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  1. Titletown District? This entire project feels a smidge too ambitious. I guess it beats Jacksonville's lukewarm communal tubs.
  2. Sorta teetered into Bills territory, but the change to the red facemask was a home run
  3. This is the first black-inclusive Lightning concept I actually like... IMO, their 90s set is overrated. I love the idea of integrating black into their current set.
  4. After careful examination, there is in fact a jersey beneath those watermarks... great update, very clean
  5. I have always loved those USC numbers, would love to see a team like the Titans bring them back to the NFL
  6. A creative direction that failed to attract the younger fans it targeted while simultaneously alienating and embarrassing its proud, diehard fan base... I have seen this before...
  7. I have an invite! https://dribbble.com/carlcordes
  8. Definitely a prototype with the "player" NOB... oddly enough, one of my Canadian buddies had a stag & doe party before his wedding and raffled off a few jerseys just like this one.
  9. As a casual non-baseball fan, it bothers me that a home run at one field can be an easy out at another... that takes the charm of park quirks a bit too far, IMO.
  10. If you squint, Cleveland's orange/brown/orange combo is great.
  11. I have two game-worn jerseys of my favorite childhood athlete wasting away in a drawer and I really want to step up and frame them for my office... my father is a high-end woodworker, so I am good on the hardware, I am eyeing all the UV-protecting class and non-acid backing, etc, and I will probably bite the bullet on having a professional mount everything... but I am more interested in the conceptual side since I will want to design the actual layout myself... does anyone have any framed jerseys in their home/office? Any pics of your setups or general advice? Any tips are appreciated!
  12. I simply can't imagine a team from the gaudiest city on Earth not rocking gold shells... if anything, they should ramp up the saturation to match the numbers on their Color Rush gear
  13. The jersey is a simple attendee money-grab. That said, keep everything as-is, but add sleeve numbers, replace the front number with a traditional crest and, as a Buffalonian, I would buy it for $20 at TJ Maxx in January.
  14. I have a few buddies that have worked JAPW, love the feel to this, definitely an improvement over their current dated look... personally, I would sharpen the black accents on the banner and maybe add some contour to the banner edges to match the sharpness of the light beams in the background
  15. This brings up an excellent point - Dallas is the king of sports merch... would choosing one blue make business sense? Or has Dallas moved on from this type of dual merchandising?