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  1. Photoshop 2016
  2. The main page addresses this: "I’ve since learned the pant striping detail shown in the Tweet from the team will not be present on the Golden Knights uniforms"
  3. Our gray in the NASL was a lot darker the last couple years. Hoping they change the gray to that next year. Heck, I wouldn't mind keeping the same design as the light gray and just making it black.
  4. Oh wow, it is totally that. Same facial expression with the raised eyebrow and crooked mouth. Edit: it even has the chin dimple. Well done Gordie.
  5. Before I even started reading I immediately thought that was a Rams or a Navy Midshipmen mascot pin. Basically my first thought is that it was a horned mascot. Not much to add other than that.
  6. It was totally unexpected! Pretty impressive, really.
  7. I ended up DMing with them. They said thank you, that they'd notify the appropriate people, and then gave a credit to my account
  8. What happens when you have people designing stuff who don't do research before hand.
  9. I wish there would've been more contrast, though. As a fan at the game, this was almost as tough as the Atlanta United game to distinguish between the 2 (although that one was also a blizzard lol)
  10. Did a quick search on, and it appears to be an older Getty image that is no longer active ( Could just be a staged photo and isn't actually a real team?
  11. nvm
  12. Not taking a swipe, because it isn't an insult. Traditionalists hated the previous Lions set for their own reasons. That is totally fine. But from a purely design perspective, it wasn't "bad". It just didn't fit the Lions in the views of a lot of people (a lot of those people being traditionalists). Not using "traditionalists" in a negative or derogatory way.
  13. Except the previous Lions set wasn't a "bad design" choice. The only design flaw with the previous set was the odd numbers. The rest was a solid design. It was a "traditionalists hate it even though it is a solid design" choice.
  14. I grew up in that area. We all pretty much knew it was a fake. Still didn't stop us from having a museum based around it