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  1. I know of one QB who is currently in CFL camp...his name eludes me at the moment but he played for UCLA and Sacramento State.
  2. Does anyone know if ESPN3 airs the preseason games? I didn't start following it until the 2nd week of last season.
  3. While some aired on ESPN2, I was able to stream every game via ESPN3 last season.
  4. I've always thought the NFL should implement a developmental/minor league with 16 teams...each associated geographically with one AFC and one NFC so fans might have an interest in watching. For example...Tampa Bay and Miami with a team in Orlando or Jacksonville and Atlanta with a team located somewhere in between. Don't just limit it to developing players, but coaches, office personnel, refs, etc.
  5. I don't mind the B.C. orange and white combination too much, but can't stand the black and orange. I do however love the Stampeder's alternate helmet...they should do away with the black helmet.
  6. Agreed that the Stamps should have gone for it at the end...I mean c'mon, you've got Jerome Messam back there and you are letting your short yardage quarterback run the ball. That dude (Messam) is like Beastmode of the North. Looks like they were a bit cocky and overconfident starting things off...lots of deep passes into double coverage by Mitchell.
  7. I'm assuming you're talking about this alternate look? If so, while I'm not fond of the uniform design, I do love the color scheme.
  8. Well, with the regular season kickoff tomorrow night, I've decided to follow the team nestled in the northern portion of the Rocky Mountains...go Calgary!!!
  9. I lurk on these forums because I like to see sports teams graphics, but this thread has spurred me to do the same thing...follow a CFL team for the season as I'm football starved at this point. I also used to cover parts of Canada for work so have seen some coverage here and there. The various posts here have me torn over who I should follow... Ottowa (Rough Riders version) won the Grey Cup in 1968 when I was born, I love a couple of bands from the Saskatoon (Saskatchewan) area and in a simulation football league I play in my team originated as the Calgary Mustangs (now moved to my home state of Colorado). One more week of preseason to make my choice I guess.
  10. As a life long Bucs fan I have to say overall I like the uniform...the numbers are the only thing I don't like. I do like how they incorporated the bright orange.