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  1. PaleVermilion81

    FC Cincinnati

    The Word of God is a double edged sword...but that's probably a discussion for a different forum
  2. PaleVermilion81

    FC Cincinnati

    In the end it is a shield with a soccer ball and stripes, though, with the wording in a banner across the top of it. Although executed well, it kinda hits every cliché in the book for a soccer logo.
  3. PaleVermilion81

    FC Cincinnati

    I don't think that logo is that great. It just feels like a generic soccer logo to me that I'd find on any clipart site. Edit: not to say it's poorly executed/designed. Just doesn't feel unique to me.
  4. PaleVermilion81

    FC Cincinnati

    FC Edmonton, Minnesota United FC, North Carolina FC, Puerto Rico FC, Miami FC (I know what you mean, just being funny)
  5. PaleVermilion81

    FC Cincinnati

    Those errors aren't in the official graphic, though.
  6. PaleVermilion81

    MLS Kits 2019

    Funny the amount of hate it is getting on Twitter and Reddit. People saying it would be the worst in the MLS. But as long as New England and SKC have theirs, that's not really possible. All that said, I REALLY like this! Huge improvement over the old logo. At first glance I thought I liked the USL version. But after I looked at it more closely, I realized just how poorly designed that one is and really feels like clipart thrown together. This new one is simple, has class, and reads well. Plus, it's not another lazy roundel or typical shield shape.
  7. PaleVermilion81

    MLS Kits 2019

    Really hoping MNUFC go back to a blue kit for their secondary. I miss seeing these! Plus, if you put black stripes/numbers on it, we'd have a real "Minnesota Black & Blue" kit.
  8. PaleVermilion81

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    The point is...not long now?
  9. PaleVermilion81

    Hand painted MLS team logos

    I have the block all ready to go with the magnets glued in I was excited to see the date was set for the announcement.
  10. PaleVermilion81

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

  11. PaleVermilion81

    Hand painted MLS team logos

    Finished the project! All photos can be viewed here:
  12. Why are the photos in the background reversed? What the heck?
  13. PaleVermilion81

    Cursed Uniforms

  14. PaleVermilion81

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    Exactly my thought. It felt backwards.
  15. PaleVermilion81

    NFL 2018 changes