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  1. Graham_Clayton

    Stories Behind The Numbers

    Australian cricketer Shane Warne wore number 23 in One Day and T20 matches because he was a big fan of Michael Jordan:
  2. Graham_Clayton

    Player-Team-Uniform Similarities

    Greg Phillips played for Port Adelaide in the SANFL and Collingwood in the VFL wearing basically the same uniform in both competitions - black and white vertical stripes on the jumper/jersey.
  3. Graham_Clayton

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    After playing 102 games for Fremantle in the AFL between 2011 and 2016, Tendai Mzungu played 4 games for Greater Western Sydney in 2017 before announcing his retirement.
  4. Graham_Clayton

    Bizarre Athlete Endorsements

  5. Graham_Clayton

    Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    The Glenelg Tigers of the SANFL have their main sponsors name running diagonally up the yellow sash on the front of their jersey. AFAIK, no other top level Australian rules football team with a sash in their uniform has the sponsors name running diagonally across the jersey,
  6. Graham_Clayton

    Logos associated with failure.

    Reminds me of the Australian version of Radio Shack. Dick Smith electronics is now purely an online seller rather than a "bricks and mortar" retailer: I'll also show the logo of one of the biggest and most spectacular busts in recent Australian retail history:
  7. Graham_Clayton

    Bad weather football games

    The thunderstorm that hit the 'Gabba in Brisbane during the 1998 cricket Test Match between Australia and England - mid-afternoon looks like the dead of night!
  8. Graham_Clayton

    Tabletop sports game appreciation

    "Up There Cazaly", Australian rules football board game, circa 1980.
  9. Graham_Clayton

    Bad weather football games

    The recent Austria v Netherlands women's football friendly was played in a heavy fog that made it impossible for the commentators and crowd to see much of the game:
  10. Graham_Clayton

    Small Details (and quirks) that You Love

    The Bristol City team that competes in the English FA Womens Super League have their team name on the front and back of their socks:
  11. Graham_Clayton

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Magic Johnson makes a guest appearance for the Canberra Cannons against Michigan State in 2002 during the Australian team's tour of the United States:
  12. Graham_Clayton

    Odd Names

    Orval Overall Allir Allir Danger Fourpence Kade Kolodjashnij Parris Duffus
  13. Richmond Tigers (VFL/AFL - 1908 to present) Melbourne Tigers (NBL 1979-2014) - club renamed as Melbourne United for 2014-15 season
  14. Graham_Clayton

    Why root for the home team?

    sc49erfan15, National football competitions have only been around in Australia since the late 1970's, when the old NSL (National Soccer League) started, followed by the NRL and VFL in the early 1980's. Prior to that, all of the various leagues of all codes were based in each State, and with the capital city being the biggest city in each state, the teams were based in the various suburbs of those cities, eg the the Western Australian Football League has all of its teams in Perth, the South Australian National Football League has all of its teams based in Adelaide for example.