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  1. Run, don't walk to go see The Florida Project

  2. RT @madchenamick:

  3. RT @_calliehobson: my phone just glitched and swapped their bios somehow and im screaming

  4. Listen to Alt-J, my ass (I won’t listen to Alt-J)

  5. @micahpeters_ @uncberg21

  6. Just realized Roy Moore’s opponent is named Doug(ie) Jones. Twin Peaks really keeps outdoing itself

  7. @BuzzFeedNews Is there any wonder why this guy went bankrupt five (5) separate times?

  8. RT @CurbedAtlanta: Then and Now: 24 years of #Cabbagetown #ATL photographs: via @CurbedAtlanta

  9. RT @intothecrevasse: "The plan was simple: evade all culpability by hiring a new Director of Communications every six weeks."…

  10. RT @matoswk75: It's here: DO YOU REMEMBER, a 5-pt. podcast history of Husker Du, written by me for @TheCurrent, is LIVE!…

  11. @williamtylertn 5/22/77. Dear lord

  12. RT @SimpsonsAlbums: The Hotelier - ‘Home, Like Noplace Is There’ (2014)

  13. RT @pitchfork: This week's Sunday Review—The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead, reviewed by Simon Reynolds

  14. @uncberg21 this is you

  15. RT @nathanrabin: I like to think that if THE GRADUATE was made today, they'd substitute "LinkedIn" for "Plastics."