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  1. I am a sucker for numbers like the Imperials went to. The move to red/white is nice, and I'm on board!
  2. Those red Bulldogs jerseys are great. I'm not a big fan of the updated Concordes logo, personally.
  3. He said you can vote for 1 Canadian, and 4 American. So you may want to modify that.
  4. Canadian: Quebec City American: Portland Salt Lake City Milwaukee Las Vegas
  5. He's anxiously awaiting his Eastbay catalog to order from!
  6. I like the updates. Now you just need to update the image in your signature.
  7. Well, I certainly can't root for rival Colorado, so I'm on the Imperials bandwagon.
  8. Will we be getting logos, full uniform sets, and/or punctuation in the writeups?
  9. Let's go Edmonton! Light up the Bulldogs!
  10. Alright Edmonton, time to light 'em up!
  11. With my Angels out, I'm rooting for Atlanta. They were so bad for so long, they deserve this.
  12. I absolutely love the Does throwback, it looks like something that would be from the same era as the Bucks throwback. I, however, don't like the shape of the Does head, namely the point on top. I feel it should be flat on the top, so maybe slice the point off?
  13. That's exactly what I had been looking for.
  14. Any chance you can update the Angels sig for me?
  15. Although the concept is good, I'd like to have seen it with the corporate sponsor ad on the jersey. Secondly, I don't see Boston getting a team as long as there's the team in Connecticut.