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  1. If the Vikings are planing to change the logo they better have a good reason.
  2. We're gonna stay on topic so done is done
  3. this is what i was trying to say and now we have found the stuff thank you timberwlovikings
  4. yes i'll take it easy young one can we see uniform concepts with this logo
  5. It does not kill me to try something new
  6. Look guys I'm not trying to be annoying maybe I am but let's forget the negativity and let's try to be nice to everyone so we can get along.
  7. Look up vikings new uniforms 2013 on google they will show all of the stuff that I'm talking about
  8. Sorry to say rams80 I didn't creat the rumors the websites did
  9. Oh I see. Allot of teams don't have logos with eyes so it makes it more different and more attractive.
  10. I heard rumors that the Vikings will get retro uniforms with a different shade of gold. Kelly green would look great for the Eagles.
  11. I heard something about a new shade of Gold for the Vikings. I wonder where I can find that information. April I'm guessing
  12. I'm a hardcore vikings fan that loves AP destroying every Defense. He had the best season of this year just like he did in his rookie year back in 2007.
  13. I'm 21 turning 22 in march
  14. Yes I watch the NFL. I'm a Vikings fan from Minneapolis and no one can stop my MVP Adrian Peterson.