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  1. Nabbed some awesome stuff in my old college town: Team-Issued Nike warmups from St. John Fisher football Virginia Tech Tyrod Taylor Jersey ...and FOUR of these bad boys!
  2. Love these concepts & the clean presentation!
  3. Nabbed this cool ECHL CCM jacket... something about it feels league/team issued, not bad for $5!
  4. Does Nike not want their swoosh lost in the striping? There is literally no other reason to keep the Steelers striping like it is. Right up there with retail 9ers jerseys mimicking the adjusted stripes, which makes no sense in its own right.
  5. The rarest Hasek jersey there is! Only worn in the 2nd half of his last season in Buffalo... sold my old used one for $350 right before his number was retired
  6. Love this series, looking forward to the Sabs!
  7. Reminds me of Creighton's amazing Blue Jay update! A very confident, professional design... back on-topic, I used to be one of Dalton Castle's peacocks:
  8. Curtis Brown sighting, my all-time favorite! Love that Sabres set for that era, would love to see a simplified & recolored version as a modern 3rd
  9. I came in ready to say the Browns, but I need to see this Buffaslug thread now!
  10. I am always impressed when someone manages to capture the spirit of a team without infringing on its copyrights, really well done!
  11. I would argue that is a smidge of an overstatement. Maybe if a team tacked a primary logo patch on their jersey front... my gut says its a placeholder until ads work into NFL unis and Ford plunks its script logo into that sleeve local.
  12. Getting a strong Dolphins vibe off this pic... at least we get the throwback, I guess.
  13. Equally odd - I own the last pair of pants he ever wore in the NFL.