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  1. I dig the concept and think it's already a vast improvement over their current cartoon logo. The ears of your hound look a bit too asymmetric too me though. Also, as Whittier S said, make one simplified version as well that could be on the cap. In regards to the wordmark, I find the font suitable but agree that the two enlarged letters look off. Imagine how this wordmark would look on it's own on the front of the uniform.
  2. As I wrote in the general Soccer Uniform Thread, I think side by side Juve's new logo looks so much nicer on their upcoming kit than their old one. They made some pretty baffling fumbles in their roll out (e.g. no easing in or foreshadowing, choice of presentation venue in Milano, no availability of merchandise with the new logo, bad social media response), but once the dust has settled that will all be a mere footnote. I think in it's application you can see the new logo is a very good look on Juve.
  3. Maybe this is for the Unpopular Opinions Thread, but I think side by side Juve's new logo looks so much nicer on their upcoming kit than their old one. Then again, I was immediately liking their new logo design wise, so maybe my preference was already neurologically programmed in my mind. Side note: I really like that the stripes on this shirt are not interrupted by a bumper sticker type block. That's a plus as well.
  4. The Mighty Pond of Honda?
  5. Err... what are they gonna wear against blue teams?!
  6. london nfl

    Damn, that looks grrrrreat!!! Love the color scheme. Not just because it's unique, but moreso because it's dark, grimey and aggressive. It's like blood strained leather jackets over chain mail. Perfect fit for the bulldog identity. And that bad ass grimace the bulldog makes is so perfect as well. You can almost hear him grind his teeth before he barks a ":censored: bloody :censored:" in your face. Bring on the Bullies!
  7. @pr17ch Without going into too much detail, can you let us know what the main purpose/benefit of your app is? When it comes to app icons, they work best if they are able to underscore the functionality.
  8. Random thought #1: H*K* + Mountains = Hike? Random thought #2: "Kleindienst" literally means "small service" in German. Also, "auf dem kleinen Dienstweg" (via the short service route) means to go beyond bureaucratic boundaries directly and discreetly to the decision maker. So your name sort of stands for "little treats" and a direct approach. I would try to somehow embrace that meaning.
  9. After the Russians even hacked the USMNT uniforms, every good patriot should have signed a petition on by now, to make the Waldos the next and eternal choice for the US home jerseys going forward.
  10. True dat! Since I did not know what a cross section of an electrical motor actually looks like I googled a bit around and then saw this image: I used to think that it's some sort of trident, which looks cool on the hood but does not really say anything about electricity. Now that I see the actual symbolism I like it so much more.
  11. Can't we make a joke once a while? Not sure whether I'd better sulk for a while in my pillow fort now or throw a tantrum on the playground.
  12. FYP
  13. hettinger_rl

    I like this the best so far. The colors also eliminate the "seafaring state / lighthouse" association too.
  14. The wordmark looks the best in the top row, but as others have said, the snowflake with the D on top of it does not blend well. Just use a nice looking snowflake (a little bit smaller) next to the wordmark. Or maybe build a snowflake out of multiple D's.
  15. I don't really get the symbolism of the anchor here. Also, sorry to point that out, but the golden rope between the golden letters makes it look a little bit like AsS.