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  1. These kits coming out lately are wonderful. Props to adidas, and even NB for the Celtic and Liverpool strips.
  2. Both are much better than the current, but i would vote second.
  3. I can't explain the surprise i felt when i saw Frank Fleming on my instagram feed freaking out on Barstool's account. My jaw dropped.
  4. Thank God.
  5. Not sure where to find a clear image of this, but it looks like this logo was used:
  6. They were the first MLS team? Love, love, love the kits. I'll miss Barbasol, but Acura isn't a terrible replacement. Probably gonna buy this one.
  7. The Atlanta change kit might be my favorite in the league. Gorgeous
  8. The UL is looking for two owners for the 2017 season. Apply here ->
  9. The only things holding the MLS back to me is the Revs' logo, and the abundance of monochrome kits.
  10. When you can't see the beige on the Rams uniforms, the white/navy looks slick. I'll have no complaints if they go to either yellow/navy or white/navy.
  11. Could you do a Tottenham one? Thank you.
  12. Big fan of the blue desert. Very realistic, fits well with the Fiesta Bowl brand.
  13. I'd love to see that look in the Premier League one day.
  14. I hope they stack the text the way it previously was; much better look.