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  1. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    No, you don't. Objectively, 99% of the content discussed on this site is subjective. Density, too, is subjective.
  2. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    The palpable emotion fueling your opinion is the literal definition of subjective.
  3. St. Bona Rebrand

    Trying my best to curb my Niagara Purple Eagle alma mater bias! I know the fryar logo is supposed to play a fun secondary role, but it feels dated & out of place in an otherwise very contemporary set... the primary B logo is an absolute home run... I am subject to the current, clumsy, big-slab-of-grey-over -a-wolf-face-for-no-reason Bonnies logo constantly in my line of work & would greatly prefer to see this B!
  4. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    *subjectively The elf is too campy for a pro team and the entire dawg pound motif is antiquated. Some manifestation of the B-logo on, say, the color rush shells only would be an absolute home run. I personally prefer the B, but a C in its place isn't bad, either: Maybe even meet in the middle with some type of B/C hybrid:
  5. Winston-Salem State Univ. NEW LOGOS

    I don't like the W at all. It seems poorly "hidden" and tacked on for no real reason organic to the actual design.
  6. Cleveland Browns re-do in the works for 2020?

    I was not impressed with the new Dawg Pound logo and am not surprised at how little it gets used... I am ready for an alternate uni with the white B football emblem slapped onto the helmet. Its time.
  7. Lil' Vikings NFL Youth Logo Concept

    Last year, I started a series of NHL-based youth sports logos (check them out here!)... I decided to open the door to a few NFL logos before the school year starts... this first logo is still a work in progress, but ready for feedback!
  8. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Through 2017 goggles, ditching the yellow and blue seems blasphemous, but in 2000, the LA set felt drab and outdated, if not campy and cartoonish. IMO, the uni change had more to do with the league-wide dark-and-detailed new millennium motif than the city that happened to host the Rams.
  9. Sublimated Nike College Football Replica Jersey

    A strange move by Nike considering that a lower-quality sublimated product gives counterfeiters the chance to make an even closer alternative than they already do... maybe they hope that offering a lower-priced jersey up front keeps people from seeking knockoffs in the first place, but $80 for a glorified Dri Fit t-shirt is still cartoonish in my book.
  10. NFL Gridiron Gals (05/32)

    A series of female-themed designs inspired by NFL team logos - apparel coming soon! Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots Tampa Bay Buccaneers Las Vegas Raiders Cleveland Browns
  11. NFL Gridiron Gals (05/32)

    Cleveland Browns:
  12. NFL Gridiron Gals (05/32)

    Thanks for the support! I may tweak/update these a bit as I go... Las Vegas Raiders:
  13. Lady Patriots Concept Logo

    Something fun for all the girls in B-Town! ...and my t-shirt site... any feedback is appreciated!!
  14. NFL Gridiron Gals (05/32)

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
  15. NFL Gridiron Gals (05/32)

    New England Patriots:
  16. NFL Gridiron Gals (05/32)

    Minnesota Vikings:
  17. Lady Patriots Concept Logo

    Thank you, brother! I have decided to run with the ball and create a set of "Gridiron Girls" designs for apparel
  18. Tennessee Titans Redesign (Uni Watch Challenge)

  19. Tennessee Titans Redesign (Uni Watch Challenge)

    Lots of value in a brand they rightfully own, though. Besides, who didn't love that '09 Jets Titans vs. Titans Oilers game?
  20. Habs'ing the NHL (Montreal added)

    Why does this work for literally every team!? The Avs away uni is my winner so far
  21. My first political sign

    I would reach out directly to Chirs Creamer to help Kyle Kummers, then promptly clear my browsing history.
  22. NFL 2017 changes?

    And the helmet stripe, which aptly satiates my SLSC-induced OCD... the 9ers suddenly have the most well-balanced and consistent look in the NFL
  23. Tennessee Titans Redesign (Uni Watch Challenge)

    Looks like neither one of us was as original as we had hoped! Love the thick red border on the throwback tho, really makes the set pop!
  24. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (4/32)

    Love the numbers on top of the stripes for the Jets, along with the black accents and italicized text, all home runs IMO
  25. Pink Uniforms

    I would be cool with the Chargers changing their color scheme to powder blue and yellow with tertiary pink and dark blue... one of the only teams that could work it in organically, IMO.