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  1. Now I want someone to make the "Kentucky Spelunkers"
  2. hettinger_rl's Logolympiad Entry Feedback

    I did vote for one of these (the Sockeyes) and not the other (PFF). The League Logo was the PFF one, and honestly, it got lost in the group of logos that all used the RWB scheme. However, I don't know if the different color scheme would've set it apart in a way that would've garnered more votes. I like the color scheme you chose for the Sockeyes more than the Sonics scheme. And, again, I did vote this in my top 3. It was a good identity, it has a unique uniform without being "gimmicky". I think a red uniform might've been a touch better, if only so the striping on the side matched the fish in the logo.
  3. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 3 Voting

    Gold: 14 Silver: 3 Bronze: 1
  4. SuperSamNaj's Logolympiad Design

    Honestly, I really liked this one. The secondary logo on the shorts looks great with the striping, the script is nice. I'm not a huge fan of the drop shadow on sports numbers, but that's my personal preference. I think you could've cleaned up your presentation, as your white jersey does blend into the background a bit.
  5. Bruins' Logolympiad Portfolio

    I also didn't get the poncho reference, but my lack of vote came from the "MXC" on it. I prefer to see the team name (Calaveras in this case) on the home uniform, and I needed to nit-pick a bit to get those final 3.
  6. Steelman's Logolympiad Portfolio

    I think this logo was a classic case of not knowing what the designer was going for. Without knowing, this looks like a shadow of a classic dome to me. And that's what knocked it down in my case. If I see a dome, I don't think of a specific sport, and definitely not football (I'm from Green Bay, I want my football outside).
  7. SSmith48's Logolympiad Portfolio

    I don't dislike this, but what I think would've helped would've been something to make the words/acronym a part of the logo, and not just added underneath the logo.
  8. Bucknut42's Logolympiad Designs

    And it's exactly those details which make the Logolympiad so hard in and of itself. You added a nice detail, that does help the design with the subtle touch.
  9. lightning25's Logolympiad Portfolio

    I didn't dislike this, but one critique I had was "Aquilas". In Spanish, eagle is "Aguila", aquila would be Latin. Not a knock on the design, of course. As for the design, it found to be solid, but unspectacular. It's a good set for a throwback with how the striping looks, at least to me. So I think what would've helped is a more modern take on a uniform.
  10. HRC4's Logolympiad Portfolio

    I think it was just a bit too simple, and the shorts were a negative for me. I didn't like that they had both the lightning bolt and the back panel. But that was just my personal preference.
  11. Who has the best shot in the lottery? My Northern Lights! #SilverLining
  12. Bruins' Logolympiad Portfolio

    Yeah, this was good. What I didn't like was the football itself. The way it looks to me looks more like beach ball panels on a football.
  13. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 2 Voting

    Gold: 9 Silver: 12 Bronze: 5
  14. Bucknut42's Logolympiad Designs

    This logo was a very good start to exactly what you wanted, something unique. As @Whittier S said, the lack of beveling anywhere else hindered it. Had there been beveling on the stars/outline, the logo would've looked complete. I'm not a huge fan of the font, because of the way the "F" looks by itself, but I did like the bisecting line in the middle of the acronym's letters.
  15. And also, Balu the Bare's Logolympiad Portfolio!

    I liked the use of the football player on the left in the oval, and alone, was a nice image. My problem with this logo was the blue block with the league name/acronym in them. I feel that had you extended the white outside the oval to make a border on that it would've helped. And I wasn't a fan of the blue on the left not being consistent through the oval (it's definitely narrower in the middle than the top and bottom).