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  1. When I think Modano: One of the great 90's-fied jerseys of all time!
  2. C-Squared

    Ducks Go Mighty Retro for New Third Jersey

    Not a bad jersey in a vacuum, but what a waste of time considering how nice a straight-up throwback would have been.
  3. C-Squared

    What if YOU were the XFL Commissioner?

    This! As big a relic of the SDTV era as the two-toned Cowboys unis.
  4. C-Squared

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    My favorite thing about vintage jerseys is the needlessly wide kerning!
  5. C-Squared


    Its cool, very clean wordmark... prolly overdoing the watermarks, tbh.
  6. C-Squared

    What if YOU were the XFL Commissioner?

    GoPro's in every skill position player's helmet! All the crucial aspects of this project below are still a pipe dream, but these would absolutely make the XFL stand out: https://gridironlabs.com/future-football-helmet-design Reverting to a maskless leather-type lightweight helmet would be best for the players, but I would guess that's too "out there" to feel legitimate to casual fans.
  7. C-Squared

    Boca product line - New Packaging

    Is what they've been doing not working? The product is already implicitly meatless - marketing the taste seems more constructive than simply reinforcing what the consumer already knows about the product. I would guess overcoming the stereotype that vegetarian food tastes bad is more important than reminding people that vegetarian brands make vegetarian food.
  8. C-Squared

    Los Angeles Lakers 2018-19 Uniform Discussion

    I think when its a very foregone-era jersey, it works because its an obvious custom job by a die-hard fan, as opposed to a slightly-out-of-date jersey that looks like a mistake by a fan who doesn't know better... like a self-made answer to a throwback... tbh, I plan on taking it even further by scoring custom number kits & making a circa '92 Jim Kelly & circa '99 Flutie jersey.
  9. C-Squared

    Los Angeles Lakers 2018-19 Uniform Discussion

    I like it if it goes back far enough (i.e. a Jack Eichel goat head Sabres jersey would be unique & cool to me)
  10. I am a huge Senifeld fan, but ould anybody really make the connection without the Kramer picture alongside the jersey for context?
  11. C-Squared

    2019 Winter Classic logo

    I dislike the streak & puck portion of the wordmark... feels like too many small details to shrink down well.
  12. C-Squared

    NFL Increases Use of Alternate Uniforms in 2018

    Incorrect. Branding is a broader process of forging meaning & differentiation into products/services. For sports teams, crafting a visual identity is one component of branding (& the fun one), but so are brand positioning, crafting of experiences, web presence, social media management, product/service price points, quality of merchandising, advertising styles, healthy brand extension & expansion, manipulating end-user perception, community presence, corporate partnership & endorsement selection, etc... the management of brands and their perception is itself part of a brand. Tell the Cleveland Browns it isn't. We're obviously at an impasse... condescending or not @Gothamite, any sports branding enthusiast would get a kick out of advanced sports marketing & branding principles. The Branding Journal is a go-to for my marketing classes & great place to start: https://www.thebrandingjournal.com/2015/10/what-is-branding-definition/
  13. C-Squared

    NFL Increases Use of Alternate Uniforms in 2018

    Again, branding centers around image, visibility, and the perception of value. There are plenty of valuable small market teams & plenty of strong brands in subjectively bad uniforms. Branding is more encompassing and non-visual than you realize. If its something you're really into and choose to read up on, you would enjoy the ride!
  14. C-Squared

    Thrift Store Gems 2018

  15. C-Squared

    NFL Increases Use of Alternate Uniforms in 2018

    I think the crux of this disagreement is that you're all hinging a sports brand on a shallow assessment of logos and jerseys. A brand is a complex tool used to generate revenue via image, visibility, and the perception of value. Jerseys are a component of the image, but the fact that the Leafs represent the preeminent sports brand in Canada's largest city is itself part of that brand and crucial to their visibility and value. If anything, the logos and uniforms the Leafs wear are beneficiaries of the large stage the city of Toronto affords them. I never said it didn't contribute at all - you simply overvalue that contribution. While they pale in comparison to Toronto, the Canucks brand represents the seventh-most-valuable franchise in their league (Winnipeg is 26th). A team brand is shaped by factors like market size, the presence of other pro sports teams in their market (or lack thereof) - even marketable factors like playing in Canada shape their brand. I said from the beginning that uniforms are a piece of the puzzle. Sabres fans hated the slug jersey, so the team tweaked their old logo. The fans loved it! The team lost $13 million last season... is that a good brand? Or do some people just like their logos and uniforms? Uniform aesthetics absolutely have a place in branding, especially when historic teams use historic imagery. However, successful teams benefit from scores of more important & formative branding components than how they dress. I am lucky enough to teach sports marketing courses as part of my career. If I assigned a project focused on dissecting & analyzing a sports brand and a student turned in five pages on nothing but logos and jerseys, he/she would redo that project. This could lead into a whole discussion of the four P's of marketing and how sports teams in different settings have to build around entirely different aspects of branding & marketing, but none of it places jerseys anywhere close to the top.