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  1. Dan O'Mac

    The History Of The Midwest Hockey League

    My question is: why did you start this? You said yourself you don't have any logos or even a template for jerseys. I'd take a step back, get your initial logos and jerseys ready, then start the post. If you post the uniforms and logos one at a time, we can provide constructive criticism you can use to refine them and move forward. Otherwise, I can see this falling into the trap of story over design, and on these boards, they need to coexist.
  2. Dan O'Mac

    The 1972 Project: Louisiana Tech Bulldogs

    He's planning on doing all the D1 schools. He has a lot of schools to do. I'd love to see Wisconsin, but I'm able to be patient until he gets to it. I think you hit CMU on the head, nothing too flashy. I was expecting more narrow lines because of the lines in the logo, placed on the football sleeves like the older 49ers (before their sleeves got too short). I just don't know how that translates to hockey or baseball.
  3. With Milan, I think there's too many snakes near the top of the uniform. One on each side of the helmet, and one on each shoulder. Also, what do the snakes on the shoulder look like on the back?
  4. Dan O'Mac

    The United States Invitational (Forest Park Hearts Posted)

    This is a really good start, and I love the set. I'd maybe put an orange horizontal line between the black and white part of the sock, but I don't know if there's anything else that could (or should) be changed.
  5. I'm typically not going to look at many of the hand-drawn logos and/or uniforms after the initial look at them because they lack the presentation a computer designed logo/uniform has. They typically look sloppier and things like the uniforms outlines are often not consistent between the different teams, so some designs have bigger shirts, oddly sized sleeves, etc. My recommendation for you is to find a template for the uniforms you're using, and use that as the base. This will give you a solid base to work on that will be the same for every team. Second, focus on the actual coloring so you're not missing little spots. Third, give us a bit of an explanation behind why the teams have their colors, what symbolism may be utilized. Without knowing the why on some things, the general masses may overlook something you thing is a nice touch.
  6. Edmonton is back in the playoffs!
  7. Dan O'Mac

    Minor League Football

    In the Beta League, I would love you to return the Dayton Triangles. It would be interesting to see a modern take on an odd (by current standards) name, without any history to back up that name.
  8. Dan O'Mac

    Rhino Logo - C&C Needed

    I feel like the rhino needs a forehead.
  9. Dan O'Mac

    Major League Hockey: Soccer Crossover (PHI Added!)

    My immediate "I would do that" thought was to take the part of the logo roundel without words and apply that to the collar of the uniform. My "I really like how that looks" is the double gold striping. I wouldn't have thought of it, and it looks really nice. My "meh, I could do without that" is the number font. It doesn't look like it belongs with the logo font.
  10. Dan O'Mac

    Wideright imagines the AAF

    CHUCK CECIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the set, as it's very unique. I wasn't expecting the black and red to complete the sky blue (seemed like that was coming, regardless of name). I would love to see the collar or helmet stripe as the sock striping, as it would continue the uniqueness through all aspects of the set.
  11. Dan O'Mac

    RBI Baseball

    I absolutely loved this game as a kid. The one thing I don't like is St. Louis. They lost their white/red to Boston, and Boston lost their gray/red to Washington. I'd rather see St. Louis and Boston keep their original looks, and Washington somehow get something different.
  12. I think with the timeframe and general color scheme of the Skyhawks, you missed the opportunity to take them BFBS. Obviously, it wouldn't be well liked, and they'd move to red after a while, but BFBS was a big thing that happened in sports, for better or worse.
  13. Dan O'Mac

    Alternate Universe NFL Uniforms

    Not to be too nit-picky, but the "Color" jersey looks white to me.
  14. And with their win, Detroit becomes the first team to win back-to-back titles twice. The Imperials get the first three championships. The Gladiators went back-to-back in 1960-1961 The Wasps got two in a row in 1977-1978 And, of course, the Gladiators got 1988-1989.
  15. So long and thanks for all the fish.