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  1. Seattle NHL Logo concept

    THAT. IS. BEAUTIFUL. Looks so perfect I can't even describe how perfect it is anymore...
  2. City/State Color Identities

    Gotta use the Blue and Red-orange for the NY teams since those are the city colors and 3 teams already use them (Knicks, Mets, and Isles) Red and Blue is too bland and irrelevant.
  3. New York Isles Update

    This works really well, especially considering the team is and will no longer be playing in Long Island for the foreseeable future!
  4. 2018 Winter Classic

    One major problem: colors. In your concept, the Rangers have blue uniforms while the Sabres have white uniforms. This needs to be the opposite, as the Sabres are the "home" team due to MSG tax exceptions. The concepts are great otherwise as long as you fix the colors.
  5. 90s to Now Series

    After some time, I finally completed the MLB jersey set for the 90s to Now series. However, I notably excluded the Angels, Brewers, and Pirates from the Uniform part since in spite of the logo changes, the uniforms did not change colors as much, making the creation unoriginal and, just, nothing. I did the rest though and I believe the Rays definitely look the coolest/best, while the Padres one is simply a bit bland, although the majority of the uniforms aren't as exciting as the other leagues due to the lack of color in the MLB road uniforms. Hope you all enjoyed this series!
  6. 90s to Now Series

    Those 7 were the only ones with significant logo/color/name changes since the league began in the 90s (with exception to the Sounders and Eighty-Sixers/Whitecaps since they existed before the league started).
  7. 90s to Now Series

    Hey guys! Sorry it took a while, but I added the NBA uniforms. I personally think the best are Thunder/Sonics and the Sixers. My least favorite is the Rockets, which I think is still overly complex. MLB coming soon as well.
  8. 90s to Now Series

    I made a quick update to the Rangers uniforms, making them more on the line of the historical uniforms, while still giving it the "90s" touch:
  9. 90s to Now Series

    The NHL uniforms are here (Click to zoom in). The respective logos are applied and I am, in fact, using the old 90s templates with some updated necks (more retro!). I personally find the Stars and, ironically one of the ugliest uniforms before, the Blues sweaters to be the best (and that's coming from a Blues fan). Most of these are dated as all hell no matter the colors , but my least favorite has to still be the Kings' burger king uniforms; they look terrible no matter what the colors are. I will be doing an NBA uniform set as well, so stay tuned.
  10. 90s to Now Series

    And I'm going to give them to ya!
  11. 90s to Now Series

    When the Jazz already do the job for you...
  12. 90s to Now Series

    To close off the series, although I know most of you don't follow the MLS, I decided to give it a shot. My favorite has gotta be the Dallas Burn given FC Dallas' colors and in all honesty all of the logos look pretty damn good with their color changes.
  13. 90s to Now Series

    Finally, I've added the MLB logos. Once again, not as many changes as the NHL or NBA due to few logo color changes. Out of these eight teams, I'd have to say the best is the Devil Rays given the modern Rays colors. The worst is the Florida Marlins logo given the Miami colors (it's just so ugly). Also, I decided to try and do one more series for the MLS, so this will not be the last one.
  14. 90s to Now Series

    They are the bottom-most one.
  15. 90s to Now Series

    The NBA has officially been completed as well. Although there aren't as many as the NHL, as there haven't been nearly as many color changes, there are still a solid ten teams that I worked with. My favorites have to be the Vancouver Grizzlies logo given Memphis' color scheme and the NJ Nets logo given the Brooklyn color scheme. Easily the ugliest/worst is the Sonics' 90s logo paired with the Thunder's already ugly colors.