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  1. OSM61's Hockey Thread - Sabres Alt. Guess (8/16/13)

    The Brooklyn Isles unis I think should be different because the uniforms are copys of the rangers as far as lettering.
  2. Championship Banners

    Could you make a template or something on how to make these?
  3. My made up football league **hand drawn with no tech stuff**

    What are the team names and stuff?
  4. Ripball Concepts *12/23 Minnesota Blue Oxen* ALL TEAMS DONE!

    The Colorado logo is awesome
  5. Canadian Soccer Pyramid 2028

    Im definately looking forward to this
  6. The America League

    <joins darkpiranha and mbannon92 in slow clap then proceeds to yell "You rule!"> This is probably the best fully completed thread I've seen on the boards and good luck in your future endeavors.
  7. OSM61's Hockey Thread - Sabres Alt. Guess (8/16/13)

    The nhl logo looks a little out of place on there.
  8. Best Looking Pro Sports trophy

    The MLL Steinfeld "cup" is pretty cool as well.
  9. 2018 Olympic logo unveiled

    Doesn't look like Korean to me, it looks more like a poorly drawn box next to an asterisk.
  10. Ripball Concepts *12/23 Minnesota Blue Oxen* ALL TEAMS DONE!

    Sporting DCs logo is great I just feel the D and C should be more prominent
  11. Washington Redskins Rebranding Project

    The Cleveland Indians were named after a former player.
  12. Washington Redtails.....Discuss

    Or maybe the Washington Bureaucrats
  13. 2013 Nike NFL Products

    And with the Red Bulls MLS ASG logo with an NY skyline, I saw it and was contemplating how a Harrison, NJ skyline would look.
  14. 2013 Nike NFL Products

    As a native New Jerseyan, this is one of the things that grinds my gears the most. When players sign with the Giants/Jets and on ESPN they say "going to the big apple" and I just yell he's going to East Rutherford jack ass! Im sure its the same when it comes to the 'Skins.
  15. Washington Redtails.....Discuss

    I propose the team does a poll of the tribes in the surrounding areas with 2 questions: 1. Are you offended by the Redskins name? (A) Yes B No 2. Would you like for the name to change? (A) Yes B No