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  1. Gupti

    2018-2019 NFL Potential Super Bowl Uniform Matchups

    Pretty disappointing how Dee Ford lines up in the neutral zone to ruin what could have been the prettiest SB in recent memory. The refs already did their part earlier today..
  2. Gupti

    NFC Championship Game.

    Don’t we already have a megathread for this sort discussion? One with less implied sexual contact?
  3. Gupti

    NFL changes 2019

    It’s almost as though number outlines are *often* superfluous and don’t exactly add much to the functional aesthetic of the uniform.
  4. Hmm, the execution reminds me a lot of something that Jesse Alkire would do. In any case, there’s no way that they could get away with such an Eagles knockoff as this. Did anyone really think that Philly would just let this helmet fly?
  5. Gupti

    NFL changes 2019

    I was starting to think that I was the crazy one for still having this opinion. The pants silver just looks sickly to me, and like it can't even tell what color it itself is. I can only imagine how icky a blue jersey based on the royal and silver-green scheme would look. Navy and silver is stark and classy; it just seems right for a team with as much tradition as the Cowboys.
  6. Gupti

    College Football Uniforms - 2019

    So, you mean to tell me that those chest spikes weren't UW's attempt to evoke the spokes of the Sooner Schooner? Is everything I know a lie??
  7. A yellow-heavy matchup like LAR-GB, for instance, doesn’t bother me nearly as much as a navy-heavy matchup like NE-LAC because the former doesn’t remind me so much of this leagues awful navy epidemic. At this point, the color is about as neutral to me as black or white. I’ve seen some matchups in the past couple of years (SEA-HOU, SEA-LAR, etc.) where only ONE uniform element between the two teams wasn’t navy. It’s wretched.
  8. Seahawks in navy over gray? Time for an old plug of mine: Now there’s a ing uni.
  9. Anyone got any links to any of these vaunted “leaks” that prove Teal’s clout? Like, highly specific info revealed before anyone else that can’t reasonably be guessed based on preexistent clues? I’ll believe it when I see it. I really can’t stand vague, text-only “leak” statements like this. They serve us absolutely nothing if we don’t have any way of knowing if they’re real or not until, ya know, the uniforms are actually unveiled. These boards have been had way too many times by text-only leakers and it’s getting more tiresome with every speculation season.
  10. They need NEED purple socks to go with their black pants in order for this to work. A decent stripe on them, too. Are these the first steps towards total anarchy?
  11. Gupti

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    It’s not often that an SEC squad gets three chances in three years to knock off Michigan, though at least we got to make good on at least one.
  12. Gupti

    NFL changes 2019

    Enough. We’d already heard about the Browns and Rams making plans for 2020. The Panthers make for a highly reasonable guess given their recent change of ownership, his experimentation with their uniforms, and the nature of the usual two-year process.
  13. Gupti

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    MIGHTY improvement over their bizarre bout a year ago.
  14. These boards have quite the shirt memory, huh? Does anybody else remember that the last time that this user went around claiming to have “insider info,” all it was was some PMs from another user (likely a troll) who turned out to be full of it? Im not going to call them a troll, but I think there’s reason to cautiously consider their information to be naive. Im not going to chip into any speculation based on it, especially given what a s***show the last speculation season turned out to be.
  15. Gupti

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week 15

    I just can’t enjoy a matchup if I’m watching the game and find myself bothered the whole time by certain elements of the uniforms, such as completely unnecessary usage of black pants paired with black socks.