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  1. Up next the three we have are... First up, the Magic! Gave them a completely new wordmark on the front of the jersey, and crafted up a new logo for them on the shorts. Went with the sublimated stars on the white jersey like they've had in the past but scrapped the black for a cleaner blue/silver/white look. Next are the Kings! Honestly this isn't a very creative concept, I'll admit that. But I've never once liked the Kings uniforms, and never understood their color scheme in regards to their name. I scrapped the black and updated the silver to a more tealish/sword color. Gave them a new wordmark and simplified the jersey base. And lastly, the Grizzlies! Brought back the old Vancouver script and removed the unnecessary yellow from the color scheme and tried my best to emphasize the beautiful shades of blue that they currently have.
  2. Thank you all for the support! Been working hard on the remaining teams but thought I'd share this. I'm happy that you all love the Spurs concept but for some reason I couldn't stop feeling like the jersey was unbalanced, particularly on the upper chest area so I added some detail to help fix that. Here is the first update of the series for the Spurs! Added a silhouette of the famous Alamo to really tie the concept together. Coming tomorrow are the Magic, Grizzlies, and Trailblazers!
  3. All i can say is wow this is absolutely beautiful
  4. Thank you all for your concepts and criticisms once again, I know I haven't changed much but once all 30 teams are posted I am going to go through and update each one until I feel it is much improved over the first. I also may dive into starting a small expansion project with cities like Seattle, St. Louis, KC, etc. but we'll see about that later on. For now, here are the Clippers! This is personally my favorite concept of the series so far. It is basically just a re-rendering of my full Clippers rebrand I posted on the boards a year or two ago. I absolutely hate the Clippers new identity, and did my best to completely erase it from memory. I tried to give the team and fans a new Identity that they could be 100% happy with, while keeping it completely unique and out of the box as well. I went heavy on the Nautical theme, given the teams colors and name, I embedded nautical stripes on the side while using a new secondary logo that I made and implemented that onto the shorts design. Also the blue stripe features a subtle rope pattern to really tie it all together. Lastly, the three flags on the shorts spell "LAC" in the nautical alphabet. and here is the secondary logo I made, featured on the shorts in blue obviously but... Up next is the reigning world champs, the Cavs! I personally like their current look, so didn't do anything to the top of the jerseys, just changed the shorts to give them a more modern look. Personally I feel that when Nike takes over the NBA they will do something really cool with the Cavs considering the whole Lebron/Nike deal their, but for now I kept it simple. And lastly, I know I promised the Jazz but I don't like the way they are looking right now so I am going ahead with the Spurs! Decided to completely scrap their current, extremely boring look and give them something fresh. While using a new font for the wordmark and numbers, I scrapped the grey because I felt like it muddied the uniforms and decided to only use a much more contrasting black and white. Once again I know people may not be fans of this font, but I feel like it really suites the Spurs well, although it may be something that I come back and change in the end. Lastly I decided to give them an asymmetric shorts design, with the state of Texas on the shorts because I felt like it gave them a very vintage look to go with the more modern top.
  5. Going to bump this in hope of possibly getting a little more feedback on the last few sets. Regardless, there are 3 more teams coming tomorrow featuring the Clippers, Cavs, and Jazz. Check back in tomorrow for those three!
  6. Ok well for the next 3 concepts, here we go Up first are the Pacers! Went with the brighter colorway with the retro look as well. Next we have the Bulls! Went with the script that they wore during Jordan's rookie year just because I've always loved it. Modernized the shorts design and added the 4 stars seen on the Chicago city flag. And lastly, we have the Thunder! This is a concept that I know will be unpopular, but I really don't mind. Currently I hate the Thunder's uniforms, they are so boring and don't utilize their great color scheme at all. I took the palette from their OKC logo and used those awesome colors and tried my best to make a unique and indistinguishable uniform set that the Thunder could finally call their own. Also because I know they will be unpopular and questioned, I made a mockup of Westbrook wearing them in a real game situation to hopefully turn around some opinions. 1a. 1b. 2a. 2b.
  7. Once again I appreciate all of the feedback on the series thus far! Am going to bump this to see if anyone else has anything else to add before I upload my next 3!
  8. I'm really glad to hear all of the comments on my last 3 sets, both good and bad! Got 3 more for you guys today! First up is the Miami Heat! I've always disliked the Heat's uniforms because of the predominance of black in them. Black is a great color when used right, but for a Miami based team revolving around fire, I personally went with a much more colorful option here. Up next, is the Timberwolves! Throwing it back to their original color scheme with the use of their current wordmark I tried to make a mix of both eras. And lastly, the Rockets! I love the Rockets old color scheme here as well, and tried to mix that with a more modern design. As well as going back to having an actual rocket on the jerseys somewhere like the good ole days.
  9. Ok so I decided I am going to post a few more sets of concepts, and probably update them all at the end of the series so I can get a better feel of the entire league's look and aesthetic as a whole. So for now, my 4th team is the Knicks! With an old-school vibe, contrasted with vibrant, striking colors, I love this look for the big Apple. Next up, we have the Bucks! I tried to incorporate the classic many shades of green, as well as the hints of blue in the uniform combining them with the updated logo and wordmarks. And to round out this last set of concepts, here are the Pelicans! I hate how boring New Orleans current set is and my main goal here was to make their uniforms as exciting as the city itself.
  10. Thank you all for your critics and support! I'll be updating the first 3 sets soon, 3 new ones coming tomorrow as well!
  11. So I haven't posted on here in a while but got bored and decided to play around with some NBA concepts. Have 15 done so far so I'm going to progressively post those while working to finish off the league. No real structure here, some home uniforms, some away, even some alternates, just whatever I think looks good. As always C&C are welcomed greatly, please let me know what you think! First up, one of my simpler designs with the 76ers! Tried to go for a very classic looking jersey, while emphasizing the great red white and blue color scheme present. Next up is the Warriors. Didn't change too much of the jersey base, just adding smaller improvements that I thought looked sharp. Also scrapped the pants and went with a more "warrior" looking design. And to round out my first set, is the Nets! Once again going for a very classic look on the jersey, with a very simple design on the pants.
  12. Absolutely love the sleeve striping on the Titans. Gives them a traditional feel that they've never had and looks like it should have been there from the beginning.
  13. My favorite part about this thread is the fact that even the Nike logo is retro on every throwback, such a nice touch! Great series, there isn't a design that I dislike!
  14. As part of Budweiser's main market focus, this is such a great marketing move. All of my friends think this is so cool, and we already drink this stuff anyway but know that the cans are cool, I can only imagine these being everywhere this summer. This is very similar to all of my friends and I buying the Rams super bowl edition Bud Lights all the time, another great move.
  15. So usually I stick mainly to thrifting for my old clothes and jerseys but today I stepped out of my comfort zone. I went to this giant garage sale/flea market thing and it was overall a great experience. I should've went earlier, it started at 7:00 but I showed up at 8:30 so I know I missed a few good items but can't be completely sure. Here's what I came away with for $30