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  1. AJ had a kind of meh performance again. Although finished in the mid teens was certainly better then the past few weeks where he was mired in the 20-somethings... Onto the Paperclip. The first track I feel AJ has a shot at winning. Almost spoiled the party last year; finishing 2nd in the Spring race... But still; wake me up when they get to Sonoma... (I like AJ; but he's just SO pedestrian on any track 1.5 miles longer that ISN'T a restrictor plate or road course...)
  2. I'm curious; is there a page for other sports leagues with unrealized stadiums? (NFL, NBA, NHL, etc.)
  3. I'll agree with you on that; I think this kind of idea was way too ahead of its time, IMO. I also like these concepts for a place called the "Trillium Dome"; which would've been the home for the Blue Jays (had the SkyDome not happened). The logo emblazoned on the dome reminds me of a logo of a race of individuals we'd have seen from Star Trek.
  4. Concept for a 1970s Pontiac twosome with the Lions and Tigers, with a (rather ridiculous) "floating roof" that would go over either stadium when it was in use.
  5. As a fan of The Dinger; wake me up when they get to Martinsville, Sonoma and Watkins Glen.
  6. Forgot about this one. Gradients; Why?
  7. I think it's moreso the former; a sign of respect from Murray to Peterson.
  8. It's good from the contract side of things. Carr was a workhorse; so he can stay healthy. It's just his coverage skills are subpar at best. But, he's on the cheap; and there's nothing wrong with that. It makes you look smart when you get great play from a player who was signed for on the cheap.
  9. Maybe Carr can play worth his contract. Because he was probably my Dad's hated player in the secondary. Says Dallas overpaid for him when they signed him in FA in 2012. I'm a bit disappointed by Claiborne leaving. A bust in name only; he just couldn't stay healthy. He showed glimpses of potential; but that potential was just lost; adrift in a sea of injuries.
  10. It's definitely cleaner, and more subdued then the prior packaging design. The blue sky backdrop behind the eagle is much less pronounced; and I think that's a good thing. (Comparing the new Black & Tan design to the old one and it's very apparent.)
  11. I think this'll happen in the Cup Series eventually; it seems to be relatively successful in the Xfinity and Camping World Trucks. And it would make sense for NASCAR to do this; to further their attempts to get the attention of the age groups under the age of 25ish.
  12. I think Daytona and Talladega are going to be the outliers of stage racing. The Daytona 500 was unnecessarily aggressive; all things considered.
  13. I was one of those who was happy for D-Ware getting a Super Bowl ring; he deserved it. Just wish it was with the Cowboys...
  14. Truex became the first driver in the segment era to sweep the whole shebang. Harvick shoulda, coulda, woulda did it last week; but decided to be "Leadfoot Larry" on the last pit stop.
  15. Doug Free, the "weakest" or forgotten link in the Dallas vaunted offensive line to retire. La'el Collins is most likely going to be tabbed to be his replacement. (If Chaz Green can bounce back healthy; he should be the starting LG.)