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  1. NHL Uniform Revisions (Pacific Division Added)

    With regard to the Central Division requests, I returned the helm back to the Blackhawks jersey, while I did keep the changes to the socks. I also altered the use of red in the Jets uniform to allow the uniforms to match. To justify the red, I wanted to bring back memories of the older team. On the other hand, to close this series off, I edited the Pacific Division uniforms: ANAHEIM DUCKS: H: The classic Ducks logo returns to the forefront with some recolors to match the new color scheme. I edited the stripes of the sweater and socks as well to match the style of the retired alternate, finally getting rid of that horribly dated style of the older uniforms. Finally, I promoted the orange in terms of the uniform colors. A: Same changes that were applied to the home are applied to the away as well, with exception to the use of a nameplate on the away sweater. P: No changes. ARIZONA COYOTES: H: I changed the logo to incorporate the coyote head into the moon. A logo like this is occasionally used by the team, but it isn't official. I also replaced all of the white in the uniform with the more unique sand color. Finally, and probably most notably, I added Mojave style stripes to the sweater and socks to represent the character of Arizona. A: While the base of the uniform is still white, the rest of the white is removed and the same stripes are added to the sleeves and socks. The ends of the sleeves are also adjusted to the sand color. P: No changes. CALGARY FLAMES: H: I returned the home jersey back to the older style of the 90s with exception to the addition of black as an outline color since its currently part of the flames color scheme. A: The away uniform is adjusted appropriately where black is added as an outline. P: The pants now feature a similar design to the uniforms. The pants are red with the same style of stripe. EDMONTON OILERS: H: Very little changes with the uniforms here. The only minor change I made is added an outline stripe to the inside stripe of both the sweater and sock. It allows for that alternate color to pop a bit more. A: See "H". P: No changes. LOS ANGELES KINGS: H: The horribly unnecessary side piping is removed leaving the Kings uniform in the same classic style as the Gretzky era. A: See "H". P: No changes. SAN JOSE SHARKS: H: The helmet now matches the color of the uniform (teal). A: No changes here. P: This sees the most changes. The color is now the Shark's iconic teal. The logo on the right leg is changed to the more modern alternate the team uses on the away uniform. The stripe style from the home uniform is also added to better complement the whole set. VANCOUVER CANUCKS: H: The dated and off-color orca logo is retired and replaced with a white version of Canucks' classic stick in rink design. The shade of green is also adjusted to a more subtle tone. Additionally, the "V" alternate is added to the shoulders. A: Most of the same applies to the away as the home, with exception to the stick in rink logo being its normal colors. P: No changes. VEGAS GOLDEN KNIGHTS: H: While the base color of the uniform remains grey, the sleeves are now adjusted to feature more black. The bottom of the sock is adjusted as well. The helmet is also black instead of grey. A: Black is incorporated similarly, this time to the numbers as well. P: No changes.
  2. NHL Uniform Revisions (Pacific Division Added)

