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  1. After Halifax is the completely opposite coast and Vancouver Island. Royal Athletic Victoria is named after the club's home ground, Royal Athletic Park. The crest features the chevron shield of the city of Victoria's coat of arms, re-coloured to the club's green and navy. In the centre of the shield is a dogwood flower, BC's official flower. Befitting a team with the name royal, the crown jewels sits on top of the shield. The secondary logo is a simplified BC flag.The home kit is a bit of a green Arsenal look, with some tonal chevron stripes on the front. The clash uses the navy in a split shirt.
  2. Yeah I could definitely give that a try Thanks for the kind words! The width of the lines in Ottawa's two logos are the same when the logos are the same size. It only looks smaller in the second because the logo is smaller.
  3. Next up is Halifax. Despite being a smaller city with no current suitable stadium, there is a very vocal ownership group in the city with plans for a pop-up downtown stadium. It seems almost a lock that they will be joining in 2018. It seems that Halifax FC is the preferred name, but I decided to go with something a bit more interesting. I just love the name Kingfishers and thought it could make a great identity. The shape of the secondary is a nod to Citadel Hill in the city. The blue and copper colours come straight from the belted kingfisher native to the area, and I added the teal colour for a bit of extra pop. I think the teal and blue stripes is pretty unique in world football and helps to convey a maritime feel to the team. The clash kit features the reversed St. Andrew's cross of the Nova Scotia flag.
  4. I disagree. I think it's pretty much a lock that the CPL will have a league wide kit deal. It's the way things are done in NA and makes way too much sense financially. Given the CSA's close relationship with Umbro, I would not be surprised at all to see them as a major sponsor. And yes yes the model is of my own making. I have a psd file of it that I'm willing to share. Just PM me.
  5. Second team in is Ottawa. This is the only case where I kept a current club. All signs seem to point to the Fury joining the CPL as soon as it launches. The crest is one that I've used for a previous Fury concept, I just loved it so much I didn't know how I'd improve it. I made a secondary logo of the Peace Tower on the Parliament building in the same style as the main crest. I wanted to return Ottawa to a primarily black kit, as I think it's a shame they just look like a knock off TFC currently. I loved the PSG-style centre stripe of their first kits, so went back to that look, and made a matching "phantom-stripe" version as the clash kit.
  6. I wanted the chain to be a bit more abstract. If you take a look at the more realistic one on the Hamilton city flag, it just feels a bit clunky. I like that mine is a bit more streamlined.
  7. The bulldog seems really low on the white sweater. Really like the bold stripes though.
  8. The first team in is Hamilton. They are a lock for a club with the league being headquartered there. Black and gold is also a given. I thought about reviving the Steelers but wanted to go for original identities as much as possible. Hamilton United has been trademarked, so it's likely that's what the club will be called. The crest features a chain and flower, similar to the city's flag. The secondary logo is an H meant to look like the end of a steel beam. (I should mention each team will have a primary crest plus a secondary logo used either as a jock tag or on the back of the neck). The home has hoops cause I like them, and the clash is an homage to old the old Steelers look.
  9. Yeah no farm teams in my league, and yes one kit supplier. Given the CSA's close relationship with Umbro, I figure that's most likely what's going to happen.
  10. The map graphic is a bit misleading, as not all of these 12 clubs would enter in 2018 (or whenever the first season is). It will be clearer as I introduce the clubs, but 6 to start, with 2 new clubs every other year, so 12 clubs total by 2024. I have also seen little interest from Victoria or anywhere in BC, but I wanted to make sure they were represented, so that the league is truly coast to coast.
  11. So you may have heard that Canada is set to launch a brand new domestic soccer league sometime soon. No concrete details yet on league structure or clubs, but some info has been leaking out--including that the league will likely be called the Canadian Premier League. Here's my attempt at a fairly realistic look at what we might see when the league is finally announced (hopefully next month).
  12. I think the Newcastle shirt hinges on what the back looks like. There better be full stripes. If that's the case, then the first iteration of the shirt would look much better. I really like when the stripes meet on the shoulder, it looks so clean. Like so: The version with the Puma shoulder stripe will interrupt the striping and won't look nearly as nice. Still though, it's shaping up to be a good look for their return to the top flight.
  13. FC Edmonton released new Inaria kits earlier this week. They wore the new primary kit in preseason action against Burnley: I thought it looked pretty good till I saw the back was black instead of blue:
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is this not the first time TFC has worn red shorts with the thin blue line shirt? Also, if the shorts do indeed have white stripes rather than onyx, these are not the same as the home kit's shorts, correct?
  15. I could really get behind this. If you're purposely using a darker shade of red though, I'd like to see the crest and MLS logo recoloured to match. I much prefer when TFC use either of their greys as a base for their clash, and this is a nice new take on it.