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    2019 MLB Changes

    No love for these?
  2. bobt

    NFL 2018 changes

    okay, then the Chargers helmet should be dark gray with light gray lines signifying rain
  3. At least the team can tweak the pant design at any time. Much like the Rams did. So, if the fans speak loud enough, maybe a stripe on the pants could be done in the next year or 2.
  4. I would really like to see a poll on here to rate all the Nike changed uniforms. Miami 2.0 should be at the top, or very close at this point.
  5. Since Phoenix is a mythical bird, it always seemed ridiculous to name a pro football team after 2 different birds.
  6. bobt

    Los Angeles NFL Brands Discussion

    Not much different than this one:
  7. Preseason night home games in Miami, the Dolphins wear their aqua jerseys. Been that way for as long as I can remember...
  8. bobt

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    we won't screw up the first game like we screwed up the video. LOL
  9. bobt

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    stuff is falling from the sky!
  10. bobt

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    this looks so bush league,,,
  11. bobt

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    please stand by...
  12. bobt

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    bad start for a new franchise
  13. bobt

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    the tv announcer was talking to someone and they think the unveiling will be about 9:25
  14. bobt

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion

    was that the little sword fight that was going on a few minutes ago?
  15. bobt

    Las Vegas NHL Expansion
  16. Dolphins/Bills is going to look like a late 70's matchup
  17. First time the Dolphins aqua for a 1:00 home day game since 12/15/1973 vs Detroit.
  18. Dolphins wearing white today in Tennessee
  19. bobt

    New Browns uni coming 2015

    What do you mean? At least the Browns didn't all but eliminate one of their iconic colors (yes, I'm talking about the lack of orange on the "Aqua Fresh" Dolphins uniforms). I miss the orange, and the helmet on the Dolphin, but at least the unis don't have FINS down the sides of the pants. I do like the return to the lighter aqua shade and the clean appearance of the all white unis for Miami. And no 3rd color pants to totally muck up the unis.
  20. bobt

    New Browns uni coming 2015

    Well, the BROWNS down the sides of the pants makes the MIAMI tramp stamp look ok in comparison. Thanks, Browns, for taking the heat off of the dolphins unis.
  21. bobt

    NFL Changes 2015

    Since the canopy will cover only the stands, and not the field of play or the sidelines, it's highly doubtful. The Dolphins want to make the fans more comfortable, not the players. They want to keep the advantage of very hot conditions on the field, and making the opposition wear the dark jerseys.
  22. bobt

    NFL Changes 2015

    And 3/4s of the AFC East (!), which is why, even though it looks nice, I'm still not too thrilled over the Bills swapping red for white. Throw in the Pats in silver and you've got a pretty dull group in my NFL mini helmet display case The AFC East dominated the white helmet segment of the NFL during more than one era. It ended when the Jets switched to green helmets for the 1977 season. Jets switched to green helmets for the 78 season. This led me to start thinking about the 77 Jets vs Seahawks. That would be a great post for the rare match ups. Time to start digging through the vault to find a pic. Start at 13:55 for the footage.
  23. bobt

    Uniform guesses for the NFL 2013 season

    <p> <br /> </p> Brand Newbie here. I think there is a good possibility that Miami will wear Aqua in Cleveland. Seems to me that the Browns wear white at home early in the season.