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  1. Luke_Gagnon

    U. of North Dakota nickname - Have they announced one yet?

    I'd like to see Fighting Hawks or Sundogs. I feel as if they'd have a great opportunity to create a cool identity with the 'Sundogs' name. I really hope they don't take the North Stars name...also not a fan of Nodaks. Roughriders would be a nice choice as well, but I'm shocked that the option of going without a nickname was left behind.
  2. Luke_Gagnon

    1999 Unused Titans Concept Jerseys (Pics)

    I can't stand the shoulder yokes they ended up going with, but I love their number font. In other words, really wish they would've gone with this set.
  3. Luke_Gagnon

    Teams Most Needing a Rebrand

    NFL Arizona Cardinals St. Louis Rams Atlanta Falcons Tampa Bay Buccaneers Washington Tennessee Titans Jacksonville Jaguars NBA Oklahoma City Thunder Dallas Mavericks LA Clippers Sacramento Kings (probably more I cannot remember at the moment) MLB Arizona D-backs San Diego Padres Miami Marlins NHL Anaheim Ducks Calgary Flames (maybe doesn't qualify as a rebrand but changes are necessary imo) Nashville Predators
  4. Luke_Gagnon

    Events/Controversies that you forgot happened

    The whole Don Imus/Rutgers women's hoops team thing. That was huge for a while when it happened
  5. I entirely agree about Hrbek. I've always thought he receives too much love from Minnesotans, especially nowadays. However, that might be due to my young age, as I wasn't old enough to remember his playing days..I only know him for his ridiculous roles in local TV commercials.
  6. Luke_Gagnon

    2015 NCAA Lacrosse Thread

    That OSU-Denver quarterfinal game was incredible. Total roller-coaster in terms of the rallies each team went on.
  7. Luke_Gagnon

    Searching for your 'whale'

    Didn't HatClub sell that hat last year? It wasn't the original run of hats, but HatClub had four or five teams' BP hats that New Era recreated, and I could have sworn the A's were one of those teams. Not sure if they sold out. I noticed these on their site Is that what you meant, or did they have the mesh material version recreated at some point last year? I thought they had the mesh...but it might have been that one...haha. Wish I could be of better help. This is crazy - I clicked on this thread with the intention of posting that hat as my own 'whale,' but figured I better look through all the posts to see if someone else had posted the same thing. After 8 pages, I decided that the time scrolling wouldn't be worth it. Anyway, on Google Images I searched for this hat and when I clicked on this photo, it led me directly to page 41 of this thread! Crazy stuff. Any luck, BTW? I still can't find one
  8. Luke_Gagnon

    NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Some NBA fan Twitter account used your concept in place of the Wizards' actual primary after their Game 1 victory, Conrad. Thought it was odd. Here's a link:
  9. Luke_Gagnon

    NBA Redesign (NEW PRESENTATION; Portland Added)

    Eagerly awaiting your next few concepts! Great start so far, man
  10. Luke_Gagnon

    New NBA Uniforms

    I agree with Jake3.roo on the font, but I do like this concept. I like the antler-shorts too, though I'd reserve judgment on that until they were in action. They look nice, though. I also love the third jersey.
  11. Luke_Gagnon

    LA Clippers New Logos & Uniforms?

    The jersey images are so poorly thrown together! I can't believe this, wow... EDIT: So far, no positive responses in this thread (not that there should be). I wonder if someone will come through and say they actually like this on this thread, haha
  12. Luke_Gagnon

    Uniforms that frustrate and anger you

    Agreed! I also thought that this was an excellent jersey, and I'm with ya on losing the script and putting the flaming C front and center. A different number font would also be ideal, and maybe they could move the script to an alt jersey if they were to make these the regular homes. All in all, a great addition to their set, but it should have been applied as the regular home jersey.
  13. Luke_Gagnon

    Uniforms that frustrate and anger you

    It isn't so much the Twins' new home uniform that frustrates me (unpopular opinion: I think it looks rather sharp). It's the inconsistency throughout their entire identity/uniform set that frustrates me. The batting helmets they've been wearing at home have no gold outline on the TC logo, while they have the outline on their caps. The road and alt uniforms have no trace of gold anywhere on them. If you're going to add a brand new color the R/W/B palette you possessed for over 50 years, OWN it. Add it to every uniform.The current logo (the newer roundel (*sigh*) update introduced in 2010) has a 'Twins' script in red outline by blue. However, on the new home uniform, the 'Twins' script is blue outlined by red & gold. *This gripe has nothing to do with inconsistencies in the uniform set, so now I'm being inconsistent with my complaining* I really wish they could make this the primary logo, while changing the color of the script from red to blue to reflect the change on their uniforms. Maybe the addition of 'Minnesota' above it could help, almost like a modernized version of their 1987-2009 set. It would no longer be another roundel in a league full of them, as well (sort of; I realize there's still a circular element). I have plenty of other grievances that I could whine about here, but I'll limit it to the hometown team because it's late and I've gone off on the Twinkies plenty enough. Sorry for the relative large size of this post!
  14. Luke_Gagnon

    NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    Not really odd because it took effect at the end of the regular season... like most changes do. Like "most" changes do? I'm personally hard pressed to recall a team changing their primary logo in the days between the regular season ending and postseason beginning...could you reference a few? As SCalderwood said, the change in logos will hardly be felt, but this is nonetheless unique timing from Washington. Although, Toronto has slowly been implementing their new mark into marketing campaigns and other advertisements throughout this season, while not officially bringing onboard as an in-use logo just yet. Definitely interesting and odd to see pro teams go about a logo switch/change while their team is still in play.
  15. Luke_Gagnon

    NBA Changes 2015-16 Season ^ From Chris himself. The Wizards have made it official that they are switching to the new roundel logo effective immediately for the playoffs. Odd for an in-season change, no?