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  1. Although I'm a fan, I just don't see this as the Northern Lights' year.
  2. They look great. I'll miss the orange pants, but can see why they weren't retained.
  3. Take care of that personal life, we're here waiting when you're ready.
  4. Gold: 9 Silver: 8 Bronze: 7
  5. hettinger_rl

    I totally got that the stripes were pulled from the city flag, and I liked them on the shoulders. I did not like them on the pants. Had they just gone down the side, I'd have liked them more. The other issue with the stripes was that unless people knew the flag, they'd likely not understand where the striping came from, which may have cost you votes. That's the issue with the Logolympiad, as if you know the inspiration, it's understandable, otherwise, it's just weird, squiggly stripes. Those clashed with the stag itself.
  6. hettinger_rl

    My main issue with the logo is that this was for a team going to St. Louis more or less today, and I just didn't see it as a modern logo. It's not a bad logo, just not something I feel I'd see debut today. I say that because of the Stag itself. The Stag is beautiful, but looks more like a logo that has stood the test of time, not something new.
  7. I wish I could go back and multiquote all the different times this has been asked, and Veras' response of "no". He just hasn't seen the value in it yet.
  8. I like the mane better on the second, but the perspective and face of the first.
  9. I really want the Libertarian party with their porcupine redone, just to see what you can do.
  10. Gold: 3 Silver: 1 Bronze: 7
  11. I vote no. It would make more sense on the Giants, who are a rival team of theirs.
  12. dt concepts

    Flyers are my team, and although I'd hate seeing them on the ice instead of what they have, this works well for the series. I don't hate the color scheme in a vacuum, and I love that you kept the nameplate the same. I'd also like to see the black lines from the sleeves continue to follow the orange and connect on the front/back.
  13. The feather stripe with the very conservative jerseys works great for me. Very nice. Only thing I think could improve the look would be gold pants, but then you're getting into New Orleans Saints territory.
  14. Gold: 13 Silver: 4 Bronze: 9