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  1. It's possible that a large amount of fans in the stadium will start some loud delete chants, if someone teases during the event that they might come out.
  2. She has passed away.
  3. It does look like they're going to bank on the locations with the largest outdoor stadiums & warm weather as much as thy can. I wouldn't be surprised if New Orleans hosts WM more than twice.
  4. I understand that he's a special attraction who still gets an amazing reaction everywhere. But I'd hate to see Vince succeed at convincing The Undertaker to continue delaying his hip suegery, so Vince can continue making money off of broken down old man Taker. I enjoy the sight of his entrance as much as everyone else. But I don't want to see greed triumph over morality once again.
  5. I think the Cruiserweights were brought it to fill time slots on Raw because it's a 3 hour show. They weren't brought it because they wanted to add some Cruiserweight style action. Most of them aren't going to get pushed. Occasionally, they're brought down..or should I say up to NXT to have taped matches with NXT talents. They've done Itami vs Gulak & TJP vs Nakamura. Every match is usually awesome.
  6. Lego Ninjago is also gonna have it's own motion picture...
  7. She wasn't the only one. This poor fella didn't take his team's loss very well either...
  8. Seconded. @infrared41
  9. I wonder if they'll be subtle metions of the leaked tape on Raw, this monday when The New Day come out for their segment.
  10. The Cubs 1B tucked the winning ball in his back pocket.
  11. This buzzer beater might be the most incredible one I've ever, ever seen. Don't skip the final seconds of this video. Otherwise, you'll miss the most important part...
  12. They didn't break in from the front door. Hackers have other ways to get in.
  13. First Seth Rollins. Then Tom Phillips (texts only). Now Paige & Xavier Woods. If someone doesn't want their private intimate moments to be leaked online, Idk if I'd want it to be filmed in the first place. Hackers could get a hold of the footage, which happened today.