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  1. hettinger_rl

    I feel the "shadow" is a better look. As far as the more realistic looks go, the one with no T/Star is the best. The T/Star aren't hidden, they're just reaching out and smacking me in the face, and I think they take away from what is a really good logo.
  2. With Miami's hispanic population, what about Tortugas? Spanish for turtle, so the Leatherbacks idea gets carried over. For Kansas City, what if you went with Scythes? Ties into the wheat production of the midwest, and gives you a chance to do something with a Grim Reaper, potentially.
  3. I think the dolphin from that logo is too strong to not put on the helmet for Jacksonville. One thing I noticed that I'm not a huge fan of is the emptiness of the shoulders. I'd put some TV numbers on the shoulders.
  4. hettinger_rl

    I don't like the light purple, as it doesn't provide enough contrast. The Lighter Purple I think works the best, as it looks good with the logo, and would provide enough contrast on a white background as well.
  5. With Kansas City, I could see something tied to the wheat industry. And I'd love to see Miami get a "leak" that Kansas City was going to go with Threshers, and Miami then go with a Thresher shark. Have a feud between the two right off.
  6. I think the winged is the winner, personally, with the two-tone being a bit more "Krewe" to me. And that Crescent secondary is great. Have you considered merging the 1st and 2nd helmets? Colored helmet, stripe, jester on one side, number on the other?
  7. I don't see the Krewe with a helmet like that. It's 1982, so that's not really what teams were doing at that time. I think there will be a de-emphasis on either the green or the purple though, and possibly a colored helmet. If they were going to do something different, I could see a split colored helmet, with a different color on each side.
  8. Bob Norris is a nationwide real estate developer, based in Chicago, Illinois, and season ticket holder of the Chicago Shamrocks. He greatly enjoys hockey, and looks to not only help determine the location of the expansion clubs, but he looks to also put some cash in his pocket by securing the real estate for the teams joining league to build arenas, regardless of where those teams are located. Bob votes as follows: 1. Kansas City - The time is right, and a fan base that is already clamoring for a team, everything is in place for them now. 2. Cincinnati - Bob voted for Cleveland in the past, but sees Cincinnati's location further away from other teams than Cleveland (Pittsburgh and Detroit) allows better ability to get to more fans, and also provides more in-roads to the south with it's location on the border of Ohio and Kentucky. 3. Portland - Although a lack of current arena in the city, one would assume that the strong fan support afforded by the city would allow the votes to go through to allow public funding of the arena. With two major colleges in the state, Eugene, on the campus of the University of Oregon, could host the team for a time. This also connects the coastline with Vancouver/Seattle and San Francisco/Los Angeles.
  9. So who paid the scouts? Was it the league, or the team? If this is amateur, then it all comes back to the money. Amateur leagues don't have a bunch of money, so they can't pay players/coaches/scouts much at all. How are the finances for a league like this working?
  10. That makes more sense, it just wasn't said that this is amateur. So my big question remains: How would a team like Eau Claire or Harrisburg compete with New York or Chicago? And if it's amateur, how are they attracting players from Europe to come play for them?
  11. The outlined numbers are sharp. I think you've fixed your "1" issue as well.
  12. Why Eau Claire and Harrisburg? They seem a bit small to get teams in 1994. According to Google, Eau Claire's population in 1994 is only 59,000, and Harrisburg's is only 51,000. Duluth, Charleston and Sioux City each are in the 80,000 range. So unless those 5 markets have a way to remain competitive with the larger markets, they'll struggle. And secondly, Eau Claire's not in a division?
  13. It also appears that you've got a mismatch, as your write up says Li was to Minnesota, but the draft say Milwaukee as the 19th pick.
  14. I hope the Northern Lights don't move. That color scheme works so well for them, I don't want to lose them. But it will be like my Whalers, who moved and left me without a team.
  15. With the way the number font is designed, I feel you'll almost need that 11 to end up like that. Only thing I can think of is using the right side of the 4, and add that serif that is on the end for the 2/3/5/6/7/9