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  1. I like the white shoes for the A's because that's just become their thing over the years but I hate the look on all of the other teams. Over the last few seasons, white has steadily become more and more prominent on the black, blue, and red cleats. Give me a classic all- red or black pair of nikes ( or any other shoe) where the only white is the sole and/or the swoosh/logo. This: is much better than this: IMO, and it looks especially awkward with long pants, like footy pajamas or something
  2. I'm not so sure it was like actually saying that. It sounds vaguely like Benicio del Toro to me. My guess is they cleverly edited the shot of Luke standing there with the voice over from somebody else.
  3. I like them overall, but they aren't great by any means. Obviously I could do without the word mark and the initials on the sleeves. I like the striping pattern and the number font is okay I guess. I would have liked to see them go with a single color helmet logo with no extra keyline and make the logo 15-20% bigger. I think it would fit the look better. I'm not really a fan of the blue pants, but I guess they'll look alright with the white jersey Color rush sucks, but that's inevitable. Also, is there a sheen to the silver pants or is that just some photoshop/camera trick?
  4. Love it. This really says Minnesota to me with the green for the green forests, blue lakes and the white for cold/snow. The yellow sun adds just enough of a pop of color to bring the crest to life. If it were up to me I'd go with this look in a second for the Wild.
  5. Good point about the dark green. That thought hadn't even crossed my mind. For the record, I like the blue sky. What if you incorporated the blue into the striping/numbers, darkened the green and promoted the blue to the secondary color ahead of gold? I know it's getting away from the NorthStars motif, but I think it might looks pretty sharp.
  6. Do NBA teams have to have a white uniform? I don't know and was just wondering because I think the TWolves could pull off a grey uniform to wear against dark, navy blue on the road and the light blue alt.
  7. Do NBA teams have to have a white uniform? I don't know and was just wondering because I think the TWolves could pull off a grey uniform to wear against dark, navy blue on the road and the light blue alt.
  8. I love it. I know you are using the north stars' colors but I think this would be even better with a darker, more piney green closer to what the wild actually wear I guess. I like the shoulder patch for its simplicity but it might be too simple. Maybe try giving the letters a pine tree look, idk. Overall I really like it though.
  9. I don't like it. The rendering of the wolf feels incomplete and too flat. I don't like the double blue and the fact that the wolf just sort of becomes part of the rounded. I would have made the wolf bigger and dropped the text in the roundel. Roundels are boring and are better suited for baseball IMO. Matter of fact, a simple re color of the old wolf roundel logo would have been better if this is what they came up with.
  10. Ideally this would be the Cardinals primary cap for home and road. If they must keep a red cap, I'd prefer it was the red bird-on-bat cap that has been the bp cap for the last two years. Maybe make this the Sunday or Saturday home cap?
  11. Nearly perfect. I'd lose the extra black outline on the logo, but that's my only gripe. I'd love for the saints to adopt these for real.
  12. Oh thanks for the info, I've only really seen the cardinals play so far this year and the cubs, reds, and nats all have white logos I think. The examples you posted are less offensive, I wish if the logos have to be there, they were all like that
  13. Don't want to beat a dead horse here but the Cardinals look great in their proper road uniforms with the blue caps and belts on the road against the Nationals. I wish they would wear them full time again. On the subject of the blue caps and ball caps in general, I hate that the NE logo is on the hats, but if it had to be there I wish it could be a little more subtle. A contrasting team color wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb ( but that's the idea, I guess).
  14. I like it, but what's up with the inconsistent white stroke on the primary? Fix that and add a purple outline around the whole thing like the secondary and I think it would be pretty darn good.
  15. They can say whatever they want, but I still wouldn't say "we" if I was a packers fan who owned stock in the team. Let's say you love nike shoes. You've always worn them, you like the quality, the look, the way they fit your feet, etc. You buy a few shares of Nike stock because you think they are a Corporation worth investing in. Should you say "we" when you are talking about something nike was doing?