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  1. 8BW14

    Best Logo Refreshes

    Not going to argue with you that updated birds logo is a better logo in many technical aspects. You’re spot on there. It’s drawn better, kerning is better, birds are more realistic, but damnit if I don’t just like the old logo better. The new one is objectively very good. The simpler, smaller birds just scream traditional baseball to me, especially when I think of the logo/word mark being chainstitched on the jerseys. That’s traditional and classic. It just works so well for that style. Also, the updated version is just enormous on the front of the jerseys, I think the birds have gotten too big: This is better: But this is best, IMO: which is actually kind of a hybrid with the modern bird, but with yellow eyes, and the modern updated script, but with the old bat. They wore this version from 1997 until 2013 or 2014? Then they updated the jersey mark to match the actual graphic with the just-a-little-too-big birds.
  2. Oh I agree they should have stuck with white helmets 100%. The old look just needed some touching up IMO. I’m just saying that at least they don’t look like the Texans or Seahawks with the light blue pants. Yeah they tried way too hard and the new look is not good, but at least the light blue pants liven up a dark, dull uniform.
  3. The combo navy jersey/light blue pants combo the Titans are sporting today is definitely the best combo their dumpster fire of a uniform set has to offer. The columbia blue pants bring some life to a rather dull, boring look otherwise.
  4. 8BW14

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Well for the record I’m not a huge fan of Oregon’s green either, but it definitely works better with the ducks bright yellow than it does with Notre Dame’s rich gold.
  5. 8BW14

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I know quoting yourself is bad form, but I’d like to amend my previous statement about Notre Dame’s green jerseys. The Kelly green does not look good on TV. It reminds me of pea soup or bile?, maybe a kiwi. I do appreciate that they tried to include navy blue in the uniforms with the blue socks and numbers but the blue numbers are hard to read from any appreciable distance. Flipping the numbers so they are gold with blue trim might work but white numbers would probably be best. In summation, I like the idea of the uniforms a lot more than the execution.
  6. 8BW14

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I like Notre Dame’s green jerseys. The Kelly green is an improvement over the darker green they’ve worn in the past. One thing about them, and all of Under Armour’s jerseys actually, is that the numbers seem too small. Notre Dame really bugs me bacause the numbers are a bit on the thin side anyway.
  7. Man, the Patriots should really make the color rush jersey the primary jersey, paired with grey/silver pants, of course.
  8. 8BW14

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    This Illinois set from the Dee Brown/Deron Williams era, especially the white ones they wore against Arizona in their run to the National Championship game.
  9. 8BW14

    Seattle Sockeyes Concept (Updated 10/20)

    Here are a couple new color schemes. The more I look at it the less happy I am with the idea of navy, but I went ahead and posted a version with dark red and navy blue. The second one with bright red and maroon is my favorite but I'm curious to know what everyone else thinks of it. Thanks for taking a look and feel free to let me know what you think
  10. 8BW14

    Seattle Sockeyes Concept (Updated 10/20)

    I actually almost always draw everything in pencil first. Here’s the original drawing: Your point still stands though. I think the lines of the original drawing to flow a little better.
  11. 8BW14

    Seattle Sockeyes Concept (Updated 10/20)

    Thanks for the visual. I appreciate you taking the time to offer your input. I did some messing around with the color and darkened the red quite a bit. As for the yellow, it is only used as the color of the eye, which, I think is a defining characteristic of the fish. Would you just make it white? Totally see what you're talking about with the tail. It's way too big, throws the perspective off. I tried your mountain idea, just wasn't feeling it, seemed way too angular and hard for a fish. I've made some changes to the color scheme, which will hopefully take care of some of the issues with the muddiness/saturation. Still working on the S, but I think you have a valid point with it being too angular. Seattle's flag color is a little too blue, I think. I want the emerald green to look more green than blue. I have played around with the color some and I think darkening the red is a better option than lightening the green/teal. Taking all of your feedback into consideration, this is what I came up with the second time around: The new color scheme is reminiscent of the Seattle Metropolitans. I darkened the red to a shade of burgundy, swapped navy blue for forest green and changed the emerald green to a slightly more green hue. Aside from the recoloring of the logo, I made the tail smaller and adjusted the shape of the shading on the side of the fish to be less severe. Thanks for all of the helpful feedback, guys. I really appreciate it. Have a look at the changes I made and please let me know what you think. Thanks
  12. So, with all of the hubbub around the NHL expansion to Seattle, Washington, I was inspired to whip up a set of concept logos for the new hockey club. Frankly, I'm in love with the Sockeyes as the name for the new team. It's fun, local, unique and lends itself to some great color schemes and imagery. Here are some of the images I took some inspiration from as I was designing my logos. I played around with a few color schemes, all of which focused on the distinctive red and green of the spawning Sockeye Salmon. I tried black, and dark green as the third color, but eventually settled on navy blue as the complimentary color to red and green because Seattle sports teams are kinda known for their use of navy blue and more importantly, I thought it looked the best. Color Scheme (with goofy marketing-speak color names): The primary logo I created features a swimming salmon, its powerful tail propelling it upstream, with its intimidating teeth on display: The alternate logo/shouder patch is the letter S dressed up as a sockeye salmon. I was inspired by Native American-style illustrations in the design of the alternate logo, albeit a heavily simplified and stylized version: That's it for now. Thanks for having a look and please feel free to offer C&C because this is far from a finished product. Thanks again.
  13. 8BW14

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I’ve never liked LSU’s alternate white pants and helmets because they inexplicably won’t match the striping pattern to the white jersey. I don’t dislike this new alternate with the purple helmet but it’s not bad either. It looks like a fun alternate that the players will love. I would like to see a better shot of the helmet in better lighting though. Is there any significance to the odd number font or is it just an odd number font?
  14. 8BW14

    2018 NFL Season

    Can someone please explain to me why a 5yd penalty is an automatic first down in the NFL? Either make it an automatic first down or a 5yd penalty, but they can’t have it both ways.
  15. Here are a few updates to the Ravens: I lightened the gray all around, which I think is a big improvement, I changed the numbers on the black jersey from gray to white for better legibility and more consistency with the rest of the set. I also added a purple stripe to the pants stripe to better define the stripe on the black pants. I also included a larger image of the updated shield logo and a full set of numbers. As alway,s let me know what you think and thanks for taking a look.