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  1. hawk36

    NFL changes 2019

    Would like to see it with white pants (but with the bolt as seen on the helmet, not in a blue stripe). I think that could be very sharp.
  2. hawk36

    MLS Kits 2019

    "...wasn't ever dangerous but there was an edge that's been lost." Obviously stereotyping but hopefully it can help explain. It's when you see a shift from rabid fans, knowledgeable in the sport, drinking beer, and chanting humorous, albeit off color jabs, to more business types, sipping wine, who are offended by the chants and politely ask you to sit down during the match so they can see while sitting. It's just a much more sanitized experience. Maybe it's just the evolution of the MLS? Who knows. But I much prefer the more raucous atmosphere that was wild, yet safe enough for me to feel comfortable bringing my 9 year old in to. Does that make any sense?
  3. hawk36

    MLS Kits 2019

    I didn't see that when I was there, or when I wasn't and tried to sell my tickets to the last game of the season and couldn't. Stadium just isn't the same, lots of empty seats and not near as loud as it was. Overall buzz is gone. Besides up and down play, I think the main issue is the sanitizing of the crowd and game day experience. It wasn't ever dangerous but there was an edge that's been lost.
  4. hawk36

    MLS Kits 2019

    I see it as a backward move (even though I understand the team is making more money). The Cascadia rivals have giants Bell and Alaska Air, and the Sounders go from world-wide giant Microsoft XBOX to upstart Zulily? I would have thought, given the Sounders consider themselves as the big brother of the region, they'd have gone with T-Mobile or Amazon that would keep them at least on par with their rival sponsors.
  5. hawk36

    MLS Kits 2019

    Money wise sure, but I guess you'd have to be in the environment to get where I'm coming from as it's hard to explain. On its own it's totally fine, but for me it's just another alienating straw on this camel's back. We'll see where it goes though.
  6. hawk36

    MLS Kits 2019

    Well they pulled a rabbit out of the hat for the last 3 seasons. All things considered we are more fortunate than most for sure. But... it's been a gradual degradation of the relationship between the front office and the fanbase. The neutering year after year of the once rockus ECS supporters group (can't risk offending anyone) and then the ongoing increase of in-match entertainment seemingly meant to keep the interest of casual soccer fans has made a one-time hot ticket experience ho hum. Whereas my tickets would sell instantly in years past, the last 2 seasons I've had to eat tickets I can't use as they just don't sell anymore. So, I guess my point is I'd rather the team concentrate on getting back to a true, first-rate soccer experience that has some grit, teeth and leave the fuzzy feel good stuff alone. This sponsorship deal just seems like yet another step away from hard core soccer.
  7. hawk36

    MLS Kits 2019

    Honestly the Sounders' rhetoric has become tiresome. Constantly letting everyone know how honorable, progressive and charitable they are. Fine but how about you care more about your fans and play on the pitch, than patting yourself on the back?
  8. hawk36

    MLS Kits 2019

    Will be interesting to see how far jersey sales plummet for the Sounders. Maybe they hope to make up the difference with selling more women's jerseys though. Still I don't see the men's jerseys being that popular anymore.
  9. hawk36

    MLS Kits 2019

    From Wiki... "zulily's target audience is mothers who are on the lookout for unique brands and products for their children; their audience has also been described as "young, tech-savvy mothers". So, soccer moms? Has it really regressed back to this for soccer in the USA?
  10. hawk36

    MLS Kits 2019

    Zulily instead of XBOX or T-Moble? Beginning of the end of the Sounders being a top tier organization. Sad but it was a great 10 year run.
  11. Right, my protest was a combination of many things including rebuilding year after year after year. The turn to all navy was just the final straw of them saying "we don't really care about you fans at all, including your like of the traditional Padres' colors"
  12. hawk36

    ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

    I designed this for my high school team back in 1984. Coach/teacher was cool enough to see my sketch and make it the new logo (instead of busting me for drawing in class). Was pretty cool even though the printer didn't reproduce it exactly right.
  13. Born and raised Padre fan but officially quit supporting the team after they changed from the blue/yellow All Star uniforms to the navy/white versions they wear now. It was the last straw. Going back to brown full time is the only thing that will get me back on board.
  14. hawk36

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    I could get on board with red and green (also a nod to the Metropolitans) but would not want to see black involved as that would clutter. Instead of adding black I'd rather see the green be a deep, dark forest green that can work like a black, paired with a nice red and maybe cream instead of a bright white.
  15. hawk36

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    I agree that the red, being so bold, seems like more than a placeholder color. And given that one of the owners owns a large sports merchandise company, I think they have already thought this through and are busy creating a lot of red/black items in China as we discuss this.