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  1. With a few minor adjustments, I wouldn't mind seeing something like that used for real. A neon alternate would be badass.
  2. Why don't they air these on TV? They have 5 hours of prime time content to fill each week. I don't know if these are even on the Network. Erick Rowen is good...
  3. Avs vs Canes match ups are going to be visually stunning, jersey aesthetic wise. Also Avs vs Stars, vs Golden Knights, vs Oilers, just to name a few more examples. And also...is the unmatching home & road fad a thing for the Minnesota Wild? Has it become their thing or are they just too ignorant to match the sets better?
  4. The red is used perfectly as an accent color only. The whole color palette is excellent. Credit to the design team for putting together a magnificently looking graphite jersey. Some can't even pull it off with red, white, and blue. They did it with grey and yellow.
  5. Oilers roads??
  6. Me too. They removed the laces. So that's one thing to help separate them from the Leafs. But it's a blown opportunity to add some black to their look. They remain a Leafs clone.
  7. We have an indie star make his NXT debut!
  8. I was half right. The only part I got wrong was the inclusion of the warning flags. They kept the road completely unchanged. The new roads should have warning flags. The inconsistency is terrible.
  9. That would mean the striping pattern is white, silver, burgundy on the road. I didn't think of including the jersey color as part of the striping. I guess one can look at it that way too. But they included blue on the collar. I think it's a best of both worlds (90s throwback mixed with some 2010s simplicity). But yeah, it's just my subjective opinion.
  10. Colorado maybe wanted consistency by having mountain pattern striping with a single outline for both jerseys. The full uniform might look better with names, numbers and all.
  11. Would it be a disaster if the Oilers unveil last year's uniform for the road?
  12. Still waiting for a shot of the Canes new road...
  13. Yes. The Reebok curve is gone for all teams.
  14. The shade of dark grey looks much classier, blends better with the color scheme. Plus, it's a little too close to San Jose. A unique scheme never-before-used was an excellent choice.
  15. Maybe it wore him out because he couldn't work with JBL anymore but was forced too. I know first hand how debilitating it is to be work partners with a bully every day/week, it's horrible mentally and physically. Even at home the thoughts remain. If that was the issue, then having a new environment was a resolution to that issue. Tom Phillips can't do both. This is great news!