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  1. NCAA court database

    Your work is amazing, keep it up
  2. Flamengo's new logos

    This week Flamengo announced their new monogram, badge and aquatic sports badge: New monogram already used in the newly lauched 18/19 kit: Here is the monogram evolution history:
  3. Boston Celtics Women's Logo

    Maybe you could make some logos based on the mascots as well, like Benny for example:
  4. Boston Celtics Women's Logo

    Fantastic work as usual
  5. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    This is one of my favorites so far, simple but amazing. Would love to see that logo on some gear, great job
  6. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    You are amazing, really, no complaints here
  7. I don't dislike it, the colors are an obvious choise for the region and the name seems ok to me. The only nitpick is that I really dislike the way the palm tree "surpasses" the shield
  8. East London Pub League - NEW KITS ADDED 3/16

    This is great. Conferences and team logos so far are really good but the league logo really doens't seem to conect with them, if you now what I mean.
  9. Like the design, but red really does not work for Corinthians uniforms, looks weird, maybe try some gols like their 15/16 uniforms used in the numbers? The helmet also kinda looks weird, was it suposed to look like something?
  10. Football (Soccer) concepts by OlavoP

    Made this for a second competition, but I really liked the concept and will for sure do more. The idea is to convert football boots designs into templates from the brands that make them. I decided to make the Adidas Copa 18.1, because it's the first Adidas boot already released for next year and has two leaked colorways. The colors are taken directly from the colorways and the striped design is based on the sole design. Since the idea was to create templates I made it with generic logos (similar to some actual adidas shirts), but I may try and apply some teams to those later.
  11. Football (Soccer) concepts by OlavoP

    Second concept, a Real Betis alternative uniform based on some Mitchell & Ness socks:
  12. Freddie looks weird, like he has an owls head or something, the other two are amazing. Would love to see some player like Wilshere or Ozil on the classic bruised banana shirt
  13. Minnesota Vikings Concept: Playoff Beard Edition

    The MV is pure genius