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  1. Germany 2014 away kit was inspired by Flamengo and Adidas said this years Flamengo uniform would kinda look like the 14' german kit, so it makes sense that it look like that beauty
  2. Now it's official, Flamengo home kit for 2017/18: After seeing the players wearing it I can't help but to admit that I like it. Feels like what Nike does at Barcelona, going crazy on the home kit some times, but still looking nice.
  3. well, we used that in the 80's way before Milan had adidas as their suplier. And I don't like the adistripes like that, one color would look better
  4. That's my main complaint about it. Someone already got the image from the website that will reveal it, here is the full kit: Looks way better on a body, not that bad.
  5. Flamengo leaked home kit: Probably real, but I'm hoping untill the last second it is fake.
  6. Ugly Player + ugly uniform + terrible career choice combo
  7. Corinthians Home and Away:
  8. Barça actually had their first actual sponsor in 2011, they pay Unicef instead of the other way around, and they actually still do that nowadays.
  9. No white kit for Arsenal, just don't do that. The home kit does look like a puma kit, but I would like to see the whole sleeves beeing white like they should.
  10. I have to say it: I love this topic. Since I'm not a big MLS follower (I only catch some weekend games when they are on late night here in Brazil) it's great to be able to catch up with all of the matchups, since it's such a modern league. I think this forum should have a random international topic like this one, soccer is the best sport in terms of uniqueness and different matchups. But yeah, just thanks for posting, I really do enjoy seeing this uniforms.
  11. This is the closest I could remember right now, Trabzonspor of Turkey, but of course that is light blue. I do think it's a color scheme that could work if done properly
  12. Weird to see this template not on a white kit, every single adidas club has it on white I'm pretty sure
  13. They both look really nice, but the Real Madrid badge positioning on the number 3 really bothers me for some reason
  14. FIBA announced the logo for the next World Cup, to be played in 2019: ------ There are no international/FIBA basketball topic here so I figured I should create one just for this
  15. Well...