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  1. The America League

    <joins darkpiranha and mbannon92 in slow clap then proceeds to yell "You rule!"> This is probably the best fully completed thread I've seen on the boards and good luck in your future endeavors.
  2. The America League

    Come back! Pleeeeaaaase come back!
  3. The America League

    This entire thread is just... amazing. I love every jersey you've made.
  4. Yakball Concepts

    The crest is da bomb. I feel like the clash needs a little bit of color thiugh.
  5. The America League

    Newark is awesome! I gotta get me some season tickets
  6. The America League

    Yea I guess so, I just wanted to point that out
  7. The America League

    I like! That's a lot like my UIC concept. (Not saying you yanked the idea from me... Chicago's flag begs to be used for soccer shirts.) That said, I couldn't help but feel Chicago South's identity would be more appropriate for a place like LA, San Diego, or Houston where it'd make more sense to have one club for the general populace, and one for the Mexican/Chicano community. The names Chicago North and Chicago South imply two clubs equally representing their "half" of Chicago; yet one gets to wear the city's flag and colors... thus making them the default "home" club... and the other has a foreign identity that doesn't even represent the entirety of the side of the city it's supposed to represent (lots of Irish and African-Americans as well). I get the historical aspect with Pilsen Atletico, but how often do two clubs merge, yet retain the identity of only one? (Seriously... I really don't know. ) When the north stars and barons merged they kept the north stars identity and completely dropped the barons.
  8. The America League

    Emerald citys home uniform is tha bomb, so are the entire Carolina set. I love this whole project and can't wait for more. You, sir, are a visionary.
  9. The America League

    I love these once again, and charm city has a great home kit that I wouldn't hesitate to buy.
  10. The America League

    Awesome job, and I love that Camden has a team. Think they should be nicknamed the muggers?
  11. The America League

    They are all brilliant, especially Aruba.
  12. The America League

    Im definately interested
  13. Yakball Concepts

    Lès Bonapartes des Paris Not sure of my french
  14. Yakball Concepts

    I was thinking the Thessaloniki Phalanx, just throwing it out there because of ancient greek and macedonia
  15. Le Quebecois is back...

    how bout Djibouti?