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  1. Here's another one...
  2. I have trouble putting a picture together about what state of mind you have to be in, to sell to your audience absurdly ridiculous matches and stipulations involving most of your main talent, sometimes your top talent. When I'm in the mood for an old school nostalgia trip, I watch some Russo-era late 90s WCW because it's so bad I'm amused by how laughable some of the stuff is. But at the same time, I understand this wasn't the way to go, if you want to make good money and be taken seriously.
  3. So is Tyler Bate signed and is expected to show up on TV and eventually defend the UK title? Or is the belt more of a trophy exclusively for this tournament only?
  4. I admit the Vegas Raiders one from the other thread I thought was funny. This one isn't. At this point, it's just trolling. I don't think there's anything wrong with doing your own thing. It's just too bad in 9 months, Purple still didn't figure out how to post in a contrustive manner.
  5. I didn't even realize Purple was back from that long 9 month suspension, until I saw in the forum annoucements he's been re-suspended.
  6. A few examples of random inanimate objects and living people on a pole matches...
  7. Some people think it's horrendous. I know it's not realistic but I have no problem with it and quite frankly I think it's great. And that little person looks exactly like Hornswoggle.
  8. The first two are excellent. Just that I don't think the whole Chargers thing with the blue and yellow lines passing through works that well with the LA mark.
  9. Just about every one of these looks good. I don't know if I'd bring some of them in full-time because some teams have sacred tradition that I don't think should be tampered with too much. But interesting concepts, nonetheless.
  10. I thought about this, after seeing Matt McElroy's FOF post on Icethetics. With Adidas soon taking over and trying to convince classic teams to make significant changes to increase jersey sales without regard for tradition, this is what my Habs may look like in the near future...
  11. Saxon Huxley got some "Let's Go Jesus, Jesus Sucks" and then they began singing the Hey Jude theme with "Nananana...Jesus" (because of Huxley's long hair and beard). I thought it was hilarious. The Empress Ballroom audience was even more rowdy than any NXT audience I've seen.
  12. That's an excellent modification. The new shape you gave it was a good choice. It could use a change to make it ressemble something more along the lines of this... You should apply a small tweak to the strap and put some serif-like edges onto the side plates.
  13. Every belt is going to be shaped like the World/Universal tltles?