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  1. If only we could get this on Sunday rather than the garbage we are actually gonna get.
  2. IDK man, the white pants make it too white heavy for Philly and the black socks just seem so out of place. There is such a greater sense of balance with the green pants. Those are the kinds of things I consider professional. That's just me.
  3. Isn't it interesting how the "good luck" all white unis of the Chargers and Eagles didn't come through yesterday. It's almost like it means nothing and that they should just wear their colored pants in big games on national television and look professional.
  4. Especially since we missed out on that in their Monday Night game.
  5. I don't think I can put into words how much I hate the Eagles in white on white. This game is just horrific and if the Saints win, next week is gonna be even worse vs. the Rams.
  6. I assume this all assumption-based, as the Chargers and Eagles haven't officially announced those combos, but this site usually doesn't update anything until it's official.
  7. Plus that sounds like he was making a joke anyway.
  8. Philly's offense seems to be practicing in green jerseys for what it's worth. And the Saints' Instagram gives the option of all black or Color Rush with CR at 53%. Not sure who decided they can only wear mono...
  9. Most accurate thing I've ever read 10/10 Jaguars, Titans, Panthers come to mind
  10. Do coaches really have that much say in the uniform?
  11. You do not get this level of detail from the broadcast view, which is what we see 80% of the game. Sure it looks nice like this, but that's what bugs me about all white looks.
  12. Well it looks nice up close but from the broadcast view it looks way too plain
  13. That Eagles Saints game could be phenomenal, but instead it is gonna be absolutely pitiful with Philly in all-white with NO in all black. That's why I wanted Chicago to win. Bears Rams would've been nice and Cowboys Saints would've been far better than Eagles Saints. Something I've noticed that not many people probably have is that all the teams that won this weekend play at the same time next week. Interesting. Also, people need to chill with the "this team might wear white cuz this" argument. The Saints are not wearing white at home in the playoffs. Just because they beat Philly in white Color Rush doesn't mean they can't beat them in black. That superstitious way of thinking seems to come when a team LOST in a certain combo and wants to change it up. And I don't see why the league would allow the Rams to wear throwback all season and then say they must wear their hideous mismatched uniforms in the playoffs.