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  1. First off, I have come up with a list of schools that I'd like to redesign during this project and It's in the OP if anyone would like to take a look. I also have new uniform redesign too. This one was actually pretty tough for me because what Northwestern is currently sporting is actually pretty solid and I love the way they use their stripes across the chest, Montreal Canadiens-style. Originally, I had approached this design with totally getting rid of black on their uniforms in mind, but as it went on, I kept going back to black, but I also liked the very clean look of just using purple and white exclusively, for the most part, so I included a home uniform with black accents and depending on the popular opinion I will either go sans black or add some black to the rest of the uniforms as well. Aside from dropping any and all traces of black from the uniforms, I stayed pretty close to what NW has been wearing recently. I did add a full stripe to the pants and changed the number font to a more traditional block font. I know some people will hate this but I deliberately went with the grey facemask on the helmet to add to the vintage feel of this look. The grey alternate may be for the sake of it but regardless, I think it looks very sharp and gives the team a number of mix and match options that will still be a part of a cohesive look. Now last but not least is basically the same design as above, only with a significant amount of black and like I said above, if the black is preferred by most everybody, I'll go back and use it as the primary look. Well thanks for taking the time to have a look and I appreciate any feedback or C&C. Thanks again.
  2. Appreciate the input and I definitely see the jets comparison but I was going for a simple old-school look, so that's good. As as for some of those classic looks, I hadn't planned on taking a stab at those schools because IMO, there's really nothing to be changed for those teams. That being said, now you've got me thinking about it so maybe I will have a go at some of those teams.
  3. I prefer the second option. I don't think silver is necessary and if you are going to use a rounded it separates the logo form the Raptors' too. Great work as always, love seeing your concepts on here.
  4. Okay, thanks for all of the feedback on Arkansas St. Earlier I had said that I would probably be doing the whole Ivy League, so here is the second Ivy League school on my list, Dartmouth College. = Dartmouth has a very unique helmet and I didn't want to change a thing as far as the helmet is concerned. As for the uniforms, I went with an old-school shoulder yoke design and I completely did away with the grey, silver and black that Dartmouth has been with their Nike catalog orders. I included the Lone Pine emblem on the collars as a unique homage to one of the school's most unique symbols. This is pretty basic, but I think that's what the image of the Ivy League schools should be: simple and unique. Thanks for taking a look and as always any feedback is appreciated,
  5. Thanks for the positive feedback on both. I fixed the out-of-place scratch marks, not sure how they ended up there but thanks for pointing them out. I was worried that the Cornell throwback might be too far out there, but I'm glad you like it.
  6. Well since my Cornell University concept was so popular, I have another concept today, per a request. Arkansas State was actually a fun one to do. They have great colors and nice logos, so this was pretty straight forward. In the past Arkansas State has used a claw scratch pattern on their uniforms and I brought it back, albeit in a simpler form and on the shoulders instead of the sleeves. With three jerseys, three pants and two helmets, the Red Wolves have plenty of options to mix and match, but the combos I put together, I think would be the primary looks. The alternate helmet would have a candy apple finish, which I hope comes across in the presentation. Well thanks for taking a look at these concepts and please feel free to leave any comments.
  7. Thanks for all the comments guys. I went ahead and updated WV with TV numbers and you can see them above. The next team I have today is a little off most people's radars. I have always been fascinated by Ivy League Football because of the tradition and history associated with them and by the time I'm done with this thread I will probably have done all the Ivy League schools. Cornell has a fascinating football history, but their current uniforms are pretty nondescript and boring, so I wanted to do something that remains traditional, but also gives the uniforms some character. The home and road uniforms are a very traditional football design, with UCLA stripes and a simple single stripe on the helmet. I added just a little but of black to the uniforms as well. Also, instead of the very plain Block C Cornell has been using, I put the athletic logo featuring the bear on the helmet for a more unique look. The alternate uniform is a throwback to the glory days of the 1939-1940 teams that won a national championship and beat national powerhouses Ohio State and Syracuse on their way to a 18 game winning streak that ended in the infamous "Fifth Down Game" against Dartmouth where Cornell was forced to concede the victory after the fact. So thanks for taking a look and I'd love any feedback or C&C. I think Arkansas State will be next and I will get to K-State but I don't really know when. Thanks again.
  8. I wasn't necessarily going to take requests but since I don't have many schools lined up, I'll put Arkansas State on the list
  9. Thanks for the feedback. You're probably right about that. They are blank because I originally had the gradient on the white and blue uniforms but I just wasn't feeling it. I think numbers would be a good use of the space. I'll add some tv numbers to the sleeves
  10. Hey 8BW14, I have been a lurker here for a while but I just became a member. I just want to say that I love your work here. I remember a while back you had a post with a Vancouver, a Phoenix team and a team called the guardians but the pictures are no longer there. I was wondering if you still had them or whatever? I am not a thief but I'd like to see those color schemes again for inspiration. If not I totally understand, I'm not even sure what program most people use here, but I would like to learn more. Regards Tim


    1. 8BW14


      Thanks. It's awesome that you remember those concepts but I don't have them around anymore. I got rid of them a while back when I was cleaning out some old files. 


