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  1. College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

  2. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Orlando Scandrick released by Dallas. Can't say I'm surprised. He was serviceable when he was healthy; but last year, he got injured, and despite the trial by fire the rookies in the secondary got, they did preform well and are cheaper to the wallet than Scandrick is.
  3. College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    My CCSLC Bracket burst into flames and sunk when UMBC upset Virginia. I mean, when Arizona got stampeded by Buffalo, I kind of avoided major damage (because I had 'Zona lose to Kentucky in the Round of 32), but not this time. (My Dad was not as lucky with Arizona compared to me.)
  4. College Basketball 2017-18: Road to the Alamo

    Congrats Arizona, you're off the heat a bit. You guys didn't lay the biggest egg in the tournament. And now Virginia has two dubious losses as a #1 seed in tournament play.
  5. Championship matchups you wish we got?

    2009 against Philadelphia, and 2014 against Detroit. 2014 World Series; San Francisco vs. Toronto. We'd have complete polar opposites in terms of venues. The beautiful backdrop of San Francisco and McCovey Cove, versus the possible backdrop of the CN Tower at night.
  6. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    The Speedway is like a few blocks away from the beach area where they used to race.
  7. NFL fan stereotypes by team

    As a Cowboys fan, you'll hear these phrases spouted ad nauseum. "Dez Caught it!" "We Dem Boyz!" "We got 5 Rings, what's taking you so long to catch up?" "Goodell has too much power."
  8. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    Despite his struggles over the past few years, AJ Allmendinger is still considered a favorite at road courses. He's usually always talked about at Sonoma and Watkins Glen as a "guy to watch out for" or "my pick to win", along with guys who have had consistent success at these tracks; like Kyle Busch for example. There are drivers who have their specific tracks they are dynamite at.
  9. 2018 NFL Offseason

    While I'm upset at the delayed 'Dez Catch' rule, I moved on. Dallas wouldn't have won that game anyway. There was 4 minutes left in the game; and Dallas struggled to stop Rodgers all day long. That final drive to try and win the game would've been no different.
  10. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    This race was extremely boring. At one point in time, you could count on one hand how many drivers were on the lead lap. Those aren't good races, those aren't exciting races, those are races that double as 3+ hr long nap sessions.
  11. 2018 MLB Season

    I think the Jays and O's will flip-flop. No way Tampa, Toronto or Baltimore can keep up with the Joneses in Boston and the Yankees. You're going to see Toronto give it one more shot before they begin a controlled demolition. The way the other three teams can keep up with Boston and New York is to be playing a few years ahead of BOS and NYY.
  12. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    It was also the weekend of the 20th anniversary of Dale Sr's. win in this race.
  13. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    A lot of people whined about how Austin won, basically dumping Almirola. All these armchair quarterbacks; tell me. Wouldn't you do exactly what Austin Dillon did to win?
  14. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    The Xfinity race was really clean until the Overtime period. I think, the continuous Overtime period may be an anomaly this season. I think, being the first race of the season; everyone was being extra aggressive.
  15. 2018 NASCAR Season Thread

    Ryan Blaney and Chase Elliott won their respective Duel races last night.