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  1. So now for Week 14 on Sunday night we're gonna get the Rams on the road in mismatched white horn helmet with gold accent jersey vs. the Bears in navy. Pitiful. Also the Titans will shockingly be in white over navy, which is an abomination.
  2. I think it's been established that the throwbacks are their standard home uniforms for the time being. And luckily the NFC is home this season for the Super Bowl so that is what we would see. Chances are we won't see them play on the road much in the playoffs before their new design in 2020 anyway. On a separate note, the Redskins' twitter page has their old logo as the profile picture so that all but confirms they will be in throwbacks vs HOU
  3. I think this game will actually look really nice under the lights. That orange will pop and clash nicely with the purple pants of the Vikings.
  4. I think it's possible Arizona wore red pants to try to screw with Mahomes and get some lucky picks or something. People speculated that the Browns did something similar in Cincinnati a couple years ago. Either way, I think this means we'll see more of the red pants, which I like. it's about as color-heavy as a white uniform can get, but it definitely has an added swagger about it. I'd love to see them wear those in Green Bay and in Seattle later in the season and hopefully next weekend vs Oakland since we say that standard uniform matchup in the preseason all the time. Also, in case anyone forgot, this was the uniform matchup for the last meeting between ARI and KC: I think it's become a contest to see who can have the most red.
  5. They finally wear this and it's against the team with the most red on their uniform. Priceless.
  6. Surprised we didn't get our weekly "They should wear this every week" for the Steelers' Color Rush last night, especially since it's one of the best looking Color Rush unis out there and actually uses the teams colors in a well-balanced fashion.
  7. Titans in NAVY over LIGHT BLUE this weekend. LOVE it. Any combo involving light blue makes this uniform so much more tolerable.
  8. Did the Eagles only have one game in black listed? Really hoping they don't wear them vs Houston Week 16
  9. Why do the Bucs sometimes wear white at home Week 10 but other seasons (like last season) they wear red? Either way, it's November and it can't possibly make that much of a difference in terms of heat. Here's what Week 11 probably looks like: possible color rush is Seattle 4 Color rush are DET, NO, LAR, GB Throwbacks are ATL, WAS Alts are CHI, JAX
  10. I don't think the Cowboys could've chosen a worse opponent to wear their navy jerseys against. Could've been a decent looking game with Tennessee in navy over white or columbia with the Cowboys in white.
  11. Every Atlanta game has been correct and it's filled in for the entire season.
  12. As I posted a few days ago, someone at Gridiron Uniform Database clearly has knowledge of the Falcons jersey schedule and hasn't been wrong yet, and it has the Falcons in white in Cleveland. And based on what Goforbroke said, it seems the Bucs will unfortunately be in white at home. I'd also say Detroit being 0-2 in white over gray breaks out the blue bottoms for this one.
  13. The Redskins didn't say they'd be in white. It was just a random clip. in fact, I saw Clinton Dix's burgundy jersey in the locker room on Instagram. The Browns are in white jerseys in 90% of their marketing material and they've been wearing a good amount of brown this year.