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  1. Honestly 12.5 is pretty fair. The road jersey is exactly as anticipated.
  2. I'm not a fan of the new socks but the third jersey stripes are infinitely worse. The smaller amount of green being bordered by blue just turns it into a muddy mess. Combining that with the different stripe proportions and it becomes almost undetectable at a distance, which makes it look like a Maple Leafs jersey.
  3. I'll agree with you on the size of the crowd but the building can have a massive impact on the quality of the music. Acoustics are very important.
  4. Yeah ditching the black and white was a great move. If only they'd make the final leap and change the black pants helmets and gloves. Oh well. I have a soft spot for identities like the Avalanche, Canucks and Coyotes that pay homage to the local geography with their colour schemes.
  5. Look where you are. I agree the average fan won't care but its basically our duty to bitch and moan about stuff like this.
  6. Looks like the steel door of a prison
  7. Here's a video with the Jersey on a player and some motion
  8. Its always been that way. Because they have the 'VANCOUVER' script over the Orca, its typically been placed at the player's belly rather than their chest.
  9. So barring some unforeseen changes to the socks like we've had with a few other teams, and the stupid collar with the green "Hanger effect" the Canucks jerseys are staying the same.
  10. It looks like they have a completely random green stripe in there for a hanger effect.
  11. I never said it would be in your top 5. I asked how because a jersey has a vaguely similar striping motif it automatically checks some boxes that make it perfect for a person. I think Montreal's jersey is top 5 therefore I must think Florida's is as well right? Because you make it sound like a certain feature is a requirement for having a good jersey.
  12. What criteria is that? Just because a team has vaguely similar striping doesn't mean you need to like their jerseys an equal amount
  13. The caps jersey looks like a terrible knockoff version of the EDGE jersey. I guess thats what happens when you try to keep one of those awful templates
  14. I like the white numbers on St. Louis
  15. I really hope not. It looks like you pasted the Orca over the third jerseys, and the striping on the third jerseys is awful.