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  1. okcsooner35

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Could you divulge more about the Thunder City? Can be a PM if you’d like — I’m just a fan so just curious is all, not looking to breaking into industry with ‘intel’.
  2. okcsooner35

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    With the start of the playoffs, I wanted to share something that I have been noticing that I have noticed in the past and was subsequently proven to be right. Chalk it up as a hint to next year's City jersey or a hint to a primary Icon/Association rebrand, but either way - the current playoff branding that the Oklahoma City Thunder is implementing is definitely implying something. Take this as someone who has a been a fan for the team's entire Oklahoman existence, but Sam Presti & the Thunder are very deliberate with their branding. For example, before the release of their first alternate - the all navy w/ vertical Thunder wordmark, the Thunder began using an all navy&white logo as their social media profile picture a few months beforehand. They did the same thing with the Sunset alternates - before I moved from OKC to Austin in late summer 2015, the Thunder started placing billboards all over town with orange backgrounds and either the letters 'OKC' together or separate ones with 'O', 'K', & 'C'. They released the jerseys in the subsequent fall. Now, the Thunder are using branding with an all black background and the same gray Thunder logo from their City uniform (OKC's 1st City uniform was all gray) with vivid lines of Thunder Blue, "Sunset" (Red/Orange), and Yellow. The second blue that the Thunder heavily uses - navy - is noticeably absent. This branding is everywhere - across their social media and around town on billboards and even on Game 1's home playoff shirt. Thus, next year I believe that we will be seeing an all black City uniform that features the bright Thunder Blue, "Sunset", and Yellow as accents on the jersey. Wouldn't shock me if the logo on the shorts is the all gray/metallic that was featured on this year's City jersey and has been the logo in this black/blue/orange/yellow branding this spring. However, I also could see a full rebrand. Remember, the Thunder did not think KD was leaving, so a rebrand to get away from the KD Era look was not in the works leading up to the last season with Adidas. Then, before this year's switch to Nike, Thunder VP Brian Byrnes said that the team didn't want to shake up their look for this year's 10th Anniversary in OKC. Therefore, if the Thunder were to make a switch from their KD Era look, next season would be the first season that the Thunder would entertain doing so, from a branding perspective. If that were to be the case, then expect the Thunder's Icon/Association rebrand to feature a black/Thunder Blue/Sunset/yellow base, with white and gray as tertiary colors. A black Icon jersey with the metallic thunder logo on the shorts with blue, red/orange, and yellow accents with a white opposite for the Association would my guess. **I am not some reddit user and have been a longtime lurke & then causal poster. But one thing I am is a very passionate Thunder fan who happens to love sports branding. So the Thunder's brand is something I pay close attention to. I was right in advance about OKC's orange alternate & navy alternate solely based off their social media branding, so call this a guesstimate.**
  3. okcsooner35

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    Can you share this tracker when it’s available? The NBA’s site is great regarding the data, but I wish they had better views for team by team, similar to ClintAU’s auburn tracker.
  4. okcsooner35

    2018 MLS Kits

    MLS used to be my favorite looking league in NA sports. This year Adidas really screwed the pooch.
  5. okcsooner35

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but the only new NBA jerseys next year will be a new City (4th jersey) for every team, right? + any teams that do a uniform overhaul to their Icon and Association (Am I doing this naming convention right?). & if I am correct, does that mean every team won’t have stupid calendar restrictions on when they can wear a jersey? Because that was my biggest complaint of Nike this year, was teams only being able to wear 2 of the 4 jerseys for a 1/3 of the season. That way my Thunder should be able to wear their Statement jersey on opening night next year..
  6. okcsooner35

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    Also, it appears to me that the "Thunder" script is bigger. It could just be EA's graphics, though.
  7. okcsooner35

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    Additional confirmation from an OKC scribe that the Thunder are dropping the Sunset "OKC" alternate. Additionally, looks like the Thunder are adding two alternates next year to complement their white home and Oklahoma blue away.
  8. okcsooner35

    Oklahoma City Thunder Nike Uniform Concept

    I agree with @BenD on extending the pattern to full-length on the jerseys and shorts. Also, this is well on its way to the best Thunder concept that I've seen on the web.
  9. okcsooner35

    NBA Changes 2017-18

    According to local sports giant Berry Tramel, the Thunder are dropping the sunset orange alternates next year. This is interesting when looking at OKC's jersey lineup below, as the navy vertical wordmark alternate was retired before this season and the white sleeved alternate will be shelved after the Nike takeover. So, if OKC is dropping the orange alternate as well, that means OKC will be down to the home white and oklahoma blue away. Unless OKC is changing their jerseys with Nike? Perhaps @Conrad. can confirm?
  10. okcsooner35

    NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    The OKC Thunder are going with the white sleeved jerseys for Game 1 tonight, making it 7 home games in a row. For the season, OKC is 8-0 in the sleeves. So, superstition may be at work here, along with the aforementioned preference of the players.
  11. okcsooner35

    NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    So the Thunder have worn their white sleeved jerseys for the last 6 consecutive home games. As an avid follower of the team, and as a uniform lover, I asked a few beat writers on Twitter for the reason. One got back to me and said that it has been the players' decision to wear them. They supposedly like them. KD commented a few years ago after OKC wore the blue sleeved Christmas jerseys that he liked the sleeves. I remember him saying that it was a matter of preference and that some liked the sleeves and others did not (I believe his answer was to a question about LeBron criticizing the sleeved jerseys). Under new coach Billy Donovan, the team has had a noticeable change in their uniform rotation. Former coach Scott Brooks seemed to be a big advocate of tradition, as the team only wore their navy alternate and white sleeved jersey on the league-mandated scheduled dates. He mostly preferred the team in their standard home whites and away blues. However, under Billy, the team has worn the white sleeved jersey often at home, and seem to wear the new Sunset alternates at an abnormal clip too. I believe at the beginning of the year, the team scheduled to wear the orange jerseys only on Sunday home games and the white sleeved uni's 4 times. So, Billy D might give the players more discretion in the playoffs. Don't be surprised if the team wears the white sleeved alternate or the orange Sunset alternate during the playoffs. Under Scott Brooks, the team never wore anything but their standard home and away uniforms. Interesting development to watch for those that care. For those that don't, carry on...
  12. okcsooner35

    NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    My swingman Durant just came in the mail today, and I've got to say -- I love it. The new material gives it a kit-feel to it; it feels like a sleeveless tshirt.
  13. okcsooner35

    NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Does anybody have any speculation as to what OKC's new planned alternate will be? I didn't ask if anyone has any "news" or w/e because obviously it would be posted if so. What I'm mostly adding on to is from the conversation with HOU about the different alternate designations, and what these would mean for OKC. Following this team since its inception, they do things differently. Everyone thought an orange OKC alt was coming in 2012, but a vertical Thunder navy blue jersey was debuted instead. The FO's MO is to always do things, "their way."
  14. okcsooner35

    College Football 2014 Season

    On phone, but OU just released new jerseys and helmets https://twitter.com/ou_football/status/484082685904568321
  15. okcsooner35

    2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    On phone, but did NHL'15 accidentally leak a Dallas Stars tweak to their white away sweaters? https://twitter.com/defendingbigd/status/476084457804693504 EA is usually pretty bad about uniforms, so maybe this is nothing. But if it is real, the black outline around the green numbers is a welcome addition, at least to me. It makes it pop.