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  1. The AFL has a long history of playing on Thanksgiving. From 1946-1948, the Championship Game was played on Thanksgiving. Later as more teams were added to the league, the season went on longer and the thanksgiving game became a traditional matchup between the Chicago Lions and Milwaukee Chiefs. In 1990, the game began rotating yearly, so every team had a chance to have host a Thanksgiving Classic. The 2017 edition features the original Turked Day game matchup between Milwaukee and Chicago. This season, Milwaukee comes into the game with a 10-1 record and a prolific offense led by their All-Pro QB. The defense has been more than serviceable as well. Chicago opened the season with a pitiful 0-3 record but has won six of their last seven games to bring their record to a respectable 6-4. No matter what the records are coming into the matchup, the game between the Lions and Chiefs is always a good game.
  2. Uniwatch story on the Vikings' original uniform

    I saw this this morning on uni-watch. I couldn't believe the prototype was something that was designed in the 60's. Way ahead of its time. The V sleeve stripes and "strap" socks do seem like something right out of Nike's playbook. I really like the mockup though. The final product was much more traditional, obviously. I wonder who nixed the v stripes? I think those could have been something special.
  3. hettinger_rl's Logolympiad Entry Feedback

    I thought the color scheme was nice enough but felt wrong for Seattle. That's just my opinion for whatever it's worth. I do think the green color scheme works better and your logo and uniforms were top-notch otherwise
  4. I have always liked VaTech's uniforms and color scheme, but I don't like it when they go away from the maroon helmet and, frankly, I think a more modern look suits the Hokies better than traditional UCLA stripes, so, I took the current number font and paired it with sleeve caps and piping inspired by the uniforms from circa 2007? and changed the helmet logo to the new academic logo. I also have an Oregon State concept that is basically an update of the pro combat uniform from a few years back. Big stripes and single-color numbers evoke the old school feel without being a straight up throwback. I debated whether or not to use a helmet logo but decided to go with one based on the fact that Oregon State doesn't have quite the brand equity with a blank helmet as Penn State or Ohio State. Well I'll thanks for taking a look and C&C is always welcome. Thanks again.
  5. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 2 Voting

    G: 18 S: 13 B: 15
  6. Okay guys, thanks for sticking with this and not giving up on this thread because I assure you it's not dead. Just as a heads-up I wanted to give everyone a tentative timetable for some upcoming AFL stuff: 11/23: Thanksgiving Classic logo and matchup 12/1: Decade by Decade American Bowl matchups and results 1/1: Regular season results, playoff bracket and results 1/8: American Bowl matchup and results 1/13: Uniform updates/ expansion and relocation talk Sorry for the delay guys, but hopefully this update whets your appetite for more of the AFL and thanks again for your time.
  7. Thanks, I appreciate that. Expansion is on the table for sometime down the road, probably for the 2025 season if things go according to plan. I do everything in Gimp. It's simple and I am just doing this as a hobby so I don't need all of the capabilities of Illustrator or even Inkscape.
  8. Yeah that's a good rule of thumb, but, of course, there are exceptions. The Falcons being one that comes to me immediately, Ole Miss when they wear red jerseys with their gray pants, the Broncos, but your point still stands. With that rule in mind you pretty much can't go wrong most of the time
  9. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 1 Voting

    G:8 S:14 B:20
  10. The Steelers knockoffs are no more. I was inspired by Iowa's blackout uniforms from a couple years back which don't feature any white at all, just black and gold. Clean Northwestern stripes on the sleeves and Iowa's traditional single helmet stripe complete the look. I appreciate the simplicity of Wazzu's current uniforms but I think maybe they took it too far and stripped the uniforms down too much. So, I added a wordmark to the chest because there's a precedent and I'm a sucker for a college/high school jersey with the name across the chest. The alternate gray jersey, helmet and pants are a nice way to mix it up every now and then for WSU. I took Harvard back to a look that is similar to what they wore before their most recent redesign. The gold pants are a quirk that I decided to bring back as the primary and only pants. The black collars and cuffs give the jerseys a bit more personality than a plain Jane red or white jersey. Thanks for taking a look and comments are definitely welcome.
  11. Well, I'm back here with some new concepts I have been working on in my free time. Some are tweaks and some are major redesigns. The first team that I worked on was the Florida Gators. I think Florida has just messed around with their uniforms too much lately and, frankly, I have never really cared for the way they keep their striping pattern consistent, with the floating inner stripe, and then totally disregarding that staunch adherence with the orange jersey. The most obvious change I made to the Florida uniforms was removing the Gators script form the helmets and adding the gator head logo. I also cleaned up the number font and simplified the striping pattern to a clean brashier stripe across all the uniform pieces. I didn't want to mess with alternate helmets because I think the only helmet the Gators need is the iconic orange helmet. The set is intended to be mixed and matched, I just thought the combos I presented would be worn most often with the mono orange being an alternate for one or two games per season. C&C is definitely welcome and thanks for taking the time to have a look.
  12. I think Stars would be an obvious choice for LA, maybe something to do with the La Brea Tar Pits like Mammoths or Saber Cats. Condors, Cougars could work too. For Cleveland, I was immediately thinking Lakers, Captains, playing up the Lake Erie theme. Chiefs or Braves if you wanna go with a Native American theme , those are just some ideas off the top of my head.
  13. The Worthington family bought Legion field outright from the city of Birmingham in 1985 and has done some significant renovations since then. Thanks for the positive feedback. Yep, it looks like the Copperheads are thankfully moving back to copper helmets and yeah, I know that't not how a comet moves, but I thought it made for a sharp logo, artistic liberties and whatnot. The Pirates are, in fact, ditching teal and now that you point out the problem with Tampa's wordmark, it's really bothering me so I'll go in and fix that. Thanks for your comments, I appreciate you keeping up with this. Here's an updated Tampa wordmark:
  14. Other Soft Drink Brand Logos

    Fitz's from St. Louis is the best rootbeer I've ever had. I also really like black cow, its different from any other rootbeer I've ever had and like it just as much as Fitz's in its own way, and the label is neat in a cheap, homemade-looking way. SKI has some cool retro bottles and I love it but it's hard to find in my part of Illinois. I'd never seen a can before I started looking for a pic of the bottle, has a very 90's vibe