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  1. What the heck is that? That's even worse than contrasting nameplates.
  2. Thing is, if the High School can afford to sue and decides to go for it, maybe the Police Department settles by giving them a compensation so they can be left alone.
  3. Maybe a 4-way elimination in the pre-show kickoff. But, like I said, the main card is jam packed as is.
  4. Is there even any room left on the main card for a Tag Team Title Match?
  5. I wish the workforce wasn't this terrible.
  6. I'm imagining he was a fraction of an inch away from completely losing his eyesight in that eye.
  7. It's terrible that his wife is using the Rhodes name but not Cody himself. They couldn't stop her because they didn't copyright Brandi Rhodes while she was using the name Eden Stiles.
  8. I'm starting to think AC DC may want to consider calling it a day. Brian Johnson is done with the band and they had to replace many key members, due to age and their state of health that comes with age. Axl Rose had to step in full-time. Now AC DC has become Guns N Roses. Their songwriter is still there and they had to make calls to ex-band members who've had shorter stints, to fill in the spots that had to be vacated. It's just sad to see AC DC in this state they're in. They are hanging on by a thread. When they came to Montreal a while back, fans who attended were fortunate enough to see the regular, complete line-up performing in decent health. It was their final performance here under that line-up.
  9. There's 2 World Title belts. One of them should close the show. The other one technically can't. The WWE sometimes elevates one special attraction above a World Title Match. And sometimes, there's a cooler match, if you will, between 2 intense main events to rest the crowd down a bit, so they could spare some energy for the following main event so they're not burned out before the end of the show. I do agree that a World Title match shouldn't kick off a show and shouldn't be thrown in the middle with other lower-profile matches. So while considering my points above, I think anything lower than 4th to last on the card is marginalizing to the World Title in a way that's no good. ...when he was on NXT. Again, it's the different audience argument but also the new man in charge calling the shots. Owens put Sami over clean. There was little to no mention of it, further down the road. I do believe it might be too early to catapult him into the main event scene permanently. What they should do though is give him a significant shot at something big, have him come up short, but do something to get people invested to build him up and work from there. I know opinions are subjective. I personally believe he has the potential to be more than just the workhorse who makes others look good, while they get pushed and he continues to float around in irrelevance.
  10. When Jack Swagger main evented Wrestlemania, he came out with Zeb Coulter riding a Military RXV. But yet they didn't even air the full entrance on TV. What a shame that was. Sami Zayn has a kick-ass theme song, is a pretty good in-ring wrestler, is a great seller, displays a ton of emotion during his matches when given a chance, has decent merch, and is okay on the mic. It's true that he doesn't have a GQ cover model look and he doesn't have a 6-pack. But he could get over for reasons similar to Daniel Bryan. What I will admit is that while he may possess several redeeming qualities, I'm not 100% sure though of what Vince/Dunn's criteria is for building new stars. Luke Harper has an okay theme song, is a good in-ring wrestler, is okay at selling, has a cool tron with the scary eyes, and can do a decent job cutting cryptic promos. He wrestles in a sweaty wifebeater and second hand jeans. He's a good talent. Not a standout, but good nonetheless. I wouldn't mind seeing him get a few pushes though because he'd be a fresh new face (for a lack of a better term) in the World Title picture at Wrestlemania. I wouldn't want to see him headline the closing main event, but adding him to a triple threat in a semi main event I have no problem with that.
  11. Can't wait!
  12. Absolutely. It's the best look they've ever had. The only thing I would have changed up are those oddly placed armpit trees. Sometimes, I feel that the designers aren't doing a good job choosing the product for the court.