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  1. Columbus was very influential in the civil war. The blue jackets is a reference to the Union side, hence the cannon and stars.
  2. I saw a Cavs prospect/developmental player yesterday at work. He was wearing a new Nike shirt that looked very close to this concept I threw together. The shirt was black with the new wordmark and the new shield logo above it.
  3. I'm probably alone in this but I really like this look.
  4. I can try to convert it to PSD. Give me a day or so.
  5. Here is the PSD, im not sure where a .ai version is. http://www.mediafire.com/download/tecj67ad091ltgb/Mach_Speed_Uniform_by_tbdaniel15_-_converted_to_psd_by_BucksFan5.rar
  6. Okay, I added black instead of gold and decided it looks a lot better. The blue looked to much like the patriots so I decided against it. Home: Away: Alt:
  7. Which style do you guys like better? The first set or second?
  8. I'll give it a shot
  9. It was more or less an experiment. I may end up adding black at some point.
  10. I went ahead and experimented with the use of a light blue. I kept the "desert" gold around as an accent. I wasnt totally sold on the blue pants for the alt, I put it on there just for other options. It looks the best with white pants imo. Home: Away: Alt: Nothing was changed regarding the throwbacks. Here is the original post from a page back.
  11. When I was experimenting with the gold that's exactly what I thought. I was flip flopping from keeping the yellow to changing to gold a lot during this concept for the same reason, it looked a lot like the niners. I think it does distance itself enough though. I might go back later and change the gold to a lift blue and see how that looks.
  12. Sorry for such a long break, I just got done with the semester and decided I should probably make a concept. Reminding you what this concept series attempts to accomplish: 1. Create uniformity throughout uniforms in the NFL. 2. Provide every team with an alt that isn't black or grey (unless it is a team color) to be use for Thursday Night Games and occasionally Rivalries. 3. Provide a home and away throwback for every team that will be used for strictly Monday nights. 4. Rid the NFL of grey facemasks (unless team color). So next up is the Arizona Cardinals. In my opinion, their uniforms should be next in line for a redo. They are too busy with all of the piping and it needs to be turned back to a basic uniform that is also very unique. The new uniform takes some elements from the past and present. The Arizona state flag is represented on the shoulder. Think of the pattern on Michigan States uniform, that is what I was going for. The face mask has been changed to white along with a slight change in the color of the beak of the Cardinal Logo. It was changed to a more desert like color. I felt like something was missing on the helmet so a 3 color stripe was added. The alternate is a "Desert Storm" type of uniform. I used the newly included sand color to only the jersey. Since black is no longer a primary or secondary color in my concept, it could not be used for a alt. The Throwbacks should take you back to the 90's and early 2000's. Now to the Uniforms... Home: Away: Alt: Throwback Home: Throwback Away: Thanks for looking! Any suggestion on who should go next? Any comments are appreciated.
  13. I really like the uniform as a whole personally. The helmet is by far the best part though.
  14. At some point very soon yes. School is a little overwhelming atm so I had to take a break.
  15. I think the white helmet does look pretty good though.