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  1. Fantastic work, the crests are great, and the kits are all perfect. The Reims away shirt is probably the most beatiful jersey i have seen in my entire life, with Olympique away as a close second. I'm glad I've found this thread today, and I'll be anxiously awaiting for new updates. ( Any mistakes in grammar/orthography are of full responsability of Google, the Brazilian Public Education System, and the fact that I am a lazy bastard )
  2. Kochak Sports concepts - A teaser ? Really ?

    Back to "normal" sports.. Em breve..... ( This is a teaser, BTW... I don't think I know how to make this.... ) PS : My phone is the technological equivalent of a under developed potato so.... yeah..... And NO, I will not translate that sentence. That's it for today.. Vlw, FLW !
  3. HELLO EVERYONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm back.. And i'll try to be more active here, lets see how that goes... NEXT POST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Kochak Sports concepts - A teaser ? Really ?

    HELLO EVERYONE !!!! I'm back !!! Yeah, I know... Work as Designer can REALLY make one tired of designing stuff, and that is why I only write once in every Ashes series or so. Yet, here is the kit / uniform / concept / file / I don't know how to call it : AUSTRALIANS : if there is ANYTHING wrong, such as logos, etc., Please let me know. The idea heere was pretty basic : It is called Victoria, it has a tradition of using the V as an important part of the design.. yeah.... Original post ( portuguese ) : That's it for today. VLW, FLW !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. SAUDAÇÕES PR'OCÊS, Segue novo post... Victorian Bushrangers, clube australiano de cricket, no Kochak Sports.

  6. GO PACK GO !!!

  7. The Who.... Tem futuro essa piazada, tocam pra caramba... #RockInRio

  8. Euron : Matou não só uma, como DUAS Cobras, e mostrou o pau que Theon não tem... CORREÇÂO : Eu escrevi Reek errado, foi mal #GameOfThrones

  9. Kochak Sports concepts - A teaser ? Really ?

    YORKSHIRE CCC - CRICKET Hello everyone.. New entry, new sport. After MORE THAN 1 YEAR left in the dark, desperate and alone, this thread will be updated "constantly" this year.... Once in every 3 months, if everything work... Well.. Here are the kits ( and also a link to the original post - in portuguese : ) COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP : ONE-DAY T20 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's all for today... Vlw, FLW !!!!
  10. @PretoFascista Alguém falou alguma coisa sobre o Inter querer melar o BRzão e os Colorado tão tudo louco. Ao menos foi o que eu entendi.

  11. Eu vi dois pés no campo...Mesmo míope, vi demais.. #TNF

  12. Seguem kits. Variação da camisa Home com as listras acompanhando o traçado da camisa. Por hoje é só !! Vlw, FLW...

  13. JESUS - Último Fôlego

  14. @TeatroBonecos Caiu, Briggs

  15. Please help support Guardian Saints FA, add a #Twibbon now!

  16. Please help support Guardian Saints FA, add a #Twibbon now!

  17. Eu vejo ratinhos ... De terno e gravata, de vermelho e de azul, da câmara, nas câmeras, do Senado e sem sentido....


  19. Coisa nova !!!!!!!!!! No forum do Sportslogos ( by Kochak Sports )


  21. Hello everyone !!!!!! After a "rather large amount of days" (I do not know how many exactly), I decided to "resurrect" this topic. But why was "dead"? Well .. I stopped publishing my concepts here because I got a job .... In a sports uniforms manufacturer !! As a designer !!!!!!!! Actually, as an intern, but it's something ... However, with the long holiday of Carnaval, came back the desire to create uniforms, and to finish this series. I will use a Nike template ( "contour" only.. The rest will be 100% Kochak Sports ), with some modifications. But this is temporary because my definitive template will be based on the uniform of the team for which (one day) I will play as offensive lineman ( Short guys can do it to !! In Brazil, at least.... ).. Till next post !!! UPDATE ( 9 / 32 ) : Browns Rams Cardinals Dolphins 49ers Redskins Giants Jaguars Buccaneers VIKINGS ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OLD PRESENTATION TEXT Hello everyone ( or Saudações Senhores, if you prefer ) ! My name is Kochak, "owner" of, and I plan to post here some of my work related to football, especially the ones that I made based on Max O'Brien logos. I speak english, but unfortunately I don't write "publicly", in a mix of fear and shame... So, blame Google for any mistakes !! I'll use the translated version of the original text on the blog, and try to adapt some jokes and puns.. Or not... Feel free to comment and point out things you like, things you don't , and even the things you'd wish they were there.. Have a good read, Till next post !
  22. MINNESOTA VIKINGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No long text with poorly translated jokes today.. Here they are : The Minnesota Vikings uniforms ( Concept by Kochak, logo by Max O'Brien ) !!!! That's it for today.. It's almost midnight in Brazil now, so... Sleep is not a big part of day, as it is of the Night.. I don't even know if that phrase makes sense, or if this does.. Vlw, FLW !!!!!!! ( See?? No long text !! )
  23. Já está sendo um belo jogo, e ainda vai melhorar !! #SuperBowl50 Que pena que só volta daqui a 7 meses....

  24. Kochak Sports concepts - A teaser ? Really ?

    Hello everyone ! It's been some time.. But, I'm finally trying to get back at ( on? in ? på ? I really can't use prepositions.. Sorry "by" my mistakes ;-) ) my "rhythm".. So.... Post some comments if you like the work you see.. And........................................................................ Well.. Have a good time ! ( PS :I'm using the "spoiler" tool, I don't know how to use it, but i'm using it anyway.. Hope it works the way I think it does. ) First, LEICESTER CITY : These kits were made for a Competition held by Federação dos Mockups, and also were the first concepts I completed in months.. Surprisingly, I won the Desafio. Link to the original post ( Portuguese ) : And now, Atlético Paranaense, one of the main soccer teams of my city, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil ( Lovely place. No Carnaval here. Some nice cold days in Summer, too...Quite an amazing place, really. ) That's it for today. I really want to post more stuff here, as much as I want to fix the accent of my "Inner English voice"... And I will do both. Vlw, FLW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( PS : Yes, the "Spoiler" feature works just like I have imagined... )
  25. Saudações... Kits do CAP. "Pór ké, Cosháque ??" pq..... pq Sim. Na realidade, é isso : Pq sim. E lá vão : HOME :...