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  1. Love the star on the helmet. I wish more teams did little things like this rather than stick the primary or the wordmark on the side.
  2. Most of these guys aren't even ugly. They just have bad hair.
  3. While an argument can be made in favour of changing names like 'Redskins' or 'Indians', I don't see how anyone can say the name 'Braves' is offensive. A Brave is not slur or ethnonym, its a term for a warrior. It's the culture's equivalent of a Knight or Samurai. Its really no different than Vikings, Warriors, Raiders, Pirates, Cowboys, Rangers, Cavaliers, and a hundred other team names that essentially mean the same thing. The only way I could see the Braves getting a name change is if the Redskins and Indians do change their names and the aggrievement brigade needs a new source of outrage, and starts hammering on them.
  4. I'd say that could be said for a lot of 'classic' logos.
  5. I'm a fan of Edmonton wearing orange simply because every Canadian team wears red or blue. It adds some contrast and distinction for Edmonton. Now if only the Sens would follow suit and drop their EDGE template by wearing black again.
  6. This is a fine Cap logo. I like the idea of one team having an insignia that isn't a super overdesigned initial, not every team needs heavily stylized, interlocking, difficult to discern cap logos. And if one city can get away with a block letter, its Cleveland.
  7. That Shape of You song will be a summer jam, I guarantee it. I have a good methodology to tell what will be. I work at a bar, and when the DJ plays that song, all the basic bitches in the place squeal in unison. I'm not exaggerating, they'll hear the opening chords or notes of a song that inevitably goes on to become a summer jam, and immediately a chorus of shrieks can be heard. It's actually quite creepy. Every song that does that inevitably goes on to be a massive summer hit. It happened with Hotline Bling. It happened with Closer, it happens with Shape of You.
  8. I personally love Comic Sans because its so bad.
  9. In a few short months we'll have the "Golden Knights" and "Kings" in the same league. Kind of silly naming a team after a mascot that has to swear fealty to another team's. Also less related but still interesting is you have the "Padres" and "Angels" squaring off.
  10. That's not a colour scheme change.
  11. They've changed schemes 3 times, and one of those was back to their original colours. I don't think they'll be changing colour schemes again any time soon. Normally I'd think Seattle having a blue green colour scheme would be a good idea, but when their immediate geographic rivals wear the same thing it's building a very poor brand. Not to mention since the Stars rebrand, there aren't any teams in the NHL wearing green and gold, which would be perfect for Seattle.
  12. Or how about something original instead?
  13. I don't think so, but I think it would be a poor design choice for Seattle to mimic the colours of their nearest geographic rival so closely.
  14. I like the name Seismics. Plays into regional significance, its unique, goes well with 'Sonics' because we know if Seattle is getting an NHL team an NBA team is a prerequisite, and they can use the green and gold colour scheme thats been basically abandoned by the Wild and Stars to have a unique look in the NHL. Or Totems. No.