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  1. That little cut out of white in the Liverpool collar is a bit unfortunate. Otherwise I think it's a nice look.
  2. That Inter kit is quite nice. West Brom on the other hand... hoo boy
  3. My guess is the kits come from the manufacturer with the MLS patch already on them. You notice this a lot in the CONCACAF Champions League. The CL patch is added over top of the MLS patch, and they always end up falling off over the course of matches.
  4. I'd love to see Ottawa's monogram interlaced, rather than just have the R sit on top of the O.
  5. I think the reason for names below the numbers is to accommodate long hair and pony tails. I agree it looks better above, but there is a practical reason for the change.
  6. Thanks!
  7. Cheers!
  8. What does it matter if people don't call it Ville de Quebec in everyday usage? It's an official name for a club, using the longer version of the city's name. As Xamboni points out, it's in the vein of Man City or Orlando City. Plus, one little disagreement on a club name ruining the entire series for you seems like a bit of an over reaction.
  9. So that's it for the clubs. The only other thing I did was put together some league collateral: referee uniforms, official game balls, and a substitution board, featuring one of the major league sponsors, the Canadian watchmaker Marathon. Hope you enjoyed it, and I can't wait to see what the actual league looks like in 2018!
  10. And the final club is the Moncton Tides. The crest features the Cape Enrage lighthouse near Moncton and on the Bay of Fundy (which is known for its tides). The secondary logo is directly from the New Brunswick flag. The red is for the loyalist history of the area, the brown for the Fundy mud flats (also red and brown just look fantastic together). The home kit features a chevron pattern on the shirt, while the clash is all black with neon red accents.
  11. So good news: the Canadian Premier League was officially announced today. Because of that I thought I'd finish up this thread. Two more clubs in 2024 makes for 12 total. The first up is Grand River FC. They play out of Waterloo, but are branded to try and appeal to a wider audience (Kitchener, Guelph, Cambridge, Brantford). The crest features a feather as a nod to the First Nations heritage of the region and the Grand River. There's also a river, obviously, and the shape is meant to evoke the Bavarian flag diamond pattern, as KW has a massive German heritage. The secondary logo features willow leaves, as the Mohawk called the Grand River the Willow River. The home kit is based a bit around West Ham's 2015/16 away kit, while the clash features the Bavarian flag pattern.
  12. I'd like to see the stripe thinned out slightly. It takes up a lot of room as is and there's a lot of red in the top right of the crest. Also, try re-drawing the tree rather than taking the wonky one direct from the flag.
  13. And the second team for 2022 is Quebec City. The crest is a fleur de lis, with a Q integrated into it. The secondary logo features the ship and ramparts from the city's flag. The colours are pretty typical Quebec, and hearken back to the old Nordiques. The home kit has a cross pattern, kind of like the Quebec flag, and the clash kit has tonal fleur de lis across it.
  14. In 2022 the Regina Regiment join. Named after the Royal Regina Rifles, the crest mirrors that of the regiment. The colours are those of the Saskatchewan flag. The home kit features diagonal green stripes, while the clash kit has a sublimated wheat design.
  15. Ok the second team in for 2020 is Toronto. There's been lots of words from TFC president Bill Manning about the CanPL in Toronto, but I think it's inevitable. If you want the league to be successful, a Toronto team is a must. I chose the name Dukes, which has been used here on the boards before (I most definitely stole it from chrisCLEMENT's NFA series. It's a great unique name, with a local tie (Toronto used to be called York, after the Duke of York). Plus, I've always wanted to make a soccer crest out of the heraldic belt, and this was the perfect opportunity (check out the current Duke of York's Twitter image). In the middle of the belt is a trillium flower, Ontario's official flower. The secondary logo is a large D with the CN Tower protruding out of it. I wanted to use blue in the colour scheme, but in a different way than the Argos/Leafs/Jays. What I came up with was a white and navy colour scheme, with the home kit primarily white rather than blue. I went with a sash on the shirt and hooped socks. The clash is a lighter blue from head to toe with pin hoops.