nix everything and pretend their best-of-7 never happened.
  3. The new series of Batman '66 comics is absolutely outstanding! The art style is modern/retro. They included every possible easter egg from the series and got everything right, from the characters, to the whirly opening with the Batman logo in the center used for the first page. The characters are all accurate and the writing is well done, not just throw together in minutes. Kudos to all who were involved in putting these together...
  4. Listening to Solomonster's Sound Off sunday podcast, this was his pick for this week's top 9 WWE promos of all time. No doubt this was a worked shoot. Funny how everything that was said 15 years ago in 2001 on VKM turns out to be an accurate reflection on the flaws of today's product as well. They don't do TV promos like this anymore lol... (The Pipebomb promo begins around the 4 minute mark, but some of the stuff he said prior is also interesting)
  5. Halak vs Price all over again lol.
  6. This is one of the best Crying Jordans I've seen...
  7. I just noticed the all red socks. No stripes. So are they really gonna go with plain white socks for the road too??
  8. It could be just lighting or something.
  9. Nothing like nostalgia.
  10. Those Patriots jerseys need to be the next homes with matching roads. The throwback stripes with the modern everything else looks good.
  11. I think it's beautiful. It's unique, it's perfectly comtemporary for a comtemporary hockey market, and Atlanta made this their thing. Problem is that no one cared enough to keep hockey in Atlanta. I too also think the edge version sucked.
  12. I guess that also means no chance of walking out to #GLORIOUS.