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  1. @SpeakerRyan If you weren’t with us when the President implicitly endorsed Neo Nazis, don’t pretend to be with us on Hanukkah

  2. Run, don't walk to go see The Florida Project

  3. RT @madchenamick:

  4. RT @_calliehobson: my phone just glitched and swapped their bios somehow and im screaming

  5. Listen to Alt-J, my ass (I won’t listen to Alt-J)

  6. @micahpeters_ @uncberg21

  7. Just realized Roy Moore’s opponent is named Doug(ie) Jones. Twin Peaks really keeps outdoing itself

  8. @BuzzFeedNews Is there any wonder why this guy went bankrupt five (5) separate times?

  9. RT @CurbedAtlanta: Then and Now: 24 years of #Cabbagetown #ATL photographs: via @CurbedAtlanta

  10. RT @intothecrevasse: "The plan was simple: evade all culpability by hiring a new Director of Communications every six weeks."…

  11. RT @matoswk75: It's here: DO YOU REMEMBER, a 5-pt. podcast history of Husker Du, written by me for @TheCurrent, is LIVE!…

  12. @williamtylertn 5/22/77. Dear lord

  13. RT @SimpsonsAlbums: The Hotelier - ‘Home, Like Noplace Is There’ (2014)

  14. RT @pitchfork: This week's Sunday Review—The Smiths' The Queen Is Dead, reviewed by Simon Reynolds

  15. @uncberg21 this is you