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  1. Love the Jupiter Kings!
  2. UCCF Alt. History - New Polls Open

    And so that is it for the 1969/70 season. Notre Dame becomes the 8th team to win in the college playoffs. To date the winners have been: 1962/63 – USC Trojans (AAWU) 1963/64 – Texas Longhorns (Southwest) 1964/65 – Arkansas Razorbacks (Southwest) 1965/66 – Alabama Crimson Tide (SEC) 1966/67 – Michigan State (Big 10) 1967/68 – Oklahoma Sooners (Big 8) 1968/69 – Ohio State Buckeyes (Heartland) 1969/70 – Notre Dame Fighting Irish (independent) At the UCCF exit meetings the votes were tallied for the National Championship bidding cities. The results are as follows: Thus, the next national championship game will be held at Memphis Memorial Stadium in Memphis, Tennessee. As for the 1971/72 National Championship Game 10 vote via comment: As for the 1972/73 National Championship Game 11 vote the bidding cities that remain and their bid logos are: San Juan, Puerto Rico Tampa, Florida Eugene, Oregon Moving onto where the 1973/74 National Championship Game 12, that campaign is now down to just four. Today they announced what stadiums would host the event in their city if they should win. Those declerations are as follows: Houston, Texas – Houston Astrodome Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – Franklin Field Birmingham, Alabama – Rickwood Field Queens, New York – Singer Bowl Five new cities that are bidding for the 1974/75 National Championship Game 13 are announced as well. They are: Baltimore, Maryland Davenport, Iowa Jacksonville, Florida Bristol, Tennessee Tempe, Arizona Some other news that comes down in these exit meetings are that the FCE is disbanding. Since having been demoted to a non-power conference, the member schools, primarily Penn State, have been reevaluating their need for the conference. All member schools become independents. In the Missouri Valley conference Cincinnati decides to leave the conference and become an independent as well. Finally, it is announced that as the Cotton Bowl steps aside as a Bowl-Semi Final the Orange Bowl will step back in.