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  1. What a spooky sight in the 9th, a Dodgers players hits a foul ball right into the Bartman area. At 3:15 you could see the entire Cubs field staff run aside to make room for the Cubs outfielder and no fan seated even dared to reach that ball lol. Everybody pretty much Finn Freezed with a scared look on their face saying go on go on make the catch I'm not touching that ball!
  2. You can't have a worst logos ever thread without...
  3. This heavy metal song with techno beats is absolutely incredible! I could recognize a few classic tunes used here. The chorus clearly has a little DoA You Spin Me Round (Like a record) in it. The verses remind me of another classic song that I put my finger on. I don't know who's the song writer between the 3 singers and the band members, but whoever writes this does an incredible job incorporating classic verses with their signature sound...
  4. 95% of the people are rooting for the Cubs. This reminds me of the Avs/Devils SC final where everybody wanted Ray Bourque to win that Cup. No one wanted to see the Devils ruin that moment. Same applies here.
  5. A Cubs World Series loss is unacceptable at this point.
  6. Another one I won't miss.
  7. The Cubs have a 3-0 lead in game 6 of the NLCS. Hope nothing goes wrong this time.
  8. The Black C era uniform colors are fantastic. It's that bad RBK template that needs to go.
  9. Maybe he figured his matching IP would eventually be caught, so resorted to begging not to be banned instead. Not a good plan B, imo.
  10. I like the uniqueness of the vintage Padres colors...
  11. This is a fun uniform. Obviously, this cannot replace the Flyers classic colors and template. But the gold is a nice additional touch to the orange and black for a specialty jersey. I have no issues with this and I like everything about it.