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  1. freddamnrock

    NBA 2K19 Concepts (feel free to add your own)

    Has anyone else been able to find JGillum817's rebrand on 2kshare? I have 28 mostly custom teams done. I just need Ft. Worth and I'm doing Jacksonville for myself.
  2. freddamnrock

    NBA 2K19 Concepts (feel free to add your own)

    I'm doing what I did for 2k17. Had regular home and away unis. Then id just upload it and edit the copies. I had like 12 alternates for my myleague team.
  3. freddamnrock

    NBA 2K19 Concepts (feel free to add your own)

    Thanks I couldn't find it yesterday when I looked. It didn't let me search by author, just keywords. I tried Fort Worth, Outlaws, and both together. I'll look again tonight when I get a chance.
  4. freddamnrock

    NBA 2K19 Concepts (feel free to add your own)

    They may very well be. I don't know his GT to search by. I searched a few other guys that had designs to share but idk what platform they were on. Hey 29texan! Care to share your PSN?
  5. freddamnrock

    NBA 2K19 Concepts (feel free to add your own)

    I'm on XB1 So I cant find you but this is still a great set.
  6. freddamnrock

    NFL to NBA (#25 Chiefs updated on 1/8)

    I love all these. I can't pick a favorite but the Bears set stands out to me because of the identical striping. Patiently waiting on the Bucs and Saints. Posts like this are the main reason I love this site and board.
  7. freddamnrock

    NBA 2K19 Concepts (feel free to add your own)

    Hey can we use your designs? I'm doing a myleague with 30 new teams and your Outlaws Identity would be great.
  8. freddamnrock

    College Football Uniforms - 2015 Season

    I highly doubt it's a Rolex and more than likely it's a knockoff or a lookalike. Still can't fathom why any player would need a watch during a game. Seems kind odd. Its a Gshock by Casio like oneof these,
  9. freddamnrock

    College Football 2014 Season

    So according to your link the pattern on the stripe is, from top down, Arrow, Man on horseback, and Fire. I would have never known. I don't know if it was fully explained when they made their first debut. Pretty interesting IMO. They still look crappy though. If they were implemented better It'd be ok.
  10. freddamnrock

    Miami Hurricanes Football Concept

    Did it had a drop shadow trim effect too? Just curious. Anyways, the only 'block number' format I would like is the ones like the ITM Machine font. Just saying. But each to their own when it comes to personal tastes. I said the block numbers but I meant the drop shadows. Our home and aways were just like that except ours were orange and black.
  11. freddamnrock

    Miami Hurricanes Football Concept

    I think I am one of the few that likes the block numbers MIA used here. My high school wore a similar set as this in the late 90s
  12. freddamnrock

    Arizona Wildcats Logo WIP

    I like this. I live in Tucson so I see a lot of UofA merch around and this is the most creative of all of it. The Wildcat needs to be slimmed down a bit like suplauren said, but other than that. I like it. I'd buy a tshirt or a hat with this on it.
  13. freddamnrock

    Helmet Stripes Out Dated?

    Looks like the equpment manager mistakenly gave the poor kid a helmet phone. (popularized by the nfl draft) I lol'd. Thats the first thing I thought about.
  14. freddamnrock

    Favorite once-worn uniforms

    This is exactly what I was gonna post. These were a perfect adaptation IMO.
  15. freddamnrock

    Muppet Themed NHL Logos (From Pinset, Circa 1993)

    I'm not even a hockey fan but this is awesome.