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  1. I'd take the C off the side of the helmet, let the flames on the helmet stand alone
  2. The reasons I didn't vote for this was: 1) The years at the bottom, I'd have made them a bit smaller and worked in the fact it was the 25th Anniversary 2) I, personally, wasn't a fan of the font used for "World Series", as I felt it was a pretty drastic difference from the Twins logo itself.
  3. This isn't something you get to add to (at least not in that way). In the future, there may be an expansion council in which you can vote for where the new teams would be added, and from there, FFWally will determine the moniker.
  4. Gold: 21 Silver: 9 Bronze: 14
  5. Very nice. I'm looking forward to the full set for Vancouver, that helmet caught my eye.
  6. That's a gorgeous logo, sir.
  7. I ate this taco in '96. The best taco ever. Seriously ever. Can I make a patch for that? #sarcasm #Iknowhashtagsaren'tathingonhere
  8. It looks like a dark navy to me.
  9. YES!
  10. How are the Copperheads colors gold instead of copper?
  11. I think they'd only need one NFL logo decal though, as the player for the Chiles from the Cardinals wouldn't need a Colts decal, and vice versa.
  12. It only took about a week or two, but it was in pretty big blocks at a time. It also helps when you know which posts (i.e. the hijacker's posts) you can skim past.
  13. Just finished re-reading this, just because I could. I almost forgot about all the hijackers that plagued this.
  14. How about UW-Green Bay?
  15. My belief is that the NFL parent teams should have their logo represented somewhere on the jersey. Also, this looks like a Falcons affiliate, not a Titans affiliate. Are the colors not intended to match the parent's colors?