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  1. TLC Match for the WWE World Championship AJ Styles (20 points) (c) vs. Dean Ambrose (20 points) Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship The Miz (c) (15 points) vs. Dolph Ziggler (15 points) Table Match for the Smackdown Women's Championship Becky Lynch (c) (15 points) vs. Alexa Bliss (15 points) Smackdown Tag Team Championship Heath Slater and Rhyno (c) (15 points) vs. Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton (15 points) No Disqualification Match Nikki Bella (10 points) vs. Carmella (10 points) Chairs Match Baron Corbin (5 points) vs. Kalisto (5 points) Bonus Questions Will James Ellsworth get involved in the World Title match? Yes or No? (5 points) Name the order of the match card: (5 points for each correct match) IC Ladder Match Womens No DQ Chairs Match Tag Team Womens Tables Match WWEWHC TLC Match
  2. Some fans do not like intergender wrestling. They probably wouldn't want to see tonight's episode of Lucha Underground.
  3. RIP http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/business/2016/11/30/big-mac-creator-jim-delligatti-dies/94664154/
  4. For some reason, they've sceduled the Cruiserweights in the worst death slot possible: at 10pm immediately after 2 hours of Smackdown + all the unaired jazz that occurs before television like dark matches.
  5. They wanted to have consistency by not having the black touch the green (excluding logos).
  6. Rich Swann is the new Cruiserweight Champion.
  7. The simplicity does wonders for the Avs logo. I'd remove the jagged spiky edges and keep the snow smooth, though. The other part that should be touched up is that white bit at the top. I'd straighten that out.
  8. They couldn't wait 'till they got back to Florida before firing him?
  9. NXT only has ONE HOUR and almost no stars and even they sometimes put on better shows than Raw. It was great to see Hideo Itami square off against one of the Cruiserweights in a hard-hitting, high-paced match. The build towards most of everything is done so great, even in spite of the loss of their talented former head writer, Ryan Ward, who was brought up to Smackdown. Which kind of adds to your Smackdown point, I guess right... The reasons in regards to every stalled push of the names mentioned in that paragraph, it's just bad. Sami because of his size, KO because of his weight, Neville and Cesaro because of their accents...it's just awful. So many of us know how good these talents are. We're in a different generation now and many of us want to see quality performances, win or lose. This type of holding people down keeps hurting the show for that reason. There's a lack of innovation because the indies aren't competition... I dread to know what they would do with Asuka on Monday Nights. I do agree with you about her ring gear, though.
  10. The Raw Women's Division... - Sasha - Charlotte - Everybody else.
  11. So if I got this right, they're making the New Day defend their titles every single week leading up to the record breaking day?? So I expect them to defend their titles next week and the week after that. If there's no contenders, they'll find someone.
  12. If I may suggest something...how about coloring the plume (hair) in a different color like light grey or something, to further differenciate it from the Sens.
  13. Here's another version...
  14. I'm glad the Coyotes brought back the Kachina on their latest set of H&R jerseys. I just wish they used it more prominently, not just inside the collar for the hanger effect.
  15. The New Day are, again, sceduled to defend their Tag Titles on Raw tomorrow, this time against Anderson and Gallows. I have a few reasons that make me feel very worried that they're going to lose their belts and fall flat, and not be able to achieve the record break. I can picture you know who deny the New Day of this achievement. The New Day are often at the wrong end of questionable or weak booking, which is something I noticed not just now but ever since they got massively over. I haven't forgotten about that Slammy which was awarded to the Usos, despite the New Day being the face of the division all year. Someone in the back isn't behind them, which explains some of bad booking. Plus, they don't writers come up with all their hilarious lines, and maybe someone isn't supportive they've gotten over the unconventional way. Vince has been originally trying to erase Demolition from the records because I think one of them (or both) is/are in the concussion lawsuit group. But at the same time, I don't know how much of a supporter he is for The New Day, considering everything. So I question whether Vince will award them such an exclusive achievement, which will probably stand for a very, very long time, possibly forever lol. We'll see where the office stands, come monday. Anderson and Gallows gimmick are party crashers. They want to remove all the fun (what a coincidental idea..). I thought about all of this, and now I truly wonder if this is a big set up to put Anderson and Gallows in line to be pushed next.