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  1. Kap would be signed if he wasn't requesting 9 million dollars. Who's going to pay 9 million dollars to a guy to hold a clipboard? Tony Romo (before his release/retirement) notwithstanding.
  2. This is not about Kap being "blackballed" because of his "sitting" stance with the National Anthem. This is Kap requesting being played up to 9 million dollars and a starting job. Unfortunately for him, his "regress" as a starting QB is not worth the headaches the media circus would be surrounding whichever team decides to sign him. He's not starting this league; not even for a team like Cleveland or the Jets. Kap is not being blackballed for his stance with the National Anthem. He's being blackballed because he's a horrible QB who thinks he should be a team's starting QB. In all honesty; he should've stayed in San Francisco. While he regressed badly over the past few seasons, it shouldn't have been that hard for him to win that teams' starting QB job going into this coming season.
  3. I have a feeling we'll see Edmonton advance through the West; only to lose to Pittsburgh in 5.
  4. They showed the "incident" in the playoffs and it showed Harper in his dugout barking something at Strickland. Strickland took the analogy "An elephant never forgets" to heart apparently.
  5. Wow; I honestly thought Kulwicki was going to be a lock. Davey also had a really good chance to get in too. Disappointed that Rudd didn't get in. But, there's always next year. Kulwicki and Allison have to be the frontrunners for the NASCAR Hall of Fame Class of 2019.
  6. It made about as much sense for the Blue Jays' to have their AAA affiliate in Las Vegas and not Buffalo. The thing is with the International League all the teams with AAA affiliates in that league are all on the East Coast with the team farthest west is Minnesota. The Mets would need to buy the rights of a team like Rochester from the Twins; but that's money the team doesn't want to spend right now; most likely. The Mets have greater problems with their team than worrying about why their AAA baseball team plays in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  7. Nashville, if they face Pittsburgh will be a David-vs-Goliath matchup. Probably even more than last years Pens-Sharks series. (Pens probably win in 6) I think, if Nashville faces Ottawa, it'll be a closer series. This is the matchup that'd be a feel-good series for the sport; and I think Nashville would win in 7.
  8. Indy as the regular-season finale is the only thing I'm lukewarm about. Maybe moving the race to September could spice up the racing?
  9. Probably to give the picture color and some visual differences that wouldn't be there if every player there was wearing their teams' whites.
  10. Regan Smith is the Super Sub after all.
  11. I don't like tennis. I don't like watching tennis. I don't get how women's tennis has de-evolved into nothing more than running around and "orgasmic screaming". What does the screaming accomplish?
  12. The timetable for Almirola to return to the 43 is sketchy at best. How much time he'll miss, and who will sub for Aric in his car.
  13. Senators in 7 Predators in 6
  14. I feel there is still a small crack in the window for at least one more year. I think, Washington needs to head into the playoffs not as the top seed; not with home-ice advantage. Not with almost every pair of eyes of every hockey fan in the Beltway looking at them. They need to find a way to not necessarily tank for the 3/4 seed, but find a way to make the last few games of the regular seed pseudo-playoff games. Kind of fly into the playoffs under the radar. Get as far away from Pittsburgh as they can. They need to go into the playoffs with that kind of mindset. It's all too easy to go into the playoffs with a lackadaisical mindset. That kind of mindset finds you down in 3-1/3-0 holes before you can even blink. They had Pittsburgh on the brink. But, like the Undertaker did all too often, the Pens awoke from their almost certain death sentence and proceeded to give Ovi and the Caps an old-fashioned Tombstone.
  15. "There are three absolutes in life; death, taxes, and the Washington Capitals losing a Game 7 in the NHL Playoffs."