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  1. I'll second all of these and add some more of my favorites that I can remember off the top of my head. Disclaimer: (Jeff Gordon is my favorite driver so I would probably put most of his paint schemes on my list) i thought this was cool because it's the two cars together and I had forgotten that Earnhardt's car was red inside Also, I love the square body styles of the 70's and 80's Im sure there are more I'm forgetting but that what this thread is for.
  2. Oh geez my bad. Brain fart I guess. It still looks really weird to me though
  3. The B is flipped backwards in the logo.
  4. I'm a pretty big fan of yellow basketball uniforms in general, actually I just love yellow jerseys/ uniforms in all sports come to think of it and I really like UNCW's bright yellow uniforms they wore today:
  5. I'm not as old as you are . I'm 22 so I don't remember the real stock bodies but I share pretty much all of your sentiments. I was a huge fan as a kid. I got that from my grandpa and my dad. We went to Indianapolis every year to watch practice and qualifying and I loved it. NASCAR really started to lose me when they brought in the chase. It devalued most of the season and has since gotten worse. Winning a championship feels so cheap now. I have really soured on NASCAR over the years with all of the rules changes and the stupid stages this year are ridiculously gimmicky. I didn't even watch a race last year and only a few races each year for the last few years, even as a huge Jeff Gordon and JR fan.
  6. It is definitely better. I might lighten the blue so it contrasts the dark color better
  7. Sorry for my ignorance, I don't follow hockey very closely, but is Detroit's crest always that small? It looks pretty dinky
  8. It feels more like s black seagull than a raven to me and I think that's because of the shape and color of the beak. If you look at your reference image, a raven has a dark, longer, sharp beak. I think that's what's holding your concept back the most.
  9. I agree. I really liked that uniform and logo
  10. I hate the brewers glove logo and I prefer that they wear navy and gold to royal and yellow. Having said that, I'dreally like to see them start over with something new since they have this weird mix and not-match of two different eras going on now.
  11. I think they're all pretty sharp. I'd like NC States shorts better if they hat 4 claw marks instead of 3 but there's nothing blatantly bad about any of them and none of them are great, but they all work.
  12. This is much better. I'm not sure if it available for commercial use or not, but the font Lemon/milk would be a great fit for your logo, IMO.
  13. The flat one has much more potential. I think you have a good start with that, but I still has room to improve. I would thicken up all of the lines and consider adding text to the bottom. I think a sans serif font would look best. Great start, I like where this is going.
  14. I believe you, but that surprises me because sometimes I thing the Yankees blue looks damn near black. I've never thought the Cardinals navy hats looked that dark.
  15. I have no proof, just from my best recollection, but I think the Indians and cardinals and braves use the third navy which isn't quite as dark as the midnight navy? I could be wrong though. . .