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  1. I'm a fan of the bottom left. That red/red and white is very "Canadian" to me.
  2. And, across the league, teams have won a total of 6 games more than they've lost. A total of 727 wins, and 721 losses.
  3. This question has come up a few times, and I believe Veras is not planning on it.
  4. So who gets the top pick in the '78 draft, San Diego or Atlanta?
  5. I keep seeing other things in what's written. For California, I immediately pictured the movie Major League (new female owner, now she needs to make the team terrible enough to move them). Not that I expect that to happen.   And then, I feel the Comets drafted Rod Tidwell, from Jerry McGuire. EDIT: he was drafted, not signed
  6. I like the mustache-less face more, but I like the previous color scheme.
  7. NFL 2020: NFC South

    These are nice for the Steelers, nothing to drastic, which will appease the fan base.   However, you need to make your numbers smaller. You couldn't fit two of those 2's on the front/back of that jersey
  8. For Birmingham, since you're going for the conservative look, I'd just remove the logo and go with that.
  9. This legit made me laugh at my desk at work. The people around me have no clue why, and I can't, concisely, point out why I'm laughing.
  10. Return of the Trident! - Seattle Mariners Concept

    I love the "fish hook" S mark.
  11. I love the Chicago Shamrocks.
  12. And hopefully it won't happen again.
  13. I'm a fan. I think it keeps the aesthetics of the line in the center, while eliminating the lines thinning in areas. Good update across the board.
  14. I'm in the camp of with the center line.