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  1. So today, I have the first of the American League teams to show you guys. The first team from the AL West is the Anaheim Angels. They are no longer the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, just Anaheim. Less is more for the Angels, as far as I'm concerned. I removed all of the beveling in the logos and wordmarks and changed the halo to gold. I think the Angels look great when they utilize navy just as much as red, but I also like the concept of the Angels being the red team in the AL while their neighbors, the Dodgers, are the blue team of the NL. The Angels will remain predominately red with some touches of blue in the scripts and logos. The jersey scripts are now straight, not arched, no more red-on-red caps or jerseys. the left sleeve of each jersey features a new alternate baseball-wearing-halo logo. The alternate white cap draws the halo from historical Angels caps and the alternate batting Practice/Spring training jersey is paired with a blue-billed, red cap. Well, that's it for the redesigned Anaheim Angels. Stay tuned for the next team. As always, Thanks for taking a look and any comments are always appreciated.
  2. Thanks, they have such a great set of uniforms, what can you really change? It wasn't really broken so I didn't try to fix it
  3. Finally, I've got something new, the last of the NL, the Amazin' Mets. As far as I'm concerned, the Mets have great uniforms. The pinstripes and cap logo are classic and the road greys are top notch as well. So, I didn't actually have much work to do on the Mets. Basically, My approach was addition by subtraction. No more alternate cap with the orange bill and white outlined monogram, no more road alternates, just one blue alternate jersey, classic home pinstripes and New York across the chest of the grey road jerseys. The BP/Spring Training uniform is a play on the racing stripe uniforms of the '86 Mets and Mr. Met makes an appearance on the BP caps. Well, that's it for now. Updates to come and then I'll be on to the American League West. Feel free to offer and C&C or input. Thanks for taking the time to have a look.
  4. I am a very casual hockey fan, at best, and I don't follow any team in particular but I love the aesthetics of hockey sweaters/uniforms. I can't wait to see the Avalanche and Predators new sweaters, especially.
  5. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you guys on this and that is for the feedback. I don't know if I see the Mets comparison but I think it's a valid point nonetheless. Maybe more black is the way to go. Hopefully the Mets will be done today. Thanks again
  6. I actually think it is really sharp. Maybe too slick for a candy bar though
  7. Although its been over a week since I posted in this thread last, I have one more team today, the Miami Marlins. Their current look has grown on me since they ceased to be the Florida Marlins and officially became the Miami Marlins. Although I like the general idea of their new look, I'm not a fan of the heavy use of black, among other things. My Marlins concept makes better use of the great, bright shades of blue, yellow and orange that are criminally underused in the Marlins identity. Blue is the new primary color and I simplified all of the logos and wordmarks by eliminating black and silver. I decided to keep the unique white road wordmark and pair it with white numbers, because for some reason I actually like it. The blue alternate jersey is basically a recolor of the road jersey. As always, I'd love some C&C and feedback is always appreciated. Anyway, thanks for taking a look. Hopefully, the Mets will be up soon.
  8. I think your idea/concept is great but the execution could be better. I like the pattern but on the uniforms it creates the illusion that it is vibrating which is really hard on the eyes. I'd make the zig zags fewer and bolder to help that. Also the logo reads as Kc in a roundel to me. If I didn't know it was supposed to be OKC I'd think it was for Kansas City. I think adding an outer stroke and separating the O from the k will help this. Like I said, it's a very solid idea and I wish I had thought of it but it could use some work in those areas.
  9. The Washington Nationals, a team that doesn't look bad at all, but their current look does have way too many alternate uniforms and just doesn't feel right. I totally get that they were going for a historical look with the loopy "Walgreen's" W and very traditional uniforms. I do think they were onto something with their original uniforms after moving from Montreal, so I borrowed a lot of design ques from those uniforms as well as the old block W logo used by Washington baseball teams of the past. My Nationals concept uses Navy, Red and Gold with minimal white in the uniforms. The primary logo and cap logo is inspired by the old W logo used by Washington baseball teams, with a nod to the Washington Monument. The home uniform is predominately red accented and the road uniform is predominately blue. the sleeve and pants striping is a tri-colored gold, red, blue pattern, which is featured on every uniform. I also brought back a DC logo which is featured on the sleeve as well as the BP/Spring Training cap. Again, thanks for taking some time to have a look and I always appreciate your feedback.
