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  1. I personally love Comic Sans because its so bad.
  2. In a few short months we'll have the "Golden Knights" and "Kings" in the same league. Kind of silly naming a team after a mascot that has to swear fealty to another team's. Also less related but still interesting is you have the "Padres" and "Angels" squaring off.
  3. That's not a colour scheme change.
  4. They've changed schemes 3 times, and one of those was back to their original colours. I don't think they'll be changing colour schemes again any time soon. Normally I'd think Seattle having a blue green colour scheme would be a good idea, but when their immediate geographic rivals wear the same thing it's building a very poor brand. Not to mention since the Stars rebrand, there aren't any teams in the NHL wearing green and gold, which would be perfect for Seattle.
  5. Or how about something original instead?
  6. I don't think so, but I think it would be a poor design choice for Seattle to mimic the colours of their nearest geographic rival so closely.
  7. I like the name Seismics. Plays into regional significance, its unique, goes well with 'Sonics' because we know if Seattle is getting an NHL team an NBA team is a prerequisite, and they can use the green and gold colour scheme thats been basically abandoned by the Wild and Stars to have a unique look in the NHL. Or Totems. No.
  8. I'm not a big fan of the 'GSH' on the Bears uniforms but I understand his importance to the franchise and why they honour him like that. This just comes across as ripping off Chicago.
  9. This is actually an improvement.
  10. I half agree with him. Montreal has always been interesting to me because I think their home uniforms are probably the best in the league, but their whites are the worst. I understand history and this is an unpopular opinion and blah blah but even the century of tradition those away uniforms are steeped in can't redeem them in my eyes.
  11. It really bothers me that Florida's chest stripe doesn't go all the way around. I think its a major flaw on a good jersey. I put it in the same category as "piping to nowhere" and the Oiler's stripes that only covered the inside of their elbow.
  12. Pure speculation on my part, but I think use of the term 'We' when it comes to sports teams is ultimately rooted in tribalism, because that's what sports fandom is at it's core. We no longer round up a bunch of our clan mates and go raid other cities for gold or land under a unified banner, we send teams of athletes to compete against that other tribe under a unified banner. It's why people typically are fans of the team that represents the area they grew up/live. There's something inherently human about the want to identify with a specific tribe or collective, so we buy hats and jerseys and take personal pride when "our" team wins and despair when "our" team loses. We basically associate ourselves as part of the "Maple Leafs" Tribe or "Canadiens" Tribe. People see the term "we" as appropriate because they see some essence of themselves included in the team, and feel part of a larger collective when they wear their team's jersey, modern pageantry. People don't get that same experience with a band or a movie, there is no part of their identity wrapped up in a colour palette and logo. Now though people are more likely to burn down their own city than that of the enemy tribe.
  13. I think someone using "We" to refer to their favorite team is silly, but someone who actually goes out of their way to chastise them for it is infinitely worse.
  14. I'd understand if you were talking about a different Detroit team, but I don't have a problem with a 'forced horsepower' theme considering the team is called the Pistons. Anything is better than yet another "script in front of basketball" logo considering a third of the league uses such a lame motif.
  15. Its still extremely green heavy with a small amount of red trim. They have a beautiful, unique and fitting color scheme, but people always try to downplay it because it looks too "christmassy". I hate that argument. Nobody rags on the Flyers for wearing halloween colours. Nobody cares that the Canadiens wear USA colors. Nobody cares that the Chiefs have McDonalds colors. Color schemes can be associated with more than one thing. When I look at the Wild's uniforms I don't think of Santa Claus I think of the Minnesota Wild.