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  1. I tried to tough it out. At least a day or a week. I lasted a total of 2 hours give or take, before walking out. I can handle pressure situations and upset customers. What I can't handle is not having all the answers to the information they demand. I can't handle having to be constantly right at such a high speed on the first day with limited training. If others like to do things like that, that's up to them. Me I was very relieved to quit.
  2. They have a realistic chance.
  3. You're not confident in the chances of your Oilers?
  4. One of these teams is going to the Cup Finals. Lots of new blood in the west.
  5. Of course someone had to make a Crying Jordan of the Dart guy with the cigarette.
  6. lol you're right. The only difference is the number on the player's back. That's how you can tell us apart.
  7. I'm pulling for the Capitals. I wanna see Ovechkin try to have a long playoff run.
  8. Now that the Habs are eliminated, I'm fully on board to support the Predators. It's going to be something if Subban wins the Cup at year one of the trade. If PK dominates, Bergevin is going to look even worse that he has last June, and I won't hear the end of it on social media.
  9. What a terrible way to end the season with collective underwhelming performances, for the most part. Good job making adjustments at the trade deadline, Bergevin.
  10. The Capitals jerseys I think they get a mixed reaction. Some love them. Some don't. At least they're not worst off than the Penguins who were using the Senators template for a long time. At least the Caps are unique. Only other thing is I feel that the Avs & Flames are in a much dire need of a change. I just hope they change first.
  11. Gotta disagree. The retros aren't ugly. But it's a dated look. Nice throwbacks. Terrible choice for home and roads. Both the Leafs and Caps cleaned up their old crests and made some fresh looking adjustments to their uniforms.
  12. Capitals vs Leafs is a beautiful uniform matchup. I love the Capitals home and road jerseys and those paired with the Leafs blue & white, it's just a nice matchup.
  13. So now there's 2 superstar players named Isaiah Thomas?
  14. The logo is nice. Anything's better than what they're using. It might work well though with some more of the bright colors they use in their current scheme. I get that Thunder is represented with grey skies, gloomy colors, etc...to illustrate a portrait of a thunderstorm. But I think it can work both ways too.
  15. According to the vote process and how it played out, he came very close.