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  1. See, I got Whitetails, so deer
  2. I'm a big fan of the Vixens entirely. The jerseys are very nice, and I love the fox tail on the court. I feel the logo on the jersey is too big though, masking the sublimated "V" on the jersey.
  3. *fidgets impatiently*
  4. That's exactly what I was trying to say! I don't know if it'll work with they yellow, however.
  5. I personally prefer the "stamp" version of the Galaxy logo because of the outline on each aspect of the logo ("G", star and orbit path). I find it looks cleaner that way.
  6. The Hawai'i helmet looks unbalanced to me. With the white helmet, the white triangles blended in, so to me, it looks a bit like a series of off-center gray triangles for the stripe.
  7. Yeah, I was unaware they got a new one that's actually quite nice.
  8. Please tell me you'll be updating Kane County.
  9. As long as it will still support "Jump Around".
  11. Savannah's population in 1995 was 137,000. Green Bay is the smallest market at that time having 99,000. But Green Bay won't be reproduced in a modern league. So Buffalo is the next smallest at 313,000. Savannah is less than half the smallest market in 1995. For comparison, Jacksonville, Florida, who did receive a team in 1995 had a population of 704,000. Savannah just isn't NFL caliber.
  12. It is. Chris and Veras collaborate to progress at the same pace.
  13. I'm just excited for the Crows set.
  14. The world (even alternate timeline sports worlds) don't revolve around Long Island
  15. I think you've got some solid ideas. What I'd like to see more of is the reasoning you went with specific designs (i.e. Michigan would likely not have had the same distinct striping from the helmet as there wouldn't have been helmets). Secondly, your presentation would be cleaned up by printing out a soccer jersey template and doing your design on that. It would give you standard sizes for the outlines that way. Other than that, putting a wordmark in place of the advertisements would be nice.