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  1. No one is as bad when it comes to sacrificing team brands to highlight the manufacturer’s brand as Adidas, imo. They’ve been draping every soccer team in their lineup with that “three-stripe life” for years upon years and we just let them. Their techknit/primefit/etc. jersey treads that seem designed to direct your attention inward to the Adidas logo have also been stirring. Adidas basically makes sure that you never forget for a second that you’re looking at an Adidas product and it kinda makes me sick.
  2. The Browns also use a jersey color outline, and I coulda sworn they weren't the only ones.
  3. Sexton said during the unveiling to not be surprised to see the teal pants paired with the other jerseys, though it’s clear that their use is gonna be pretty sparing...
  4. Sue me, but I think that jersey is looking mighty clean, and it looks real good with his outfit too, due mostly to it no longer being addled by goofy, unnecessary BS. Seriously, the last jersey was one that I wouldn’t let myself get caught dead in, it was so ridiculous. This almost makes me wanna go out and buy my first jersey since I was little.
  5. Colors are very important. I could color swap the Jags right now to purple and black and they’d look exactly like the Ravens, or to green and white to look exactly like the Jets, or to midnight green and black to look exactly like the Eagles, or to navy and red to look exactly like the Texans, and so on. I could also color swap the Packers right now to make them look damn near exactly like the Browns, Chiefs, Vikings, Bears, etc. The Giants comparison is rather weak, imo, in that the jerseys share nothing except for non-outlined numbers and they aren’t futuristically designed. Other than that, they have very different features and colors which make them different uniforms. The Jags don’t need to put wordmarks in their stripes or use shiny plastic textiles on the shoulders or wear Jaguar print for the uniform to be individual.
  6. Yeah I've really warmed up to them using what I'll call a vintage look. It's such a fresh take on the current climate of flashy, swaggy, 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 uniform drops made for social media. They could really start a revolution in the uniform biz if they keep winning and showing up on national tv with their no-nonsense attitude and duds. They've jumped from a 6 or 7 to an 8 in the last day for me. If they made these tweaks, I'd happily call them a 10: TEAL. PRIMARY. Teal numbers on the road (which makes sense because the numbers and accents are different colors on the other jerseys). Keep the teal cuffs on the black and the black cuffs on the white and teal, but make the little part that extends from them gold as a nod to the inaugural striping. Teal socks to go with the black pants. OPTIONAL: One gold stripe (Raiders width) on the pants, though that probably wouldn't even be necessary. Do that and they'd look clean any day of the week in any combo. Love ya, Tom.
  7. Ngl, the jerseys look really good in this video. REALLY good. I’ll always wish that they used a little more gold, but I can’t take away from the fact that these are some very high class jerseys. However, they better be supplying loads of teal and gold accessories to go with those road whites to keep them from looking devoid. If they choose to go white/white but still run out the tunnel in black gloves, cleats, arm bands, etc., there will be hell to pay.
  8. I really hope twitter never goes away.
  9. Just as quickly as they will be killed if the teal jersey sees daylight more than three games in a season.
  10. *sigh* Do you ever wish that you could just complain little things into existence?
  11. This is really awesome. It's the perfect kind of change for a team to make when they just weren't quite there before. Whatever influence you had in this is much appreciated. It kind of reminds me of when people here say that "someone from these boards could come up with something better in two minutes!!"
  12. No bias: This helmet right here in that finish right there is easily in the top tier of NFL helmets. Matte could never do this beauty justice. I'm so stoked to finally see this come to fruition after five long, dark years. EDIT: Not gonna lie, I'm kinda stunned that there's more gold in that warning sticker than there is in the entire uniform if you throw the logos aside.
  13. It was really REALLY strange listening to Sexton hype up teal while he was pointing out aspects of the uniform that forsake teal completely. Other teams do do this. At least the Raiders and Browns to my knowledge, likely more. I don't know why they pointed it out as a feature because its moreso of just a matter of construction.
  14. Why must they hype up how many times they are able to wear teal as if they're being forced at gunpoint to wear black for every other game? They aren't. Just wear teal.