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  1. nas1787

    MLS Kits 2019

    To build on this, 2019 is 40 years since the Whitecaps won the 1979 NASL Soccer Bowl. They often use next season's kit designs in their season ticket push. I wouldn't be surprised to see a white shirt with the blue chest stripe, with white shorts and socks.
  2. nas1787

    Canadian Premier League

    By the way, the next reveal will be Winnipeg on June 6th. The rumour is that the club's name will be Valour FC. The club is owned by the same group as the CFL's Bluebombers, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a similar colour scheme.
  3. nas1787

    Canadian Premier League

    I always thought going with a more literal translation of the Citadel shape would be a bad idea, but you're making me question that opinion @Lafarge. What you've come up with is really sharp. On Twitter there seems to be consensus that the Wanderers look is the best of the three unveiled so far. To me though, I think it might be my least favourite.
  4. nas1787

    2018 MLS Kits

    It's an excellent look. Timbers have really knocked it out of the park (is there a soccer version of this idiom?) lately with their designs, particularly changing to the old gold.
  5. nas1787

    Canadian Premier League

    And a third:
  6. nas1787

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    That's quite the sponsor logo treatment on Utrecht
  7. nas1787

    Canadian Premier League

    Yeah I don't love Halifax either, but I am glad that everything at least is very clean and professional looking. I was worried about some people being involved in the identity creation process, and that there may have been some very amateur designs. Luckily that has not been the case.
  8. nas1787

    Canadian Premier League

    What do you know about Calgary then? How does an identity which evokes both the military and cowboy culture not scream Calgary?
  9. nas1787

    Canadian Premier League

    First, it's Cavalry, not Calvary. Those are two very different things. Calgary Cavalry is an awful name, Cavalry FC is unique and interesting. The crest was designed by Jon Rogers, who you may know as one of the hosts of the Footy Soldiers podcast. Here is some of his excellent design work: I think this is bound to be one of the best CanPL identities.
  10. nas1787

    Canadian Premier League

    8 clubs are expected for 2019. York, Hamilton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Calgary and Surrey/Langley BC, plus FC Edmonton (former NASL) and Ottawa Fury (former NASL/current USL). Halifax will be launched on May 25, and Winnipeg on June 6. Possibly Calgary this week.
  11. nas1787

    Canadian Premier League

    No word as of yet. My guess is either each club goes their own way (because time is tight with a Spring 2019 launch) or a league deal with Umbro (who have close ties with the CSA). Umbro balls have been used in a number of promo shots thus far, if that means anything.
  12. nas1787

    Canadian Premier League

    York 9 FC will be announced on May 10th. They're crest has already leaked. That's a grayscale logo from a copyright filing. The invite to their launch leans heavily on black and green, so that may be an indication of the club colours. York Region is made up of 9 municipalities, hence the name.
  13. nas1787

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    I was watching this game and thought my eyes were deceiving me. Good to know I wasn't going insane.
  14. nas1787

    2018 FIFA World Cup Kits

    I get all the love for the Germany clash kit from the photos posted, but from one particular angle I think it really fails: It really bugs me that adidas constantly leaves designs off the back of their shirts. In an instance like this it is so unnecessary and makes the shirt look so odd from the back. Compare that with the Brazil blue shirt or France white shirt, which both look just as spectacular from the back as from the front.
  15. nas1787

    CONCACAF unveils new official logo

    Yeah isn't UEFA usually Uefa in Britain?