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  1. Wow. That is horrible. Gold on both too. No.
  2. That's what's really weird. They have 2 dark kits. Not sure what they were thinking. Maybe they can wear generic white kits like the team in France had to do last week when their unis were deemed too close. http://www.footyheadlines.com/2017/04/toulouse-forced-to-wear-nike-kits-after-joma-kit-clash.html
  3. Yes, we saw a similar thing last year when Portland played San Jose. Got to stop doing that. Can't be that close.
  4. Love the Milan flag. Loved it on the whole Inter shirt a few years ago too.
  5. Sorry if it's been addressed but why is MLB allowing mismatched socks for teams. Shouldn't they be "uniform"?
  6. I don't really have a problem with it. It's just when I really think about it it is weird. I wouldn't correct someone though.
  7. Yes it is a bit weird saying "we" for any team that you don't have an association with. If you went to, or work for, the college then sure say we. Or if you work for a pro team, yes, say we. Otherwise "they" is the way to go I think.
  8. Simply using white only numerals would go a LONG way in improving this set.
  9. How can the team think the current version with the ugly black drop shadow is in any way superior to this beauty?
  10. As much as I love the Maryland flag I must admit I never knew what it looked like until the Ravens used it in their logo and I tried to figure out what it was. Maybe it's a West Coast / East Coast thing but being from California (and liking Willie Nelson), I knew the Texas flag as a 9 year old.
  11. Unfortunately there is the 5 year waiting period so it would have to be in 2022.
  12. I really hope there is no double outline on the lion but I fear it will be exactly that way.
  13. I'm all for that. They can be the mercenaries of the NFL and can just up and move whenever it's beneficial. I actually heard this morning they may play one season in Mexico City before the move if it gets too ugly in Oakland. Actually, what they should do is play one season in St. Louis, one in Mexico City, and then one in San Diego to further strengthen their appeal.