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  1. The Oilers are probably gonna have a pseudo-throwback, a nod to the WHA look with modern twists. With the color change officially announced, they gotta have a matching road. I can't see them using 2 different blues.
  2. This loss was an absolute heartbreaker, just like they did to the Capitals. That's a tough one to swallow. I really hope the Preds take the Cup.
  3. According to the motherboard, Edmonton will be using navy blue again.
  4. WWE is making more money than ever before, but we are in the only time period in history where they cannot purchase talents and their gimmicks from other promotions. Impact Wrestling and the Anthem group have won this battle.
  5. I'd like for Ottawa to win, but I'll be pulling for Nashville no matter what.
  6. I just got a Twitter follow from Lucha Underground's Marty The Moth.
  7. I wonder what Marc Bergevin is thinking right now...
  8. Yeah, the Full Sail audience sometimes helps make the show what it is. The counting down thing was a fun way to start building him up. On one week, he annihilates someone in a minute, the week after he tries to beat that time. Also, his anti-indie gimmick was gold. The story was he took shots on established indie talents and his persona was that he's in the big leagues he doesn't need to be wrestling in gymnasiums and the sort. His mic work felt legit. Corbin has amazing presence, when he's given a good idea to work with.
  9. SDL is Fun sometimes.
  10. Better than Orton.
  11. Did anybody have Jinder Mahal in their 2017 Predictions for 1st time WWE Champion?
  12. There's never been any squashes either. The only time I ever remember them swerving us with a squash was on TV with Dan Matha. 3 weeks of build, only to be fed to Joe before his "scheduled opponent" had the time to come out.
  13. Kevin Owens avoids walking on his face, as he makes his way down the entrance ramp.