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  1. Those beautiful Northern Lights jerseys would look great with a cup in the midst of them, just sayin'.
  2. I like this whole logo package, except that the gorilla looks a bit cross-eyed to me.
  3. team reveal

    I feel the secondary is too "Indiana Pacers". I'd rather see it as a D for Diablos, personally.
  4. I think this is a better post of feedback. Instead of it coming across as "I don't like it, it looks bad", it explains the WHY behind it. I disagree with the stitching, not every concept needs that level of detail to be a good concept.
  5. team reveal

    I could see Tulsa referred to as the T. Hawks (obviously, as if Tulsa is shortened to T)
  6. I like what you have here, good colors, solid logo. But why did you choose a curved sash instead of a traditional straight sash?
  7. I'd also spell Cincinnati correctly on their jersey
  8. With Hartford, I think I'd like to see some shoulder striping. Any chance you could do UW-Green Bay?
  9. Since Seattle is the Mariners... are they going to be the Gungans?
  10. I see your updated thread title... I can't wait for the 'Frogs.
  11. I'd drop the yellow to avoid similarities to the Stingers. Maybe go with orange and black to embrace the Harley-Davidson brand?
  12. I feel like the pants need to be a different color. Maybe because I hate monochromatic uniform sets.
  13. Some painful years ahead for the Crows... but that will make it that much more satisfying when they do win.
  14. Out of curiosity, why don't they have numbers on their back?