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  1. Some people I know from Sri Lanka were talking about the cricket match between India & Sri Lanka. When I browsed the internet out of curiosity I found this. That is the picture of the Sri Lankan team (wearing blue with yellow) and the Indian team (wearing slightly lighter blue with orange) out. If it wasn't for the darker pants the Sri Lankan team was wearing I'd have a hard time telling to two teams apart. I'm surprised a sport with a global audience (outside of North America obviously) would not have some sort of alternate jersey rule.
  2. Nyk33

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    I honestly don't know if I feel worse for San Antonio or Sacramento as far as MLS expansion bids go....
  3. Nyk33

    2017/18 Soccer Kits

    I know I have an avatar making fun of Juventus's rebrand but I would honestly wear that Juventus jersey over the atrocious Man U one.
  4. Nyk33

    North American Pro Soccer 2017

    The renderings are cool and all but I really hope we don't another Sky Blue & Navy team. NYCFC & Kansas City are enough when it comes to that quota. The LAFC original renderings had them in black and red but they eventually changed to black and gold so there is that at least.
  5. Nyk33

    North American Pro Soccer 2017

    This is a pretty good video that explains the MLS Salary Cap in case some people get confused by it.
  6. Nyk33

    North American Pro Soccer 2017

    The Galaxy have signed Jermaine Jones.
  7. Is there relocation that the league would vote against at this point?
  8. Nyk33

    2017/18 Soccer Kits

    This isn't as bad as Columbus's away jersey but it's still terrible (if that's what they're going with).
  9. Nyk33

    New Juventus logo

    This is especially important given the fact that European supporters are getting more and more resentful of things they see as "modern football" and creating this new brand that deviates from everything Juventus (pretty much the Yankees of the sport in Italy) has ever done in terms of branding which was presented in another city (which also happens to be the home of AC Milan & Inter who are your two biggest rivals) is not going to win those people over. For the football/soccer fans in Europe you couldn't get more of a representation of "modern football" unless you went to Salzburg or Leipzig.
  10. Can the Chargers just change their name to the Los Angeles Schadenfreude?
  11. Nyk33

    North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Wouldn't be the first time they've disappointed people.
  12. Nyk33

    North American Pro Soccer 2017

    The Red Bulls just traded their captain, Dax McCarty, to the Fire for $400,000 in allocation money.
  13. Nyk33

    New Juventus logo

    This is, apparently, what it's going to look on on a Juve shirt.
  14. Nyk33

    New Juventus logo

    It looks the logo of a company that makes sneakers instead of a badge of the most dominant club in Italy.
  15. Nyk33

    2016-17 NBA Season

    I'm sure the teams that lose home games to London or Mexico City probably get properly compensated for it by the league so I wouldn't worry about that.