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  1. Didn't catch that. Interesting. Thanks
  2. This isn't quite on topic but I didn't know where else to post it. Anyone notice all the official Draft caps have hugely oversized logos on the top of the bill, except the Raiders? 🤔 https://www.lids.com/nfl-draft-caps
  3. Is the helmet color slightly darker or is that just the lighting?
  4. The old home set was one of my favorites in the league. I'm in the minority in even liking the old number font. Blue and gray/silver do not contrast well enough for me, and that's why I liked the white and black on the last set. It helped things pop. I don't hate the new ones, but for me it's a 6.5 from an 8.5.
  5. This one took a while since I couldn't find the left side logo and had to trace the B from a decal photo.
  6. I like these (and the Tampa Bay one already mentioned): Don't like these:
  7. I would appreciate if anyone good with Photoshop (or similar... is @nivrag69 around?) would be willing to give any advice they have on achieving the finishes of these teams: Redskins, Giants, Eagles: These seem to have a unique type of gloss different from the standard one. It's hard to describe but it looks like a marble or a certain type of bowling ball... as if there is a layer of glass over it and then it has a unique glittery shine underneath. Vikings: Nivrag did a great looking similar finish with Utah here with a different template. Browns Jaguars I haven't been able to figure out the "Extra Passes" folder of layers on Davidson's template. I've tried making the Matte layers visible and moving them into the main Passes folder, but it does not achieve the effect.
  8. 🤦🏻 Good call, thanks. Fixed.
  9. Updated Patriots slightly above as well.