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  1. Dan O'Mac

    The 1972 Project: Northern Illinois Huskies

    For GSU, I think the black uniforms (but not head to toe black) look better than the blue.
  2. Perhaps go with something for Paul Revere's ride, since he was on the American side, and call them the Boston Riders. You wouldn't need to change colors or anything.
  3. Dan O'Mac

    American Football Association (NFL minor league)

    Nothing too major, but at the bottom of the second Orlando graphic, it says "Norfolk Neptunes".
  4. Dan O'Mac

    American Football Association (NFL minor league)

    I assume their parent team would be the Buccaneers, so maybe it'll be pirate related with cannons, as a cannon blast could be described as thunderous. Then you'd have the tie in with the Bucs, and an Orlando tie in with Disney (and the Pirates of the Caribbean).
  5. The teams themselves don't wouldn't matter. The markets would. My assumption is that if teams from the USFA market would be added, it wouldn't be the USFA franchise. So the new teams would be expansion franchises and would go through the expansion draft process. The players in the USFA would likely become free agents in the AFA.
  6. Out of curiosity, how are the records calculated? Because, by my count, there are 32 more wins than losses in the Iron Range League and Twin Cities League, and 38 more wins than losses in the Lake Superior league. Do they play games outside their league that count towards their records? If so, what stops teams from playing all cupcake non-league teams?
  7. I mean, based on Veras' history, he'll likely have great options available to be voted upon if he chooses to do an Expansion Council. Or he'll pick his own cities that will fit the narrative the way he wants his story to go.
  8. Dan O'Mac

    American Football Association (NFL minor league)

    I'd try to sneak the parent team's logo somewhere on the concept. Aside from that, these are really nice uniforms, but I have to ask: Wouldn't this be affiliated with the NFL, so likely be under the NFL's one helmet rule?
  9. I like it because it's a quick, well-written (and thought out), and it's rooted in "what would an 'average joe's' league be like?" I'd like to know more about some of the best players. Maybe a player has to miss time because he had forced overtime at work, and what that job could be. Things like that could add to the "realness" factor. I support Superior. I'm from Wisconsin, so I have to support the Wisconsin team. Maybe that'll change when there's new teams in WI, but for now, it's Superior all the way.
  10. The Stillwater team folding was expected. What wasn't expected was that newspaper presentation. That's very well done and, hopefully, something that can be done for other breaking news reports in the future.
  11. With this being amateur, I'd assume they'd just close. A relocation would/could mean people having to uproot families/quit and get new jobs.
  12. Dan O'Mac

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

    I hope they parade through the city with a replica of the Mastodon zord!
  13. Dan O'Mac

    "Desecrating" the NFL

    I feel that the best place for the GSH is the back of the helmet.
  14. Dan O'Mac

    NFL 2018 changes

    I was at the Packer-Titan game last night, and from my seat (in row 52 in a corner, so pretty high up), the shoulder sword was not visible at at all, so the jersey looked very bland. The numbers were very readable though, which was really nice. The helmet was also not great, with the predominately navy logo on the navy shell.
  15. Dan O'Mac

    Solar League Baseball - A Future History: 2538 Season

    Out of curiosity, why did Callisto play 174 games, and Neptune only play 158?