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  1. I was stunned that the committee passed on a golden opportunity to leave Alabama out last year, but then again, that was at UCF's expense. This year, they'd be leaving out two blue blood programs for the benefit of Alabama. That might be harder to pull the trigger on. The closest analog would be that first playoff when both Baylor and TCU were left out, and Ohio State took the #4 spot. The reasoning was that tOSU won the B1G outright whereas TCU and Baylor tied for the Big 12, I think. This time they'd leave out two conference champions in favor of the SEC runner up because everyone just knows Bama's the best? I hope not. Georgia will make this easier on everyone by being embarrassed on Saturday.
  2. Of the 16 teams that have qualified for the playoff, only 3 have been undefeated. Despite having a field of 4 teams, we're already at a point where every regular season game does not matter. Teams are constantly forgiven for having a single loss. Last year, a 2-loss Auburn was going to be let in if they had won the SEC. I've always thought that the number of playoff teams should be dynamic each year and not determined until the conclusion of the regular season. The purpose of the tournament should be to resolve the question of which team was the best in a given season, not simply to reward every school that fielded a good team. Right now, it would seem that only Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame have claim to #1. A fourth team will be selected from a field of teams that are clearly not "the best" out of necessity because the playoff structure is fixed and we'll need someone for the #1 seed to play in a semifinal. Yet every year, it seems that most of the discussion is fixated on who is selected for the lowest seed and which teams are the first left out. Should that be the point of the playoff?
  3. UGA and Clemson did a H&H in 2013-14 and are scheduled to do the Atlanta kickoff thing in 2024. I’d bet on Clemson and Georgia becoming more of a regular matchup on the home campuses. UGA isn’t agreeing to a “neutral” site anywhere but Atlanta. The Texas one will probably go the way of the now-cancelled Georgia-Ohio State matchups. However, I think our AD saw how the fan base responded to the Notre Dame trip last year and is giving people more of what they want. I just can’t believe he scheduled Clemson and Texas for the same season. It’s hard to imagine that the SEC will get away with only 8 conference games 10 years from now, so that’s a zero OOC cupcake schedule for Georgia. That’s not happening.
  4. Georgia has scheduled home-and-homes with Clemson and Texas in 2028-29 and 2029-30, respectively. In related news, Georgia has been eliminated from the 2029 playoff.
  5. alxy8s

    2018 NFL Season

    Who Dat! Good lord. This is the kind of game the Saints used to lose 100% of the time. Fake edit: And now it's Teddy Bridgewater time!
  6. alxy8s

    2018-19 NBA Season

    How could anyone argue that the Process didn't work? I'm sure it was frustrating to be a fan during the initial phase, but I would have appreciated knowing that there was a purpose to it in the end. I'd have rather been a Sixers fan than, say, a Kings fan who was experiencing the same "process" without any larger goal than getting a single lottery pick and hoping to strike gold on it. This might be the sixth year to the Process, but it's only the second season in which you could say that the Sixers are in the latter stage of it in which they're meant to actually compete for a title. They exist in a league with the Warriors, so it probably won't happen. However, the same glitch that allowed for Golden State to get Durant will exist this summer for the Sixers. Add Kawhi to Philadelphia and the league will finally be interesting at the top again. It might actually be already now that Butler's there. The Rockets were so close to beating GSW last year, so it's not like it's impossible.
  7. alxy8s

