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  1. I missed part of Raw, monday. But apparently, there was a "Delete" chant when the Dudleys mentionned the Hardys.
  2. Seems like all the cool stuff...or the stuff that gets people talking...or when someone has an outburst of real emotion, they don't air it on TV. Kevin Owens once called out Brock Lesnar on a house show. It generated a buzz, but of course this viral video doesn't get aired. I don't even think they tossed that in their Network exclusive section either. They have a 7-8 hours to fill with new content every week on TV. Many scriped promos or lack of proper character development make it difficult to take certain talents seriously, despite us knowing how good they truly are. Without taking anything away from the top guys, sometimes the booking decisions are so awful, you just can't always turn chicken into a chicken salad.
  3. Bayley's thank you letter to the NXT Universe...
  4. Here's a quick Photoshop done by me of what the Smackdown Women's title is probably going to look like...
  5. Seth Rollins Buckle Bomb victims... Sting John Cena Finn Balor Seth Rollins (injured himself while attempting the move) ??? Bringing back the Curb Storm doesn't seem like such a bad idea.
  6. And yet the Curb Stomp is the move that gets banned.
  7. Still no say about which one's the most prestigious or if they're both of equal value. Last time around, the Big Gold Belt was the definitive #2.
  8. What I'm wondering is the Roman/Rusev no contest a last-second decision to save time, to avoid dragging the show to 5 hours? I don't understand how can they put the US tltle match in a higher spot than both world titles, and yet the match doesn't even take place. The booking is completely upside down.
  9. So they just throw the WWE title match in the middle of the show? Makes this match feel special...
  10. It's probably the current belt with different script and red/blue colors to tell them apart.
  11. At least on NXT, even if you're a lower-card guy and they have no plans to elevate you, you're allowed to have your 8 minutes of fame, to put on a good match before eating the pinfall. On the main roster, they constantly shoot down good ideas and they don't let everybody showcase their abilities, in and out of the ring, like they do on NXT. Some promos, after the first sentence I can already tell that it's Vince who wrote that. Kalisto's matches are so repetitive. A shame because he's really good if you unlock the chains.
  12. That's an interesting idea. Setting off the gong with a live bell, having a live organ player play the music, with a few more spooky characters doing the other props for the live performance. Technically, it's not too late. He still wrestles at Wrestlemania.