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  1. Not if I have anything to say about it!
  2. You scoundrel...
  3. While the wordmark is admittedly a bit of a misstep, I really don't think it's going to make the gestalt of the uniform look as disastrous as the Browns, Bucs, and Jags sets. As long as they succeed in certain other key areas (pleasant striping, a decent helmet, normal pants, attractive numbers, restrained combos, etc.) it shouldn't ruin the uniform to look at as a whole.
  4. Look closer. They all have sleeve stripes, and they all also have wordmarks within the sleeve stripes.
  5. That's already what their throwback is (though they should switch back to both full time).
  6. Is is it any surprise that I'd like to see Phins return to their unis from that era as well?😏
  7. This is a sound retort and I appreciate it. Yes, I am indeed very sentimental about the this team's aesthetic history. The greatest of times for this franchise were seen in that original uniform, which is my favorite look of all time. Upsetting Elway's Broncos in the '96 playoffs happened in that uniform. 62-7 happened in that uniform. Beating Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh twice in one season happened in that uniform (a rather odd feat that has never been replicated in league history). Fred Taylor reached 10,000 career rushing yards in that uniform. Every change to it since has been a step taken away from being regarded as a serious NFL franchise. The current uniform was coached to the worst all time record by a coach who was allowed to see a tenure of 50 career NFL games. The current uniform has thrown interceptions that ricocheted off of its players feet in consecutive weeks. The current uniform has insulted fans multiple times for not having faith in the team's futile process. The current uniform has allowed itself to be morphed into a walking tribute to baby diaper poop for one week out of the year. Let's just say that the team is hard to look at these days for a fan. On a separate note, I think I remember that the thread for the 2015 Browns makeover started a little more than a year before the fact, and that felt like THAT had lasted forever. Some of the biggest decisions of my life are going to have to happen within the next three years. I may be dead in three years, for all I know. This thread is going to be a wild ride from start to finish.
  8. I will never understand those who have convinced themselves of this sentiment regarding our uni. It is trash from head to toe (not just the head, though especially the head). (Oh, I'm Jax-jacking the crud out of this thread now.) The all-black jersey/pants/socks combo looks like edgy garbage that fails to evoke a lick of the badassery that the team intends to show through it. It is just an abysmal idea to adopt all-black as a full time look when it should only be reserved for occasional alt looks (such as the Ravens current alt, or the Jags' very handsome old black alts). The use of our beloved teal is shockingly horrendous, relegated to gaudy blocks of color throughout the home uni (primarily the contrast-sleeves and pants rectangles(?)). If the use of teal appears to be hastily applied, that is because IT IS (at least in my belief). TIN FOIL HAT TIME: The org made it clear from the beginning of their rebrand that teal was going to majorly take a backseat to Shad Khan's preferred scheme of black and gold. However, this obviously resulted in massive opposition from fans who know how deeply the color is ingrained in the franchise and the town. I believe that this left the team with no choice but to hastily throw some extra teal into the mix. The result? Crappy fill-by-numbers color-blocking. The proof? Check these often overlooked renderings from an old Nike press video regarding the uniform. The uni was going to be even MORE BLACK. The shiny sleeve inserts (claw marks???) are not brought up enough in conversations of how trash this uniform is, but they are indeed trash. The gold nonsense around the neck is trash. The way that there is no consistency across any of the number/NOB outlines is trash. The way that they designed a perfect sleeve logo yet put a slightly modified version of it on the chest for "we-love-the-goddamn-military" reasons, leaving the sleeves desperately bare, is trash. The way that they even designed a teal jersey only to never use it (regardless of the fact that it looks like trash) is trash. It goes without saying that the helmet is super duper trash (but I'm saying it anyway because it is, indeed, a part of this trash mess like everything else). Stupid helmet or not, the whole uniform is haphazardly-thrown-together trash. Bring these back yesterday. I rest my case.
  9. Aw man, I can already predict this thread being three years worth of one half "They should have never changed the old look!" and the other half "Now, if they just made the pants normal and changed the numbers on the brown jersey, they could actually have a solid look!" over and over again before anything actually develops.. Yet STILL I will probably end up checking on it everyday for THREE YEARS. (Count me #TeamOldLook, though.)
  10. Not very likely. Colorwerx has already posted the updates to the Lions' color sheets, which reflect a commitment to simply honolulu blue and silver. 2016: 2017: Im not too sure but I believe that if they were going to use chrome that it would be listed here too, as it is in the Bucs sheet.
  11. If you made this graphic, you are a saint.
  12. Hands down: Turn THIS from a reality that I have to live with into a memory that I can repress. No one takes this franchise seriously as it is and now they wear on their heads the worst thing to happen to pro sports. Just black is more than fine.
  13. I'm not too concerned for now considering that the Jordan brand's work with Michigan gives them a 1/1 track record of keeping solid clasic brands intact.
  14. Assuming that that one tweet posted earlier in the thread holds water, it should be pretty clear that their end goal is blue and athletic gold. The point of everything they've done so far is so that in the meantime (meaning: until they can change to blue and yellow for good), they can use colors that they already have in their scheme to: A. De-emphasize the vegas gold, which is a relic of the St. Louis era (because STL=BAD for LA folk). B. Create a temporary color scheme that is reminiscent of a memorable era of LA football history (because just about anything related to LA=GOOD). They've been denied to make the changes that they ACTUALLY WANT to make, so they're exploiting whatever leeway that they do have with the leagues branding rules to change things up to something that is a little better to them in the meantime.
  15. That's a pretty smart takeaway from this quick-and-dirty mockup. Wanna hear a dumb one? This mockup doesnt show any gold sleeve stripes. Compare to this image of the same portion of jersey from last season: (They probably just forgot, but a guy and dream of a beige-less future.)