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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Full Stormtrooper looks do not get enough crap flung their way. It's always such a forgettable look, especially when teams have better road looks to work with. Shame on any team, really, that tries to use all-white as a way to build hype. What a boring way to look bad.
  2. I've Jax-jacked the crap out of some Cleveland threads before so I'll let it pass. (Teal and purple is my favorite color scheme anyway.)
  3. Thank you for saying this because I think it every time someone says 'Dolphins' and 'teal' in the same breath. As a uni fan, I hate nearly everything about what the Jaguars have chosen to be aesthetically and want to forget that these uniforms ever existed. However, as a Jags fan, if someone told me that the Jags could only be allowed to win the Super Bowl if the team showed up in full color rush, then they could catch me in February in Minnesota with my brand new mustard #5 jersey on.
  4. Heck, no. I've seen more than enough views of this team from behind to know that an all gold helmet would pretty much be a lateral movement, in my book. Their first helmet was perfect and their second was a masterpiece. This shouldn't be hard.
  5. It is understandable to me that a team would want to reserve a throwback for one weekend of the year. Just because you are technically allowed by the league to wear alternate jerseys twice doesn't mean that you have to. Heck, the Jaguars have kept an alternate jersey around that they've only worn twice in the span of five years. If a team wants to have one throwback/alumni/historical/legacy/etc. week each season to make their throwbacks more special while maintaining their modern brand on every other day of the year, then that makes enough sense to me. As for why the teams have not coordinated to wear their throwbacks together regardless of how good they would look together, I think that they're just trying to avoid sending the wrong signals. If a game isn't scheduled to be an AFL legacy game, why make it look like one? It doesn't make as much sense as you would think, and "Because both teams happen to have throwbacks available that would look good together" isn't exactly a good answer to that question, as strange as it may seem to you. The teams wouldn't coordinate for something like that if there is no true occasion for it and it doesn't really make a difference whether they do it this year or the next. Why, then, wouldn't they just do it every year? Does Miami really want to throw away one throwback game a year to the Bills? The teams may also have a bit of respect for the fact that throwback games are meant to be important and exciting to the local players and fans, so it's only courteous for the away team to not come in and try take that spotlight with their own throwbacks. I'd say that that and the fact that teams want to reserve their throwbacks for their local fans are is why you pretty much never see throwbacks on the road except in designated legacy games.
  6. This is why I'm scared about them potentially getting new logos. It's one thing that you have to see people walking around town wearing of two different logos, even 5 years after the rebrand. It'd be another thing entirely if there was a third added to that mix. Talk about a branding nightmare. EDIT: Although I do personally contribute to a third logo by wearing my '93 lawsuit logo gear out and around.
  7. The only thing that would make me angrier than if they switched to an all gold helmet is if they kept black as the primary home jersey and only wore teal during color rush. And I would rather keep the current helmet than switch to all gold.
  8. The worst part is when the dearth of "true Color Rush" matchups (i.e. neither team wearing white) drive me to actually yearn for weeks where both teams wear color (if you're gonna put this trainwreck on display, you may as well do it right, I suppose). It still looks &#!%ing terrible anyways. The Seahawks' green is a blight on good eyesight, and I don't even know why they let black slide into the program as a "Rush of Color," let alone white. I can't believe that the NFL, of all entities, is allowing this massive joke to plague it's brand. Even if you could argue that it looks kewl to some folks (somehow), it never works like it was intended. Half of the whole program has become "White Rush" between the color conflicts, colorblindness conflicts, and teams that were somehow allowed to essentially bypass the program and choose white in the first place. It's almost as if the essential point of Color Rush has shifted from being "come see two teams duke it out both dressed from headneck to toe in wacky colors!" to "come see your home team dressed up all in one color while the away team contrasts that by being forced to wear their most bland look possible, I guess." How embarrassing.
  9. Agreed. Matte black is a disgusting treatment (looks gray, more than anything).
  10. As much as I still despise the current overall design, this is the best that the Jags have looked since their deplorable redesign in 2013 and tragic overhaul in 2009. I wish that they'd be able to wear them for the rest of the season (or even in the playoffs) but that's highly unlikely. Fingers crossed for next year's changes, I suppose.
  11. The content has been buried at this point, but I believe that I do remember ColorWerx revealing from official graphics back when they were unveiled in 2013 that the orange trim was actually thinner than the blue trim. Inconceivable.
  12. Kind of OT and idk if it's been discussed here yet, but I saw a promo for Madden on TV and noticed that they accidentally used the Ravens' color rush socks with their normal aways. It is seriously much better than what they currently wear. Dang, that was fixing to be one of the MUs of the year otherwise. Oh well.
  13. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Just like this. Perfection. I won't be too dissapointed when they ultimately end up in the classic blue-and-yellows, but it would make me a special kind of giddy if they pulled out something like these.
  14. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Is that matte yellow? Not a fan. It looks more like one of those novelty helmet cakes than an actual football helmet to me.