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  1. After largely having no or shattershot logo sets throughout it's 10 year history, The LEB Fantasy Football League's squads have been undergoing a gradual logo revolution as we enter the 11 season this fall. Would love your thoughts on some of these. *Note: All "sponsorships" are jokes First up... I Said Donde Explanation: An inside joke making fun of another league member who mistakenly referred to Donte Culpepper as "Donde".
  2. jdennis82

    #ConceptLeagues NFL Project - Birds of a Feather - Seahawks

    Got to be honest...this may be the best thread I've seen on the site. I frequently check in on things but rarely log in or post myself. Since I have zero ability but much interest in the idea of uniform concepts, browsing is most appropriate. That said, these looks are so phenomenal that I HAD to log in to post some encouragement. Well done thus far!
  3. jdennis82

    College Football 2014 Season

    Sorry for the false alarm...looks like there was a chrome filter used on the previous pic above. Helmet without the filter is below...
  4. jdennis82

    College Football 2014 Season

    New at North Texas...
  5. Wanna give Richland College Thunderducks a try? http://balladeer.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/richland-college-thunder-ducks.png?w=500
  6. jdennis82

    NFL Training camp uniforms - Complete! All 32 teams, 6-29-14

    In my opinion, these are the best of the bunch. Well done, overall but these Bears unis jumped off the page. I certainly recognize the ease of simply having the generic "ad space" emblem but it'd be interesting to see these with the actual logos of the companies sponsoring the various training camps. For example: NFC East Dallas - Ford Washington - Bon Secours New York - Toyota Phily - Sports Authority (Just a thought)
  7. jdennis82

    Chiefs Logo Update

    I like it. I would've pegged KC as more likely to get a Nike overhaul than TB and something like this would be a great start. That said, their red/yellow combination is pretty unique, so I'd hate to see yellow completely removed.
  8. As someone who enjoys logos/uniform design but has zero talent to create myself, I've really enjoyed being a spectator on this thread. So insightful to see the progression of a community project like this!
  9. big props on the video idea. genius!
  10. jdennis82

    GotPixels NCAAF-Lone Star Series

    I agree with this opinion. Everything else, though is great. The general look really fits the university as a whole.
  11. jdennis82

    GotPixels NCAAF-Lone Star Series

    This is basically EXACTLY what I've been wanting the team to roll out as the primary home look and keep indefinitely. Gorgeous work!!
  12. jdennis82

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Well done
  13. jdennis82

    GotPixels NCAAF-Lone Star Series

    Absolutely love the series. I'm a NT alum and have shared this link with the crew over at gomeangreen.com http://www.gomeangreen.com/forums/topic/95012-uni-design-for-those-who-enjoy-it/ Varying opinions, as always, but generally our fan base likes the current logo so much of the negative opinion is on the use of the claw logo. I have to admit that I would have loved to see you replace the black elements with a dark green as the contrasting color. Our teams have worn many shades of green through the years, so it fits with our tradition (i.e. inconsistency)
  14. jdennis82

    Dallas Mavericks jersey contest - Cuban's Top 10

    As a Mavs fan, my opinion is that the current uni set looks very dated and needs an overhaul. The timing also aligns with the organization has long suggested they plan to have "the next era" underway as they move on from Dirk as the #1.
  15. jdennis82

    GotPixels NCAAF-Lone Star Series

    Your unique eye for complementary color is amazing. Can't wait to see how you incorporate the many shades of green in North Texas' uniform history.