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  1. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    Some form of blue and yellow was always the only constant. Red was permanently eliminated for the first time, during the 2003-04 rebrand to double blue. This is actually a return to their roots in a way. But they really need something to distinguish themselves from the Cavs. If they bring back the rainbow city/mountain skyline on one or more jerseys, that could be a good way.
  2. 2-0 CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. - After only 5 minutes of watching them play, I could already tell that Washington has a noticeable lack of depth, throughout their roster. Everyone's playing their hearts out tonight like they did in game 6 versus Pittsburgh. But looking at the amount of missed shots, a better team would have gotten a goal or two by now. Idk... - Number 88 for the Tampa Bay Lightning is a pretty good goaltender. He came up big, when his team needed it.
  4. I don't know if I'd put Tampa Bay in the "Why do they even have a hockey team" category. However, we'll find out if they're going to ban Golden Knights jerseys from their building, just like how they banned Canadiens jerseys as well as others. Legit team, but their jersey ban rule is a joke. As far as who I'm cheering for in the Cup Final, to be completely honest, I'm cheering for Vegas and I also confess that I was happy when they eliminated the Jets, despite being a Canadian. I've responded to both sides on the boards here as neutrally as possible cause I never told anyone I'm taking Vegas. I completely understand the arguments against from fans whose team had to build and build and fall and build again. But TBH, I've never seen anything like this before and because of that it's just too much fun. Something history-making like this doesn't happen in every playoffs. Vegas needs to win the Cup.
  5. They did an outstanding job. I mean, it's not an easy task to come up with a standout look using grey jerseys & grey helmets as the base, with just the right color combo to make everything flow together in an aesthetically and visually pleasing way. It's all a part of the grand scheme of things, also known as the Gary Bettman Initiative.
  6. Nevermind. My bad. I meant if somehow Quebec got a team, they wouldn't have favorable priveledges.
  7. If it makes anyone here feel better...if the Golden Knights lose the Stanley Cup, this whole run was all for nothing.
  8. Not anymore. 2-1 Vegas and clock is ticking. Edit: Vegas wins.