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  1. Wow, if the Colorado Caribou were still around something like that Lake of the Woods FC identity would be a fitting modern update for them
  2. These are nice the color schemes really go with the cities
  3. underrated thread I like where your going with these. You've really cleaned up and unified these identities
  4. Wow these look great! Will you release the OOTP file after your done?
  5. Yeah the watermark is very distracting otherwise what I can make out looks really good
  6. I've always preferred robo penguin but your update has me rethinking that
  7. ohh this is great love your threads
  8. yeah I'm not seeing anything
  9. the hockey stick is a nice touch
  10. The 3d template one is great much better than the original one The way you have the shoulder yoke on the original doesn't work so well
  11. hettinger_rl

    G. seams like the most natural evolution from the thunders current brand
  12. i was going back and forth between c and d but i think c just edges it
  13. awesome identity, love the background
  14. hettinger_rl

    I like it but looks more like a soccer crest to me
  15. I like that many of these teams have secondary logos and they tie into the identities really well One thing I thought was lacking in the MLF was that many teams didnt have a secondary logos You mention the Toronto Rhinos moving I think thats great because the Toros identity >>> Rhinos identity I thought the Rhinos were one of the weaker teams because their logo didnt pop very well With some possible franchise movement could we see an MLF updated for 2017 by any chance?