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  1. C-Squared

    NFL 2018 changes

    I had this hat in red back in the day, loved it!
  2. C-Squared

    Milwaukee Milkmen join baseball’s American Association

    Agreed. For as campy as the name is, the logo seems bland and frankly a smidge amateur... feels like an attempt to play to all tastes without successfully playing to any.
  3. C-Squared

    Buffalo Wild Wings new look

    We can backhandedly speculate until time ends. From what I've seen from local locations, this aggressive new logo should fuel their actual rebrand from "Buffalo Wild Wings" to "Now Leasing."
  4. C-Squared

    Buffalo Wild Wings new look

    I would pay $20 to hear the designer speak to justify these inconsequential changes.
  5. C-Squared

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    Does anyone else think that brighter green is a bit of an overcorrection? It feels almost neon.
  6. C-Squared

    Colorado Avalanche Update

    Just to sort of echo what has been said, I might work with the snow swoosh on the primary to try and minimize the detail & connote the movement of snow in a more economic way that fits the minimalist vibe in the rest of the design... I love the idea of making the 90's logo feel "grown up" and these designs definitely take it in that direction!
  7. C-Squared

    New Era to become official outfitter of the CFL in 2019

    We all know the deal with "manufacturer" ads on game jerseys, but I think the real question is whether New Era will produce their own replica jerseys for retail or just hand it over to Fanatics. Half-related tangent: I used to like the pre-NFL Equipment era when multiple manufacturers made replicas for the same team. I owned Bills jerseys made by 5-6 different manufacturers (Champion, Puma, Reebok, Logo Athletic, etc), all in the same 2-year period, each of which was pretty noticeably different from the rest.
  8. C-Squared

    infrared41's Best and Worst - NFL 2018 Week One

    I dislike dark pants with white jerseys in general. It almost always feels too bottom-heavy... love the Bears in white-on-white
  9. C-Squared

    NFL 2018 changes

    I especially love this Ravens look with Weddle's long white sleeves... does this finally successfully break the "helmet-jersey-non-white-pants 3-color" rule?
  10. C-Squared

    A Closer Look at New Winnipeg Jets Third Jersey, Helmet Logo

    Wouldn't have hated that Jets workmark for the NYJ in some capacity, even if just for merch.
  11. C-Squared

    Question about New Era "alternate logos"

    I had a white wool hat with the Cowboys D-logo from Reebok back in 03/04... I have never seen this logo for the Steelers before now, though: I think New Era is doing a line of "alternate logo" hats and just tacked this in to include the Steelers.
  12. C-Squared

    Springfield Cardinals have some amazing ’90s uniforms

    Everyone over 35: Cool, that 90's pattern! Millennials: Lean Night's lit.
  13. C-Squared

    Jacksonville Dolphins Unveil Bold New Logos, Colours

    The first program that jumps to mind is Wisconsin. I know they have the simple W, but their badger logo is among the highest-profile in sports. They launched a simple cleanup in '02 and have shown restraint by leaving it unchanged since: Its certainly an improvement, but an inefficient/cluttered design by 2018 standards. I nabbed a stock image and made some quick tweaks to illustrate a(n exaggerated) direction a trend-hopping brand might take this identity in 2018: A basic design with a heavy-handed negative-space W & some shtick like "arching ears represent the sun rising and setting over fertile Wisconsin farmland." This style feels like designers pillaging brands to get themselves over as contemporary artists, which, again, comes back to designers isolating & pantomiming economic design elements without adequately understanding or representing the totality of the brands. Shoehorning fauxback elements into modern designs feels synthetic & disingenuous - the difference between simple design & holistic branding. I'm not in the same league as you & Joe, obviously, but the further into it I get, the more I feel that this is an overly subtle & stuffy/standardized era in sports design. Of course, its apples & oranges with a minor school like Jacksonville vs. Wisconsin (this Jacksonville Dolphins brand has never looked better), but nonetheless, I can't imagine a brand like Wisconsin diluting itself to cater to modern trends. I think we'll look back in 20-30 years at this era as a time when identities were bleached & standardized into neat little phone app icons. I think brands will look to break free with more character and start a whole new trend, expanding economy into character to give brands a pulse again. Anyone who thinks this style is permanent (or any style, for that matter) fundamentally misunderstands the cyclical nature of design. The evolution of design is a series of over-corrections. This era is no different.
  14. C-Squared

    Jacksonville Dolphins Unveil Bold New Logos, Colours

    I appreciate it! This identity itself is sharp, I just drifted to a half-related tangent Last-gen 00's NCAA logos were definitely gaudy & cartoonish - usually well rendered, but often a bit cluttered. This current wave is well-rendered first and foremost, but can also over-correct towards indistinct and ornate. I question how well current trends capture the identities these logos were designed to represent & how many wash that identity away to fit those trends. I even question how many schools want a long-term cohesive design. When school reps use terms like "enhance our brand perception" & "raise the profile of our university," it sounds like they want to follow whichever trend manufactures the perception of legitimacy, which always seems to change every 10-15 years. I think next-gen NCAA logos will shift back a bit towards unique identity expression over rote standardization. It really is great to see well-rendered & thoughtful work get the spotlight it deserves, though.
  15. C-Squared

    Ducks Announce Mighty Slate of Throwbacks in 2019

    I prefer warmup-only to teams wearing eight different jerseys in actual games. Besides, social media will ensure a lot more people see (and potentially buy) them than the fans in attendance.