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  1. Lights Out's NCAA Football: Independents

    yeah the baylor logo looks like RU
  2. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    I like the Charlotte wheels whats the hound identity association with Charlotte? Those Boston identities are really classy and professional
  3. MLS Expansion Project

    it's pretty cool although those colors say New Orleans to me more than Charlotte
  4. MLS Expansion Team Project - Joe Bosack Sports Branding Workshop

    Yeah, I thought it was a mistake or an error otherwise its great. The way you combined the elements works It be great to see you take a shot at some other MLS expansion cities
  5. Two applications for Fantasy Sports

    They look great whats the background story behind the two identities
  6. European Professional Baseball League

    I like these well thought out identities
  7. NCAA Football Super Series

    these are great! but Chicago Christian Crusaders aren't showing up
  8. NBA Blacktop Series by Bruins

    Brilliant idea, NBA players in a playground streetball type of environment like an NHL stadium series kinda deal. The logos and the branding are amazing but I agree with coco1997 and bwburke94 on the uniforms
  9. Baseball!! NEW LOGOS, ISSA SNEK it's good trust me

    excited about this one, that padres roundel is sweet lotta good baseball threads on here lately
  10. MLB: Project 32 - San Francisco Giants, Pt. II Added

    all the identities are amazing but the alt history ones really take this project to creamer award levels
  11. Northstar Soccer League

    Wow, if the Colorado Caribou were still around something like that Lake of the Woods FC identity would be a fitting modern update for them
  12. Return of the USSL-2017/18 USSL Premier League

    These are nice the color schemes really go with the cities
  13. underrated thread I like where your going with these. You've really cleaned up and unified these identities
  14. Western League Baseball (3/8 - Texas Comets)

    Wow these look great! Will you release the OOTP file after your done?
  15. MLS by DT Concepts and Nike - ALL TEAMS POSTED

    Yeah the watermark is very distracting otherwise what I can make out looks really good