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  1. I actually love the look of ads on NBA jerseys...
  2. there actually is a lot of club-made throwback in football but the teams don't use them in games
  3. Flamengo debuted the new away kit yesterday, weirdly at home. So here is how it looked with all the sponsors: I actually think it looks more balanced with the sponsors, still hate the vertical stripe but it don't look so bland now.
  4. that's really nice
  5. Flamengo never had any type of vertical stripe on Home, Away, Third, Fourth or GK kits, or on training kits, or in any other sports during their 122 years of history. That's not something fans like or want, It just throws tradition away
  6. Vercial stripe just disrespects the club's history, It's also so "meh". Fans are really pissed at adidas, there are an actual campaign for them to make another one
  7. Leaked Coritiba third:
  8. Loving this so far, great job
  9. Leaked Flamengo away:
  10. Love that
  11. I actually like this, 3-on-3 basketball just seems like basketball's version of futsal, and I love futsal.
  12. Being brazilian I can say that for pretty much all the american leagues. I do have a prefered team in all of them, but generally I watch the league and like a lot of teams. That said I would support my team (Flamengo) in any sport against any other club from any other league (just like I did when we played against NBA teams), even if it's my prefered team on that league, so that might mean I watch the american leagues but don't actually support any team. Also, I follow the MLS and it's the only american league on which I don't have a team.
  13. Botafogo: stunning
  14. Like that Real one, but the collar looks weird
  15. 5 games tonight: I'll highlight my team Flamengo using the new home kits for the first time against a very classy Universidad Catolica look. Iquique - Gremio was also a great looking matchup