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  1. 2017 CFL Season

    Classic game with the snow covered field and who doesn't love a Bo Levi Billy Bob choke job at the end. Congrats to the Arrrrgos!
  2. Dickinson is 3 hours from Minot and about the same to the Black Hills where the Spearfish and Rapid teams will be placed. Pretty reasonable distances for teams to travel in that area. I'm hoping this league maintains as I've always thought a minor league baseball system would do well there. Nothing else around besides amateur ball so hopefully the locals support it.
  3. North Korean Hockey (Koryo Hockey League)

    Classic JCR creativity. I always look forward to your different concept themes.
  4. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Scotiabank and yes it was nauseating. Thanks for bringing me back to that dark and terrible place.
  5. Realm of Recolors.

    How about a New York Rangers, San Jose Sharks swippity swap?
  6. I did learn John Elway was born in Port Angeles though. Wikipedia has it's moments.
  7. Went on their Facebook page and one of the first posts has some cockamamie story about some legendary left-handed baseball player who gave up stardom in the MLB to return home to PA to play ball. Super boring. Anyway I presume the owner is left handed and soon to have his pockets left without the money he puts into this team. Great town but no way they can support a WCL team.
  8. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Not without the King Paul's blessing. The Mighty Allen owns the Moda and without his direct involvement there will be no NHL in Portland. Which brings me to thinking there won't be big league hockey in the foreseeable future. Pretty sad because I think Portland and Seattle would be great markets. Been waiting for years and losing hope on either happening.
  9. MLB Hotstove 2016-17

    Great article. Thanks for sharing.
  10. United Soccer Association Fantasy MLS Opportunity

    We're not "special" enough until 500 posts.
  11. True nightmare, I can't get it out of my head.
  12. i'm always thankful when I have a drink in my hand when I open this thread.
  13. Congrats on finishing this series. I didn't give any c and c but thouroughly enjoyed your work. Thanks again!
  14. Seattle Arena

    no thank you
  15. Seattle Arena

    plenty of NHL fans and hockey bars in the Seattle area, you just gotta open your eyes. Best bar is the Angry Beaver up in Greenwood but have found many down in the south sound. Just walk in wearing Canucks gear and I always find plenty of people come crawling out of the shadows wanting to watch and talk hockey. NHL would be huge here, no doubt in my mind and would definitely crush the Sounders. Even if the NBA squirms their way back here the future NHL team would be neck and neck with them and the Mariners in popularity with good potential to pass them both as second behind the Hawks.