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  1. Aldi is going against the grain and bringing back shine while everybody else is going flat. Old: New:
  2. Old: New:
  3. It's not necessarily an upgrade or downgrade. The old logo was pretty awful, but the new logo reads "South Big" to me, not "Big South". It also reminds me more of a regional phone company rather than a sports conference logo. I don't know. I can't quite put my finger on what seems so off about it.
  4. James Madison University, an FCS team in Virginia, has refreshed their logos to flatten them out a bit. No major changes, but just some updates to bring them into 2017. Old: New: Old: New: They have also debuted some new wordmarks, in addition to the JMU logo released above:
  5. While I like what you did, I have to agree with the others in saying that the original gets my vote. I think using the rainbow flag for the logo comes off as very cliche and does more harm than good. The original logo can be put over any picture to allow for some customization, but your interpretations of the logo limits it a bit in the mediums it could be applied to. Great concept, though!
  6. Can't wait to see how you intertwine App State's Yosef logo with the State of North Carolina! I love all of these. Amazing job!
  7. Old logo: New logo: Old vs. new logo and packaging:
  8. App State in NC
  9. I personally like it. It is symbolic, yet simple. The Railhawks never resonated with me, so I'm okay with the name change if it is for a pitch to be an expansion team for the MLS. The Carolinas need a MLB team more, but MLS is always welcome in a youth-heavy area. Also, I think the Raleigh-Durham area will work better for MLS than Charlotte would. There are three major colleges within 45 minutes of Cary (UNC-Chapel Hill, NC State, and Duke), with East Carolina, Appalachian State, UNC-Greensboro, Wake Forest, Elon, High Point, NC A&T, Winston-Salem State, UNC-Wilmington, and UNC-Charlotte all being within a three hour radius of the stadium. Charlotte may be closer to South Carolina and other pro teams, but soccer is becoming more popular in college-aged students, so it would be a smart move to place a team in this very young area.
  10. Just realized that the new Kodak logo bares a striking resemblance to the Koch Industries logo.
  11. I'd say it's an upgrade over the 90s look that it had donned for decades.
  12. It seems as if this was done in August but was never posted about on here. Old on the left, new on the right. I'd say upgrade, just because the font is much better.
  13. Old above, new below Old left, new right
  14. Downgrade in my opinion