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  1. Chicago Stadium (1987/1994)
  2. Chicago Stadium (1984/1987)
  3. Chicago Stadium (1981/1984)
  4. Chicago Stadium (1979/1981)
  5. They are wrong. Your sources are always full of errors. Basketball Reference is a gold mine, but they fail with name buildings, even arenas, a lot. For example: the Kansas City Kings played 2/3 of the 1979-80 season at the Kansas City Municipal Auditorium because Kemper Arena's roof collapsed in June 1979. If you check 1979-80 Kansas City Kings page in Basketball Reference, it says "Kemper Arena" and nothing about the Municipal Auditorium because both are located in the same city: Kansas City, MO. This happens because they take notes from scans of old box scores, and they only show the city as a location but not the venue. Regarding the America West Arena/US Airways Center, if you check this picture from December 23, 2005: http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/eddie-house-gets-the-phoenix-suns-fired-up-during-their-pregame-in-picture-id56485080 And this one (January 6, 2016): http://media.gettyimages.com/photos/boris-diaw-of-the-phoenix-suns-rebounds-against-the-miami-heat-during-picture-id56916232 You will get the thing right.
  6. Nope, I did not: they change the name of the arena in January, 2006.
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