      I use Gimp because it's free and relatively easy to use. The downside to Gimp is that is used raster files not vectors but it gets the job done for me and I'm the definition of an amateur so maybe give it a try?  


      Hope that helps and sorry I can't help you with the those concepts

    2. TimmyM


      No problem, but I do appriciate the response...regards


  11. I decided to go ahead and make a little series out of this. I'll just do random NCAA FBS and FCS teams as I get some inspiration to work on them. After I finished my Illinois concept, I went ahead and started working on another school that I think is so close but so far away. I love West Virginia's blue and yellow color scheme. Blue and yellow is one of my favorite color combos out there. I know a lot of people on here hate the fact that WV added black to the uniforms, but I didn't have that big of an issue with it, that being said, I think blue and yellow is just so clean it doesn't really need any help. I'm not a fan of the yellow and white helmets WV introduced with their latest redesign either and it goes without saying that the number font is ridiculous. Overall, my concept is pretty simple, striping on the pants and shoulders reflect the angles of the logo and also draw inspiration from a Pro Combat uniform the Mountaineers had worn in the past. The home uniform is classic blue over gold and the white road jersey features the same design with blue sleeve caps and blue pants. For an alternate uniform, I decide to go with an anthracite grey uniform inspired by the rich coal mining history of West Virginia. The alternate also has a special gradient helmet with a gray facemask. Well, thanks for taking a look and I'd appreciate any feedback or comments. I went ahead and added TV numbers to the sleeves of the home and road jerseys and I definitely think it improves the look. I didn't add them to the grey uniform because I wanted to feature the gradient on the sleeves.
  12. Finally got the road uniform fixed, striping is more consistent and collar is colored blue like its supposed to be. Also, I might go ahead and include a one-off white helmet to be worn exclusively with the orange jersey and white pants. Thanks for taking a look and I always appreciate any comments or criticism.
  13. Originally I had the striping like that on the jersey and I changed it. I'll chand it back to match the pants though, for the sake of consistency. Also I just noticed I forgot to finish the blue collar on the white jersey. As as for the helmets, I'm not I'm not necessarily opposed to a white helmet because I agree that it does look very sharp. I am just one of those people who think one helmet is the way to go to build a consistent brand, unless you're Oregon that is. Thanks for the feedback and I'll get an update posted
  14. This is just a concept I cooked up this week, being off work and not really having much to do. I have had it in my head ever since Illinois redesigned their entire athletic identity a couple years ago. While the new uniforms are miles better than the dated, piping-heavy uniforms from the 2000's, there are some pretty careless striping inconsistencies and design choices that I just don't agree with, so that being said, here is my take on the Fighting Illini. I decided to take the current font and return the classic Illinois script to the helmet because I have always had a soft spot for it for some reason, and IMO, the block I is too vertical to be a strong helmet logo. The orange helmet would be a traditional metallic or molded shell, not the anodized look Illinois has sported since the redesign. I tweaked the sleeve stripes on the blue and orange jerseys and also went with a more traditional full stripe on the pants and adjusted the striping proportions. The new uniforms also have single color numbers to evoke a classic feel as well. I don't really see the need for a white or blue helmet because I think the orange helmet is the strongest and is most often associated with Illini football. Obviously each uniform element would be interchangeable so the team could mix and match up to 9 combos, which is plenty as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully I have actually improved on Illinois' look and I'd love to hear what everyone thinks. Any comments and feedback would be appreciated, thanks for taking a look. Since this has turned into a little series, I thought I'd go ahead and include a list of the teams I plan on redesigning throughout this project: Already Done Illinois W. Virginia Cornell Arkansas St. Dartmouth Northwestern Yet to Come Princeton Penn Columbia Brown Harvard Yale Utah Texas Tech Iowa Kansas St. UCLA Washington Boise St. Boston College North Dakota St Villanova Oregon St Stanford Kansas VIrginia Tech Wyoming
  15. I think the Ravens pants and jersey could have used some more black to tie into the helmet better. I would have liked to see black collars and cuffs and black/gold/black stripes on the pants.