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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/FightOwensFight/status/889246042729963521
  2. Whose cereal did Ty Dillinger in?
  3. Justin Roberts is making waves through the IWC, with the release of his book, which is getting a ton of praise. He was a guest on Solomonster this week. One thing he said is that someone in WWE set up a crate or box labeled as a "Suggestion Box" in Gorilla position, during his time in the company. In reality, the box was a paper shredder with some sort of cover over the machine. When I heard that, I didn't know whether I should laugh or cry thinking about that idea someone came up with.
  4. And one of the many soul crushing things is that now everytime I hear an LP song, I'm listening to a ghost, someone who doesn't exist. When I hear a song it's like holy crap that sounds incredible, only to remember this is a man who's dead. When you hear Chester's powerful voice & the magic derived from the chemistry he had with Mike, it's unbearable knowing we won't be hearing them together anymore. It's unfathomable to now classify Linkin Park in the deceased artists category, in the same vein as Tupac, Nirvana, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Notorious BIG, Easy E, Selena & Gerry Boulet. My apologies if my analogy isn't the greatest. I try to explain the best I could.
  5. My CD Collection has become very sad. #RIPChesterBennington #RIPKurtCobain Adam Goniter from 3DG is still around, but no longer in the band. They replaced him with My Darkest Days frontman, now they sound generic. Trust Co. aren't playing full-time anymore, future is questionable. Fate hasn't been kind to most of my favorite bands. Also, please respect my muscial preferences.
  6. Is Bianca Bel Air related to Will Smith?
  7. This is tragic beyond words. Why?
  8. Odds this is a hoax?? I wish it was, but it doesn't seem like it is. Edit: Mike Shinoda just confirmed on Twitter that it's not a hoax... Now I know how Nirvana fans felt in 1994.
  9. Linkin Park's music has been a staple for me for 2 decades. Today, it feels like a huge part of the music scene just died today. Their most recent album isn't their best work ever. But it's still a solid addition to the record collection. A lot of people say that it's their childhood, their more recent stuff isn't their drift anymore. But their videos still receives 6-7 figures worth of hits and their concerts always sell well. They still have a fanbase.
  10. If this isn't a hoax, RIP to one of my favorite bands of all-time. http://www.tmz.com/2017/07/20/linkin-park-singer-chester-bennington-dead-commits-suicide/
  11. Sadly, when their contract ends, whenever that is.
  12. Could you imagine Kota Ibushi being relegated to jobbing in 3-minute matches on 205 Live to Ariya Daivari? I saw G1 Climax highlights of Ibushi vs Naito. Ibushi is out there every night putting on 4-Star, 20+ minute matches against New Japan's top stars. I see the reason why talents like him & ZSJ turned down WWE deals.
  13. I still considered the Golden Truth as an official tag team, even though they were indeed jobbers who didn't have much or anything going for them.
  14. Feels like the laces are attaching the green ends together and the white part is an undershirt. If it's cheaper for the NHL to hire a group with less experience, they'll save their pennies.