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  1. NHL 2018-19

    The Flames using black or not never bothered me. They've had great looks with both. I can see why people don't like black, and they want the cleaner, more "white hot" look of just red, yellow and white. I can also understand the case for black, adding some weight to the uniform and being reminiscent of smoke, charcoal, (oil? ), and such. What is way more important is fixing the awful design of their uniforms. Get rid of the flag patches, fix the awkward paneling, etc. They made it halfway by ditching the piping with the Adidas switch over, It's not hard to finish the job.
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    Theyre alright. They don't look bad, but honestly my only major issue with their uniforms last year was that abomination of a helmet. I thought everything else was decent.
  3. UA - MLB Deal Delayed Until 2020

    It's pretty hard to have most of those games be meaningful when there are 162 of them. I'm all for tradition and uniform consistency but with the sheer volume of games MLB has, they have a lot more room to play fast and loose with the looks.
  4. Arena Rafters & Banners

    I think you misunderstood my point. I'm saying sticking an ugly logo on a banner memorializing a team's championship sullies the banner. Nothing to do with consistency.
  5. Arena Rafters & Banners

    That’s probably the worst part of those terrible Super Bowl logos, that they’re memorialized forever on banners like that. I’d way rather see a plain “Super Bowl ____ Champions” or something of that ilk.
  6. NHL 2018-19

    This isn’t “Canada” though. These are foreign companies shoehorning a maple leaf onto stuff to try to appeal to Canadians. The only Canadian company I can think of that forces the “Canada rah rah” branding is Tim Hortons. And most Canadians hate that. They go to Tim Hortons because it’s cheap. Not because it’s patriotic. It’s not even good, but if you can get a coffee and snack for under 3$, that’s a pretty good deal.
  7. What expansion teams mascot could have been.

    I mean, it is called the G-League. Seems like dumb names are an obligation.
  8. Unpopular Opinions

    They're certainly very similar but I wouldn't call them a ripoff. Its pretty obviously a tribute to the Utah geography, I highly doubt they said "lets take those infamous Houston baseball jerseys but basketball them up".
  9. Biggest Downgrades in History

  10. Lifespan of new-age arenas

    I remember going to a game and sitting in the lower bowl about 9 rows back from the net. They were actually the worst seats I'd ever had, including corners in the nosebleeds, because the glass from the boards ended right at eye level with the other end of the rink, so anytime the play was in that zone I was essentially looking at a crappy distorted version.
  11. Lifespan of new-age arenas

    A little bit. Here's an example. Still nothing to write home about but it is an improvement. Before: Now:
  12. Lifespan of new-age arenas

    It really does just depend on how much effort into renovations, maintenance and upgrades is put into the arena. MSG is the oldest arena in both the NBA and NHL, yet its still considered state of the art. I know Rogers Arena in Vancouver likely won't be replaced for a long time, due to how much in renovations and upgrades has been put into it. They just completed construction on adding condo towers to the arena. Not something you just abandon quickly. Location is a big thing too. The way real estate is going and how scarce land is in Vancouver, it makes sense for them to continue putting as much into the arena as possible, as its in the best location possible and if they wanted to build a new one they're never going to find a better spot.
  13. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Seattle Seismics. Earthquakes/volcanoes, unique, sort of reminiscent of the sonics. Why not?
  14. NHL 2017-18

    Why? I'm not advocating for Seattle to be a purple team but I don't think it would be the end of the world either.
  15. NHL 2017-18

    Vancouver-Seattle is like a much more friendly version of Edmonton-Calgary, though that may change since they're soon to be hockey rivals. I'm happy Seattle is getting a team (so long as they don't wear blue and green), the battle of cascadia, or whatever it ends up being called, should be a fun rivalry.