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  1. I had a user block me on Instagram because I accidentally pressed unfollow on my phone and followed him back. It doesn't take much for some people to feel severely offended enough that they need to do something like this. Never said a single mean thing.
  2. Approaching 50 shots on goal. As well as having Crosby, Malkin, and Kessel, the Penguins also have 2 starting goalies who excel deep in the playoffs.
  3. Holtby pulled. Backup goes in. Penguins score. It's now 4-1 Pittsburgh.
  4. Ovechkin still has yet to make a Conference Final in his career. And considering the amount of blown opportunities, the toll it takes can go one of several ways. And unfortunately, the Penguins have the Capitals number right now, unless the Caps decide to go out there and kill it for a change.
  5. I hadn't realized it, until someone pointed it out again on my Twitter...
  6. The Official Theme Song for Great Balls of Fire revealed...
  7. None of our backups can perform at Price's level. The team doesn't play with urgency anymore if Price goes down for too long because a strong enough backup isn't available anymore. Price does seem to get out-dueled by several opposing goalies in the playoffs, though. This isn't coming just from me. Lundqvist was indeed better and I'm just surprised the best goalie in the world got hammered this early.
  8. With the Habs eliminated, Montreal sports bar renamed ''Chez Subban'' during the Preds ongoing run for the Cup.
  9. Spoiled for sensitive content...
  10. Goodness Gracious, WWE. Vince deciding on this goes to show that he's really having more and more difficulty making good choices.
  11. Although I want to see the Caps win, these are my thoughts too.
  12. Enzo Amore & Big Cass (5 points) vs. Gallows & Anderson (5 points) WWE Cruiserweight Championship Neville (5 points) vs. Austin Aries (5 points) Seth Rollins (10 points) vs. Samoa Joe (10 points) Raw Women's Championship Bayley (10 points) vs. Alexa Bliss (10 points) Raw Tag Team Championship Team Extreme (10 points) vs. Cesaro & Sheamus (10 points) United States Championship Kevin Owens (15 points) vs. Chris Jericho (15 points) House of Horrors Match Bray Wyatt (15 points) vs. Randy Orton (15 points) *Bonus Question: Will the match take place in the ring or a different location? A different location (5 points) Roman Reigns (20 points) vs. Braun Strowman (20 points) Bonus Question Name the order of the match card (5 points for each correct): roman reigns vs braun strowman house of horrors bayley vs alexa bliss neville vs austin aries seth rollins vs samoa joe ko vs y2j hardyz vs cesaro/sheamus enzo/cass vs the club* *pre-show
  13. Nashville has Rinne at Goal, Subban & Josi on Defense. Who are their top offensive players?
  14. Matt Hardy's son is now featured in a WWE.com article.