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  1. Trapper John

    Possible leaked Blue Jackets prototype
  2. Trapper John

    Nuggets Evolved: Unveil New Logos, Colours, Uniforms

    Better than before. Anything that eliminates baby blue is good.
  3. Trapper John

    MLB changes 2018?

    It's weird how both the hat and the jersey now look like cheap, bootleg, knock offs.... so bad and a double fail which is actually hard to do...
  4. Hate the name it's just been around so long you sort of forget how terrible it is.
  5. Trapper John

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    My sentiments exactly.
  6. Trapper John

    Leeds United New Crest

    I like this in a so bad it's good way... sort of has a Montreal Expos vibe.
  7. Trapper John

    NHL 2017-18

    Little Caesars...
  8. Trapper John

    Which Minor League Baseball team's cap is this?

  9. Trapper John

    Bad weather football games

    Literally like 7 inches of show fell during this game is was really bad weather.
  10. Trapper John

    Whatever happened to that "middle bar"-style facemask?

    Zimmerman wore that:
  11. Mexico City is at an elevation of 7,382 feet I'd love to see how that went with all the complaints about Denver at 5,280.
  12. Trapper John

    Phillies embracing old logo and wordmark

    Has anyone ever mocked up the current uniforms with the darker 70's red and light blue in place of the current shades?
  13. I can't speak to this version but outfield wall logos in the 70's where vastly inconsistent so any sort of hacked together unofficial logo version might be possible. I think a lot of these were one offs produced by the stadium just for that singular purpose. I think probably because of a lack of attention and resources back in that era and that nobody really cared so much about branding, trademarks, etc.
  14. Trapper John

    1980s NBA secondary and color vs. color matchups

    Logo on the uniform:
  15. Trapper John

    1980s NBA secondary and color vs. color matchups

    So why would Seattle and Golden State be playing in Portland? Unless another facility was damaged or for some other unique situation... that's an oddity though that would need some explanation it just doesn't make sense... Like hey, the Eagles and Steelers are playing a preseason game in Washington...