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  1. Do you mean studies showing using the same helmet is safer than using multiple helmets or vice versa? I just remember when they first made the rule that was the reason that was floating around (one helmet is safer than multiple helmets) but that could have just been internet speak. But my point is IF either way helps to prevent concussions, then one major entity (NFL or NCAA) is in very dangerous territory allowing the opposite to happen. My best guess is there is nothing definitive saying either is safer.
  2. In a billion dollar industry, maintaining an extra helmet seems like a minute detail in the total scheme of things. Really shouldn't matter at all. And, in reality, if there is any concern regarding being held accountable, I could see studies just as easily showing that reusing the same helmet actually contributes to head injuries since the helmet is being worn down. I'm just trying to figure out where the money is in this deal (always follow the money when rules are nonsensical) but can't quite see who's benefitting.
  3. I instinctively root against any player wearing the pajama pants.
  4. I seriously doubt there is actual proof that using different helmets increases head injuries. If there was proof, Universities would be completely foolish to not have the same rules as the NFL.
  5. Love it. Only suggestion would be to change the helmet stripe to one like on the pants.
  6. I know. Now that hideous logo and uniform is part of history. Sad day for good design.
  7. In my opinion and experience, double outlines are a misguided attempt to give an existing look a better feel. Similar to the mistake of adding a random black outline to something and thinking it is an improvement. Generally when designers feel the need to add these things there is some other underlying problem with the design that needs addressing. In the Mariners' case, I think it was change for change's sake rather than changing for the better. But, we see this mistake made everywhere.
  8. Those are awesome. Love them.
  9. Looks like the pattern could be something like the Sounders use.
  10. Reminded me of the Panthers logo but probably not enough for a high school to worry about.
  11. As a comment from another thread, I hope the USA doesn't win if only because I hate their logo/uniforms. Do not want to see that win anything.
  12. No outlines! Awesome. MLS and Adidas please take notice.
  13. That set always looked to me like something I would have doodled with a Sharpie over the non-black Lions uni.