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  1. Thrift Store Gems 2018

    I find that the tags on fake jerseys in general sit too high from the bottom hem of the jersey, too.
  2. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    I'm sure these have all been done by now, but... Fred Taylor w/ New England (09 & 10) Shaun Alexander w/ Washington (08) Andre Reed w/ Washington (00) Larry Johnson w/ Miami (2011) Kerry Collins w/ Indy (11) Frank Reich w/ Detriot (96 & 97) Jim Harbaugh w/ Carolina (01) ...and my personal sentimental favorite: Vinny Testaverde w/ Carolina (07)
  3. Minkah Fitzpatrick in Dolphins uniform

    Great work! Its nice to see the Fins tweaked jerseys will pop on the field.
  4. Thrift Store Gems 2018

    It shows most of the telltale signs of an overseas counterfeit, but even that is a deal at $10
  5. NFL 2018 changes

    The whole point of the "Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot" is to get shots of players in their NFL unis for trading cards... I've seen teams dress rookies in old unis because they hadn't released the new sets yet (Mike Williams & Josh Reed wore Kelly-era Bills unis in the '02 shoot, for example)... but what's the point of stocking up on images of players in unis they'll never wear on the field? Miami & Jacksonville have nothing to hide uni-wise. Really strange.
  6. Hall of Very Good

    I bolded the names I might co-sign. As a Buffalo almost-lifer, I would nix the rest. Most of these guys aren't a breath away from the actual HOF, which is what I think of when I thing "Hall of Very Good." Just QB's alone off the top of my head: Drew Bledsoe Tony Romo Donovan McNabb Steve McNair Randall Cunnningham Boomer Esiason
  7. Fort Myers Miracle to change name to Groupers for one game

    For real! This logo feels a bit morbid... look at that expression! You can almost see the fish trying to figure out where it all went wrong. This is like if the Bisons "Wings" logo was a live chicken being dropped into a fryer.
  8. Buffalo Bisons reignite our love for food-based baseball promos

    These will sell like crazy in Buffalo... I don't love the sketch-style rendering, but I think it's pretty slick how they fashioned the wing and blue cheese into a B for the cap. Bonus points for celery stick socks!
  9. The white-horned helmet is a tribute to our rich heritage; our pants, a subtle nod to our passionate LA fanbase. The jersey remains unchanged.
  10. Thrift Store Gems 2018

    It is still common for teams/players to re-use gear issued in prior seasons (sometimes even passed down to new players). I used to own a Bills Cordy Glenn game jersey with 2014 tags that showed damage I photomatched to a specific game in 2015. Maybe the Fins used the AARP patch in 15 or 16? Gotta love Savers - $50 for an old Champion replica, under $10 for a game jersey.
  11. Non-Referencing of Nickname in logos

    They (we) have carved out a nice small-market-underdog identity, but the Buffalo Bills are the absolute kings of this category. Without a shred of imagery linked to our namesake, our name falls somewhere between a pun and a Labatt's Blue war cry.
  12. Thrift Store Gems 2018

    I was gonna say, I don't know how somebody found the big Elvis logos to stitch onto an older model... purists must hate them, but some of the best-selling jerseys I see online these days are customized "fauxback" jerseys of current players in older styles, or even crossover sport jerseys (like an awesome Doug Flutie Sabres jersey from '99)
  13. Thrift Store Gems 2018

    It is missing the subtle striping that the 95-99 jerseys featured... so its a 1993 base with the 1994 anniversary tag, and 1995 shoulder patches - for a QB from 2000. All that's missing is the Super Bowl XXXI patch... just to be different, some loyal Barstool Sports reader will pay $250 for it.
  14. Thrift Store Gems 2018

    For sure a fan custom, but I have seen Brady jerseys like this fetch $200+ on eBay because they are so unique... killer find!!
  15. NFL 2018 changes

    They are "sold out" online, but available at almost any Burlington Coat Factory in the state of NY for like $7.
  16. Mitchell and Ness can go to H E C K

    10 times out of 10, I buy the authentic jersey from the 90's on eBay for $50 instead of paying $300+ for an inaccurate remake.
  17. I wouldn't say for no reason. At the time, the yellow/blue color scheme felt a bit "campy" in an era defined by darker, more detailed uniforms. Of the teams that made that trendy jump, the Rams set was probably one of the best. We will definitely look back on their first few years back in LA as vagabond years (like the Oilers in Memphis) in a color scheme that should probably have never left St. Louis.
  18. The NFL probably doesn't want asterisks next to their uni rules. I supported LA's choice to integrate blue/white to test the waters for merch, but if they're really just going with yellow/blue after all, it seems like a wasted effort.
  19. Friar Logo Advice

    I really like the use of negative space for the headband & the hair/beard in general is really well-rendered... there are a few elements that might not "shrink down" well, like the shadows near the eye and nose... the design might feel a bit more modern with some sharpened details, a less cartoon-ish eye, but if you are going for more of the vintage college icon style, I think you're on the right path!
  20. Lost Sports Logos?

    The "official" narrative claims the Ravens were an expansion team, while the Browns simply laid dormant in Cleveland for three years before resuming play. The kicker is that Jacksonville and Carolina were handed stacked rosters via favorable expansion draft rules, presumably to help secure success in their new markets. Cleveland, on the other hand, slipped through the cracks - not important enough to keep their team, but established enough to get a restricted set of expansion rules that ensured mediocrity for years to follow.
  21. Thrift Store Gems 2018

    I never thought I'd buy pair of women's extra large silk pajamas until I found these with the unused Bills logo from 2002!
  22. New Packers Alternate?

  23. IIHF World Championship Jerseys

  24. I like the cannonball with the white border, I might just shorten the lines by 60% of so and arc them slightly to more efficiently convey motion.
  25. Lost Sports Logos?

    Like Berenstain Bears Mandela Effect, I-swear-this-exists-but-can't-readily-find-proof level of obscure