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  1. NBA Changes 2017-18

    I was really hoping the Spurs would go for a Gervin era big San Antonio wordmark with black numbers. Disappointed with that concept if it's correct.
  2. Snapping Turtle Logo concept

    Okay, this is the next draft. I've darkened the outline blue, lightened the colour behind the tongue. and changed the eye a bit to make it a bit smaller, sharper, and hopefully a bit meaner looking
  3. Snapping Turtle Logo concept

    Thanks everyone for the feedback! I did definitely want him to look mean, and now that you've said he looks happy I can't see anything else haha! I'll work on the eye to try to make him look a bit angrier. I'm considering adding some scales to make the skin on the face look a bit more reptilian, but i'm conscious of overcrowding it. I wanted the shape of the head to be a bit spiky but I can definitely see how it reads as fur. I've darkened the outline blue a bit and lightened behind the tongue, it's definitely an improvement. I haven't made behind the tongue the same colour as the outline, because I felt that took away from the definition of the beak a bit too much. It's only slightly darker now and it looks better, thanks! I did initially try to work in the spiky shell of an alligator snapping turtle, but I couldn't think of a good way to get the panels looking spiky without making it look too busy for the style of the logo. I ended up going with more of a common snapping turtle, which doesn't have the spikes and is the actual state reptile of NY. I'll definitely have another go at the eye to make it look a bit meaner. Thanks for pointing out the tail, the reference images I used all had the tail obscured so I just assumed it was standard turtle tail. I'll totally rework that as well.
  4. Snapping Turtle Logo concept

    I'm just posting to share a concept logo i've been working on for a competition on another forum. As a part of the competition I am creating an identity for a NYC based Australian Rules team, and I decided to go with Snapping Turtles as my mascot as it's the state reptile of NY. I've stuck with the blue and orange synonymous with NYC sports. I'd love some feedback! I need to work on a wordmark to go with this, but I always struggle with wordmarks and working them into a logo.
  5. Pink Uniforms

    I think pink works in the same way teal does, in that it shines as a secondary colour against predominant black. Pink is an excellent sports colour IMO.
  6. NIKE x NBA

    Fantastic series so far!
  7. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Okay that PSG one is probably on par, but I think the brighton kit is much worse than the national kits, because it introduces an ugly 3rd colour which just looks really washed out compared to the rich royal colour. It looks like it's been cheaply made and the colour has faded from the sleeves after a wash.
  8. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Brighton's sleeves being a different shade of blue looks absolutely horrendous. Worst example of that template ruining a kit I can think of.
  9. Minnesota Timberwolves

    The double blue is a negative but it doesn't ruin it completely.
  10. Unique equipment

    The problem with the black bat in that case was that the paint was getting on the white ball, which wasn't good for visibility and therefore safety. Cricket Australia allowed coloured bats, provided they were covered with a layer of extratec, which is a clear film you can put over the face of your bat to protect it. I'm pretty sure another player came out with a coloured bat that had extratec covering later in the tournament. I'd expect to see a lot more coloured bats next season in the Big Bash League.
  11. LA Chargers

    I like how you've Charger-ified it, but I think the logo looks better aligned and balanced with the existing layout
  12. Fictional Basketball Team

    Most of the linework is too delicate to scale particularly well. I'd suggest simplifying the whole thing a bit and making it bolder.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I have a closet full of real jerseys, including a few Hockey ones. It's the same in Australia. In the AFL, the main Australian football competition, a guernsey (which are sleeveless) goes for ~$110. Most clubs will sell a long sleeve option for around $120. In the next biggest sports league, the NRL (rugby league), the jerseys go for around the ~$170 mark. I have a few examples of both, but the pricing is very strange and doesn't seem to reflect the jump in what i'm getting. I'm arguing that like anything, sports jerseys are a supply and demand market. IMO the NHL (and the NRL in Australia) have their price up too high to maximise revenue.
  14. I would never buy a fake NBA or NFL jersey, because you can buy the retails for $100 and they are of reasonable quality. $180 for an NHL jersey is very difficult to justify, and IMO is poorly priced. It definitely doesn't cost $180 to make an NHL jersey, and selling them at that price makes life very easy for people selling fake jerseys. I feel like they could reduce the price down to around the $100-120 mark and they'd probably sell double the jerseys and completely destroy the market for $50 fake hockey jerseys.
  15. Minor league hockey team takes issue with concepts

    I post on the biggest Australian Football forum bigfooty.com, which has tens of thousands of members and quite an active uniform and logo board. Several years back we had a rep from Adidas contact the bigfooty admin with a similar legal threat regarding concepts with Adidas logos that people were posting to the forum. We've just sort of started using the Adidas logo and Adidas templates again now, but for a couple of years there you just couldn't do it, and people would leave the logos off of concepts for Adidas sponsored teams or use an alternate logo.