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  1. The 1972 Project

    Ohio white baseball Clemson purple basketball Marshall green football Virginia blue football
  2. The Battle of Seattle

    I think the difference is the level of shading. With the classic cartoon logos, they're flat, no shading, no dimension. Your frog, however, is cartoony, but also has the detail. So my perception is you're trying to do both a cartoon and a realistic logo. I'd simplify the frog down to remove shading and accents to give it a more classic cartoon look if we're going down that path.
  3. The World (League) According to Neo (1995 playoffs)

    I feel the blue looks better, but the silver makes the logo "pop" more. So I don't think there's a WRONG choice, per se. Nice updates to both, the Aztecs looks much better, and I love the idea of wrapping the logo around the back.
  4. City/State Color Identities

    I mean, they're perfectly acceptable. But those Lions are too "Ohio State" for me.
  5. The World (League) According to Neo (1995 playoffs)

    With the Musketeers, I think you'll need more detail in that Eiffel Tower. Right now, it looks like an A, and I spent some time trying to figure out why it had an A on it. For the Aztecs, I'd modify the mouth a bit. Right now, he looks like he's smiling to me. Or the eyes need some work, as without eyebrows, it's just weird.
  6. The World (League) According to Neo (1995 playoffs)

    Mexico City has a larger population than Los Angeles by over 4 million people! Size of the market arguments for LA are flawed from that front.
  7. The World (League) According to Neo (1995 playoffs)

    Stockholm and Mexico City Both expand the footprint (Stockholm into the Nordic peninsula, Mexico City into Mexico) of the league. For Stockholm, I'd recommend the Elks (national animal of Sweden), and for Mexico City, the Aztecs.
  8. Charlotte Royals would be really perfect, with Charlotte being the Queen City and all.
  9. I prefer the elf. Totally unique look in all of sports, but not without precedence.
  10. Well, it appears I need to abandon the Scorpions, because the Mastodons are amazing!
  11. How DARE you remove the numbers from the helmet! #MockOutrage
  12. Let's get crazy and go MiLB... can I get the Durham Bulls?
  13. NFL Logos by MCrosby - PROJECT COMPLETE

    I know Germany is the European country that seems to be the most into American football, so Berlin and Frankfurt should be in. London is already getting games, so definitely there. Rome and Paris are too high profile not to include. I would bring back Amsterdam and Barcelona as well. With the 8th, and final spot. From this list, I'd love Athens, but I'd love to see what you'd do with Dublin as well.
  14. The Battle of Seattle

    But why limit yourself? If a brown/light blue work, do it!
  15. I prefer the Mastadons, personally.