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  1. Fatal? No. Good idea? No.
  2. Not at all. I've seen that particular "error" many times and have always wondered if it might be intentional (the conflation of Detroit and "riot"). Thanks so much for asking though.
  3. Typo, Freudian slip, or some combination?
  4. Record wise, yes, though they looked like hot garbage and I never could muster much love for the Grant Hill era (Dele, Cleaves, Mills, etc.). Seeing Dumars go down with the ship in that look was the icing.
  5. Don't think so. The only true profile is of Laken Tomlinson, who's a massive, big-headed human. The second image has a near-profile, but that player is wearing one of the new, cartoonishly large helmets.
  6. Guessing you weren't around for the late '70s (Vitale, McAdoo, the Lanier trade, etc.). Doesn't get much darker than that. Also, I'm digging the updated logo, and don't see any reason to bring back the horse.
  7. mod edit
  8. mod edit
  9. In just three sentences we have an ad hominem and a red herring. So well played.
  10. I have a feeling the next iteration will resolve the inconsistencies throughout the set. I don't see major changes coming the next time around (five years?, whenever...), because the new set is already really popular among Lions fans and will likely grown on others once they see it on the field.
  11. Rip-rop-rippity-do.
  12. And others will go to such lengths to parse and/or challenge any claim that the conversation's drag factor trumps any other consideration.
  13. This thread is now the place to be for lawyer ball. Good times.
  14. In the "used to seeing it" department, I'd prefer a double white outline instead of using blue, since their old helmet logo always had a thicker white outline than it appeared in any other application, at least to my eyes.
  15. Then again, if they'd done a slightly modified version of the Sims-era set, how many folks in the "Nike=fire" demo would even know the original existed?