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  1. San Francisco 49ers to Unveil New Uniform Tomorrow

    Could it be the 1963 version? Would be similar to the all white seen earlier and something completely different for them.
  2. I think it makes perfect sense to change a uniform with a move across the country and then with a move into a new, state of the art, stadium. I'd doubt there would be too many other instances when that would come into play. NFL lacked common sense on the issue.
  3. NFL 2018 changes

    I agree, it makes sense. I love the all white look.
  4. Canadian Premier League

    Is the Cavalry a Portland Timbers' lower division team?
  5. I thought the Rams didn't push for the change upon moving since the NFL made it clear that they wouldn't make an exception for a second change (before the 5 year period) upon moving into their new stadium. Does anyone else remember it that way?
  6. Right, I get all of this. But I think the smart thing would have been for the NFL to allow the Rams to change 1) Upon the move to LA, and 2) Upon the move into their new stadium.
  7. I get that rules are rules, but an intelligent entity would recognize that moving across the country is a legit reason to allow an exception. The fact that the NFL is so hard headed regarding the issue is perplexing. Rams should have been allowed to be the old LA Rams upon the move, and then allowed to change, if desired, upon the move to the new stadium. My blame lies 100% on the NFL.
  8. Well it is the league's fault that they didn't let them simply use the throwbacks as the regular uniforms when they moved (or even for this year). Right now, to attentive eyes, they look disgraceful but I want them to look obviously disgraceful to all eyes. Then maybe the NFL would see how ridiculous their stance is and simply let them use the throwbacks until the move. And who knows, they might be so bad that they become trendy/cool.
  9. Here's my idea to expose the NFL's horrible mismanagement of the Ram situation. Since I don't believe there are any uni rules regarding pants, I say they wear the throwback yellow pants so that the whole thing looks like a train wreck. Embarrass the NFL.
  10. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    No way. Seeing these side by side just confirm in my eyes that the new current ones are much better. A more vibrant blue, more use of the neon green but not too much. Great example of how to give life to a drab uniform.
  11. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'

    I hated, but now love, this look. I just wish they'd do the same monochrome look on the road. Simply white jersey, white pants, white socks. So all blue at home, all white on the road (except for the helmet).
  12. The all black mock ups made me wonder if we may see something close to their twitter page look.
  13. Baseball Hall of Fame Retires Chief Wahoo From Plaques

    My only requirement, if it was up to me, would be that the player actually wore in an actual game whatever logo he wanted shown on his plaque.
  14. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    I hope they honor the Duwamish culture from where Chief Seattle was from. Work with them in a way FSU has done with the Seminole nation. Support and grow awareness in the region and nationwide for the culture/tribe. And come up with a name that not only honors the Duwamish, but that the Duwamish embrace. Weather it be Seattle Chiefs, Seattle Totems, or a completely new name that the tribe and owners of the club feel is appropriate. Seems like a win/win.
  15. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    I'd be for that. It's probably my favorite concept I've seen to date.