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  1. Tennessee Titans Concept Logo (Updated 01/29)

    I agree 100% with all of this. The wing is rendered well enough but kind of says "Olympians"  like Hermes? I think, more so than Titans. Titans are supposed to be the big bad dudes and I think the flames would be more appropriate.
  2. 2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk

    I definitely wouldn't pencil in Carolina just yet. In my experience watching football it's a whole lot easier for a very good defense to shut down a very good offense than it is for a great offense to impose their will on a great defense. From what I've seen this year Denver has a great defense and Carolina's offense is very good also. Carolina is definitely better overall but even a severely compromised Peyton Manning is still Peyton mentally and if the Broncos can put together a couple TD drives and the defense plays like they are capable of, they have, IMO, a good chance to beat the panthers.    I think we'll get a very exciting Super Bowl and I wouldn't be upset to see either team win but I'm always pulling for manning to get another ring.
  3. 2016 Los Angeles Rams

    Although I know there will be a ton of new Rams concepts popping up on here, I was inspired to go ahead and put one of my own together that, hopefully will stand out from the crowd. I wanted to leave the latest era of navy blue and vegas gold uniforms in St. Louis where it belongs, So naturally I went back to the classic blue and yellow of the Rams' Super Bowl winning season and their years in the LA sunshine. I also drew up a brand new LA monogram to be used as the team's primary logo and a wordmark that is a bit of a combination of eras. The new logos and uniforms are meant to be a modern take on a classic look. I tried to both make things feel familiar and fresh at the same time by using the same basic template as the classic Rams uniforms, but with a more contemporary number font, and adjusted shoulder insert and a few more modern touches to make them unique to the new-look Los Angeles Rams. Thanks for taking the time to have a look  and I would appreciate any and all comments and criticisms.  Full Disclosure: I realize that my uniform concept is similar to AAWagner001's, but it is totally coincidental, I had no intention of copying his work whatsoever and the work is 100% mine.       
  4. Los Angeles Rams

    This is almost exactly the same as a concept I've been working on for the Rams. Great minds think alike, I guess. It's great and I love the yellow jersey and single color numbers. My one gripe is minor but, maybe the Rams should leave the ram head as a primary behind? It's definitely a solid logo but it's very St. Louis Rams. Something new would be great IMO. Overall, it's great, though and I'd love to see the Rams wear this
  5. 2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk

    Definitely not God but maybe Satan?
  6. NFL in LA Uniform Speculation

    As much as we all would love for the Rams to either go with a straight-up throwback (definitely not happening) or new uniforms inspired by classic uniforms from the past (best option as far as I'm concerned), I would bet a good sum of money that the Rams and/or Chargers, should they move too, will end up in a "cutting edge uniform with a nearly illegible number font and VOLT replacing yellow/gold because that is what's cool right now and it's "soooo LA". Color me surprised if the Rams and Chargers still look like themselves by the time this whole process is said and done.
  7. Future of NFL "Color Rush"

    I pretty much agree 100% with both of theses statements, Monochrome isn't ideal by any means the vast majority of the time, but every once in a while it is perfectly fine with me as long as it is done well. Color Rush is not. Regular socks and shoes would go a long way in taking these uniforms from nausea inducing to, at the very least, tolerable, for me anyway I did see a couple players for the rams wearing white or navy/black shoes, and even that little bit of contrast on the bottom half went a long way in improving the uniform, (but they were still pretty bad).
  8. Minnesota Vikings Logo (Updated 12/9)

    I think it's great but maybe the purple outline is a tad too thick and how would it be presented on a purple background? Aside from those minor problems I do think it is an upgrade form the current logo
  9. MLB 2016 Changes

    Oh good lord these Diamond Backs uniforms are disgusting. I think someone said it before but I'll say it again; they look like slowpitch softball uniforms with all of the goofy sublimation that is even on the hats, truncated piping, WHY? The primaries seem like they are way out there for the sake of being out there and they do not fit the professional baseball aesthetic at all, they are just so bad. However, I will say that the new scripts are nice and the alternate uniforms with the nice red, black and teal color scheme are actually not too bad, aside from the stupid half-pants piping. Edit: I take this back after seeing more pictures and noticing the outlining inconsistencies on the numbers. They are mostly very very bad, fad-hopping, disasters, even the more traditional uniforms. Maybe the more traditional baseball uniform alts are contingency plan in case the other thirteen uniforms are a flop like I hope they will be. That would at least be palatable, but whatever, as long as this is just the DBacks acting out and not a sign of what's to come in the future for MLB design, I'll just pretend this never happened.

    G:28 S:26 B:22
  11. A Summer Wiffleball League: SFWL Redux

    Thanks for the comments guys, I really appreciate the comments. The second team I'd like to present is the Camp Ellis Whitetails. The Whitetails are named for the great whitetail hunting in this area of Fulton County, Illinois, already known for its trophy whitetail deer. Camp Ellis sports blaze orange, cream and a dark green, which really makes the bright orange "pop" for lack of a better term. The hat logo is a stylized antler "W" and the primary logo is a large buck charging, in profile. Well that's that for today. Thanks for taking a look and I'd love to hear everyone's comments.
  12. A Summer Wiffleball League: SFWL Redux

    Okay so what would be the best way to include the stars?
  13. Last summer I started a thread about the South Fulton Wiffleball League, a summer wiffleball league. Looking back on it, I was actually pretty disappointed with most of my concepts so I have decided to give the give the league a makeover, which includes expansion to 14 teams total, a new league logo, an identity overhaul for most of the teams, and a cleaner presentation. My concept for this league is a summer weekend league, beginning on Memorial Day weekend and ending on Labor Day with an All-Star game on the 4th of July, but I'm still working out the kinks of the week to week schedule. The game would be played with baseball-style wiffleball rules, with some modifications, however, including only seven players per team, among some other necessary changes. Now that I have the boring stuff out of the way, let me get to the concepts themselves. First is the new league logo, which is a classic red, white and blue pentagon with a large wiffleball front and center. It's simple, but by my estimate, also effective. Next, I'd like to present the first team in the new SFWL South Conference, The Astoria Pirates. The Pirates draw their name and colors from Astoria High School, whose athletics team wore the pirates logo and colors proudly for many years. Well thanks for taking the time to have a look and any thoughts or C&C are appreciated. I'd love to hear what everyone has to say.
  14. Atlanta Hawks -- 2015 rebranding

    Its been a while since I posted anything on here but I just really wanted to say something about these because I am honestly surprised by how much I like these. I am usually one for simple and classic and lean more towards the traditional side of of the design debates. However, I love pretty much everything about these. The color scheme is modern and unique without being in your face or over the top. I actually love the pattern also and I'm intrigued to hear what the inspiration behind it is. They are simple with just enough flair to make them stand out and hopefully develop very strong brand. The colored waistband is a nice touch that I love as well. The only nitpick I have about the Hawks new look is the red uni being the alt with the ATL wordmark. I would have preferred that be in the black, but I imagine each uniform will be worn about 1/3 of the season anyway.
  15. Cleveland Browns Rebrand: Uniforms Updated

    Okay thanks for the comments guys. I think I have a fix for the stripes based on some suggestions and I'll get it updated as soon as I can. Edit: fixed the striping on the white jerseys The striping on the white jersey now mirrors the brown jersey exactly and also reflects the classic helmet stripe on both uniforms. Thanks for the comments on the stripes and I think the update is a huge improvement. I'm still open to any and all C&C on the logos and uniforms. Thanks for taking a look.