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  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers refresh

    First off, couldn't believe I missed this. I was impressed with the quality of work you had in the Logolympiad, so I've been keeping an eye out for other concepts that you do that give you the time needed to really flesh out the details. Secondly, the updates to the pants stripe were the right call. I was going to say the original design's pants weren't working for me. I really like the helmet, increasing the size of the flag was the right call, and it puts the skull and sabers on display. I personally don't like the shoulders being different in color to the rest of the jersey (especially on the road whites), but that's just my preference.
  2. I loved the double post as fitting for the theme of the thread.
  3. Both Semifinal Games wrong, so now 5-3 this postseason. As for the final... I'm going Gladiators over the Aces.
  4. 1 - Titan City. I really liked the idea from @Seadragon76 for the Scorpions, so I'll second that. 2 - Bradbury. My first thought was this was a name associated with Ray Bradbury and his The Martian Chronicles. So I nominate something tied to another famous book of his, Fahrenheit 451, the Flames or Fire. 3 - Ganymede City. In Greek Mythology, Ganymede was turned into the constellation Aquarius, or Eagle. So I nominate the Eagles for them. 4. Cythera and Cypress. I liked Sky Sox (something classic about the use of "Sox"), and Griffins was a unique option as well.
  5. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    If we're going "Rogues" for Kansas City, I'd lean more towards a raccoon than a fox. Otherwise, these are all very nice.
  6. Alright, 3-1 this round brings me to 5-1. My poor Angels cost me the one. For the Semifinals, I'm going: Hurricanes Guardians
  7. These are well done, and are great as tongue-in-cheek.
  8. United States Baseball League- After MLB

    These are good designs, but I think they'd benefit from using a template. By using the template, the uniforms become a consistent shape. Secondly, the number should be higher on the jersey and smaller. Right now, with their placement, they'd be tucked into the pants.
  9. NFL Logos by MCrosby - added Green Bay Packers

    Love the Jets update. The Giants is a miss, I feel. I find it hard to read, and I don't think it quite conveys the "tall building" theme you're going for.
  10. 2-for-2 in the Wild Cards, let's see how I can do in the Quarterfinals... I'm going: Hurricanes Angels Guardians Comets
  11. I'm going to have to pick the Angels and the Gladiators in this round.
  12. You could tie St. Louis with Budweiser with the St. Louis Clydesdales.
  13. USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    Why Osprey? Mostly, the University of North Florida uses it as a mascot, it's a hawk that is (supposedly) native to Florida (I'm from Wisconsin, so I'm just going off what I can find on the internet), and there aren't many (if any) birds in this USFL.
  14. Good for Philly, and I love the irony of the Redshirts winning the cup in a white shirt.