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  1. He stated he wanted to do something pirate-themed, I believe he stated that the Carolina's had a piracy problem at one point.
  2. I'm pulling for the Rebs. Cincinnati can be this universe's Vikings.
  3. Tennessee Titans Redesign (Uni Watch Challenge)

    I feel the helmet would be better with more of a side profile.
  4. NFL Gridiron Gals (05/32)

    The little details make this. No critiques on the Bucs, that's great. The Patriots is perfect, and I love the left hand "holding" the skirt up for the snap. The Vikings seems off. Like the woman's eyes don't match the mouth.
  5. Then you made... nothing. You took an existing goal horn, put the team logo someone else made, and put it in a 20 second Youtube video. All without @hawkfan89 approving you doing this in his thread. Yes, we're all fans, and we all have input (leading to a Long Island team that may not have been made otherwise), but @hawkfan89 makes the calls. Don't hijack the thread, especially with something you didn't truly create.
  6. I'm going Rebels Guardians Whales Centennials
  7. North Carolina bills itself as the First in Flight. I'd recommend Aviators.
  8. I like that anniversary patch for the Northern Lights a lot more with the bolder font.
  9. I think the 2 and 0 on Edmonton need to be a touch thicker, personally. I just feel there's too much black, and that would alleviate that.
  10. It's tough to say without seeing the side. Will the side have any decal, or just be blank? Because a white helmet with no logo is a HUGE step back from the current orange helmet.
  11. I love the new logo for Edmonton. The move to purple jerseys is nice. But the actual jerseys are too 90's for my taste. I would've been 12 at this point though, and those jerseys would've been awesome to 12 year old me.
  12. I'm picking Baltimore and Cleveland. Can't go against the Ghosts right now, and Baltimore because I can't pick the team that just eliminated my Angels.
  13. I may be a Northern Lights fan, but I want to see Nova Scotia win it all this year to rub it in the face of Darryl Byrd.
  14. I vote Marshals