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Okay, a rant on something that didn't even happen... I could talk all day about how Mark Richt drove me insane when he ran Georgia's program. Kirby's got it turned around, but one lasting part of his predecessor's legacy that just will not die is the idea that the black jerseys are somehow special, magical, and/or motivational. Half the fanbase thinks they're cursed because we lost to Alabama while wearing black 10 years ago (we've lost to them 3 times since then in red, but okay) and that we should never wear them again. The other half clamors for them every time there's a big home game late in the season. The game we call "the blackout" was against Auburn in 2007. Richt asked the fans to wear black for the first time, and there were rumors all week that the team would wear the jerseys. During warmups, they wore red. When they ran out of the tunnel, they were in black, and the stadium damn near exploded. Ever since that Bama loss in '08, those jerseys exist as only rumors and whispers (save for the odd choice of wearing them against ULL in '15). The staff will never confirm or deny that the team will wear them. We never know for sure until kickoff (and I half expected us to make a switch at halftime yesterday). Yet they seem to make sure we know they exist (this from a July tweet from the equipment staff): Anyhow, it's enormously frustrating that we never wear them. Black is a team color. The black jerseys are beautiful. When we have recruits visit UGA, they get a custom jersey and they always choose the black one. Wear the damn things! Does any team have its head up its own ass more than Georgia does about a jersey? It seems like half of NCAAF trots out a completely different uniform every week.
  8. alxy8s

    2018-19 NBA Season

    That's it? Wasn't Houston going to give them 4 first rounders? I'll just go ahead and be mad Miami struck out and now Butler's in the East again. Great! Also, #23 is already taken on the Sixers' roster. Is there a rule against a midseason number change?
  9. There's a decent chance that Saban has figured out Clemson, though. Last year's playoffs certainly seemed that way, and of the two teams, Bama's the one that somehow got better. Setting aside the 2007 season, Alabama has lost to all of three schools multiple times under Saban: Auburn (3), LSU (2), and Ole Miss (2). I have no love at all for them, but I often find myself rooting for the Tide in the hopes that Saban will finally find enough satisfaction to f--ck off and retire.
  10. alxy8s

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    Hope like hell the Vice colorway remains an alternate, though I appreciate that the Heat have two excellent identities in a league where half the teams can't pull off one. Probably going to have to stay up until midnight on the merch drop day for any shot at a Wade jersey.
  11. Courtesy of the playoff committee, now they are! The #9 Kentucky Wildcats are a real thing. 8 games into the season, no less. If my school wasn't the other contender, I'd be rooting hard for UK to pull it off and win the division. Kind of surprised LSU didn't shoot up to #2 for the sake of another *~*game of the century*~* this weekend. Also, it was just reported that Urban Meyer has a brain cyst, which is weird since a better job doesn't seem to be available.
  12. alxy8s

    2018-19 NBA Season

    The only thing that would make the Warriors somewhat fun would be if they started gunning for insane numbers. 200 points in regulation, 100 for a player (it's wild that they have 3 that conceivably could do it), double the opponent's score, some truly "2K set to rookie" type of statistics. Just lay waste to the league, sweep the playoffs, get the three peat, and then mercifully break up. Please.
  13. Some utterly bizarre play by Georgia on the goal lines today. That 8th and goal sequence was absolutely pathetic, and I’m glad the result will force it to be forgotten. And just as everyone predicted, the SEC East will be determined next weekend with Georgia vs. Kentucky. Potentially a top-10 Kentucky, no less.
  14. alxy8s

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    If a big 4 team in Miami is going to go with this color scheme, it might as well be the Marlins. But Christ, that's an ugly and unusually dark rendering of it. Here's hoping it's a primary that doesn't get used in practice all that often. I would love it if the ballcap logo ended up being a standalone-worthy "M" that could be worn to represent the city as much as (if not more than) the team.
  15. alxy8s

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    I really, really like the black and white versions of the Vice uniforms. The pink looks garish in the leak, but hopefully better in real life. I hope the Heat keep the existing red/white/black as the primary identity, though. There's always this clamoring for the Heat to use the Vice color scheme from seemingly everyone but fans of the team. It wouldn't be the end of the world, but "Heat" seems to require the red and gold elements from the primary sets. I'd be way sadder if they ever dropped the flaming T wordmark, though. It's cool to see the font from the old Miami Arena resurface, but the Heat wordmark is perfect as it is. I'll preorder any jersey that combines that with the Vice colors. Considering there's only a cyan one left to release in 2019-20, assuming they just keep recoloring, that should have to happen sometime soon.