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  1. Gupti

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 2

    I kinda thought we got that against the Saints in the preseason. Obviously, the Saints gold works great against the classic combo. The SNF game against the Steelers could also come close since I suspect they'll wear teal then, but I fear they won't be using the white pants and more likely will bust out the all-teal for that occasion. Ouch.
  2. If seeing a relatively unembellished uniform makes you angrier than looking at even the Bucs, Titans, or Browns, then I cannot help you.
  3. Big shout out to the Lions for granting my wishes that I never thought they would and using the silver pants with the road unis instead of the blue. And ya know what? I was right. That IS the best road look in the league. ...alright, I can’t contain myself. The Jags teal-over-white combo is a great uniform. What a shame that this’ll likely be our last time seeing it for awhile, and probably for the season.
  4. Gupti

    NFL 2018 changes

    Putting “Sr” on the back of your jersey is merely a certificate for having previously had sex, for all Im concerned.
  5. Gupti

    2018 NFL Week 2 Uniform Matchups

    Mixing the 2D helmet graphics with the 3D retail jersey pics is not working out, IMO. Perhaps use of some retail helmet pics?
  6. Gupti

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    This one that looks as though it was broadcast entirely in greyscale? I might have to pass on that.
  7. Gupti

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    That’s gonna be a ‘no’ from me, dog.
  8. Gupti

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Theyve been screwed up like that for so much of their history that it’s now considered “tradition” and they even made a comeback when they reverted to the classic look a few years ago. They would’ve been fixed by now if not for “tradition” for the sake of “tradition.” Get angry.
  9. Gupti

    NFL 2018 changes

    They didn’t feature any noticeable teal on their aways throughly the 2000s either. Weaver even distinctly mentioned when it came to the 2009 set that they wanted to “keep teal in Jacksonville.” Weird. They really haven’t had a good away uniform since the 90s. Probably the only thing I’ll miss about the 2013 redesign was seeing more teal on the road. Teal road numbers should never not be a Jaguars thing.
  10. Gupti

    NFL 2018 changes

    I’ll take it. Always thought the purple actually got kinda lost on the Ravens road looks, kind of like how a lot of road getups that the Jags have used are pretty devoid of teal.
  11. Per their weekly segment on Jaguars Happy Hour when they’ve been announcing uni combos for the week (Wednesdays at around 4pm), the Jags are in teal over white against the Pats this week. Be still, my beating heart.
  12. Just tuned into the Titans game for the first time and, wow, I cannot read a single players number. Yikes.
  13. The defining issue with non-contrast socks and pants is that they are, in essence, an optical illusion. For many of us, one of the important features that makes a football uniform look like an NFL football uniform is the tight pants with tube socks that meet just below the knee. When you get rid of the contrast between the pants and socks, however, it looks like they are wearing a fundamentally different garment altogether, what we often call yoga pants or leggings. The illusion that they're just wearing pants that come all the way down to the ankles is jarring and makes me feel like I'm looking at something that is less professional than an NFL uniform. I'd also argue that it just makes the uniform too bottom heavy in a lot of cases. A big example of this for me is the Lions away uniforms, which are way too blue on their bottom half for their own good.
  14. Eh, I wouldn’t say that ruined the matchup because it was still the Titans best road uniform, and their only other options were either the all-white, which didn’t look too bad but was pretty rare from them, or the navy leggings, which have always freaking blown. If powder blue vs. baby blue is a bother, then the matchup is just doomed from the start.