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  1. This is probably more appropriate in Unpopular Opinions, and is definitely nostalgia driven, but it's still my favorite Pistons uni.
  2. Yes, I can. And that's how they downgrade from BFBS.
  3. If a concept can be pointlessly forced, Nike can do it.
  4. From the Lions' website: Really hoping these visuals are in reference to the Ford Field renovations, and not hints about uni "themes."
  5. Unoriginal and uninformed. Kudos.
  6. I'm clinging to the idea that whoever decided to drop the black (excellent impulse) was also heavily involved in the new uniforms' design, which allows the possibility the new set won't be a complete cluster:censored:. Also, I understand the fondness for the Sanders era unis, but I'm hoping they reach further back and return to silver/grey numbers .
  7. The history of futility has nothing to do with the uniforms or vise versa. For long stretches the Lions' look was the only thing the fan base could feel good about, aside from reading about the '50s. A "fresh" or "fire" update won't change their fortunes on the field, so I'm with those hoping they strongly evoke the past while adding subtle updates (Vikings style).
  8. Both the Eagles' update and Pantone 316 C have more blue than the 2010 R/G/B values. Whether it's green or blue (looks green-ish to me), it's a crap color, especially with black and charcoal.
  9. The Eagles' logo slick has the values at R 0, G 49, B 53.
  10. I'm going with bad Photoshop.
  11. No. A thousand times, no.
  12. Agreed. The new look at least suggests they won't be going with Atlanta-level hijinks on the new unis. Then again, that might be wishful thinking on my part.
  13. Will this one do?
  14. Actually it's black for Millen's sake, which for Lions fans is much, much worse. Black is part of their color scheme only as a remnant of a lost decade. Kill it with fire.