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  1. Rip-rop-rippity-do.
  2. And others will go to such lengths to parse and/or challenge any claim that the conversation's drag factor trumps any other consideration.
  3. This thread is now the place to be for lawyer ball. Good times.
  4. In the "used to seeing it" department, I'd prefer a double white outline instead of using blue, since their old helmet logo always had a thicker white outline than it appeared in any other application, at least to my eyes.
  5. Then again, if they'd done a slightly modified version of the Sims-era set, how many folks in the "Nike=fire" demo would even know the original existed?
  6. Yes, WCF sucked as an owner. And I have him to thank for 40+ years of frustrating (sometimes maddening) fandom. But I'm still a fan. And I'll watch the games, occasionally noticing the "WCF" and not really caring because it's the Fords' team and whatever. I don't dig it, and would rather it not be part of the new set, but I just can't get worked up over it. Maybe I'm on the wrong website....
  7. Fair enough. I have my own reason for not buying a Lions (or Wings, or Tigers) jersey-- I'm an adult.
  8. Agreed, but I have the feeling the WCF will barely register when it matters (watching the games). Also, while Ford had his (major) flaws as an owner, he wasn't Ted Stepien, and the Lions weren't just an entry on his tax returns. He was loyal to a fault, and his decision making was, uh, not great, but he was passionate about the Lions. He never found his Noll or Belichick, and the Lions (and their fans) suffered for it. I have 40+ years of mostly unpleasant memories to show for it. But current and former players and coaches had great regard for the guy. Memorializing him is a bit tacky, but the idea that it's "pathetic" seems a bit much.
  9. Looking at the Stafford side-by-side, I'm still seeing white(ish) numbers with grey trim that's pretty close to matching the sleeve stripes. According to the official description, the numbers are grey outlined by a darker grey (steel something or other). I guess I'm seeing what I want to see.
  10. Um, four. Four world championships. Granted it's been a while, but let's get it right.
  11. Not so fast.... According to the article on their site, blue pants are part of the default road set. &%*$%.
  12. I looked through the gallery on their site and to my eyes the numbers looked much lighter than the sleeve stripes, so I assumed white. Good catch.
  13. According to one of the Lions' beat writers, the blue pants are a road option, not part of the default road set. What I suspected, but still good to know that won't be an 8-times-a-year look for them.
  14. Aside from the sleeve "flair," my only gripe is that they kept white in the helmet logo and home numbers and dropped it everywhere else. I'm also wondering if the blue pants will be the main road set or an alternate. Overall, could've been much, much worse.
  15. Good talk.