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  1. So 1-1 after the Wild Card, so here goes this round: Guardians over Grizzlies Bobcats over Centennials Imperials over Captains Hurricanes over Gladiators
  2. Dan O'Mac

    Driveball Redux (1957 Results)

    St. Louis Lakers. Roll with the anachronism.
  3. Dan O'Mac

    The Battle of Seattle

    Holy balls, I love that Metropolitans look SO MUCH with the new color scheme. That extra color makes everything look so good.
  4. I'm going with Ghosts and Captains in the Wild Card.
  5. I have a love/hate relationship with that Edmonton look. I love it for the time period, and it's fun. But on the hate side, it's not something that will age well (as expected, I'm sure), and I don't want to see Nazarenko in that uniform when they look back on his career.
  6. Dan O'Mac

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Indianapolis Arrows Added/Updated

    A yes to all the New Orleans Pirates looks!
  7. I love that you used the Ray and the Starburst.
  8. Can I start a petition to have Pittsburgh re-name their stadium after Krause?
  9. I feel the numbers on the Kennedy uniforms get lost in the pinstripes.
  10. I vote for left. It's the best looking of the three, and, for whatever reason, I find the "Victory Bowl" more readable on that logo than the others.
  11. In the real world, in 1990 I was 7, and those Warriors unis would've been SO AMAZING to 7-year-old me.
  12. Question: Why did the friar get a stick, but the Pirates logo still has bats? For Oakland, I'd love to see a white elephant logo, but that's just me. The Phils are solid and nothing too odd. Did you consider a powder blue option for a throwback? The Pirates are a nice set, except the aforementioned bats. The Padres are gorgeous.
  13. Dan O'Mac

    The 1972 Project: UAB Blazers

    With CSU, maybe extend the blue lines past the C's to the front of the helmet a bit, that way both C's have the double blue line on the "back side" of the C. For Tech, I'd lower the top of the stripe on the basketball shorts. That's the only uniform with a colored waistband, so I feel like it's too close with that color there. With the baseball jerseys, I'd like a black hat with a red brim. But I'm a huge fan of contrasting brims. As for gray not being on any set, I would keep it for Washington State, whenever you get there.
  14. Dan O'Mac

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Edmond added! 5/8)

    This logo set just seems so... off, compared to the league logo and Lynchburg. Both of the first two logos released featured a cross in a prominent role, which makes sense for the league. Then we get Oklahoma City, which, to me, doesn't look like it has any religious imagery.