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  1. Ads on uniforms are a disgrace, more so for basketball because there's even less space to work with. Only a matter of time until companies start paying more for ads not to blend with the team colours too. Eugh, what's happening.
  2. I... like it? What they have now is better but I am glad to see them incorporate some blue into the wine.
  3. I am in the minority, too, I guess. I love that line. If Nike cannot replicate it though, I don't understand persisting with it.
  4. Looks like a pile of garbage bags.
  5. Bugs me that the width of the stripes on the road don't match the home as well.
  6. Spurs look so much better without that shield surrounding the crest.
  7. Square yokes are fine but why are round yokes dying out? If you can't build a template to easily accommodate one, you shouldn't outfitting an entire professional hockey league,
  8. Carolina's change is so good, and even more refreshing in an age where teams seem to be going backward or remaining stagnant. Same with Colorado, real nice change (love the simplified new number font, no more double outlines or any unnecessary black). And while it's going to take time to get used to Vegas' steel grey, it's thankful they don't look like total trash (home is in top two-thirds of the league).
  9. Eugh. Seahawks effect with no sleeve number outline.
  10. Will probably change in Adidas' time.
  11. And the dream for matching jerseys continues.
  12. It's a shame more teams didn't use this as an excuse to unveil new designs or correct old ones. Ottawa, Columbus, Calgary, LA, Washington, San Jose.
  13. I find it hilarious that Ottawa are clinging to a design that was intended to fit an outdated retailer's template. If you told me ten years ago when the EDGE jerseys were released that when adidas or whoever takes over, Ottawa would be wearing the same jerseys, I'd laugh.
  14. The greatest thing about a day like today is that Detroit and Chicago can unveil the exact same sweaters they've been wearing for 50 years and people will still be like, "yeah, it's okay I guess but look at that collar and does that sleeve stripe look an inch higher to anyone. Huge downgrade."