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  1. Thank you for taking the time to do this! You have a dream job and a fantastic portfolio, I know a lot of people appreciate the info you're sharing... most of my questions were answered already, but do you have any recommendations for designers looking to transition from freelancing towards more permanent work? Is it just a case of building the portfolio and networking?
  2. Good call! I will update! I prefer the Toronto version, but thought I would float this out there for any Boston/Cheevers fans:
  3. This logo set has been getting attention on Behance lately, so I figured I'd bring it back to life! Just finished the Maple Leafs, based on Carlton the Bear with a shoutout to Jacques Plante:
  4. I have put off designing one of these for ages, but finally had an idea... I wanted to create a spinoff of my signature - something that shrinks down well, feels athletic and badge-ish, but carries a dash of modern panache. Any feedback is appreciated!!
  5. Extremely helpful info - I really appreciate it, guys!
  6. I missed this thread, love these concepts! Might have missed the boat, but any chance for a DIII SUNY Brockport Golden Eagles concept?
  7. Most Salvation Army thrift stores do 50% off sales every Wednesday!
  8. I have already spent too many years in college earning a BA in communications and a business/marketing education masters, but lately, I am interested in exploring a full-fledged career in design. Does anyone have advice to share in terms of affordable degrees that will open doors in the field? I occasionally freelance and I am currently the head designer of a pro wrestling company - am I better off networking and padding my portfolio? Any advice is appreciated!
  9. A great mesh of old and new... I have always loved that full-body logo
  10. **Disclaimer: business teacher on snow day #2** I have looked at this issue from both sides for a long time. It bothers me that most (literally 80%+) jerseys I see at NFL games are fake, but, honestly, I get it. 15 years ago, replica jerseys retailed for $45 and have more than doubled in price since. Increases in quality and inflation don't justify that spike in cost. The NFL created the counterfeit market by grossly inflating the value of their own intellectual property. Nobody was buying fakes in the late 90's because the real ones were affordable and nobody was making fakes because the margins were too low. Authentic-style jerseys were available in the 90s, but the prices were sky high (via JC Penney, as low as $150 for a screen-printed Bills jersey, but as high as $410 for a Steelers jersey). However, demand was so low that the hypothetical production costs and high quality seemed to justify the high prices. In my opinion, when the authentic jersey market took off, Reebok and Mitchell & Ness got greedy, overcharged, and gave the counterfeit game life. Reebok was reasonable with $65 replicas that were objectively nicer than prior Champion & Puma offerings. People weren't as keen on dropping $2-300+ on an authentic, though. $100 EQT jerseys helped bridge the gap, but once Nike swooped in and made $100 the minimum, it was game on. The new low-quality $80 screened Nike jerseys feel like a backhanded, "too little, too late" attempt to level off prices. Patrice O'Neal had a great bit about how shoe companies skyrocket prices and then offer minor discounts to trick consumers into feeling thrifty. That trick doesn't work when alternatives exist at an 80% discount. I seriously doubt the average person cares about the quality gap or "robbing" the financially bloated institution of professional football enough to take food off their child's plate and respect the NFL's overvaluation of its own intellectual property with unjustifiably high-priced apparel. Then again, for all I know, NFL merch sales are at an all-time high and knockoffs are a drop-in-the-bucket-sized amount of collateral damage. The NFL seems awfully fixated on the counterfeit market, though... In short, NFL:Counterfeiters::USA:Al-Qaeda Anyways, sorry, I'll be back in school tomorrow. Agreed! My lone moral issue with fakes is when people dupe buyers into thinking they're real. If someone does research and nabs a quality knockoff (rare as they may be) at 1/5th the price, laissez faire. Mass-flipping fakes for a 5x profit on unsuspecting buyers is another story. Regardless, I would sooner buy a fitted game-used 90's jersey of a nobody on eBay for $50-100 than a $100 barrel-bodied Nike replica any day.
  11. The upside of designers typically working as freelancers is that they own their work unless someone else buys it from them. I would never retire a concept unless I was specifically paid to do so.
  12. I came for the Titans uniforms and I stayed for Eddie George.
  13. I think there is definitely something to work with in this concept... given that both the H and K have negative space on the bottom half that can be manipulated, the mountain motif doesn't feel intrusive... I might try to simplify the design and use some tweaks to the bottom of the H and K to imply the mountain lines. I can see a vague image of this logo in my head with one color only, even if some lines are extended off the front of the H and back of the K to finish off the mountains
  14. Ever since the switch-over from Reebok to Nike, fake jerseys are a lot closer than they used to be... counterfeiters never seemed to get the sheen of RBK jerseys correct. I have seen reviews online where a single bootlegger issues multiple jerseys of the same team with variations, so they're still hit-and-miss... some "fake" Elite jerseys actually have the Nike water resistance technology and look perfect... if you think about it, it makes sense that the big anti-counterfeit wave is hitting now that the quality of the fakes are at an all-time high.
  15. The most overrated look in the NFL, but I am indifferent towards the team and sort of like that their uni has lasted so long unchanged. Let them look middling, I guess.