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  1. Maybe it belongs in the unpopular opinion thread I guess... Just so I'm clear I want to say that in no way am I advocating that the Raiders do this, I just thought it was Interesting idea
  2. I agree. These are really sharp and I love the neon sign effect.
  3. I found this online and thought it was an interesting concept at least: If the Raiders do feel the need to change things up upon the move to Las Vegas I think I'd almost rather see a change like this than a cleanup job like the Vikings. Ideally they shouldn't touch a thing (except silver numbers on the white jersey) IMO, but something like this logo, with the contemporary helmet is literally a modern update to their classic logo. What are everyone's thoughts?
  4. I like it. I had actually sketched out something very similar but it looks like you beat me to the punch. Anyway, I think it's pretty well done. I like the symmetry and the simplicity. It's really sharp and fits the Chargers' look better than what they came up with.
  5. Maybe you're right about it being to similar to the Seahawks but if it was used the right way. I was envisioning something similar to the LT and seau era uniforms with volt instead of yellow used as outline and as a third color to compliment blue and white. Like I said, in concept I think that sounds pretty cool, but in practice, I don't know... That being said I do agree with you that more than likely, traditional yellow-gold is the way to go.
  6. I agree on the idea of volt but in practice it may be too much if it isn't used very very sparingly with a very dark midnight navy blue.
  7. Right. It wasn't big plays that killed the cowboys last night it was the long sustained drives by the packers in the first half, two of which were enabled by two penalties on third down when the cowboys would have stopped the packers otherwise (not complaining that the penlaties were called, just saying the cowboys shot themselves in the foot). When a defense has so little room for error, stupid penalties like that cannot happen.
  8. This was exactly what I was thinking, especially during the first half when the cowboys defense had absolutely no pulse and just could not get off the field. I know it's no good to talk in coulda woulda shouldas but if the cowboys could have stopped the packers on 3rd down just one damn time, they would have had more opportunities in the first half to control the clock because the Green Bay defense couldn't stop zeke and it would have been a totally different ball game that I think the cowboys win. I was pissed off pretty much the whole game and for hours afterward but today I feel better and I'm looking forward to next year with the great o-line and playmakers and hopefully the "football genius jerry" can put together some semblance of a defense that can stop good teams at least once in a while to let the offense do it's thing.
  9. Not a fan of the beveled font and the shading. Too busy
  10. SFGiants is right on the money, IMO. I think simpler is definitely better when it comes to designing the titans. They have a fairly complex helmet logo and I think a complex, traditional striping pattern like the oilers' on the helmet, sleeves, and pants would compete and clash with the curves and flow of the helmet and just would not look right no matter how much they reminded us of the Oilers Im in the camp that loves the uniqueness of the yokes in the NFL and I'd love to see them stay but maybe with some contracting trim and/or come to a point on the sleeves. I also think a stripeless helmet would be the way to go. I'd prefer it be baby blue but white's okay and I'd like to see the striping on the pants mesh better with whatever the yoke design is. As for the number font, I could take it or leave it. What at the titans wear now is not awful by any stretch, but definitely needs some streamlining and cohesiveness.
  11. The numbers feel too modern to me but then again the Bears were wearing a similar font earlier than this so I don't know? looks good otherwise, love following this league.
  12. I would never ever want to see Illinois wear a grey helmet but conceptually this is really cool, as are most of your concept helmets in this thread. Keep em comin
  13. I definitely get what you're saying about the pusition of the logo. As for the the player names I guess I should have done more research about NDSU. Thanks for the info and I'll be making some changes because of your suggestions and I'll get them posted asap.
  14. Yeah bison is just a placeholder for a NOB. I changed the logo because I think the full bodied bison is awkward looking. To me it looks more like it is floating than charging or leaping. Thanks for your input, especially on the helmet logo. Now you've got me thinking I should change it back
  15. Sorry for the long break, but I finally have the time to get the next one up today and that team is the 5-time defending FCS Champs, North Dakota State Bison. What the Bison have now is basically a hodge-podge of catalog orders that don't look as bad as they really are because of the nice green and yellow color scheme. I built my new look of of the classic helmet with the traditional brashier stripe design and it was kind of difficult no to make theme a Packers replica. The new look is pretty simple, but with three jerseys, two pairs of pants, and 2 helmets it gives plenty of options for gameday. I modified the italic number font that NDSU has used since their latest logo and uniform update and added the bison head logo to the sleeves and to the new green helmet. Basically, I just wanted to simplify and streamline the look for a more cohesive identity. Thanks for taking the time to look and I'd love to hear and C&C. Thanks again.