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  1. All my thoughts and prayers have finally been answered

  2. This is Me leaving the room when anyone tells me they watch This is Us #EmmyAwards2017

  3. RIP. My favorite member of my favorite band.

  4. Praying that you get impeached

  5. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Nice change. Still wish they would change the britches back to Silver again though.
  6. Doesn't get much better than this

  7. O :censored:

  8. My über driver just laughed at my Trump impression. Life is good

  9. RT @robwhisman: jeff sessions was considered racist in the 80s and there was a movie where c thomas howell wears blackface to get into a co…

  10. @seanhannity Blue Album or Pinkerton?

  11. RT @mikepence:

  12. RT @nathanrabin: It's okay, y'all. This was totally the outcome Jill Stein preferred. No Crooked Hillary for her! #hero

  13. RT @crushingbort:

  14. @sarah_e_willis @kassldean what about Billy Bush?

  15. RT @JakeRudh: This thing of beauty arrived in our record stores 25 years ago today. MASSIVE.

  16. This album is a national treasure

  17. RT @BobMehr: The soon-to-be Vice President shouted out my Replacements bio in Rolling Stone & New Yorker this week. Thx @timkaine https://t…

  18. RT @TheOnion: Paul Ryan Sitting Among Undecided Voters At Town Hall Debate #debate

  19. @uncberg21 was doing research today during Crim Pro today. Coming back with a vengeance this year

  20. RT @Seinfeld2000: debate recap

  21. We going in tonight

  22. RT @Steven_Hyden:

  23. The only way I'd ever vote for Trump is if he promised to build the wall on rock and roll

  24. @realDonaldTrump