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  1. What fade?.. and what justice?
  2. This font is so strange-looking. It's like a bloated version of WVU's font. EDIT: Also, I must remark on how much I despise these uni sets that come out that are obviously made for making mix-&-match combos with their many pieces, but also have crap color balance overall. A white helmet with a white facemask over a two-tone jersey with no white? What are they thinking? WVU's current mess also reeks of this.
  3. Kind of odd that they would suit up Kenny Golladay in the throwback but still use the regular helmet anyway.
  4. @BenLueckDesigns, there is no specific thread on that topic because it is a theme that pretty much sneaks it's way into every single thread here anyway. It's pretty much universally agreed upon that most teams that have changed their look used to look better than they do now. I think that a more interesting question would be "What teams look better now than they ever have?"
  5. It is said. A lot.
  6. Anyone else think it's safe to say that changing back to a full-on copy of an old uniform is simply considered out of the question at this point? While there is a precedent for returning to vintage looks (teams like the Jets, Giants, and 49ers come to mind), those happened earlier in the century (2009 being the latest) BEFORE the height of the era of Twitter, Instagram and rapid image sharing in general. This isn't the 70's where you didn't know about knew uniforms until they hit the field week one and you usually wouldn't care to tell the difference anyway. Uniform unveilings are a huge deal now for people who browse sports news, and if your team's new duds aren't super hot [fire emojis], then your team falls behind in the marketing game. It doesn't make sense from that standpoint to change out your current set for "old," "boring," "been-there/seen-that" unis. The only people who'd be truly satisfied to see an old set make a comeback are we freaks here and a select group of heady loyal fans. Be mindful that there were even some people in the social media-sphere who were DISAPPOINTED that the Vikings changed away from their disgusting old set into their beautiful new one. Uni game is a social media marketing competition between these teams and the only way to keep up is to reveal 21st century uniforms that "sleek and modern," but also have some "vintage flair," because who doesn't just love a little bit of that? Old sets will just stay throwbacks to sell more jerseys.
  7. The Gene Upshaw patch is especially damning.
  8. Takeaways: ~The uniforms are fine. There are some issues that go without restating, but they really won't matter so much in game. They will still look like the Lions and they will still look pretty darn good. I also must say that the throwback looks even better with the new blue and a silver facemask. The NFC North's title for best-dressed division is safe. ~Maybe it's a stretch to think that they would think this far, but I believe that they went to the trouble of making blue pants the norm on the road to move their look away from the Cowboys' main aesthetic for good. Since their new helmet looks even more like the 'Boys than before (silver dome with silver facemask, blue logo and stripe), they thought it would be wise to avoid the potential comparisons altogether and change things up. I'd feel better about it if they'd just use silver socks, though. And perhaps the biggest: ~I believe that this reveal indicates that solid socks are going to be the norm from now on. They wouldn't just make an exception in the rules for one team who wanted to go against the grain to look cool, so the rule obviously isn't going to exist anymore. And if the league won't enforce it any longer, why the heck would individual teams feel the need to? It's not like it was the teams who decided to add the white sanitaries to their uniforms because they thought that they would complement their looks. Since no one will be stopping them anymore, I think that we're going to see players on all teams make the switch to solid socks (if they haven't done so already) in the next couple of years until the white sanis are a relic of a bygone era. I would imagine that that is because the solid sock look for Color Rush must have been considered a success by the league. Take that for what you will.
  9. Not if I have anything to say about it!
  10. You scoundrel...
  11. While the wordmark is admittedly a bit of a misstep, I really don't think it's going to make the gestalt of the uniform look as disastrous as the Browns, Bucs, and Jags sets. As long as they succeed in certain other key areas (pleasant striping, a decent helmet, normal pants, attractive numbers, restrained combos, etc.) it shouldn't ruin the uniform to look at as a whole.
  12. Look closer. They all have sleeve stripes, and they all also have wordmarks within the sleeve stripes.
  13. That's already what their throwback is (though they should switch back to both full time).
  14. Is is it any surprise that I'd like to see Phins return to their unis from that era as well?😏