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  1. Why do the Nationals have a Texas Rangers star on their cap?
  2. Larry wearing Kareem's Laker jersey still seems wrong
  3. As someone who did see the Senators at RFK, the above post is spot on. I wish they could have brought back that name as well, rather than the Nats (as it's easy to disparage them by calling them Gnats).
  4. The "union" is always advancing.
  5. #43 is indeed Iowa, Craig Clemons
  6. Once again google tells me you're posting Playboy All-American teams; this one the defensive team from 1971.
  7. I was wrong because Parseghian is in his Northwestern jacket making this 1963. ETA, I found the answer; it was the Playboy All-American team -
  8. That could be the College All-American team from 1964. That would be the only reason so many players from different teams are in the same photograph. The coach is Ara Parseghian, Notre Dame Jack Snow Notre Dame Dick Butkus Illinois Gale Sayers Kansas Larry Kramer Nebraska Glenn Ressler Penn State Larry Elkins Baylor Tucker Frederickson Auburn Fred Biletnikoff Florida State Rick Redman Washington John Huarte Notre Dame Ralph Neely Oklahoma
  10. The honeycomb stitched pattern isn't any more lightweight than a regular game cap. It may be a little more breathable on the side panels and back but the front panel and brim are not.
  11. Well, get out your wallet. Tonight at the ballpark, they had the Orioles fitted ones in both the orange and blue used by the Marlins, so undoubtedly they'll have them for all the teams.
  12. In 1998, Peter Angelos bid on the Redskins, losing out to Dan Snyder. 14 straight years of losing sent attendance in Baltimore on a straight path downhill. Attendance in Baltimore peaked in 1997 and by 2004 (the last year without a Nats team in the area) , it was down 26% and continued to fall after that. To make a short story long, some fans had already jumped ship; new uniforms weren't going to change that. It took years of fans asking for Angelos to relent to "Baltimore" on the away jerseys, Nats or no Nats. The Nats moved into their new park in 2008, but in my opinion there were different economics at work why it took so long for the uniform switch. For years, Angelos was simply cheap. Rather than buying new uniforms for the Orioles MiLB affiliates, he had the Orioles lettering stripped off the used game jerseys and re-lettered for them.
  13. Caps
  14. I'm well aware of that, but at the time, us fans of those Redskins teams know one of the reasons given for the switch to home whites was Dallas.
  15. The Cowboys were superstitious about their blue jerseys for years. The Joe Gibbs era Redskins wore white jerseys at home in part to force Dallas to wear their blue jerseys at RFK.