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  1. Highschool logo redesigns (La Cueva Bears)

    I'd love to see what you could do with Sturgeon Bay High School. They're the Clippers, and use either a far too detailed ship, or an SB. The school's colors are Red and White.
  2. NBL- New Basketball League

    A solid jersey. I'm not a fan of the "cape" on the back, however.
  3. I read green/green, and immediately thought of the Milwaukee Bucks' "Irish Rainbow" jerseys. I like the green/green. And I don't dislike the black stripes, as it'll help with separation on the color TVs of the time. Maybe when HDTV rolls around, they can drop the black since the technology will allow similar colors to be distinguished.
  4. History leads me to pick the Wolves, as there's only been 2 back-to-back champions in history, the Gladiators in 1961-1962 and the Imperials in 1946-1947-1948. I'm also a bit surprised that the Miners have never gone back-to-back.
  5. I can't wait to see you give Wrigley the Soccer treatment.
  6. Breese Stevens Stadium Concept-MAJOR UPDATE 4/27

    My first nitpick is that you think the Mallards are better than the Bullfrogs. Secondly, I've driven past the field a few times, I like your update, but I'm not sure if I like the taller side with the street and building across the street. From the outside, that may end up being very dark at the time of day in that first picture, when ideally you'd want to use that sunlight to enhance.
  7. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1979 Regular Season

    I'm a fan of the Dukes. That's such a clean, classic jersey, and those numbers are great for that look.
  8. Or named directly after Benny "The Jet" Rodriguez from the movie The Sandlot.
  9. Hartford Whalers Concept Logo

    I like the whaler aspect of this. I don't like the wordmark.
  10. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1979 Regular Season

    Toronto is a nice look, very classic.
  11. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1979 Regular Season

    I like the Dukes name a lot more, so that's my vote.
  12. I see that my Angels picked a hometown boy!
  13. You have more total wins across the league than losses by 4. I point this out, as those 2 games could affect the playoffs, depending on where they fall, especially in the Pacific which those games could allow Portland to make the playoffs at the expense of Denver or Calgary (and obviously it could change their seedings), or the seedings from the Northeast and Atlantic teams.
  14. Northern Football Association (AFA) - 1979 Regular Season

    I like Manitoba's 3rd color scheme, but the 1st jersey.
  15. Bob Norris is a nationwide real estate developer, based in Chicago, Illinois, and season ticket holder of the Chicago Shamrocks. He greatly enjoys hockey, and looks to not only help determine the location of the expansion clubs, but he looks to also put some cash in his pocket by securing the real estate for the teams joining league to build arenas, regardless of where those teams are located. Bob feels like his vote doesn't matter much after the Long Island announcement, but still casts a vote forMilwaukeeas they'll have the ability to immediately have rivalries with a couple teams, including Minnesota, Chicago and Detroit.