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  1. The Lions blue pants give me the sad (especially in a matchup with so much potential like the Bears). The Titans need to pull a Browns and just wear all-white as much as they can. The navy jerseys are such a joke.
  2. Gupti

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 9

    In the cadence of the Magic School Bus kids: ”A good-looking matchup against the Bucs? NO WAY!!”
  3. Kind of odd how people will try to call the threads cursed when the teams wearing them usually aren't exactly meant to run away with victory in the first place.
  4. Please keep this trend alive. PLEASE KEEP THIS TREND ALIVE. Forreal, when Patricia took over, I might as well have knelt by my bedside and prayed “Please let him be a man who likes his silver pants in the road.” Seeing my wishes granted solidifies their set as top 5 for me at least.
  5. I’d thought that the Packers were in that camp since all they did was indignantly add white pants to their regular look. Yet, they’re still gonna bust them out on TNF against the Seahawks in a few weeks even though they’re not being forced into it anymore. Seems like that would make it a conscious decision on their part solely for aesthetic purposes. Shame, Pack, shame.
  6. Is this the first time that a team has mixed their “color rush” appointed jersey with non-color rush pieces? Wish that teams like the Bills would take note, should they insist on keeping an alt-colored jersey around.
  7. In a navy blue helmet, they will never look like the Titans.
  8. This is the Titans best combo because the white drowns out and mitigates the double-grey crap. Also, it's nice of them to try to minimize the navy participation when the Cowboys decided to pull out their navies against them again for some reason. Still, God help them.
  9. Gupti

    NFL 2018 changes

    You’re darn right, they tried; they tried to create duds that would get them likes on instagram and fire emojis on twitter, and ended up with a football uniform that actively attacks your retina when you glance in their direction.
  10. I believe it is Khan’s choice and his alone. I really think he just doesn’t like teal, which is very annoying. It’s hard to imagine there’s another soul in the building that supports the choice as much as he does; at the official unveiling, the simple fact that black was the designated home uniform was tacked on as an afterthought amidst the pro-teal rallying. They really seem to avoid talking about the issue and just cram teal stuff in our faces as much as they can. That is, of course, until game day when they quietly trot out the gate wearing plain ol’ black. Sheesh.
  11. So.. would you rather see them just wear their weird whites instead? Mind you, they’re gonna be allowed to wear the throwbacks a lot down the stretch, so I’ll take this fun colorful matchup for what it is. Definitely no missed opportunities.
  12. Gupti

    NFL 2018 changes

    ??????????????????IT’S BACK!!
  13. It’s gotta be a mistake. They once had a London mannequin wearing a Jaguars home uniform with teal socks that never existed.
  14. Gupti

    NFL 2018 changes

    Good grief, glad I’m not the only one who skimmed those images and instantly wondered what the heck the Seahawks would be doing a golf tribute for. Sheesh.