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  1. 2017 WWE Royal Rumble

    But they occupy the same space in Vince's mind and that's all that matters I suppose.
  2. 2017 WWE Royal Rumble

    Who's the source on this because this card looks like doo-doo. AJ Styles deserves better than to be facing Shane McMahon. Also what about the SD Women's Title? That has to be involved at WM as well thanks to the return of Mickie James.
  3. 2017 WWE Royal Rumble

    Apparently Meltzer is reporting it as real so it doesn't look good so far.
  4. WWE PPV Prediction Game

    It was definitely tight. Congrats on winning this year!
  5. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    The renderings are cool and all but I really hope we don't another Sky Blue & Navy team. NYCFC & Kansas City are enough when it comes to that quota. The LAFC original renderings had them in black and red but they eventually changed to black and gold so there is that at least.
  6. 2017 WWE Royal Rumble

    I think they are setting up a Wyatt Family implosion story-line involving Bray trying to punish Luke Harper for his betrayal while at the same time starting to get worried about losing control of Randy Orton as well. Bray might not be a character that cares about titles but he does care about having control over his minions since he's supposed to be a cult leader and a cult leader is nothing without his cult.
  7. 2017 WWE Royal Rumble

    Why not have a triple threat match (or three way dance since I don't remember the last time the 'E did one of those) between AJ Styles, Orton, & Cena at 'Mania? It wouldn't be right story-line wise to have Cena's 16th title to end so quickly plus AJ Styles has his rematch clause & deserves to be placed in a good spot at WM after what he's done for SDL. Adding AJ to the mix would also make Cena & Orton fighting each other for a title at Wrestlemania a lot more palatable for the older audience who really don't want to see those two face each other ever again.
  8. WWE PPV Prediction Game

    Match Card WWE Universal Championship Kevin Owens (c) (20 points) vs. Roman Reigns (20 points) Chris Jericho will be suspended above the ring in a shark cage *Bonus Question: Will Jericho escape the cage during the match? Yes or No (5 points) WWE Championship AJ Styles (20 points) (c) vs. John Cena (20 points) Raw Women's Championship Charlotte (15 points) (c) vs. Bayley (15 points) WWE Cruiserweight Championship Rich Swann (c) (10 points) vs. Neville (10 points) Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella, & Naomi (5 points) vs. Alexa Bliss, Mickie James, & Natalya (5 points) Sasha Banks (5 points) vs. Nia Jax (5 points) Raw Tag Team Championship Cesaro & Sheamus (c) (5 points) vs. Gallows & Anderson (5 points) Two referees are assigned to the match *Bonus Question: Will the match end in a no decision? Yes (5 points) No (10 points) Royal Rumble Match Winner: (30 points) Chris Jericho Name the final four: 1. (5 points) Finn Balor 2. (5 points) Chris Jericho 3. (5 points) Baron Corbin 4. (5 points) Braun Strowman Name the first two: 1. (10 points) Sami Zayn 2. (10 points) Miz Who will have the most eliminations? Braun Strowman (5 points) How many? (5 points) 5 Surprise debuts/returns? (10 points for each correct answer)
  9. 2017 WWE Royal Rumble

    The first gif is him dancing with two black people. Personally I think having Vince pull a Titus O'Neil and dance awkwardly while the the New Day made fun of him would be right up both of Vince's and ND's alleys as far as characters go.
  10. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    This is a pretty good video that explains the MLS Salary Cap in case some people get confused by it.
  11. 2017 WWE Royal Rumble

    The article didn't mention the belt when they were going through the things that got stolen so I assume that it's safe.
  12. 2017 WWE Royal Rumble

    AJ Styles got robbed in Arkansas.
  13. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    The Galaxy have signed Jermaine Jones.
  14. Is there relocation that the league would vote against at this point?
  15. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    This isn't as bad as Columbus's away jersey but it's still terrible (if that's what they're going with).