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  1. 2019 Final Four Logo

    Yes from the article...
  2. 2019 Final Four Logo

    Press Release
  3. 1904 FC 1904 FC Facebook
  4. Thanks to everyone for the new likes on my page!


  6. MILESTONE...900th logo uploaded to today!

  7. MILESTONE: 800th logo uploaded to today!

  8. A thing for a thing. #logo #logomark #logos #logodesign #logodesigner #logodesignerforhire…


  10. I love it when clients take the artwork I create for them and turn it into beautiful works of art!

  11. Very honored to have some of my work, Four Seasons (Left) and Qypsy (Top Left), used in the LogoLounge:...

  12. Take a moment to smile when #greatfriends are around. #payattention to every detail and allow…

  13. Thanks to the team for including one of my logos in a upcoming video! Thanks a ton!

  14. I posted 2 photos on Facebook in the album "The Grind MMA Academy"