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  1. LOGOLYMPIAD 2017 - Event 3 Voting

    G: 12 S: 01 B: 10
  2. Other Soft Drink Brand Logos

    This joy juice always gives me the giggles:
  3. New Personal Logo

    Looks nice, but I can only decipher the N. Where are the other letters?
  4. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Is Adidas’ pre-match shirt design supposed to celebrate censorship in Russia?
  5. New Romanian National Team Brand Identity

    Huge upgrade! Looks great on the kits as well:
  6. 2018 FIFA World Cup

    For those who can read German, here's an interesting interview with Adidas' designers:
  7. Ligue Premiere de Rousson (6/20 Sestito Football)

    The sponsor logo is barely readable on the golden kit. I'd either color the sponsor black and place the stripes on top and below, or just make the two stripes one big one.
  8. Vintage Style Mascot Logos:Pitt, PennState, Boston College

    Great stuff once again @hettinger_rl !! That racoon looks perfectly mischievous!
  9. Austin Bats NBA 2K logo

    Sorray, double post.
  10. Austin Bats NBA 2K logo

    Really good basis you got there. The main thing that irks me is how the bat is pinned on to the basketball lines, like some butterfly in a museum. Give the poor thing more room to breathe! Maybe let the lines end with pointy tips or claws before they even touch the bat. As for colors - yeah, they're gaudy, but it works for this identity.
  11. Apex soccer league logos

    If you want to add "APEX" on there, I would recommend to place it on the top, rather than into the green space.
  12. Concept Thread Think Tank

    How about a Snowball World Series? Some team names that come to mind: Antarctica Emperors Greenland Ox Himalaya Yetis Iceland Vikings Mont Blanc Glaciers Northern Lights Siberian Tigers ... Sounds cool?
  13. Cleveland Browns Bulldog Logo Refresh

    Sorry to be that guy, but I think you piggyfied the nose of dog even more than on the original. So unless you want to make it a "Schweinehund", I'd refine that snout a bit more.
  14. Apex soccer league logos

    I think it looks better in a shield and prefer option no. 3. However, I still find the strokes too heavy/thick. As for option no. 2, it gives me pencil tip vibes.
  15. Apex soccer league logos

    The second version is the better one in regards to conveying both the A and the mountain. However, I agree that the weight of the strokes is too heavy. Also, once the steering wheel was mentioned, it's really hard to unsee. Maybe you can add a bit more mountain details to counter that, and/or make it a different shape than a circle. A shield might work well here.