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  1. College Football uniforms- 2018

    I wouldn't call it knee-jerk. PJ Fleck's uniform touches are glaring and don't simply fade out of your cognizance as you become inundated with them. I would call reactions to things like the Lions wordmarks in their sleeve stripes knee-jerk. That's because while they are kind of weird and could be done without, I really don't think about them when I'm watching the Lions play and can judge the uniform as a whole without paying much mind to them. Fleck's dumb oar crap, though? I can't not see the Gophs now (or any Fleck-led team from the past) and ignore the fact that their once-decent uniforms have been degraded useless tributes to Fleck's own hubris. No other coach acts like this. He ignores common sense principles of sports branding in favor of his crummy self-promotion of his shmuck slogan and that is unacceptable. Why should anyone who is uninitiated have to look at any of these uniforms for the first time and wonder "Why do these teams that have absolutely zero nautical ties in their school's identities have oars pasted all over them?" I can't believe that these schools let him get away with this and that Nike has to bow to him like this. It doesn't help that these uniforms and all of their combinations have turned out, against all odds, to be just as boring to look at as they are gaudy. And what's with them mixing athletic gold elements with metallic gold ones and somehow having the nerve to play it off in their press material like they are the same shade? What a farce of sports design.
  2. College Football uniforms- 2018

    I don’t follow enough college ball to know a whole lot about this Fleck guy, but, man, he seems like a real douche to force his crummy, bland catchphrase so heavily into every team that he’s on’s uniforms, which are the ultimate icons of a team/school’s identity. I don’t think I’ve seen another coach act so self-obsessed.
  3. Good golly, where have those eyeballs been?
  4. As should be expected: Source?
  5. So there are people who really think that helmets like this don’t look like trash and the cheap toy version of an actual football helmet? Coulda fooled me. Can the football world just end its fascination with novelty helmet finishes already? Given that I expect the next redesign to persist longer than the last few, I’ll be really ticked if the Jags stick themselves with a novelty trend on their heads for twitter clicks (which they won’t) when they’re obviously trying to get things completely right with this update.
  6. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    Hard to disagree there, honestly. I really meant that if red had to be used at all, then that would be the way that I'd hate the least. I've thought of it as being just one step above if the Vikings used pale flesh-toned accessories or something.
  7. Same colors 😍. Wait, unless if that means black jerseys still... then 😒.
  8. Warmth absolutely comes to mind. It was something that the 2009 set dearly missed. Weaver said he wanted it to feel clean, but it just felt sterile and devoid. Anyways, Coughlin started with the team back in 1994, so it’s safe to assume that he could have had a part in the first uniforms that hit the field (not the goofy ones that were rejected, either), so I feel as though the uniform is in good hands.
  9. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    I'd say that the Titans ideal color balance goes something like: 1. Columbia 2. White 3. Navy or at least the same with navy and Columbia swapped. This right here is a pretty amazing balance (I even kind of like the red on the accessories because it isn't directly competing with the blues):
  10. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    The Titans look horrible in red. Red/navy/columbia is a trashy looking scheme that belongs only in the XFL or some other bush league. I don’t really know why they would want to emphasize red at all (other than for cheap Oilers nostalgia). The greatest amount of red that the Titans could use and still look ok would be similar to how orange was used in the last Bucs identity (as both are essentially sub-tertiary colors grandfathered in from previous brands). Regardless, I think they already use the perfect amount of red as it stands: just in the logos. For most intents and purposes, their color scheme is double blue+white, which is very clean and doesn’t need anything else to muddy it up (which the Bucs did by shoehorning in far too much orange in their last update).
  11. Jeez, a guy can’t take two steps around here without accidentally instigating a Cleve-jacking, can he?
  12. So far, I can only find this image from Stuff's Twitter. Is it the one pictured here? That's the regular road jersey.
  13. NFL 2018 changes

    Born in 95. Matte helmets are trash and belong nowhere near an NFL field.
  14. No, because they've not only been using that exact practice jersey design since the current uniform was debuted, but they've been using side-paneled practice jerseys going back to the previous brand (used to be white side-panels).