    First up for the west is the Central Division: CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS: H: The tail stripe is altered to fit the style of the sleeves. The socks are also adjusted as such. I really couldn't do too much to change this classic uniform. A: No changes. Not worthy of updating this classic. P: Additional red stripes added to the sides on the pants. COLORADO AVALANCHE: H: A new logo is added to replace the much dated Avs logo in my opinion. Additionally, black is entirely removed and silver is demoted down to purely an outline. The jagged stripes and one of the sock stripes are white now. The helmet is maroon now with a blue chin strap. The alternate logo also has navy removed and replaced with the Avs blue. A: The new logo is also added to this uniform. The jagged lines are now blue. The socks have removed black. The numbers are also now blue with a silver outline instead of black. P: The pants are now blue and the belt is maroon. DALLAS STARS: H: The shade of green is adjusted to match that of the older North Stars. A black, white outlined shoulder yoke is added to match the road uniform. The uniform numbers also receive a black outline. A: See "H" P: The belt is now green. MINNESOTA WILD: H: No changes. This new uniform is arguably one of my favorite in the whole league. A: I made the Wild the only team in the NHL to not have a pure white away uniform. The whole uniform has a "faded white color" to it to match the Wild's overall color scheme. The sleeve and sock stripes are adjusted to match the style of the home uniform. P: The belt is now red. NASHVILLE PREDATORS: H: A shoulder yoke is added to match the style of the road uniform and fill out the uniform. Everything else remains constant. A: No changes. P: No changes. ST. LOUIS BLUES: H: Due to the overall success of the Winter Classic uniform in St Louis, I applied the color to replace the royal blue. The shoulder yoke is removed to match a retro style. The stripes across the entire set remove the navy and royal blue to create a more classic stripe design. The logo colors are altered to the same colors of the uniform. A: The colors are adjusted similarly to the home uniform, but the shoulder yoke is kept as it fits the uniform style better. P: The new color and logo are applied to replace the navy. WINNIPEG JETS: H: Red is made more prominent in the color scheme and its added to the ends of the sleeves, tail, and socks. It's also added to the NHL emblem as well. A: Red is added this time as the stripe color rather than on the ends. P: The belt is now red. To finish it off, the Pacific Division comes up next.
  3. NHL Uniform Revisions (Pacific Division Added)

    The Metropolitan Division sets see much more change than those of the Atlantic Division: CAROLINA HURRICANES: H: The main shade of red is darkened, the new numbers are italicized, and the subtle hurricane flag design is added to both the sleeves and socks. A: The away uniform receives similar treatment to the home uniform, except with reversed colors (obviously). P: The new shade of red is present in the pants and the belt is now black. COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS: H: The least has changed with this uniform in comparison to others. The only addition are the sergeant army symbols added to the sleeves to invoke a more "civil war" jacket feeling. A: The same treatment goes for the away uniform. P: The pants are now blue to better fit in with both jerseys. NEW JERSEY DEVILS: H: Green is reincorporated into the color scheme in place of black. Additionally, the tail stripes return, sorely missing from the current adidas uniforms. A: The away uniform gets the same treatment as the home. P: Now green with a red belt. NEW YORK ISLANDERS: H: The stripes on the sleeves and the tail stripe are adjusted to reflect the style used in the 1980s glory days and to match the socks. The chin strap on the helmet is now orange as well. A: The away uniform receives no changes. P: The pants go unchanged. NEW YORK RANGERS: H: The classic font the Rangers used in the earlier original six days returns to match with the style of the current logo. The drop shadow is still present. However, the home uniform now reads "New York", representing the city's pride. A: The away uniform receives similar treatment to the home uniform, but still reads Rangers, despite the new font, making the rangers one of the rare teams with different front logos/design on both uniforms. P: The belt is now blue. PHILADELPHIA FLYERS: H: The outlines on the numbers are matched up, with extra border strokes to help the numbers stand out. The logo receives similar outlining. The bottom stripe is also adjusted to match the striping of the socks. A: Similar treatment goes for the away uniform, just with different styles of outlining. P: No changes. PITTSBURGH PENGUINS: H: I altered the tail stripe to match that of the sleeves. The uniform was already almost perfect as was. A: Same goes for the away as for the home. P: The belt is now yellow. WASHINGTON CAPITALS: H: The unnecessary and dated piping is removed entirely. New ends of the sleeves are added, matching the tail stripes. A: Same goes for the away as for the home, except now the sleeve ends are red. P: Unchanged. Up Next: Western Conference
  4. NHL Uniform Revisions (Pacific Division Added)

