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  1. My belief is that the NFL parent teams should have their logo represented somewhere on the jersey. Also, this looks like a Falcons affiliate, not a Titans affiliate. Are the colors not intended to match the parent's colors?
  2. A couple critiques. 1) The outlines on the two stars are different shades of blue. 2) There should be three stars. The stars on the existing logo is pulled from the Tennessee state flag. 3) I would keep the flames coming off the logo, personally, and go with a more traditional helmet with the "hair" up there.
  3. I believe it is unlikely, as they are at two different "levels" of play. The AFA is the cream of the crop, and the NFA is working to move to that level of talent still.
  4. I've got nothing negative to say about this, just a question: will we be seeing uniforms, and, if so, which sports will we seem them for?
  5. From what I can tell, these are all just re-colors of the team's existing uniform. Which we can expect many of them to be in real life. I'd like to see a bit more put into them to make them unique. We don't need 4 concepts in one post. One well thought out and executed concept is better than four that you whipped up that need significant work.
  6. I think it belongs in the "Requests" section more than the Concepts section
  7. Congrats on the baby. Nothing is more important/awesome than being a father.
  8. Go with the Phoenix Rams, and the horn can be the curved part of the P, a la the "R" secondary logo the Rams already have:
  9. Wouldn't the Minnesota Oxen be names such after Paul Bunyan's famous Blue Ox? And, as such, shouldn't the team have blue as a color, if not the primary color?
  10. Denver Cavemen? i.e. missing link
  11. I love the script "Sin City" on the sleeved alt, but I would prefer it with a different number font (even the numbers off the standard home/away)
  12. I'm a HUGE fan of that faux back for the Prowlers.
  13. Definitely Portland, but it appears the Prowlers are out. Moving the Loggers from the Canadian league?
  14. With the history of the Steagles, will you be pairing the Eagles and Steelers?
  15. I can't bring myself to root for Colorado, so go Destroyers!