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  1. apate93

    76ers new logo(s) and uniforms

    Im actually not a fan of the Ben logo. It feels too 90s cartoon-ish to me. I do like the rest of the set though.
  2. apate93

    Like, omigod! The most 1980s uniforms ever!

    A photo's worth a thousand drawings: Just about everything the USFL did, for that matter.
  3. apate93

    2014-2015 College Basketball

    As an IU fan, I like their new Big Ten tournament uniforms. Perfect mix of modern and classic.
  4. apate93

    Hardest City for Fictional Concept Leagues

    Salt Lake City also gets me. I do the bee idea, but it seems cliche by this point.
  5. apate93

    2014-2015 College Basketball

    Does Northwestern play in a high school gym? I know they are a smaller private school, but hard to believe this is a Big Ten basketball arena. As far as the color vs color aspect, on the floor level there seems to be enough of a contrast that the players and refs could tell a difference. But I agree it would be painful to watch on tv or in the stands. Northwestern plays in the second smallest arena in the Big Ten (after Rutgers). And considering the amount of success they've had over the years, it makes sense.
  6. apate93

    PDC Coalition Cup FINAL

    My thoughts exactly. It's a good set, but I voted against them from Cleveland on.
  7. apate93

    Super Bowl XLIX Field

    I'd say unless the Rams go back to blue and yellow, we're stuck with navy for their endzone. Maybe they could do the Bills' in red, like it used to be at Ralph Wilson. The Lions and Colts wouldn't be too bad, since they're not navy, and they each have a nice shade of blue. The Colts looked good when they played the Saints a few years back. I think the biggest problem with playing a Super Bowl on turf is that the logos and endzone are painted, as opposed to being part of the material. When done correctly, turf fields can look pretty good. The biggest issue I have with grass is that, as the game goes on, the field gets worn and the dirt beneath begins to show through (especially a problem in the rain).
  8. Not great, but definitely an improvement over their previous set.
  9. apate93

    Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LIII

    For some reason, the fact the Seahawks' logo doesn't face toward the word mark has always really bugged me. Just never looked right. Although that's the least of this field's problems.
  10. apate93

    Super Bowl Field Database - Super Bowl LIII

    The NFL is really all over the place with this whole standardization thing, huh?
  11. apate93

    2015 NBA All-Star Jerseys Unveiled

    My first thought when I saw the title of this thread was, "well, these are gonna suck". Pleasantly surprised.
  12. apate93

    2014-2015 College Basketball

    Wyoming looks sharp. It looks like the Mountain West logo is in its usual purple and white/grey. Might look better if it was brown and white instead. Don't know if the conference has any rule regarding that. Texas Tech looks nice too, but it reminds me a lot of Texas A&M.
  13. apate93

    MLB Scoreboard Concept (MS Paint)

    I've recently been thinking about my previous Indianapolis Thunderbirds MLB concept (which I may revisit and clean up one day), and decided to draw up a scoreboard for the team's purposed stadium. Just the scoreboard itself here, the supports not included. It's a bit pixelated at some places, but doing it in Paint limits what I can do some.
  14. apate93

    2014 Bowl Game Logo Changes & New Bowls

    The National Championship has a pretty strong partnership with Dr. Pepper, so while the game won't technically have a bowl name, I'd say we'll see a lot of co-branding (The National Championship presented by Dr. Pepper).
  15. apate93

    2014-2015 College Basketball

    Adidas seems to be playing the 'How can we make our uniforms even worse than last year?' game.