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  1. I never said you could post my court concepts. Please remove them or replace them with your own court concepts.
  2. Black Bears... lets just think about this for a second or two.
  3. Been following this thread from the beginning, just haven't had the time to give a well thought-out response. I actually thought about doing a topic like this but for college arena football. Glad I could help give you some inspiration with my college football uniform concept thread. Would have sucked if you stopped creating concepts like these and your high school ones again. C&C on the concepts... -Marquette: 9/10 Looks exactly like how the basketball uniforms would look on a football uniform. I'm not a huge fan of the basketball uniforms but the way you designed the football uniforms is interesting and unique. (You fixed the striping consistency problem). -Providence: 10/10 Looks great, no changes needed. -Creighton: 9/10 Feather on sleeve works really well. Like the tapered stripe you used on the helmet and pants. Maybe light blue could be used more, but it's definitely not needed. -Xavier: 8.5/10 Exactly what I would expect for Xavier. Don't feel like the drop shadow is necessary for the numbers. The chrome is a interesting idea but there's too much going on on the helmet. I would remove either the logo or the X. Maybe you could keep both the logo and the X if you make the X blue chrome. -DePaul: 7/10 Not a fan of the horn helmet. Font isn't really working for me (even though it's used by the school). Italic fonts aren't unusually that great on football uniforms so that's not your fault. Like the horns on the sleeve. I think that removing one color from your striping pattern would look better (like their basketball uniforms). RWB pattern seems more patriotic than Blue Demons. BTW, I don't consider it to be BFBS if black is one of the school colors. -Saint Louis: 9/10 Arch with the logo underneath looks really nice on the sleeve. Your column pattern looks a little weird with it not connecting to the top or bottom of the pants. -Seton Hall: 10/10 Everything looks great. Gray pants are unnecessary. Great job with the throwback. -Saint John's: 9/10 Number font looks odd on a football uniform (not bad though). I would remove the helmet stripe, and then center the skyline on the back and make it bigger. -VCU: 9/10 Sleeve design is unique and a great way to incorporate the city flag. I like the ram horn over the logos for the helmet, but horn still doesn't look quite right. Your gold/yellow is helmet looks the best. -Saint Joseph's: 9/10 Like the striping. Like Seton Hall, the gray pants are unnecessary. Just feels like it's missing something (maybe add some black). -George Washington: 8/10 The font was a nice touch. I think having basically 2 monuments on each side is too much. I would either remove the top shoulder monuments or combine the shoulder and pants monuments into 1 continuous monument on each side. -George Mason: 7.5/10 A little boring but there's only so much you can do with "shooting star" logo. -Saint Bonaventure: 8.5/10 Somewhat simple but effective design. Custom design on sleeves and pants is nice. Brown helmet with long dog logo is my favorite of the 2 designs. -Gonzaga: 7.5/10 Helmets look nice. Not a fan of the stripe design (especially the bottom part). -Saint Mary's: 8.5/10 Like that you used the same pattern as their basketball uniforms. Might have used it too much with the sleeve collars. -San Francisco: 9/10 Has a really classic look to it. Kind of a combination of Auburn and Green Bay with the striping. Same comment as St John's about bridge/skyline on back of helmet. Agree with your comment on the different stripes. -UMass Lowell: 8/10 Not a fan if the Navy helmet design for them. If you kept it I would angle the stripes on the side of the helmet. -UC Santa Barbara: 9/10 The Argentine pattern looks was a great touch. Number font is a little too thick. Your helmet concepts with the hat/dots is way too much. The interlocking SB logo is probably the best choice for helmet. -Long Beach State: 10/10 Great job with the palm trees on the sleeves. You fixed the problems with the white uniform and helmet logo. -Wright State: 8.5/10 Over-sized logo on helmet looks great. Number font is a little to thin. Not a fan of the stripe (I would remove point at the ends). -UW-Milwaukee: 8.5/10 Looks nice. Claw/whisker marks look good. Could add TV numbers to the shoulder so the jersey a little more going on. -Northern Kentucky: 6.5/10 First concept > Not one of your best. The crossing swords aren't a bad a idea, but the numbers on top them is too much in one area. 7.5/10 Second concept > Better with the swords on shoulders. Feel like you went the easy way with NKU and