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  1. My parents are currently screaming about whether my Dad is allowed to blast Led Zeppelin in the House. This is my Olympics

  2. RT @MattOswaltVA: not all heroes wear capes

  3. Using cursive in your email signature is the professional equivalent of a tramp stamp

  4. @BuzzFeedNews

  5. @KalamazooWings @GratefulDead @sportslogosnet @UniWatch @spittinchiclets @Athletic_Knit @TSN_Sports @PhilHecken…

  6. RT @BarbraStreisand: Three Billboards Inside Los Angeles, California.

  7. RT @Criterion: Time for lunch?

  8. @JackPosobiec OJ Simpson A bottle of flat Diet Mountain Dew Stephen A. Smith Voldemort Anyone who thought Three Bil…

  9. @realDonaldTrump :censored: you

  10. RT @LukeEpplin: The nine worst words in the English language: "I don't have a question, more of a comment."

  11. RT @laurasnapes: Typically beautiful writing from @ssodomsky on The Blue Nile’s Hats, and love

  12. Same

  13. RT @KirbySmartUGA: Rose Bowl Champs !! #GoDawgs #KeepChoppin

  14. RT @jamiesoncox: Introducing my uncle to shoegaze

  15. RT @BillKristol: That feeling when the political party you've belonged to almost your whole adult life turns into a cult of personality wor…