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  1. Chromatic

    Slapshot's NHL

    I adore that D logo you’ve made for the Devils alternate.
  2. Dumb. I thought the whole point of Superhero night was supposed to be about superheroes, not veggie tales knock offs.
  3. Chromatic

    Hockey Canada unveils new Black Alternate

    It isn't. Black has been part of Canadian National Team identities for a long time, in quite a few sports. I don't know why people think the colours of a team need to match 1:1 with the colours on a flag.
  4. Chromatic

    Hockey Canada unveils new Black Alternate

    I like it.
  5. Chromatic

    NHL 2018-19

    Canucks are holding a fan vote on what throwback the team wears for their 50th anniversary season. I have a hard time imagining it won’t be the skate, but maybe the Flying V will pull ahead due to sheer meme-iness.
  6. Chromatic

    MLB Unveils Logos for all 2018 Postseason rounds

    Just awful. These look so cheap and low brow, like something from 2003 trying to be cutting edge, or the banner from a website you made in a high school class.
  7. Chromatic

    NHL 2018-19

    I also prefer the white numbers for the Blues. Not sure why, they just look crisper, cleaner and cooler to me.
  8. Chromatic

    Grey Facemasks For Everyone*

    I mean, it doesn't HAVE to. Nothing HAS to match. Every team is perfectly within their right to wear completely jarring mismatched uniforms. The discussion is about what looks best, and imo wearing a grey facemask when you don't have grey in your colour scheme looks bad. I understand the 'vintage' argument, but to me when a team like the 49ers wears a grey facemask its no different than a team like the Giants wearing a green facemask or a team like the Steelers wearing a red facemask. Its jarring with the rest of the visual identity.
  9. Chromatic

    Grey Facemasks For Everyone*

    And the Giants have a significant amount of grey in their colour scheme. 'Context' was the entire point of my post. I don't care how long the 49ers or Cardinals have worn grey facemasks, it looks cheap and bad, like they couldn't get facemasks that match the rest of their uniforms.
  10. Chromatic

    Grey Facemasks For Everyone*

    If your team does not have grey in their colour scheme, a grey facemask just looks ugly. For teams like New England or Seattle, while they don't have a grey facemask, it wouldn't look out of place since grey/silver are an integral part of their colours. Conversely, teams like San Francisco should have a facemask that matches the rest of their uniforms. Grey looks bush league.
  11. Chromatic

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    Good luck to you. We need another elite pair of brothers out here on the West Coast to fill the void left by the Sedins. ”Lack ‘2’s for Jack Hughes”.
  12. Chromatic

    ECHL Maine Mariners Unveil Inaugural Uniforms

    Meh. The logos are fantastic. The jerseys are fine, but I’d like to the complete uniform. Right now it looks pretty run of the mill.
  13. Chromatic

    NHL 2018-19

    Disappointing, where did he say that?
  14. Chromatic

    2018 CFL Uniforms

    To be fair, most old time children’s songs, fairy tales, etc are pretty messed up when you examine them closely.