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  1. Chromatic

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    To be fair, most old time children’s songs, fairy tales, etc are pretty messed up when you examine them closely.
  2. Chromatic

    Memphis Grizzlies Appear to be Tweaking Logos

    The bear still looks like it’s crying.
  3. Chromatic

    Blandest Uniforms in Modern History

    I do have an issue with using the term “bland” as a critique. It doesn’t really mean anything. It feels like something you say to describe a uniform you don’t like without actually having a reason for why it looks bad. One man’s “bland” is another’s “traditional”. I think context and history determines blandness a lot more than actual design.
  4. Chromatic

    Blandest Uniforms in Modern History

    These are just bland. To me “retina searingly ugly” is something garish and eye catching in the wrong way, like the wild wing or Flying V jerseys. These are just boring with a really stupid pattern.
  5. Chromatic

    Blandest Uniforms in Modern History

    The Leafs would look so much better if you put the new logo on these uniforms.
  6. Chromatic

    NHL 2018-19

    I'm not in the 'realistic duck' camp. As far as I'm concerned, a 90s expansion team named after a Disney movie has more right than anyone to have a cartoony logo
  7. Chromatic

    NHL 2018-19

    On the plus side, a mighty ducks jersey in black might become popular enough to supplant the current webbed D jerseys.
  8. Chromatic

    CFL to bid adieu to Adidas after this season (2018)

    What else would typically be supplied in a uniform deal?
  9. Chromatic

    Canadian Elite Basketball League

    These look like Create-A-Team logos in an EA game.
  10. Chromatic

    MLB by NIKE

    These are all fantastic. I’d love to give some more detailed feedback, but the only thing I can say is that you’ve managed to take every team’s core aesthetic and improve upon it. You’ve made some teams with bad identities look good, and teams with good identities look great.
  11. Chromatic

    NHL 2017-18

    Most people in Vancouver at least are aware of Orca Bay, but the critique there is not so much that the logo was too corporate, though that is commonly heard. What you usually hear is that when Orca Bay got the team and changed the logo it kicked off the most painful era in team history. Messier, Keenan etc. I remember going to games in 2006 when the Canucks wore their throwback stick in rinks not as alternates, but as second home and away jerseys. They were so popular everyone was sure they’d be returned to fulltime home and away jerseys once the Reebok change over happened. I have zero proof of this so I won’t try to claim it as fact, but I’m convinced keeping the orca and adding the “Vancouver” script was a ploy to sell merch during the upcoming olympics. It’s definitely a more “tourist friendly” logo for lack of a better term. Yes I’m aware of the historical precedence of the script, but imo it explains the copy pasted look a lot better.
  12. Chromatic

    NHL Alternates - Predictions and Wishlist (all teams posted)

    I love your wish list versions for Vancouver and Colorado. I’d be 100% on board if that’s what they went with. Washington is nice, but the pedant in me still gets by annoyed by a team called the “CAPITALS” using a lowercase script.
  13. Chromatic

    NHL 2017-18

    I would not want to even attempt to try and mimic the greatest sports logo in history. For real though, I always found it a little weird that they’d use the prey animal of their namesake, and that he’d be so darn jolly about getting skewered.
  14. Chromatic

    NHL 2017-18

    My issue with the Orca (design wise aside) is not that it doesn’t literally depict a Canuck, it’s that it embodies an entirely separate thing. It’s essentially misrepresenting it. To use your Bruins example, I don’t think the spoked B misrepresents the Bruins, but if they made a lobster their logo because Boston is in New England, then it would be.
  15. Chromatic

    NHL 2017-18

    No, I was talking about the Flyers logo you mentioned you said an 8 year old would find obvious, but I think confusing my description for Boston’s logo helps my point that you can arbitrarily deconstruct any logo and say it’s just some shapes and semiotically meaningless.