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  1. This one when it was unveiled, I freaked out how because of how much it looked like a past concept of mine...
  2. Sure. It's a different looking concept, only a few minor elements ressemble not much.
  3. No I was being serious. I like the new things they tried for this one game only.
  4. The Stadium Series Color v Color uni matchup tonight between the Penguins & Flyers is quite interesting, to say the least. The Flyers may have even took some inspiration from one of my past concepts for their jerseys..
  5. Here are a few other names rumored to make their WWE return around Wrestlemania time, per Dave Meltzer. There's a spoiler tag for a reason. You've been warned...
  6. They'll probably save him for Raw After Mania.
  7. The card is already stacked. They could always find some way to fit him in there somewhere, but what exactly can they do?
  8. What the heck is that? That's even worse than contrasting nameplates.
  9. Thing is, if the High School can afford to sue and decides to go for it, maybe the Police Department settles by giving them a compensation so they can be left alone.
  10. Maybe a 4-way elimination in the pre-show kickoff. But, like I said, the main card is jam packed as is.
  11. Is there even any room left on the main card for a Tag Team Title Match?
  12. I wish the workforce wasn't this terrible.
  13. I'm imagining he was a fraction of an inch away from completely losing his eyesight in that eye.