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  1. Is the Cowboys helmet only silver or does it have a minor blue tint?
  2. I don't know if there is some limitation to the way they place the numbers in unique setups like this, or if there just aren't enough Suns fans to complain and give them reason to change it, but 2K has made the Suns' front numbers way too small every year (I believe) since the new jerseys came out. And aside from the number just being way too small compared to the rest of the design, the full front design is just too small and looks very dull compared to the real thing.
  3. I wanted some updated helmet icons for a Madden league I help out with. In the early days it was the Helmet Project, and in recent years lots of people use MG helmets--both awesome resources you have probably seen and/or used if you're into football. Millions of people have used these helmet icons for blogs, fantasy leagues, videogame leagues, office pools, etc. The MG template gave a more modern helmet style with improved lighting. I figured, why not take the next step and make the helmets with an even more updated look: The profile view of davidson's great "Three Views" template. The idea is do all the NFL teams, facing both directions. This is good for showing matchups (helmets facing each other). I took davidson's template, cropped out just the profile view, took out the Riddell text on the chin strap (so you can flip it either way), took out the background and drop shadow layers, and started creating the NFL helmets. It would be great to do all the FBS helmets in the future, but the NFL is plenty big enough of a project for now. I'm going to do the ones that I think I can do relatively well. I may ask for advice/Photoshop help on the more unique ones (Bengals, Browns, Vikings, etc... I can not figure out the matte layers on this template ). I will post them all at original size (990 x 754) and at the end (if I ever get there) I'll downsize them too to have icon-sized ones. I'm going to focus on helmet color/texture, main logo, striping and facemask color/texture--any other details such as visible stickers on the back I will leave out. I'm not going to be too picky about logo placement. If you notice something that is substantially off, let me know. Of course, thanks to davidson for the template. If this has already been done before, please direct me there.
  4. @ImmortalChef, your entry came through blank. Seems the site isn't great with mobile. If anyone wants to PM me a list I can input it manually for you.
  5. Thanks, @dakotapalm. Curious, does your template have an easy way to remove the visor?
  6. Few other rough drafts/ideas: Would probably use the tribal striping for this one if I continued with it.
  7. I'd like to see the Falcons go back to black-black-silver but keep the current logo and number font. Maybe try it with red socks too.
  8. This is fantastic
  9. These aren't final renditions, just ideas. Tell me what you think: This one's mostly the same as @JPDesign's Pellies helmet but with different colors and a bit different rendition of the wing:
  10. Anyone else wanting to get their rankings in? I will leave it open a bit longer. You don't have to do all 71, just start from your favorite and do as many as you want from there.
  11. That will probably be it, so I made a display photo with all of them:
  12. I had started this one but never got around to finishing it until now. The remade vintage logo is from @ren69