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  1. Well luckily for me the only team I cheer for with branding aspects I truly hate is the Canucks, and that’s limited to the orca. And that’s okay because the team has had such an identity crisis I usually have several logos to pick from if I’m buying merch or something.
  2. Chromatic

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    I’m gonna say it again, anything other than green and gold will be a big disappointment to me. It looks good, It fits Seattle, nobody wears it now that the stars have rebranded, it’s unique within the current Seattle sports landscape, and they can do up the arena in those colours to tie in with the sonics, who they are obviously hoping will return soon. It’s a perfect opportunity that they’ll probably waste.
  3. Chromatic

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Given that it’s Seattle I can definitely see how an extremely loud, vocal minority of people would see the name Totems as “cultural appropriation” and “problematic”. I don’t really want to get into whether or not the name actually is given that it’s taboo on this site, but it seems like a headache the ownership group would rather avoid.
  4. Chromatic

    Seattle Sockeyes concept

    First logo is fine if not a little generic. Second is incredible, that should absolutely be the primary.
  5. Chromatic

    NHL Super-League

    Cool so far, really looking forward to this series
  6. Chromatic

    Unpopular Opinions

    Every club you listed has a wealth of history behind it, which is why those names don't come across that way. They've built up enough brand recognition over the years that it comes across as iconic, but if Detroit got a brand new team and it was announced they'd be called the "Tigers", the general consensus on this board would be 'Wow, thats really generic, underwhelming, etc'. In a vacuum, the name is pedestrian, you can find 10 high schools in every city called the Tigers. But since they've been around so long, they've shaped that great identity.
  7. Chromatic

    Unpopular Opinions

    Mostly just history I'd say. I don't think any of those looks are particularly great, but I can see why they won't ever be touched. I absolutely hate the Yankees uniforms, but when you hear the term 'pinstripes' they're the first team to come to mind.
  8. Chromatic

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    Weirdly enough I think this might be the Canucks worst uniform; its their worst colour scheme coupled with their worst logo. Yet every time I see it I feel a little bit of nostalgic warmth for when I was a child and first started watching hockey, The West Coast Express, etc.
  9. Chromatic

    Hand painted MLS team logos

    Pretty impressed you managed to get that effect on the New England logo using paint. Well done.
  10. Chromatic

    Unpopular Opinions

    Disagree completely, a team's nickname should be a homage to the city/state/region's character. Whether thats geographical, cultural, etc, it doesn't really matter. That's the entire point of a nickname. Its bad enough when you get generic ones like "Bulldogs" or "Warriors", even worse when they kept a nickname from a city where it no longer makes sense, like Utah Jazz. Imagine for the sake of argument the Colorado Avalanche or New York Islanders moving to Kansas City. "Kansas City Islanders" or "Kansas City Avalanche" is a bit absurd. Also I never understood what was so great about the Houston Oilers identity. The colours were pretty unique, beyond that they had a clip art oil derrick for a logo and a a generic striping pattern. Nothing about it screams "untouchable" or "iconic" to me.
  11. Chromatic

    Unique Team Names?

    “Wheeling Nailers” was always a classic.
  12. Chromatic

    Unpopular Opinions

    I just wish the panthers would drop every instance of silver in their colour scheme for white. It would look so much better, cleaner and more vibrant
  13. Chromatic

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Honestly I do think there are better names out there than Sockeyes or Thunderbirds, but it seems people are resigned to that list
  14. Chromatic

    New Era to become official outfitter of the CFL in 2019

    Probably the strangest jersey sponsor I’ve ever seen.
  15. Chromatic

    NHL 2018-19

    White at home made sense when nobody had a colour tv and the only way to see the visiting team’s uniforms was to actually go to the game. Now that we’re in the 21st century, you’re in your barn, you should be representing your colours at home in all their glory. Honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing some more colour on colour matchups though, assuming everything keys up correctly. If you’re wearing orange and your opponent wears blue there’s no real reason either one of you needs to wear white.