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  1. I agree. The real uniform looks butch better than the replica on the mannequin.
  2. It's really sharp and I'll echo the eye remarks. Just for tradition's sake I'd consider adding a shamrock logo.
  3. nfl

    The white pants seem really out of place with anything other than the white jersey, and even with it they don't feel right. Personally, I don't care for the blue pants either but I could live with them as long as the lions wore them very sparingly. I love the Silver jersey and pants together. It's unique and would make for a cool color rush uniform.
  4. hettinger_rl

    Yeah I prefer B without the outline. It's much cleaner. Also, I'm not a fan of the neon? yellow you switched to on A and C.
  5. hettinger_rl

    I think it's mostly the way the feathers flip up at the back. It makes the head feel longer and a falcon has a shorter rounder head. I get that you're going for a fast aggressive look and you've achieved that, but the back of the head feels off to me. Im thinking an aggressive lighting bolt shape at the back of the head would convey the speed you're shooting for and shorten up the head a little bit.
  6. I like these so far. They're nice, clean, simple designs. I do have some nitpicks though. Cardinals: I'd move the numbers to the sleeves since you don't have any sleeve stripes. Falcons: your front numbers are too low and I think red numbers on the white jersey would work better,otherwise, they're really solid. Ravens: you need either a hip logo or real stripe on the pants. Also, I think baltimore's shield logo is a really nice mark. I'd either consider putting it on the helmet or sleeve.
  7. hettinger_rl

    I'm not crazy about the shape of the back of the head it feels more eagley than falcony to me.
  8. Love the colors and it's looks great except for two small things. I'm not crazy about the squished softball though. I'm wondering how it would look if the softball wasn't italicized like the letters. It might look really out of place but I don't know. I'd also connect the b and a in softball so as not to break up the flow of the cursive script. Im not a professional by any means but those are the only two things that stand out to me that could be improved upon. Overall it's really solid though
  9. I agree. It's an awesome concept and I could definitely envision this being what football helmets look like sometime in the near future.
  10. hettinger_rl

    I'm drawn to the color combos with the white or cream colored buffalo, not only because it contrasts the backdrop of the logo the best, but also because of the spiritual significance of a white bison to the plains Indian tribes. That being said, I think B is my favorite. I might add a dark gray too, to use as an outline, maybe, and for the nose. I like the black and orange combo too.
  11. I actually really like the middle one. I think the Blues script is really nice and I love the B. I even like the color scheme. I think if it was recolored to blue and yellow it would make for a nice alternate.
  12. Usually I'm of the mindset that simpler is better and I get what you're going for. I like the crest without the ship better and I think the shape is unique enough to stand on its own. I just feel like it needs something that I can't put my finger on. You have a good start though.
  13. I don't know, hopefully it's at worst a sideways move. We know we'll get the ugly tech fit pattern but the jerseys will probably be pretty plain otherwise if Adidas continues to produce simple designs. I think we'll get a red helmet with the big R, red, white, and probably black jerseys with contrasting collars and/or cuffs and stripeless pants( hopefully not, but probably). If they keep it simple and avoid the foil numbers and stripes they really can't go wrong. this is would be perfect, but with adidas logos instead of Nike. Block numbers would be fine too.
  14. I think the shapes on the bottom are off. I think your cuts are too deep and it makes for a awkward shape. That's the biggest issue for me. Not really feeling the eye either, it needs a real pupil. I like the shape of the head and beak a lot though. Also, to give the logo some depth, maybe play with some shading/highlights along the top of the head.
  15. Cripes I hope not. I'll be really disappointed if that's the case. Stance is now "officially" the sock of MLB, so maybe it's an option for the players who choose to wear long pants...hopefully.