    Damn I can't believe I forgot the Sens. I gave an update to the Habs road to reincorporate the normal logo with the design, which I think makes it look better. OTTAWA SENATORS: H: The style of the old school senators logo is incorporated into the new uniform. The Red is altered slightly and the gold from the previous Sens logo is toned down heavily. The seldom used but much loved alternate takes the place of the primary. A: The colors of the home uniform are simply reversed to create the road uniform. The only difference is the neck which includes both black and red rather than just red, creating a better complement to the stripes. P: No changes other than the alternate logo on the pants getting a recolor.
  5. Decided to give a redesign to all of the NHL uniforms, some to a greater extent than others. I used the current adidas format for everything. I started off by redesigning the Atlantic Division first (H=Home, A=Away, P=pants): BOSTON BRUINS H: New chest logo featuring the B as a more prominent yellow than the black they've used. I also removed the shoulder yoke to invoke the more classic Bruins designs of the past. Finally, the socks are now mainly yellow with a black and white stripe to match that of the sleeves. A: The uniform design stays mostly in tact, with exception to the new chest logo. The shoulder yoke better fills out the sweater on this design than the home uniform. P: The belt is now yellow and the new logo is added to the right side of the pant. BUFFALO SABRES H: The blue has been lightened and the silver has been removed almost entirely. The uniform style remains the same overall, but the weird front number is removed as well. A: Holds the same uniform design as the new adidas away jersey, simply with the lighter colors added. P: A new yellow belt is added and the pants' blue is matched to the home and road uniforms. DETROIT RED WINGS: H: No changes. I absolutely could not touch this timeless uniform in any way without making it worse. A: The sweater remains in tact, but the helmet is now red rather than white to invoke the "Red" in the Red Wings name. P: The stripe on the side is thinned to match the length on the uniforms. FLORIDA PANTHERS: H: The leaping panther logo returns to the front of the uniform in a much desired move. A: See "H". P: No changes for the pants, which really complement the uniforms. MONTREAL CANADIENS: H: No changes to what is a classic uniform. A: Major changes here though. The road uniform gets the home uniform's treatment. The "Habs" line goes on the road uniform now, while the logo colors are reversed to better contrast the line. The bottom stripe is also altered to better match the style of the home uniform. P: No changes. TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING: H: Black returns to the Lightning color scheme in the form of both the neck and the sleeves. The ends of the sleeves are now completely black, giving the team a much more notable look. Black is also added to the sock design as well. A: All of the blue on this set is outlined with black to add the color to the other part of the uniform scheme. P: The Lightning stripe on the side now features a black outline. The belt color has also been changed to black. TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS: H: The classic sweater remains in tact. The new socks bring back the three stripes commonly used on the Maple Leafs uniform set. A: See "H" P: No changes here. Up Next: Metro Division, where there will be a lot more changes...
  6. NBA Redesign by CinnamonRoll21 (New York Knicks)

    Really not a fan of the V-Neck for the Knicks. The team is a round neck team its entire history with exception to the pitiful 2000s. I'd also consider adding a more elaborate sleeve piping.
  7. Players on the "RIGHT" Team, but "WRONG" Uniform

    Well in theory he is on the "right" team (I know it's a stretch), since they just relocated with the same staff and all, but Dustin Byfuglien in a Thrashers uni:
  8. Revising the NBA (Southwest Division Added)

    To close this series off, the Southwest Division: Dallas Mavericks: With the Dirk era coming to an end, I refreshed the Mavs logo by bringing back the cowboy hat and refreshing the font. I brightened up the color, bringing back green into the mix and ditching the navy blue. Houston Rockets: In similar style to the ABA's San Diego Rockets, I gave the Rockets logo a full redesign based on that. I updated the font, colors, and overall style, giving the Rockets a new look that is much more complex and aesthetically pleasing than before. Memphis Grizzlies: I redesigned the bear portion of the logo, basing the look on the much more detailed older grizzly bear from the Vancouver days. I also gave yellow a much more prominent role in the logo color scheme. The alternate logo features the Tennessee state flag incorporated into the silhouette of the bear head to fit in with that of the other two Tennessee teams, finally giving the team a connection to the state. New Orleans Pelicans: I didn't want to redesign the pleasing Pelicans logo overall, so I simply developed a new color scheme off of the Mardi Gras colors. The Fleur de Lis alternate receives only minor edits since it's arguably one of my favorite in the entire league. San Antonio Spurs: The Spurs colors are updated slightly, making white and black the most prominent on the spur itself. While the new font is kept constant, I upgraded the design by placing it on a silhouette of the Alamo, giving it more relation to the city than the bland logo that came recently. I hope you all enjoyed this series as much as I did!
  9. Revising the NBA (Southwest Division Added)

