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  1. #ConceptLeagues NFL Project - Birds of a Feather - Seahawks

    Got to be honest...this may be the best thread I've seen on the site. I frequently check in on things but rarely log in or post myself. Since I have zero ability but much interest in the idea of uniform concepts, browsing is most appropriate. That said, these looks are so phenomenal that I HAD to log in to post some encouragement. Well done thus far!
  2. Wanna give Richland College Thunderducks a try? http://balladeer.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/richland-college-thunder-ducks.png?w=500
  3. Small details that bother you

    I hate the current uniform set of my alma mater (North Texas) because of two aspects of the pant striping: 1. It comes out of no where considering there's nothing on the uniform top to "lead" to the stripe 2. Absent an association with some striping on the top, any pants striping should be a straight line I admit, the bad look is made more pronounced when pants & top color are the same, but I could do without this striping altogether