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  1. Dalcowboyfan92

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Philadelphia Athletics Pt. I Added

    This set is bee-you-tee-ful. Simply glorious.
  2. Dalcowboyfan92

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    If they couldn't give Washington the ability to rub their Championship in Pittsburgh's nose on Opening Night; you think maybe they would've played the Islanders, or Rangers; both who tormented Washington as much as Pittsburgh did over the past few decades. The only tormenting Boston did to Washington was a sweep by the Bruins in 1991-1992 ECF.
  3. Dalcowboyfan92

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    Yeah, let's have Washington raise their first Stanley Cup banner against Boston of all teams.
  4. Dalcowboyfan92

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    I'm disappointed that Trotz and the Caps couldn't hammer out an extension. But boy oh boy; is a majority of the Capitals' fan-base itchin' for a riot. This makes the owner and GM look incredibly miserly and cheap, but what most didn't know before they gave into mob mentality was that both sides tried until the midnight hour to get an extension, and both sides just couldn't come to a formal agreement. There was too much of a distance between them to get them to common ground. Rumblings coming out was that Trotz...apparently wasn't all that keen on coaching all the young talent on Washington, and a lot of the credit should be going to the associate coach (who's now the new head man) Todd Reirden. It was an amazing ride for both Trotz and the Capitals; but it's not the way both sides should've parted ways.
  5. Dalcowboyfan92

    2018 MLB Season

    You might want to look away... @Crabcake47
  6. Dalcowboyfan92

    Choking / Cursed Franchises

    This is the video you're most likely referring to; You want to hoist the Stanley Cup? Play for and/or coach the Blues, and move on from them. You'll be swimming in Lord Stanley's Cup sooner rather than later.
  7. Dalcowboyfan92

    Logos Associated with Success

  8. So; this is all Florida's fault. Marchessault is a great player (while he might not be a "franchise player"), I think could've been the face of the Panthers. And a player Florida could've built their team around. But, this is what happens when you get a hard-on for analytics.
  9. Dalcowboyfan92

    Logos And Uniforms That Are So Ugly They’re Awesome

    The California 'Teal Seals'.
  10. Dalcowboyfan92

    2018 NBA Post Season

    There is no parity in the NBA, and the league is so topheavy. As long as the NBA's Salary Cap is structured the way it is; superteams are the only way to go. It's either form a superteam, or get left in the dust.
  11. Dalcowboyfan92

    IHOP Name Change Coming 6/11

    I thought the name change was because of the World Cup in Russia and "IHOB" sounds vaguely Russian. International House of Borscht though doesn't sound appealing...
  12. Have to feel a twinge of schadenfreude for McPhee. The team he helped create comes back to best the new team he helped create.
  13. I honestly prefer the "Weagle" alternate logo as opposed to the modern take of the old Capitals "Stick T" logo.
  14. I still plan to get something else (maybe the DVD/Blu-Ray) or I saw a Stanley Cup crystal puck made with ice from the rink. The puck made from the rink ice sounds awesome. EDIT: http://shop.nhl.com/Washington_Capitals_Gear/Washington_Capitals_Fanatics_Authentic_2018_Stanley_Cup_Champions_Crystal_Puck_-_Filled_with_Ice_From_the_2018_Stanley_Cup_Final