were more creative with other teams. You could do something with the helmet and put horns on it (like the Vikings). -Little Rock: 10/10 Love the pattern on the sleeves. Stripe on helmet and pants is weird/different but it works. -Wichita State: 9/10 First number font you used is better. Like the normal sized logos on the helmet better. Probably don't need the wheat on the sleeves. -Portland: 9/10 Odd seeing the wave pattern but not a bad design at all. Did improve the designs by moving the wave pattern below the numbers on the sleeves. -College of Charleston: 10/10 Nice classic design. Definitely has a 49ers feel to it with the gold helmet. Usually not a fan of logos/text on stripes but it works really well here. -Chicago State: 10/10 Great job with them. Would remove outline on numbers though. Numbers are plenty thick without the outline. Very creative take with the tapered stripe on the city flag. Looks like I gave you some inspiration with the city flag colors too (my court concept). -Grand Canyon: 9/10 The first thing I thought of when I saw it was "What the hell? He stole my design" so I'm glad you gave me credit for the Grand Canyon gradient design. The overall design is great but the number is pretty large on the front and back. The purple pants and helmet with the gradient look doesn't look quite right (The black pants and helmet fix that problem). -Utah Valley: 9/10 Great design with the W V on the helmet and sleeve. I would remove the logo from the pants because you already use that logo on the helmet. If you kept the logo on the pants I would just use the one-color version of the logo. -Pacific: 8.5/10 Overall very good job. Feel like a better font could be used for the numbers (doesn't logo right on a football uniform). You went for a traditional look, which works well here, but maybe making the stripes thicker could help make the stripes/claw marks more noticeable. -Boston U.: 9.5/10 Very simple, traditional look for them, but it works. -Oakland: 8.5/10 Over-sized logo works for them. I would change the stripes on the sleeves. I would take the stripe pattern used on the helmet and pants, and turn it 90 degrees (make it horizontal) and put it on the sleeves that way. They kind of stole Marquette's old basketball uniform (striping-wise). That's it.
  4. Should be working now.
  5. Updates Updates due to new logos. Tulane Green Wave Radford Highlanders Bethune-Cookman Wildcats Coppin State Eagles Samford Bulldogs Big South
  6. This is the first thing I thing of when I see your logo.
  7. Time to bring this back again... (Currently working to make sure all the groups and links are working correctly for this year.)
  8. Nevada Wolf Pack (current uniforms) Home Uniform: Away Uniform: Alternate Uniform: -Got rid for the old Nike Miami numbers (which looked terrible on Nevada) -Added a unique interlocking diamond pattern throughout the uniforms -White helmet is glossy, blue helmet is satin (like this), third helmet is chrome with "blue chrome" logo and facemask Up next: Northern Illinois
  9. Haven't been getting much feedback on the last couple posts. If I'm not going to get much feedback I'll just end this thread. With that said, hopefully this concept will get some more feedback... Louisville Cardinals (current uniforms) Home Uniform: Away Uniform: Alternate Uniform: -Basically brought back the Teddy Bridgewater era uniforms -Both helmets are glossy; black helmet is meant to be similar to the style of this 2015 Virginia helmet -Got rid of the Adidas template wing/feather -Didn't mind their new red chrome helmet they got in 2016 but it just didn't fit with the style of this concept Up Next (maybe): Nevada
  10. Kansas Jayhawks (current uniform) Home Uniform: Away Uniform: Alternate Uniform: -Not sure if the blue helmet should be glossy or satin, white helmet is glossy -Modeled uniforms after these Kansas basketball uniforms -Got rid of all the chrome and all the Trajan font (except for the 'KU' logo) -The sleeve and neck collars wouldn't fit 2 colors and still look good, so I only used one on the collars and put the second color on outside of the collar on the jersey Up Next: Louisville
  11. Indiana Hoosiers (current uniforms) Home Uniform: Away Uniform: Alternate Uniform: -IU logo helmets are both glossy; 3rd helmet is red chrome with chrome facemask and Indiana flag -3rd pants have over sized logo like Miss St -Liked the 'Candy Stripes' uniforms they wore this year so I kept with the same theme -Have 3 stripes throughout the uniform. I originally wanted to have them a little thicker but it would have been too wide on the pants Up Next: Kansas
  12. Need to give Dalvin Cook a different number with the Packers. Give him 26 or 27, they aren't retired and no one on the team currently uses those numbers.