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  1. College Football Circle Logos

    I would've preferred to see the sublimated frog in the background than the dark one in the front. Kinda makes the frog look like it's overlooking the city.
  2. College Football Premeirship (2009 season)

    Betting Lines: Yes +600 No -1000
  3. Sunday Champions League (#6 New York Lobsterbacks)

    My biggest thing is the difference in quality between different elements. For example, the logo is crisp, clean and neat. But then you put that crisp, clean logo onto a blurry, pixelated helmet. The quality discrepancy between the logo and uniform is stark. It looks like you spent a ton of time getting the logo perfect, then rushed through the other uniform elements. Spend the extra time to get the whole presentation to the quality of the logo to streamline the look.
  4. My picks: Minnesota (because I can't pick against my Angels) Colorado Houston (and puts more questions on aging and legendary Willie Krause's ability to lead a team in current times) Miami
  5. Middle row, on the right.
  6. I'm picking Angels and Captains in the Wild Card, giving Miami a home playoff game against the Hurricanes...
  7. The purple and teal is unique and stands out next to the other options to me. If you're set on the RWB option, the blue with red outline and football is the best in my opinion.
  8. Okay, that purple stain sunburst is great.
  9. I don't quite know how to get around it, but I feel there's too much yellow on the court. Aside from that, I'm a big fan of the Palms.
  10. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (12/32)

    That's incredible. I'm trying to find something I'd change, and just can't.
  11. USFL Redesign: Michigan Panthers and Expansion Talk (6/8)

    Thread was dead for a year and a half... someone shut it down.
  12. NFL “Gridiron Gals” Logos (12/32)

    Taking the ends of the wings and turning that into the ends of the hair is absolutely genius. The tail of the logo becoming the woman's neck, this is PERFECT.
  13. I assume Krause still wears an argyle sweater on the sidelines, and become a signature, like out universe's Ditka and the Bears sweater?