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  1. this thread went from Mizzoujacked to FSUjacked in a span of two pages
  2. This is th NBA equivalent of Manchester United.
  3. Oh, it already did.
  4. UCLA looks amazing. Ditching navy was the right way to go.
  5. I very much like this.
  6. Wouldve been cool with keeping white shorts on, but i like the way they were unveiled, kind of fun.
  7. I almost wish Tottenham wasn't considered a "premier" Nike team and actually got a special design. All in all though, I think these kits are a nice, simple start to the Nike-Spurs relationship.
  8. West Brom and Swansea are fighting to see who can be the most irrelevant and worst looking team in the PL, it seems. Really like Milan's look for the season, and I also like Wolfsburg's, I'm just hoping the green on the front is more pronounced than on the mockup.
  9. Don't know if this was confirmed, but hoops on the back(!) Looks very nice in these shots. This would be an amazing primary if the blue hoops were white
  10. Best one by far.
  11. Has any team been more all over the place with home kits than Frankfurt since Nike took over? Black/red stripes in 14/15, black w/ red pinstripes in 15/16, black and white stripes last season, and now white w/ black pinstripes. None are bad looks, I'd just like to see them stick to something.
  12. Nike really needs to get out of this awful template phase, adidas is leaving them in the dust which seemed to be the opposite in 2014.
  13. Bournemouth looks phenomenal, and Arsenal looks even worse after the official release with that awful pattern on the sleeves.
  14. I agree, I usually like narrow stripes and hoops, but the red back completely ruins the look.
  15. Huddersfield has three stars above their horrific logo for the top division titles they won in the 1920s