    Noted. It's such an easy fix. Makes me question why the Clippers just don't change to it already...
  10. Revising the NBA (Southwest Division Added)

    Pacific Division: Golden State Warriors: As one of my favorite logos in the league, this logo only gets minor updates. The shade of yellow is more of a "gold" to reflect the name. Additionally, for the primary, I updated the main portion to the same as their much better alternate. The alternate this time is the same California logo they use, but with the updated gold. LA Clippers: Taking inspiration from the Agua Caliente Clippers G-League logo, I updated the Clippers primary significantly to create a much more aesthetically pleasing and oceanic-related logo than currently presented. The new inspired alternate is a simple updated version of the partial they currently use. LA Lakers: For the much dated primary, I removed the unnecessary streak lines. I smoothened out the edges of the "Lakers" font and changed the lines on the basketball to make it more modern. The iconic hollywood palm tree laden streets and establishment date are added on the bottom to utilize the empty space found in the current logo. The alternate takes a page from the other most popular LA teams (that of which being the Dodgers and Kings) with a simple yet pleasing "LA" style logo. Phoenix Suns: The black is removed completely from the color scheme. A revised font from the new Nike uniforms is added, the ugly box is removed. What results is a much more pleasing and warm logo. Sacramento Kings: While I think the Kings logo upgrade was arguably the best in recent memory, I was upset with the demotion of black in the color scheme. Thus, I elected to re-add it to both the primary and alternate in a significant way. Otherwise, these logos were perfect as is. Finally, the Southwest Division will close this series off.
  11. Revising the NBA (Southwest Division Added)

    Updated OKC Alternate: OKC written on a lightning bolt now. Easier and smoother design.
  12. NHL 2017-18

    Considering how many businesses have left the St Louis area, does not seem like too much of a pipe dream
  13. NHL 2017-18

    UPDATE: Looks like TD Ameritrade will not be taking on the naming rights for Scottrade Center anymore after the latter company was purchased by the former, so these logos can be added to the unused part of this site. Instead they plan on selling the naming rights after this season. For now, the Scottrade Center will remain the Scottrade Center, but come next year, that will change. Source:
  14. Revising the NBA (Southwest Division Added)

    Northwest Division: Denver Nuggets: The entire Nuggets set is a complete mixed bag. There are three different fonts in use and multiple color schemes and styles. I simplified this down to using an updated version of the Nuggets' older font and an updated skyline primary logo. The baby blue is now an accent with navy and yellow taking the forefront. For the alternate, I simply reorganized the colors and removed the circle background. Minnesota Timberwolves: While I love the Timberwolves new set, I felt the need to brighten the colors, removing gray completely from the color palette and updating the blue to be brighter than before. I also added trees to the background primary logo. The colors were simply updated for the alternate. Oklahoma City Thunder: The Thunder set is a bland mess right now. I updated the colors to be a bit darker, created an all-new primary reflecting the style but not the exact font of the Statement jersey in a silhouetted Oklahoma outline. The alternate is truly not my best work, but I created a simple lightning bolt design over a basketball, although a design like that could be cliche. It's more of a placeholder. Portland Trail Blazers: Not to interfere with an iconic logo, I updated the font slightly, italicizing it and adding a red outline. Utah Jazz: Another classic design, in which all I updated were the colors. I reintroduced purple (the same color of purple from the 90s Jazz logo) into the scheme and made green solely a tertiary color. Next up: Pacific Division!
  15. Chicago Bulls Logo Concept

    Thanks for the shoutout! I like the one on the left better. My only suggestion is to add the red to the tips of the horns like on the current logo and it'll look perfect.