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  1. That's what I thought but I wasn't sure off the top of my head and wanted to hedge my bet, haha.
  2. New logo, new wordmark and a new contemporary number font. The big idea here was to keep white and yellow from touching everywhere on the uniforms. the sleeves have old school Chiefs cuff striping and pants feature simple traditional stripes.The new number font is the contemporary touch on the new uniforms. The color rush and alternate uniform are pretty self explanatory. I'm not 100% sold on the logo, but I can't come p with a better way to include yellow without adding extra outlines to the logo. As always, thanks for taking a look and I am definitely open to any and all C&C. Thanks again.
  3. Just a couple updates, fixed the pants stripe and made the tweak to the Color Rush uniform. I'm not crazy about the Color Rush uni as a whole so I'm definitely open to suggestions for that. Thanks for having a look.
  4. This Cardinals concept is really cool. I love the big chest stripe. It's a throwback look to way way back but it feels modern too, which is a perfect look for one of the oldest teams in the league.That number font works perfectly too. I like your Eagles concept too and I'd be perfectly happy if the Eagles adopted that look but I would actually prefer midnight green and silver for the Eagles.
  5. Since the Titans are going to debut new uniforms for the upcoming season, I thought I'd throw my hat into the Titans concept ring, which actually started in this thread. The first thing I did was redesign the logo. I actually like the idea of flames for the Titans. Flames and Titans are synonymous IMO, both are big and powerful, destroy and create, come from the earth, according to Greek mythology, and I think big, angry, powerful, and more than capable of creating and destroying anything in its path are a pretty good description for a football team. So, anyway, I kept the flames. I got rid of the shield/roundel and made a new T shaped like a sword a bigger focal point of the logo. I also designed a new wordmark based on the new logo, with sharp edges and lines and heavy, sturdy lettering. Now for the new uniforms, I messed around with different helmet colors including silver and red and I really wanted to go with a powder blue helmet, but I just couldn't make it work, so I went ahead and continued the Oilers/Titans tradition of wearing white lids. I redesigned the shoulder yokes by bringing them to a point reminiscent of the flaming T sword. The new number font is a modified block font inspired by the new wordmark. Powder blue is the primary home jersey, but I could be convinced to go with navy as the home jersey. The three pants options are meant to be worn interchangeably, with monochrome worn sparingly, and powder blue socks being introduced to avoid the yoga pants look. I had a little fun with the Color Rush uniform, going with a Oilers fauxback, with a color-swapped logo and contemporary number font paired with old-school Oilers striping. Well, thanks for taking a look and I'd definitely be glad to hear any and all feedback and C&C. Thanks again.
  6. I share your love for single color numbers, it's a design element that can be both old school and contemporary, but it makes for a sharp clean look always. As far as your Bucs concept goes, what about swapping all the black on both jerseys for pewter and going with orange shoulder inserts on the red jersey? Just a though
  7. So this thread is probably going to turn into my random NFL concept thread. Here's a Patriots concept I put together this weekend: I am one of those weirdos who likes the patriots in navy blue and silver and I like the red facemask. I wanted to keep the general look of the Patriots the same as the current uniforms but get rid of the most dated aspects of them. The first thing I did was get rid of the silly side piping. I also enlarged the helmet logo because I think the shape lends itself well to being big and covering most of the side of the helmet. The shoulder stripes are a more contemporary version of ucla stripes and are meant to call back to the "Pat Patriot" era without being a straight-up throwback. The pant stripes match the shoulder stripes and red socks help balance out the red facemask. The alternate uniform is a throwback to one of the more unique uniforms in NFL history. Ideally, there wouldn't have to be a color rush uniform, but all red was the most color rushy option. I'm not crazy about it, considering the whole "enemy wore red" thing but all-blue felt kinda boring. Anyway, that's my Patriots concept. As always, feel free to offer and and all feedback and C&C. Thanks for taking a look.
  8. Here's a silver helmet. I think maybe silver would be the way to go, with a light blue jersey and silver pants? I really like the way the red helmet looks, but it feels so wrong for the Titans, IDK.
  9. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    I'm not a hardcore NBA fan by any means so take this with a grain of salt, but the Cavs' moves feel, to me, like they were made without consulting Lebron and/or with the idea he will be moving on this summer. Lebron likes to play with his buddies and shipping D-Wade back to Miami, gutting a team Lebron had a hand in putting together and replacing it with an arguably better team over the course of a day were moves that were good for the team, not necessarily good for keeping Lebron happy. I could be way off base, but that's what all of the movement feels like in my kinda-half-sorta-NBA following opinion.
  10. Here's an updated wordmark that doesn't include the Greek letter Pi. C&C is definitely more than welcome. I also have some rough and dirty helmet ideas I think I'm partial to the blue helmet but I'd love to hear what everyone has to say, thanks for having a look.
  11. The New XFL

    First of all, Kodiak brown bears are only found in Alaska on kodiak island and a few of the surrounding islands, so IMO it really doesn't work for a team from Colorado. Grizzlies or Silvertips would be a better, more locally relevant moniker. That being said, the bear is solid and the colors are sharp, but I'd lose the trees and move Colorado to the top of the wordmark.
  12. Yeah the pi vibe might be a bit too strong. The more I look at the whole wordmark, the less I like it anyway. Back to the drawing board I think.
  13. Here's an idea for a wordmark. I'd love to know what everyone thinks, thanks for having a look.
  14. I guess my interpretation of the flames is angry and big and powerful. The Titans came from the Earth in Greek mythology, I believe, they were imprisoned deep inside a fiery prison within the earth and Prometheus, who was a Titan, gave fire to humans. Those are some reasons I like flames for the Titans, but the biggest is relationship between heat, anger, power and flames/fire. I was trying to evoke a sword with the T because you're right, it lends itself really well to a sword and a big flaming Sword/T feels titanic and dynamic I've seen people use wings, but they feel dainty and angelic to me so I don't really care for that look and the classic Greek pattern is so predictable and boring and it feels more Olympic than Titanic, IMO.
  15. The Tennessee Titans' logo and uniforms and I have had a bit of an on-again-off-again relationship over the years. When I first remember seeing them in the Super Bowl against the Rams in 2000, I was in love with the logo, cuz, you know, FLAMES!!!!!!!! I was five then. As I got older, I soured on the logo, thinking the flames were over the top and the Titans would be better off using the sword alternate logo or the thumbtack roundel. The Titans' refusal to wear reasonable uniforms combos also drives me nuts. The helmet striping doesn't really go with anything and the brashier stripes on the pants don't feel right with the yoke, which has gotten too small over the years. The Uniforms have some good ideas, but I'm not crazy about the execution. Lately, the uniforms are still a mess, but I have come around on the idea of flames for the Titans. I think that is something they can own and it really just works. I do not care for the T logo. Besides the comparison to a thumbtack as far as it's shape goes, it feels small contained within the shield or roundel or whatever the circle is. The Titans logo should be big, "titanic" and the T should be the focal point, IMO. I threw out the bathwater, but kept the baby. The colors remain the same, but the Flaming T is bigger and bolder. I don't think this is a finished product but I'm also not entirely sure what parts of the logo needs more work so, please feel free to offer and C&C. I would really appreciate it. Once the logo gets to a good place, I'll work on some new uniforms to go with the updated logo. Thanks for having a look.