  10. I didn't get jackassy from your post, it was just an honest opinion and I appreciate that. I was just curious as to why you felt that way. all if your gripes are legitimate gripes, I hadn't even noticed the similarity of the M in the script before you pointed it out and I own Milwaukee tools. Anyway, thanks for the rundown, it definitely has be re-assessing some aspects of my Brewers concept.
  11. Padres: I tend to agree with you. I really want the brown to work on it's own but I think you're right. It needs some more blue. Pirates: I agree with the sentiment about the yellow cap, it doesn't feel right and I just haven't gotten around to updating it yet. The black cap with the yellow bill would probably do the trick. Brewers: What about it makes it one of your least favorite? I don't like the ball glove logo at all and I think there is too much going on with the current scripts and the colors aren't particularly exciting when the gold isn't actually metallic. Would royal blue make this better? Cardinals: I'm torn on using the red cap at home. I like it but I've found myself being drawn to the blue cap with the red bill. I definitely understand where you're coming from, though. I think maybe I've just gotten sick of seeing the red cap on the road so I don't want to see it at all. Phillies: outlines couldn't hurt the color balance, I suppose, and it would probably help with legibility on the pinstripes to boot. Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it.
  12. Ask and you shall receive. I've got a Cubs update, the Phillies and a new NL East team to present. I decided to go full retro fauxback here with a big matching pants stripe and a pullover jersey on the 80's inspired alt, thanks to Coco1997, for the suggestion. Next, I have an update to the Phillies with a lighter, not-quite-powder blue and I think it works really well. Lastly, I've got the Atlanta Braves, who have some of the best home and away uniforms in the league. My major problem with the Braves is the crappy alternate uniforms and the over-abundance of piping competing with the large, detailed chest wordmark and tomahawk. I also brought back the red bill for the road cap and vertically arched NOB. I removed the outermost outline on the tomahawk so it matches the wordmark better and changed the placket piping to collar piping only, which I think helps clean up the front of the jerseys quite a bit. The alternate uniform features the tomahawk A on the chest as well as the cap and the Batting Practice/Spring Training jersey is where I decided to have some fun. I brought back the classic sleeve feathers, which are such a unique feature that I couldn't leave them out all together. The cap also features the lower case "a" logo from the same era. As always, I'd love to get some feedback and C&C. Thanks for taking a look.
  13. You're right. I could see how that could be an issue. A lighter blue could definitely help. Thanks for keeping up with this thread.
  14. This is great so far. I love your presentation and attention to detail. Looking forward to the rest of this series.
  15. So I've got the first team from the NL East ready to post today, the Philadelphia Phillies. IMO, the Phillies are stuck in the 90's with their uniforms everything from the bubbly numbers and script, to the huge sleeve cuffs- is stale for them, especially when they have some great historical looks to draw some inspiration from. The first thing for the Phillies was change the primary logo. My new logo features the classic Phillies script over the Liberty Bell. I also adjusted the color scheme. The red has returned to a deeper cherry red which is unique to baseball, especially paired with royal blue. The script and cap monogram are tweaked versions of the marks used in the 50's and 60's. The home uniform has the classic pinstripes and single color numbers with a liberty bell sleeve patch. The road uniform is basically a gray version of the current cream alt, paired with a cherry red cap. The new alternate uniform is cream and is paired with an alternate blue-billed cap. On the Batting Practice/Spring Training uniform, the cap is blue, featuring the Liberty Bell alternate logo and the jersey is cherry red with white numbers/script. Once again, thanks for taking a look and feedback is always appreciated.